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Not really what I had in mind

I guess it was too late to back out now. I could see he wasn't going to back out
“Don’t cry Kelsey. Don’t cry it’s going to be okay.”

“It hurts. It just hurts so bad.”

“I know it hurts but it’s going to be okay. Really just be patient it will happen.”

My poor sister was in anguish. She just found out it wasn’t possible for her to get pregnant. She had seen four different doctors and each of them had told her she wasn’t able to conceive. It was tragic and she could barely take the news. She had seen several of these doctors over the course of the last three years and the fourth one had finally given her the horrible news. It was more than my sister could bear.

“Kelsey I don’t care what those doctors have said. It’s still possible. You and Daniel are going to have a baby. Anything is possible.”

“You don’t understand Ashton, this is it. I don’t have any other options. We’ve tried envitro. We’ve tried injections. We’ve tried managing my core temperature. We’ve tried every position possible and trust me, Daniel has tried every position and I mean every position and it’s still not happening. I can’t handle this. I’m meant to be a mother. I’ve always wanted this. Don’t you understand?”

I started to well up with tears as I watched my sister try and manage her emotions. They got the best of her and they were getting the best of me now. I could barely handle watching her in such anguish.

“I can empathize with you Kelsey. Really I can. Have you ever thought about adopting a child? You said it yourself. You were meant to be a mother. That’s still an option right?”

Kelsey looked at me in anger and then darted her head back down to her waist were she was twiddling her fingers over and over.

“It’s not an option for Daniel. He wants us to have our own children. I do too.”

I understood what she meant by that. It is definitely special to actually raise a child who is the perfect mixture of both their mother and father.

“Kelsey have you and Daniel thought about maybe another surrogate mother?”

“Yes but Daniel hasn’t really been open to it anymore and I’m afraid to ask him about it again. He’s really sensitive about our whole attempts at pregnancy. He just feels defeated. I feel defeated!”

“What happened with Miss Angela, your first surrogate?”

“It just wasn’t successful. The whole implantation and scheduling and laboratory visits were so stressful and so hard to manage. Plus it’s extremely expensive. It just made it impossible.”

Kelsey was so heartbroken that I couldn’t bring myself to ask her about her pregnancy anymore. I just held her and tried to comfort her. As she wept on my shoulder I wished and wished there was some way to help her. I started to feel so guilty for being gone so much. I know I’m just her little sister but I know out of everyone, I was the person she was hoping to find solace in.

“I’m sorry Kelsey.”

“Sorry for what Ashton?”

“For not being there for you.”

“What. No don’t feel guilty. You’ve got big responsibilities. You can’t help being so busy. I’m proud of you little sister.”

“That’s nice to hear Kelsey but really my modeling could wait. I should have been home more for you and Daniel.”

“Don’t be silly Ash, you’ve been a great little sister. I’m proud of you. Really don’t even bring that up okay.”

My sister was so great. She always put others first. I know she wished I was around more but I know she would never say so. There had to be something I could do.

Over the next few weeks, I put a halt to my modeling appearances and focused on my sister. It was hard because it was summer and I had tons of accounts with photographers in far off beautiful places. The hardest ones to miss were St. Croix and Barbados. I’ve been dying to visit there and the artists and designers were some really accomplished people. Although it was hard to turn them down I knew I was doing the right thing. Plus the magazines were calling me like crazy so I knew I’d still be in demand at the end of the season.

I moved in with my sister and Daniel for the summer in hopes I could be more available to them. It seemed to help a lot and I thought I was really helping bring some comfort to Kelsey. I even arranged for her girlfriends to take her out a couple of nights a week. It was a good way to bring her spirits up, plus it was always dancing.

