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No Power

This is a fantasy of mine, and has been for a while.
“I hate snow!” I muttered to myself as I walked up the steps to my apartment building, placing the key in the door lock and letting myself in.

As I walked up the three flights of stairs, the lights began to flicker. “Great, this is all I fuckin need,” I yelled, not caring who heard. I placed my briefcase on the floor in front of my door, and unlocked the door and deadbolt. I walked in, tossed my bag and briefcase on the couch, and headed for the kitchen.

I picked up the evening paper off of the counter, “New York expecting major blizzard”. Well that would explain the lights, I thought to myself. I took off my coat and placed it over the kitchen chair, grabbed a beer from the fridge and walked back in to the living room.

I turned on the small corner lamp, sat down in my favorite over stuffed chair, and turned on the TV. As I flipped through the channels, I sipped on my beer and ate my Chinese take-out. “This is bullshit”, I thought. “There is never anything on anymore.” I turned off the TV and walked into my bedroom.

I turned on the overhead light, and grabbed a pair of black and pink boy shorts from my drawer along with a black tank, and tossed them on my bed. Walking into the bathroom, I stripped of my beige pinstripe suit, white blouse and black heels. Stepping in the shower, I turned on the hot water, my cold aching body welcomed the scalding hot water.

I moaned lightly, as the water caressed my nipples, making them stand at attention. Slowly sliding my hand over my wet soapy body, I pressed lightly on my clit, sending chills through me.

After I rinsed and dried off, I slipped on my tank and boy shorts, and crawled into bed. I opened up one of my magazines as the power went off. “Damn it all to hell.” I cursed, “This is fucking great, 9o’clock at night and no power.” I laid my magazine on the night stand and laid down..

“What the fuck was that?” I whispered to myself, slowly getting out of bed, and walk quietly to the bedroom door. I hear the front door knob rattle, I walk towards the living room, checking to see if the lights will come on. Before I could react, the front door opens, and I see a tall dark figure.

He moves around the room, feeling his way through the living room. I take that opportunity to run back into my room, forgetting to close my door. I look behind me, and see him walk through the bedroom door. I back into the bed, and feels his hand on my leg. Without any thought, my hand reaches up and slaps his face. I hear him cry out in pain, and then he pushes me down onto the bed. I try to back up, but he has my legs pinned against the metal bed frame.

Without a warning, he leans forward and kisses my neck, then I feel his teeth pierce my skin. He pulls off my tank, and squeezes my breasts firmly. For a quick second, I relax at his touch, but soon snaps back to reality. He continues to squeeze my breasts hard, as his left hand slides into my boy shorts. I feel my pussy dampen at his touch.

“How can I be enjoying this man have his way with me?” I asked myself.

He rubs my clit hard and fast, while biting my neck. I feel his dick swell up in his jeans, I wonder what it would feel like inside me. “What the fuck?” “Am I really wanting his dick in me?"

He pulls off his clothes, and rubs his rock hard cock against my wet clit, as he continues to rubs my tits. A moan escapes my throat, which seems to excite him. I feel the head of his dick rub against the opening of my awaiting pussy, as he twists and rubs my abused nipples.

“Fuck!” I screamed as he suddenly pushes his massive cock deep into my wet pussy. I feel my muscles stretch around his shaft. He pins me down and with every deep thrust, I feel my neck sting from a bite.

I feel like my pussy is being ripped in two. I try to pull my legs up, but he holds them down and thrusts harder into my sore cunt. With every thrust, he goes deeper and harder. I can hear him moaning in a low tone. The harder he fucks my pussy the tighter my walls become. I know that this strange man is going to make me cum on his dick.

His cock starts throbbing, as he slams into my pussy, bringing him closer to cumming. I relax as he lightly nibbles my neck, and moans against my ear. I know this man is growing closer to releasing his cum into my hot, wet, tight fuck hole.

“Fuck you, I’m cumming!” I scream from the pleasure, as my pussy walls tighten around his cock. He began to grunt and moan uncontrollably as he cums inside me. My pussy instantly relaxes and my cum drips down his shaft.

He slowly pulls out as I look up at him, wondering who this man is. He lightly kisses my bruised neck and lays down beside me. I curl up to his strong chest, feeling safe with him. He holds me tightly as I drift off to sleep.

I wake up the next morning, finding my bed empty. I walk into the kitchen and find my boyfriend making breakfast.

“Good morning sweetheart, crazy power outage last night huh?”

“What do you mean baby?”

“You know, no power. Are you OK?”

“Ya, when did you get here?”

“Last night, around 11. Are you sure you’re OK?”

“Yes baby, I'm going to take a shower.”

“Babe, are you OK?” John asked as he grabbed my wrist.

“Crazy night, you know I don’t like it when the power is out.”

“I know baby, I just hope your OK.’ He said while he rubbed the teeth marks on my neck.

“I hope I wasn’t to rough last night baby.” he said as he rested his forehead on mine.

“Rough?” I asked

“Ya last night? “ he asked “You sure your OK?”

“I'm fine baby” It was John last night? I asked myself.

“You put up one hell of a fight baby.”

‘I didn’t know it was you.”

“Oh, now it comes out. You weren’t going to tell me that you had sex with a random guy?” John
said as he smirked.

“I love you baby,” I said as I kissed his chest.

“I love you too,” he replied.

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