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Nicole's affair with a teenage lover

Nicole was your everyday 35 year old housewife. She had two young kids and had been married to her husband for 10 years. She was very beautiful and at 5’6 and 125 pounds was a very attractive woman. She had a great marriage and her life was absolutely wonderful, but that was all about to change.

Nicole’s husband had traveled a lot for work, so one day Nicole had asked Josh who was a neighbor of theirs if he had wanted to cut their grass. Josh was a 18 year old high school senior. He was very smart as he carried a straight A average through out his four years of high school. He could use the extra money with college around the corner so he was very gracious to get the opportunity to make some extra money cutting grass.

The first few times he cut the grass the weather was perfect, but the next time things were totally different. The weather had turned extremely hot as Josh cut the grass. He had taken off his shirt so he could keep cool, but even that didn’t work. He finally finished as he went up to the door to say he had finished.

Nicole opened up the door to see Josh dripping in sweat. His shorts were so wet they were glued to his body. His face was a bright red as she began to worry that he might be experiencing heat stroke. She said, “Josh, why don’t you come in and take a cold shower to cool off. You don‘t look good at all!”

“Thanks, it is brutally hot out here,” Josh replied back.

“Here is a towel for you. You can shower in this bathroom,” Nicole replied back.

Josh got undress and jumped into the shower. It had felt so good as the cool water hit his very hot body. He took about a 15 minute cold shower and got out. The bathroom door was part way open when Nicole so happen to walk by. She had seen Josh’s naked body as he towel off. She stood their for several seconds watching before quickly moving on. A few minutes later Josh thanked her as he left to go home.

That night with Nicole’s husband out of town Nicole laid on the bed and thought about Josh’s naked body. She was surprised it had turned her on so much seeing him naked like that. She felt somewhat guilty as it took her a good two hours before she finally had fallen asleep.

The next few nights were the same for Nicole as she couldn’t get the thought of Josh’s naked body out of her head. Josh’s body actually was pretty nice as he had a nice ass to go along with a very nice size cock. She thought this would pass and life would go back to normal in a few days.

The next week Josh came back to cut the grass. Nicole found herself watching him from the window as he only had a pair of shorts on. The thoughts of seeing him naked began to resurrect again in her mind.

When Josh finished Nicole asked him if he would like a drink. Josh eagerly accepted as he came into the kitchen. “Thank you for the drink. I will see you again next week,” Josh said to Nicole as he left.

Nicole began to fantasize about Josh over the next few days. The next week when Josh came to cut the grass again Nicole asked him if he wanted to come inside to cool off. Josh was very grateful as he quickly came into the cool air conditioning.

Nicole then asked Josh, "How about if I dry your shirt off Josh?" He was very gracious to the idea as he removed it from his body. His shorts were also very wet as Nicole asked him, “Why don’t you remove your wet shorts also. I can dry them both at the same time.”

Josh was some what bashful as he said, “Are you sure! I will be down to only my underwear.”

Nicole said, “Don’t worry I won’t look! It is nothing I hadn‘t seen before!”

He lowered his shorts down as he stood their with only a pair of briefs on. He handed them over to Nicole as she took them out to the laundry room. The cool air conditioning breeze blew across his almost naked body as he waited for Nicole to come back.

Nicole in the mean time couldn’t keep her eyes off Josh’s briefs. She grabbed a peak at them every chance she had gotten. A few minutes later she walked back into the living room to chat with Josh. She said, “It will take about 15 minutes to dry so why don’t we chat for a while.”

“I bet you got a girlfriend, don’t you!” Nicole asked Josh.

“No, I really hadn’t been on a date yet. There are a few girls I like, but I don’t think they like me,” Josh replied back.

They talked for a few more minutes as Josh’s sat their in his briefs. He tried to hide his cock from Nicole as it slowly harden inside his briefs. Nicole had noticed Josh as he sat their with hands over top of it as he tried to conceal it. Nicole had become very turned on now as she asked Josh to get something for her.

Josh was very embarrassed as he stood up. His cock was protruding several inches through his briefs as Nicole got a good look at it. Nicole then said to Josh, “You look a little excited!”

“I am sorry! I don’t know what is happening!” Josh said to her.