One afternoon, while Kelsey was out running errands, I spent the day by the pool and caught up on my tan. Remember, I was still a professional and needed to always keep my tan up to par. I tend to believe that tanning beds make girls orange so I try and only tan by the sun. While I was lost in one of my magazines, I heard the front door open and saw that Daniel was home early. I was happy to see that since I wanted to really talk with him and find out his perspective on their pregnancy issues. As Daniel sat down in the living room and turned on the television I slid on my shorts and threw on my tank top. I walked through the slider and plopped myself onto the armrest next to him.

“Hey Daniel. How’s your day been?”

“Oh hey there sport. You scared me.”

Daniel laughed after noticing that I saw him jump out of his seat in fright. For a big guy, he sure was jumpy. I couldn’t help but laugh though. It was fun to have some brother-sister fun with him. I had a good relationship with Daniel. He always was so sweet to me. I had warmed up pretty fast to him when my sister started dating him. After they got married years later, I felt like we both got even closer.

I could tell as Daniel sat there, he had a lot on his mind. I knew I shouldn’t try and pry too much because of it. It would be my only opportunity to have a one on one conversation with him though so I did my best to ease in with my questions.

“So you seem a little preoccupied bro. What’s on your mind Dan?”

“Oh just work and stuff. Plus I was just trying to check on the Rangers to see if they had scraped past the A’s in the series.”

“You boys and your baseball. Really though Dan, how are you doing…with the whole pregnancy thing?”

“Gosh Ash, it’s all kind of a blur. Really it’s tough though. I know it sounds kind of feminine for me to say but I was really hoping to become a dad you know?”

I just smiled and stared at him as he looked blankly at the television. It was a really sincere comment and I knew it came from his heart.

“You’ll be a good dad someday Daniel.”

As I said this, he just blinked and kind of cracked a labored smile. It melted my heart because I knew it’s what he truly wanted to be. A dad.

“Have you and Kelsey thought about getting envitro again?”

“Nope. All those tries were unsuccessful. Plus it cost us nearly twenty thousand dollars. I don’t really feel like throwing that kind of money around again.”

“What about another surrogate?”

“It’s just too hard to manage that kind of thing Ashton. I don’t think that stress is worth it. Plus it didn’t work. I mean working with Angela’s schedule and Kelsey’s schedule was impossible. I wish there was a girl closer to home so it wouldn’t have been such an arduous task you know. It would make the chances more successful.”

“Wow I never even thought about all that stuff.”

“Well you shouldn’t have to Ashton. You’ve got your whole modeling stuff to worry about.”

As Daniel said this I saw him look over at me then down to my swimsuit and then back towards the television. He tried to be subtle but I knew he was staring for a moment. My sister was pretty but it was obvious I was more attractive. I guess that’s why I became a model and she didn’t. Daniel’s friends always hit on me but Daniel was always good about protecting me from them. As I sat there and watched him watching his show I realized my swimsuit probably wasn’t the best thing for me to wear when having a serious conversation with him or any guy.

“You’re a strong man Daniel and Kelsey is really lucky to have you as her partner.”

“You think so Ash?”

“I know so Dan.”

Daniel looked up and me and smiled as he tried to hold back his emotions. I could see he was hurt over the pregnancy trouble and he was doing his best to stay strong. As I smiled back, he put his hand on my thigh and rubbed it up and down in affirmation. I tilted my head to the side and rubbed his shoulder as we exchanged supportive glances. As we did this, I saw him look down at my legs and the shorts that were barely hiding them. He rubbed them a bit more and a bit higher up my thigh before catching himself. His hand quickly darted back to his armrest as I chuckled at him. That was the first time I ever saw him actually admire my body. I just laughed about it. He was such a guy.

 “Really Dan. I wish there was something I could do. Some way I could help you guys.”

“You do so much Ash. Don’t worry yourself.”

Suddenly I got a crazy idea. What if I was my sister’s surrogate? I mean it would really put a hold on my career but I would do anything for them. When you thought of it, I was actually the perfect option. I lived close, I was really intimate with them and I understood their struggle and the joy it could bring them. Without even pondering the circumstances, I blurted out my idea to Daniel.

