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Night Interruption

It was so cold outside another freezing January night in the UK. I was so glad I didn’t have to go outside. Dinner was in the oven, I’d had a lovely relaxing bath and had settled down with a glass of wine and my laptop for a bit of chatting. I had just started chatting to one of my favourite people and was feeling quite horny when there was a knock at the door. I debated ignoring it intent on my chat but as I considered my options there was another knock. I typed a quick bye to my friend and closed my laptop.

I opened the door to find a man in a ski mask, I tried to close the door but he was quicker pushing me back into the hall as he slammed the door shut behind him. Clamping his hand over my mouth  before I could process the urge to scream. He pushed me through the hall, kicking doors open as he moved until we came to my bedroom, he shoved me face down onto the bed. I felt his weight on me as he straddled my waist and bent down to me. His breath hot on my cheek he spoke then.

“Don’t scream, any sound you make will result in punishment and I really would hate to have to hurt you. Nod if you agree”

I nodded, sure that anything he intended would not be as severe as the punishment for disobeying him. He rolled me over onto my back, binding my hands to the headboard. He stood then and walked slowly to the foot of the bed tying my feet to the end. He paused there for a moment his eyes raking across my body. The look in his eyes heating my skin, suddenly he reached for me, hooking his fingers into my knickers as he ripped them from me, searing my skin. He pulled the material from my body and stood back.

“Hmmm much better”

I felt the bed shift as he moved down next to me. My skin heating as his fingers touched my wrist, gently stroking the soft skin there. His fingers running along my arm up to my collarbone, gently brushing my skin. His hands moving down along my side tracing my ribs onto my belly. His fingers rubbing across my stomach, moving lower tracing across my hips and down my thighs. Caressing my calves and down to my ankle.

His fingers flaming my skin as he moved back up, following the same path. His hands moving to my breasts, softly massaging them, pushing his fingers into the soft skin. Rubbing around my nipples - but always careful not to touch them. Despite the situation I was in I could feel myself getting turned on, as suddenly his mouth moved down and captured a nipple sucking it hard into his mouth as his hand teased the other one pinching it hard. I gasped as he teased me my mind torn between panic and pleasure. He moved his hand down and brushed it against my pussy, his fingers grazing against my clit. My hips buck against his touch, my body betraying me. Arching to him encouraging his touch.


 He sat back looking at me, a slow smile spreading across his face. As he slowly unbuttoned his trousers, letting them fall to his ankles kicking them away his boxer’s following. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my mouth. He was magnificent, so big and hard. He must have seen the awe in my eyes as the second I blinked he was by me his beautiful cock pushing at my lips.


He pushed his head into my mouth and after a few seconds I started to suck at him hungrily, my tongue licking around his head. He pushed more and more of his cock into my warm wet mouth as I flicked my tongue around his length, feeling him stretching my lips with his girth. As I felt his cock force its way into my throat I moaned onto him, feeling him throb from the vibrations. He started to fuck my face then, ramming his huge cock deep into my mouth as I sucked him hard. I looked up at him; saw him watching me take him all, his eyes full of lust.  I so wanted to touch him to run my hands across his skin, to squeeze his balls but as much as I struggled against my ties they held fast. He must’ve enjoyed my struggle as I felt his cock swell in my mouth.


He pulled out then moving quickly down my body as he slid a finger into my dripping pussy. I felt myself blush as I realised how hot and wet I was, knowing that he knew.  He seemed satisfied with this as he let out a low moan, swiftly thrusting his cock deep into me. My body arched off the bed as he rammed into me hard. My hips lifting to him, wanting him deeper as he pounded me with his hard cock. I was moaning for him, my body writhing under him as I twisted desperately against my restraints. His eyes never leaving my face as he fucked me, I started feeling the familiar tingles deep inside me and I knew I was about to come. His hard cock buried in my tight wet pussy was divine. And I couldn’t hold back any longer. My pussy spasming around his hard cock as I came hard, screaming for him as I bucked against him. My masked lover looking down on me as I came his eyes misting over, his body taut as I felt him come deep inside me.


Our bodies still shaking in the aftermath of amazing orgasm, I felt his weight on me as he lowered himself to me, his hands working to untie my hands as he kissed me gently.


“ I love you” he whispered against my lips.


I kissed him back my hands reaching to remove his mask.


“ I love you too“ as I looked up at my loving boyfriend. 

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