“It is alright,” as she walked over towards Josh. Nicole slowly reached her hand out until it had felt the end of Josh’s cock that was pushing hard through his briefs. She gently began to stroke on his cock through his briefs as Josh let out a small moan. “You like that Josh?” Nicole said to him as she pulled Josh’s briefs down over the top of his cock.

She then started to stroke gently on the shaft of Josh’s cock as Josh moaned out, “Omg!”

“Relax and enjoy it Josh! Nicole said as she stroke very gently on Josh’s cock. She knew it wouldn’t take very much to push him over the edge as she teased him for several minutes until he couldn’t take anymore.

“Oh god!” Josh cried out as he started to cum all over the living room floor. Nicole milked his cock until every last drop had drip out of it.

She then with a smile said, “How was that Josh!”

“It was good! No it was great!” a stunned Josh said as he pulled his briefs back up over his cock.

“I think your shirt and shorts are dry now. I will go get them,” Nicole said to Josh.

Josh got dressed and headed home. Nicole knew she had pushed things a little further than she wanted to, but figure it was all in good fun for Josh.

The next week after Josh cut the grass he asked Nicole, “Is their any chance we can do the same thing as last week?”

This aroused Nicole as she grabbed Josh’s shorts and pulled them down. She stroke on his cock for about three minutes when he began to explode all over the kitchen floor. He came very hard as his cum shot a good three feet away from where he stood at.

“Thank you! It felt so good!” Josh told Nicole as he pulled his shorts back up and left.

Josh was really getting into this as was Nicole as she stroke him off again a few days later. This time Nicole knelt in front of Josh’s cock. Her curiosity got the better of her as she held Josh’s cock only inches from her mouth as she stroked on it. She slowly moved the head of Josh’s cock against her mouth as he wrapped her wet lips around it. Josh was going nuts as Nicole slid her hand up and down his shaft while sucking on the head of his cock. She suck on it only a few minutes when Josh’s cock started to erupt. She quickly pulled Josh’s cock out of her mouth in a nick of time as he began shooting his cum all over the front of Nicole’s shirt.

“Wow! That was fantastic!“ Josh moaned out.

The following week Josh again came inside after cutting the grass. He asked Nicole something she wasn’t expecting, “Is there any chance I could see your breasts?”

Nicole was shocked as Josh stood their like a small puppy dog. She didn’t want to disappoint him as she said, “Alright! This one time only!”

Josh stood in the kitchen naked from the waist down. His cock was very hard as Nicole slowly pulled her shirt over top of her head. She then reached back and unhooked her bra strap. She stood their for a few seconds deciding if she show Josh her tits. She was very turned on as she slowly pulled her bra away from her body.

Josh’s cock started to throb even harder as he stared right at Nicole’s beautiful tits. Nicole reached out and began to stroke on Josh’s throbbing cock as it took only about 30 seconds for him to orgasm down onto the floor.

The following week when Josh came over he asked, ”Could I see your beautiful breasts again?”

Nicole was an easy pushover now as she removed her shirt and bra. Josh then asked Nicole, “Could I touch them?”

Things were now at a crucial point on whether she should let Josh touch them or not. She then relented and said, “Alright! Just for a few seconds!”

Josh reached his hands out as he touched a woman’s breasts for the first time in his life. He gently touched both of her breasts with both hands as they felt very firm. He also ran his fingers over each of her harden nipples before pulling his hands away.

"Wow! They are spectacular! Would it be alright if I could cum all over them,” Josh asked?

Nicole knelt down in front of Josh and began to stroke on his big hard cock. It was a minute later that Josh’s body began to tremble. He was ready to cum as he started to shoot several shots of cum all over each of Nicole’s beautiful tits.

He then quickly got dressed and left as he told Nicole he would see her in a few days.

Nicole knew she had crossed the line, but the excitement of getting Josh off on her tits was way to much. She just couldn’t quit anymore, she knew Josh was firmly enjoying every minute of it as was she. It was almost a game to Nicole on how far she could push things.

A few days later Josh knocked on Nicole’s door. It wasn’t a grass cutting day, but he wanted to ask a favor of her. Nicole said, "What is it Josh?”

“I really love to see your butt. I am so turned on by it that I just about cum in my pants thinking about it,” Josh said to her.

Josh had Nicole in a bad spot now. She really didn’t want things to progress any farther then what had already happen.