“What if I was your surrogate?”

Daniel was drinking a soda and suddenly spit a mouthful of it out onto the ottoman. He sat forward and then cocked his head back to look at me.

“What did you say Ash?!”

“Just think about it. It would be perfect!”

“No. No. No wait. Really are you serious?!”

“Of course I am Daniel. I love you guys and I’d do anything for you two.”

Daniel looked down as he put his hands on his knees. He rubbed them as he started thinking about the possibilities and the opportunity he and Kelsey would have. If you really thought about it, it made sense. It would be the only option they had right now.

“Ashton really it’s nice of you to say but remember what I said about the appointments with the doctors and all the stories about the lab?”

My excitement was dashed when he reminded me of the complexities of it. He was right. All that stuff was so involved and such an issue. If only there was some other way to do it. I was willing to host their child but there were still hurdles we’d have to face.

“Too bad there wasn’t some other way Daniel.”

“I know Ash. It’s just a big mess huh? Don’t worry yourself over it. You’ve done enough to help us already.”

We sat there in silence, laughing at certain points and hushed at others. After several minutes, I got up and walked to the kitchen for some water. As I watched Daniel sitting there, watching the television, I focused on the large shelving unit above the television. It was massive. Daniel had it installed a few years back. It was meant to house all the portraits of our family and their future family. He had done it about the same time he and Kelsey started trying for kids. Since that time it’s lay dormant and only collected dust. It made me kind of emotional, watching him they’re with a whole set of shelves that lay blank and useless.

“What if we were able to well inseminate me some other way?”

Daniel turned from his seat and looked back at me in horror.

“Ashton. What the heck are you saying?”

I grasped the counter and looked back at him in terror. What the heck was I saying?

“I mean what if, say we got together and in an unartificial way inseminated me? For you guys I mean!”

A gritted my teeth as I waited for his response.

His eyes jolted open at me as he dipped his head in disbelief. His mouth gaped open and his eyebrows furrowed in amazement. He stood up and leaned over the couch as he tried to desperately find an answer to my crazy question.

“I mean come on Daniel, that could work right?”

He shook his head back and forth, almost in a way like he was trying to find something to focus on as his lips tried to muster a response.

“Do you mean like actually sleep with you?”

“Well…yes I guess.”

I cringed as I said it. Not because of the thought of sleeping with Daniel but more because of the response I might get from him.

“Ashton you’re a really gorgeous girl but I couldn’t. I mean I’m married to Kelsey for goodness sake!”

I was blind in my thinking. Probably because my intentions were totally pure and selfless. I was totally dead set on helping them and this idea, crazy as it was, would be totally perfect.

“Just think Dan. No crazy appointments. No stressing over schedules. Nothing. It would be totally natural…well in an unnatural kind of way. But really it could work!”

Daniel looked down at the floor as he stood to his feet and walked slowly to the kitchen.

“I couldn’t Ashton. I couldn’t. Plus if your sister knew, she would cut my balls off.”

I laughed for a bit as I walked over to him and set my hands on his shoulders.

“Just think about it Dan. We could all agree that I would be the surrogate for Kelsey. I would still go through the appointments but we could secretly do this and it would almost be a fail-safe method. I’d get pregnant for sure. You know it would work! Just think. It would be for the good of you and Kelsey. You have to understand where I’m coming from Daniel.”

He just stood there as he shook his head back and forth and said no over and over again. I tried reasoning with him but he wouldn’t have it.

“Ashton I know a bunch of guys who would jump at that opportunity. To you know sleep with a fitness model like you but I’m not that kind of guy. Maybe if this was like the Ozarks I would be but it’s Texas and in Texas that’s pretty much criminal or at least it should be.”

I rolled my shoulders forward as I breathed sigh of defeat. As Daniel put his hands on his waist and blurted out that I was crazy for thinking such a thing, I walked back over to him and gave him my best puppy dog eyes.