“Please! I will cut your grass for free! I just want to see your butt nothing else,” Josh blurted out.

“Alright, come in,” Nicole said to Josh.

Josh walked in with his cock pushing out forward through his shorts. He eagerly waited for Nicole to show him her ass. Nicole slowly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. Nicole had a tight pair of red thong underwear on that ran down her butt crack. Josh got a look at her almost naked butt.

“Omg, it is so beautiful!” Josh cried out.

She then quickly pulled her pants back up as Josh took off for home. He left with a huge hard on as he went back home to masturbate. Nicole felt so aroused the rest of the day as she had to change her panties two different times. She felt something special every time she would take her clothes off for Josh. He had made Nicole horny 24 hours a day, but she had to keep things from getting out of control.

The following week Nicole invited Josh back into the house after he was done cutting the grass. Josh told her he had jack off several times after seeing her gorgeous butt. He now asked her for another favor, “Is it possible to see your butt again? Please!” Josh begged her.

Nicole’s first thought was to say no, but the excitement she had felt around Josh was very overwhelming. She began to stripped her clothes off piece by piece as she had gotten down to just her thong.

Josh quickly asked, “Could I possibly cum all over your gorgeous ass?”

Nicole figured it wouldn’t hurt anything at this point as she bent part way over. Her hands rested on the kitchen counter as her ass was pointed back towards Josh’s cock. Josh began to stroke hard on his cock as he stood only inches from Nicole’s ass. Nicole knew it wasn’t going to take very long for Josh to cum as she slowly moved her ass back and forth for him.

Nicole said, "You want to cum all over my ass Josh? Here it is Josh, lets see you cum all over it!”

Josh took his time as he wanted to enjoy as much of this as he could. Nicole felt even more aroused as she felt the head of Josh’s cock rub against her ass on several different occasions.

Josh was able to hold off for 5 minutes before he couldn’t take it any longer. He then exploded all over Nicole‘s ass. She felt his cum hit her ass several different times as he covered it in cum.

Josh was a very happy camper as he left to go home. Nicole immediately jumped into the shower as she washed away all of Josh’s cum off her body.

A few days later Josh returned again to Nicole’s house. He thanked Nicole, but he also wanted to tell her about his dream last night. Nicole was already aroused as she heard Josh tell her everything that had happen in his dream.

“I had a dream that you made me worship your beautiful butt by licking every inch of it!” an excited Josh said.

Josh went on for a few minutes about Nicole’s butt when he finally said, “Would you let me lick your gorgeous butt?”

Nicole knew Josh was slowly seducing her even though he didn’t know it. Things were starting to get weird between them as Josh was wanting more and more from her each time they were together. Nicole also found herself getting more aroused each time Josh was around.

Nicole was extremely turned on now as she slowly turned around and began to pull her pants down. Josh was about three feet behind her as he watched on in great excitement. She didn’t know what had gotten into herself into as she ordered Josh down onto his knees. She lowered her pants until her red thong began to show. She then pulled her pants down to her knees and slowly back her butt towards Josh’s face.

“Lick it Josh! I want you to worship my ass with your tongue!” Nicole cried out.

Josh‘s tongue slipped out of his mouth as it touched Nicole’s beautiful ass with it. He began to lick every inch of Nicole’s butt as she had become even more aroused. Josh’s tongue had sent a wave of energy through her body that she hadn’t felt in a very long time.

A minute later Nicole braced her hands against the kitchen table as she bent herself over. Her body was slowly weakening as Josh gave her ass a real licking with his tongue. She now felt very flush as an orgasm began to build inside her. She didn’t want to cum like this in front of Josh as he now was stroking on his cock as he sat on his knees licking Nicole’s gorgeous ass.

“Lick it! Lick my ass Josh!” Nicole cried out.

This went on for a few minutes as Nicole’s body began to tremble. She was so turned on by Josh’s tongue touching her ass that she was very close to cumming right their in front of him. Then all of a sudden to Nicole’s relief Josh moaned out as he started to cum all over the kitchen floor. Nicole looked down to see Josh’s cum shooting in between her legs as Josh pushed his tongue deep down the crack of her butt near her asshole.

“That was fantastic!” Josh cried out as got up and thank her for such a wonderful experience.

(Part two to follow shortly)

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