“Dan really it could work. It’s crazy but it could work. I mean look at me. You don’t even have to convince me. I’m the one who came up with the crazy idea right!”

“Ashton please, it’s ludicrous. I mean really think about it.”

I caught his eyes and refused to break eye contact with him as I smiled and tried to assure him it would work.

“It would only be one time and Kelsey would never know. Just once! Think it over.”

“How do you know one time would be enough? It takes a while Ashton. I mean we might have to do that for weeks. Would you be okay with that really?”

“Yeah I guess so. What ever it takes right?”

As I said this, he looked down at my chest and then down at my waist. I knew he found me attractive and I knew it could be done.

“I don’t know Ash. I’m going to have to think this through. I’ve never lied to Kelsey about anything before.”

“Who said anything about lying? She wouldn’t even know. She’d think the insemination worked. She wouldn’t even know to think such a thing had gone on right?”

Daniel laughed and said I was crazy. After a few minutes I was left in the kitchen by myself. As I sat there and contemplated our conversation, I couldn’t believe such an outlandish idea had come to me. I was crazy to actually invite Daniel to be part of such a notion but I was desperate to help.

A couple days and weeks rolled by and I hadn’t given the idea another thought. I focused on supporting them and being the best sister and sister in law I could be. Kelsey’s spirits were up and we were having girls’ night out on a regular basis. Recently, I had been thinking about flying to Barbados at the end of August to pose for a layout in Rush Fitness Magazine’s end of summer issue. They had been calling about wanting me to do a spread for them and I had agreed. I just wasn’t sure how to tell my sister. As I was preoccupied with it over dinner, the girls were howling over our night’s possibilities.

As one of the girls was chanting “Shots. Shots. Shots!” I started to feel kind of ill. I went to the powder room and came back with a sour look on my face.

“What’s wrong Ash?”

“It’s nothing Kelsey. I just have a sour tummy.”

Kelsey looked concerned and rubbed my forehead.

“You feel a little flush. You should get home. I’ll go with you.”

“No way. Really I’m fine. Mackenzie is in town and she’s excited to be out with you and the girls. You need to stay. I’ll take a cab and see you girls later.”

I was able to convince Kelsey to let me go. As they were ordering dessert, I eventually made my way out and hailed a cab back home to Austin. It might have been the atmosphere or the energy of the night but I felt so much better when I got home. I decided to change into something comfy since I was still confined in my club clothes. I slid off my skirt and put on a pair of workout pants and an old t-shirt that I cut short at the waist. When I walked into the kitchen to get some slow churned fat free ice cream, I literally jumped out of my sandals.


Daniel had seen me come in and waited to scare the daylight out of me as I flipped the lights to the kitchen on.

“You stupid jerk! I almost peed myself!”

Daniel couldn’t stop laughing. His face was red and he was hunched over grabbing his waist.

He pointed toward me and said, “You should have seen your face. You looked like you were about to cry! That was so funny!”

I slapped him good in the arm and chuckled myself.

“So what are you doing home so early Sport and where is Kelsey?”

“Oh I didn’t feel like going out tonight so I left the girls at the restaurant.”

“You mean they haven’t even gotten to the club yet?”

“Yeah the night is still young old man. They are still going strong and the fun hasn’t even begun yet.”

“Well that’s too bad for you. My guy’s night of drunken debauchery was called off too. No ma’am. No pork rinds and suds for this stud. I’m deserted too and left at home now to fend for myself. Say you wouldn’t be up for making me something to eat would you.”

As Daniel said this as a joke, I slapped his arm again.
“Wow such abuse from the model. May I should tweet this behavior to your fans.”

“Oh great. Maybe I should go back out with the girls then.”

“I’m just kidding. Anyway I call the television. Sports News here I come.”

As Daniel rushed over to the couch, I grabbed my carton of ice cream and followed him in there. We sat there watching the television when he unexpectedly said, “So I thought about your idea.”

I was caught off guard by his response and sat up in my seat.


“I think it’s crazy but it could actually work.”

I was totally shocked. I really was and now I was a loss for words. It was the farthest thing from my mind at that moment and I couldn’t believe he had even taken the time to entertain my idea.

“Wait do you mean you actually want to try?”

He looked away at the shelves and then down at the floor before gazing up towards me.

“Yeah I do. I’ll do anything to help Kelsey be a mother.”

It was so sincere, so sweet. He really loved her more than anything.

“So how do we do this?”

“Wait Daniel. What do you mean?”

“How are we going to make this happen?”

I felt cornered. I mean I hadn’t contemplated this conversation yet. What do I say? I mean I was the one who initiated the idea and I was still open to it. Well I think I was. Daniel looked at me and said,

“I guess we come up with a time to do that right?”

“A time?”

“Yeah Ashton. Like a day when we actually do it or do the thing or you know what I mean.”

I turned super red when he said that and had to take a deep breath of air. “I guess it would have to be a day when Kelsey wasn’t going to be home for a while.”

“Yeah you’re right Ash. Like a night like tonight?”

“Well yeah I guess.”

As I said that I took my ice-cream carton and stirred my spoon around in it. As I dabbed it in and out of the carton Daniel looked at me.

“That’s it!”

“What’s it Dan?”


I was scared now. He actually wanted to go through with it and now was the time he thought would be right. The conditions were optimal and I was on the spot now. He wanted an answer and I was afraid to respond. I mean I don’t think of Daniel like that. That was gross. I mean to be sexual with Daniel would be a nightmare. I hardly let him kiss me on the cheek when we greet each other and now I was going to let he go all the way with this. What the heck was I thinking?

“Ash? Earth to Ashton? Hello?”

“I’m thinking jerk!”

I sat there with my arms crossed, trying to think of a way out of this now. Daniel was getting anxious and now took a seat right next to me on the love seat.

“Tonight Daniel?”

Now he seemed perturbed and annoyed by me. He crossed his arms and grabbed the controller. I felt bad now. I didn’t want to disappoint him so I sat straight up and looked him dead in the eye.

“I came up with the idea. I offered to help you two and I’m a woman of my word. I love you guys more than you know and I don’t want to see either of you suffer. Damn it! Yes. Yes lets do this.”

“Really Ashton? So were a team? We’re going to go through with this?”

“Yes Dan. Let’s do this for Kelsey okay?”

He took a deep breath and wringed his fingers out. He took two more breaths and stretched his fingers out in front of him. As we looked at each other, I said,

“You can’t tell your friends and you can’t tell my parents okay?”

“Of course Ash. Same thing goes for you all right. Especially the part about not telling Kelsey.”

I shook my head yes and turned to face him now. There we were sitting right in front of each other on their love seat about to make love, or well a baby at least.

Daniel reached over to the controller and turned off the television as I used a remote to dim the lights in their family room. At least if Kelsey got home, it would be kind of hard for her to see what we were doing. Actually if you think about it, she’d be too drunk and oblivious to what was going on with Daniel and I.

As we sat their now, inches apart, we looked at each other kind of in shock and kind of in fear. I could see he was trying to read my mind as I sat there trying to read him.

“I guess I’ll initiate this then.” I watched him lean down and grab the waistband of my workout pants as he awkwardly tried kissing my neck and upper chest. Daniel slowly tugged them off my waist, exposing my little hips to the night air. He continued his efforts by pulling my pants off of my thighs and then down to my ankles. As he did this, I awkwardly tried to help him. Our movements seemed choreographed as our hands danced around each other’s hands while we each tried to pull my pants off my feet. Finally we found success as I watched them hit the floor next to the couch.

“O-h m-y g-o-o-d-n-e-s-s! You look absolutely incredible Ashton!”

I laughed uncomfortably as Daniel said this. He sat there and was taking in my body with his eyes. I watched, as both of them raced up and down me like a sprinter on a track. Daniel then began to rub my thighs with his big hands as he simultaneously lapped the drool from his lips. He noticed I still had on my red laced thong from earlier in the night. I had worn them for my night out with the girls. They made me feel really sexy and I thought it would help if I met a man that night. I never thought that man would be Daniel though.

As he pulled my shirt off, I lifted my arms over my head to help him. He didn’t say a word at this time. He just began caressing my body over and over. Daniel seemed different now. He seemed to be numb to his old childish, playful personality and now he was more focused on this sensual aspect of encounter. He seemed almost serious in his direction. It would probably be more accurate of me to describe him as seeming to be more focused and in the moment. I was for on the other end of the spectrum. I was still wrestling with the idea of what we had planned and unsure if I was as committed to our endeavor as he was. Watching him play with my body was so intriguing. If I didn’t know better, I would swear he was trying to enjoy this. It wasn’t supposed to be that way.

“Remember Daniel. This isn’t about pleasure right?”

While I said this I looked at him and he seemed in a daze.

“Daniel? Daniel? Earth to Dan? This is about you and Kelsey. We just need to get through this quick.”

“Oh okay sorry Ashton. I’ll try and make it quick.”

I cringed as I asked my next question.

“Do you think you’ll be able to, well you know, cum? I mean finish in me?”

He looked at me straight in the eyes before suddenly grabbing my breasts and pushing me onto my back.

“That won’t be a probably baby.”

His choice of words and the manner in which he said it shocked me. I knew I heard Daniel say those words under his breath and I had to ask him to repeat what he said. Daniel wisely chose not to though.

As Daniel caressed my thighs and my stomach in an almost exploratory fashion, I quickly undressed him below the waist. I was still feeling uncomfortable now and wanted to help speed up our interaction. As I slid his shorts and boxers off his waist, his penis shot up like a springboard. He was already fully erect. When I saw that he was terribly aroused, I kind of put my hands out in front of me in defense after being startled from it.

“Um come on Daniel. Lets get this going. We don’t have all night okay.”

He shook his head yes and then said, “Oh sorry Ash. I just have never seen you as up close like this in person before.”

“What do you mean by that Dan. I kind of get the feeling you meant that you’ve seen me like this before?”

“Well you know from like pictures from the internet and stuff.”

I just looked at him in disgust. Had he really checked me out online? Gross! This was like my brother in law. Oh gosh now I was feeling sick to my stomach. I thought, “What have you gotten yourself into Ashton?” After watching him kneed my breasts and then kneed my thighs, I just looked over at the shelves again and closed my eyes. I tried to make the best of the situation.

Daniel was now almost on top of me. We were near the end of the couch and I felt him pushing my legs apart as he kind of came down and landed on top of my waist. When I opened my eyes, I saw him stroking his dick and moving it towards my panties. He clinched the corner of my thong and slide them to the side as he touched the tip of his penis across my opening.

“Wait don’t you have some kind of lotion for this Daniel?”

“Well no not here.”

I bit my lip in fear as I thought about how it might feel. I was worried since I wasn’t wet for this.

“Well do you have anything in the kitchen?”

“Just cooking oil.”

“No way that is going in me Daniel. Well how about in the powder room?”

Daniel leapt off of me in an instant and ran towards the powder room and came back seconds later with a tube of Vaseline. He handed it to me and then resumed his position on top of me.

“What am I supposed to do with this Daniel?”

“You asked for it. I thought you wanted to put it on.”

He started to almost wine like a child as he stroked my clit. Come on Ash, I ‘m ready to go. I’m throbbing like crazy.”

I grimaced as I reluctantly took the tube and squeezed a small droplet onto my palms before rubbing them together in a circular motion. Then, after hesitating for just a moment, I grabbed his cock and rubbed the lotion from the base all the way up to the head of his penis. Daniel made a ridiculous expression as he closed his eyes and moaned.
I just furrowed my eyebrows in disgust as I felt his penis grow in my hands. After a minute of stroking it, I was horrified. He was definitely liking this more than I thought. Now was the moment. I couldn’t believe I was going through with this.

“There it’s lubricated now.”

“Are you sure Ashton?”

“Yes I’m sure you jerk. Just start already.”

“Maybe if you could like kind of suck on it like Kelsey does first.”

“What! Suck on what!”

“Well you know, give me a quick blowjob Ash. That would definitely make sure it was wet enough to slide in?”

My eyes were probably fiery red as I watched those words roll off his tongue.

“Daniel that’s probably a little too far don’t you think.”

“Well…I uh don’t know. Maybe I guess.”

“Don’t you think that would really change things between us?”

“Honestly Ashton don’t you think we’ve kind of already crossed that barrier?”

He clutched my chest and kissed them before looking back at me waiting for a response.

I just squinted my eyes in disgust as I let out a childish sigh. As Daniel shifted in his seat, I took his cock, which I might say was kind of large, most likely because it was so engorged with blood at this time, and wrapped my lips around it. I only did two laps across his shaft when he yelled out, “Fuck Ash!”

“What what?”

“No don’t stop Ash. It just feels fucking incredible.”

He looked at me and immediately apologized as he said this. I knew he was feeling awkward too but he couldn’t help himself. It must have felt wonderful for him.

After about a minutes or so, he said, “Okay, okay stop Ashton. You’re going to make me cum.”

I reeled back slowly and let go of my grip on his shaft as Daniel suddenly sat up. I looked at his dick and it was beat red, almost purple in color. When I shifted in my seat, he quivered and told me to stop moving on the couch. I could see he was fighting the urge to cum as I sat there in panic. His eyes closed and he was squinting with such intensity.

“Don’t move Ash. Really just give me a second. I waited for a moment before readjusting my waist and wrapping my feet around his waist. I started to get impatient. I started to stress over the time and said in frustration, “Okay buck up Daniel. We need to hurry before my sister gets home.”

Unfortunately, as I reached over and grabbed his penis in my hand; he jolted forward as cum erupted violently from his cock. He screamed louder than I had ever heard a man scream before. It frightened me. I quickly flinched back onto the couch as a bead of cum shot toward my direction and struck me on my chest. It scared me for a moment. It was so hot that it sizzled between my breasts before coming to a stop down on my stomach, just within my navel.

Daniel quivered again before laying back against the hand rest. Then he sat up and put his hand on his head, shielding his eyes. I watched him shake his head in displeasure.

“I’m sorry Ashton. I tried to hold it but it was too intense. I’m really sorry.”

It was weird. Here we were, both almost entirely naked, doing who knows what with each other and I was actually consoling him for cumming on me. I rubbed his shoulder and told him it was okay. It was so weird when I thought about it as I said it. I was really consoling him for Cumming on my chest.

“It’s okay Daniel. We can just give it a try another time.”

“Sorry it’s just you looked so amazing and I’ve never been intimate ever with someone who looks like you before. I tried to stop but I couldn’t stop myself.”

“It’s okay Daniel. We can try some other night. Maybe we needed this. Maybe we needed to just rethink this you know. Like think it through all the way before we let it get to far.”

He kind of smiled but for the most part pouted. Probably because there was a good chance I’d ever let this happen again. Several minutes past and we just sat in silence together. Finally after maybe ten minutes or so I got up to put my clothes back on. When I did, I felt him grab my wrist and sit me back down on his waist. I didn’t know how to react. I just looked him in the eyes as he stared strongly back at me. He took my other hand and put it on his cock and motioned for me to stroke him. He had cum on his penis but it was already getting engorged again.

“Let’s give it another go Ashton.”

I furrowed my brow in disbelief as he started to get harder and harder.

“I’ve cum twice with Kelsey before. I have a feeling your tight little body is going to help me beat that record.”

“Wait what.”

“You’re too fucking fine for me to give up on so early.”

Without even a chance to protest, he flung me on my back and pushed the head of his penis into me. My eyes closed as I felt the head of his swollen member glide inside. There was friction for a moment but this didn’t seem to stop Daniel. He started to drive harder and harder into me as he looked upward and closed his eyes. I just lay there, emotionless, kind of in a daze. I was soaking in the idea that my brother in law was fucking me with the same penis he fucks my sister with. I was afraid to admit it but his penis felt great.

As I watched him, I tried to come to grasps with what we were doing. I’ve been in this room hundreds of times before. Never had I ever even thought that on this very couch he’d be fucking me.

Daniel wasn’t shy in bed either; he must have drilled me face to face for ten or twenty minutes. I caught him trying to suck on my tits and I had to move him off of them for our sanity. He couldn’t let himself get so caught up in this. I must have had to remind him to keep the pleasure to a minimum at least two or three times. He kept forgetting that this was not supposed to be about fucking. I admit it that it was somewhat enjoyable for me but I knew I couldn’t let him know that.

At one point I tried to rake his hands off my chest again when he quickly moved them down to my ass. As he groped me, I tried to move his hands again and he fought off my attempt. I was caught off guard when he suddenly flipped me over onto my chest. All I felt was his body as it came crashing down behind me. When I tried to fight it, he picked me up off the couch and rested me down onto the armrest. I was locked against it and there was no use trying to fight it. He was very quick about it anyway. Before I knew what was happening, he was fucking me from behind. So hard that he was actually causing the back of the couch to crash into the wall.

I have been fucked hard before but this was different. It was actually turning me on. He grabbed me by my throat and pulled me closer to him. I’ve engaged in dirty talk before but I wasn’t sure if what he said was from his heart or just from the moment. We had literally lost any grasp of control over our circumstances and the simple plan we started with.

“You like that don’t you Ashton. You’ve wanted my cock for years haven’t you?”

I played along with it. “Yeah I have Dan.”

“I know I’ve wanted your ass forever. How’s my cock feel between your legs baby.”

“Oh Dan. Oh Dan.”

He was literally smashing me into the couch now. I can’t believe Kelsey gets fucked like this. I was almost jealous over it.

Before I even thought about the possibility of an orgasm, Daniel had cum steadily into my pussy with monumental force. I felt his strong grip tearing into my sides as waves of cum flushed into my body. Finally, when I felt his chest pounding into my bare back did I realize he was done and simply trying to catch his breath.

He was kind enough to move off of me and help me onto my side.

There we were now, naked, sweaty and gasping for air on my sister's leather couches. My legs were shaking and my chest was pounding. I was about to ask him about doing this again later when I heard the sound of keys jingling in the front door. We hustled out of the living room and down our seperate ways. Minutes later my drunk sister walked in the house and gave me a hug as I stood in the kitchen in my jammies.

"I hope your night was a total bore sis." She was hammered. Totally sloshed and tripping down the hall as she held one of her heels in her hand and labored to get the other off her foot.

I just gave Kelsey an awkward smile and shook my head no.

"Well Ash...sweetie... I'm going to probably just lay down really quick on the sofa. My back is sore and I need to rest really quick."

I watched her as I heard Daniel walking in behind me.

"Hey gorgeous. I hope you had fun with the girls."

Kelsey poked her head up and smiled at Daniel.

"Yeah it was great babe. How was your night?"

"You know. I just kind of lounged around on the sofa and stuff. Ashton kept me company though."

Daniel nudged me in the ribs as he said this. We watched Kelsey drift off to sleep on the same couch we had been playing on all night. Once Kelsey had finally passed out, Daniel yanked me down the hall by my shirt sleeve and into one of the guest rooms.

"Ashton I have to do this again soon."

"Um I don't know Daniel. Remember what this was supposed to be about?"

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in close. I was melting in his arms.
I looked at him, then I looked out the doorway to the living room. Things were about to get really interesting.

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