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Nurse Anderson and Dr McKenzie Part 2:

The examination of the reluctant and frightened young exchange student Stefan van der Bijl continues

‘Mr. van der Bijl, I notice that your prostate gland feels a little swollen. This is concerning to me. I need to investigate further. A swollen prostate at your age is not usual. I feel it is necessary to ascertain exactly what is going on so I am going to carry out a sonar of the gland. Depending on what I see there, I may have to carry out a quick scope.

‘Nurse Stewardson please would you bring the sonar machine through and prepare the colonic irrigation system as I notice that Mr. van der Bijl is slightly impacted,’ instructed Dr McKenzie.

  ‘Nurse Anderson, would you please tell the rest of the boys waiting that I will see them during the course of the next 2 days for their examinations.’

As Nurse Stewardson & I went about our tasks I glanced over at the restrained form of Stefan van der Bijl. It was the stuff many of my wet dreams are made of!

I entered the waiting area to find 6 very alert and downright frightened boys staring at me. Oh Boy! The next 2 days were going to be interesting at work! I could hardly wait.

After scheduling appointments for the boys I dismissed them and returned to the examination room.

Stefan was still restrained against the table. He was sobbing.

Dr McKenzie was busy making notes in the purple file. I heard the flow of water filling up the colonic irrigation machine.

‘Nurse Anderson, I wonder if you and nurse Stewardson could please bring in the stirrups. I think it would be better to carry out the sonar with Mr. van der Bijl, on his back.’

At this announcement Stefan’s head shot up. ‘Stirrups?!?!?!’

‘Yes, Mr. van der Bijl. Stirrups. They are designed to keep your legs spread so that I can gain access to your anus and rectum while being able to comfortably palpate your abdomen should the need arise. But before we do that, I am going to get Nurse Anderson to carry out a quick 15 minute colonic irrigation to ensure that there is no impaction hindering the sonar or the scope, should it prove necessary.

‘Nurse Anderson, I believe a gallon of liquid for 5 minutes at a time over 15 minutes will be plenty. Please call me once the colonic is finished. I will be in my office.’

And with that he left.

I was now in charge.

Stefan was still whimpering. I stopped to survey the view of a naked nubile 18 year old restrained and spread wide open. I could almost not control myself.

Nurse Stewardson had everything prepared for the colonic irrigation. We use this rather than enema’s as it is cleaner and easier.

‘Stefan, we are now going to release your restraints. Rather than use the stirrups for this part of the exam, I am going to ask you to turn onto your left side, raise your leg up to your chest and grip the edge of the table. Nurse Stewardson is going to hold you steady. Please do not attempt anything silly. Carry out the instructions I have given or you will find yourself answering the headmaster’s cane. I have far less patience than Dr McKenzie young man!’

I loved being able to play the bossy mother figure sometimes! It always amazed me how quickly the boys would listen.

‘Nurse, what exactly is going to happen now?’ came the meek question.

‘There is no need to concern yourself with that. I will talk you through it as it happens. Just like Dr McKenzie does.’

‘Is it going to hurt?’

‘That depends on you.’

As his restraints were released and he sat up I saw his blotchy tear stained face. I am sure that he had no idea he was going to be reduced to a pile of blubbering school boy when he arrived for his full medical that day.

I almost feel pity for him. I often wonder what has happened to Stefan. He was one of our less fortunate students. It wasn’t soon after the exam that he was found in the bathroom with a junior teacher attached by her mouth to the end of his cock. It would probably not have been viewed too seriously if it were not for the Matric boy attached to his arse by his dick!

Stefan & the Matric boy were expelled from the college. The junior teacher remained though. She went on to become one of the headmaster’s best friends!

As Nurse Stewardson rolled the colonic machine over, Stefan meekly rolled over onto his side and pulled his leg up to his chest yet again affording me a stunning view of his anus.

The sight caused my breath to catch! My husband was in for a good dash of anal play that night.

Nurse Stewardson moved to the other side of the table and held Stefan down. Unable to see what was happening behind him his anxiety levels began to increase.

I noticed more clenching and unclenching of buttocks and a general worming movement on the table.

‘Please remain still,’ came the thundering deep voice of James Stewardson. This froze Stefan to the spot and sent a jolt of electricity up my spine.

‘Stefan, have you ever received an enema?’ I asked.

‘No ma’am. Never.’

‘Do you know what an enema is?’

‘No ma’am.’

Oh LOVELY! I thought. A TRUE anal virgin. A truly innocent specimen to enjoy.

‘I will then simply take you through this procedure step by step. It is similar to an enema but is a lot cleaner and simpler.’

‘This is an anal tip. It is an inflatable tip. Once it is inserted it is blown up slightly to help ensure that it stays in during the procedure.

‘Nurse Stewardson is now going to hold you steady. I am going to insert this lubricated anal tip into your rectum. Please do not resist.’


Simply ignoring the cries, I continued pushing the tip until it was completely in and then pumped it a few times.

‘PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! STOP!!! PLEASE!!! I cannot take this! PLEASE!!!!!’

James held him down so he could hardly move but even so there was too much movement for my liking.

‘MR VAN DER BIJL! If you do NOT stop this incessant wailing I WILL take a hairbrush to your arse! I WILL NOT have this sort of behavior in my treatment room! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!’

‘Yes ma’am. Sorry ma’am. But this is VERY painful ma’am.’

He sounded like a little lost boy. My heart almost broke but my orgasm almost broke more!

‘This is painful thanks to your behavior! Stop your nonsense and things will go a lot smoother.’

As I connected the house from the machine to the anal tip, Stefan seemed to calm down a bit. There was less whimpering although he was still crying.

After checking that there were no air bubbles in the tube I turned the machine to the 1 gallon mark and the timer to 5 minutes.

‘Stefan, I am now going to release the valve. You will feel water enter your rectum. You will experience a sensation of fullness. There might be slight abdominal cramping which will pass. The water will remain in your rectum for 5 minutes and the machine will then release a return valve which will allow the water to flow back out. This will be repeated four times.

‘I am going to be back here checking that the machine is working correctly. Nurse Stewardson is going to be holding you steady. Please know that should you not remain still we will restrain you again.

‘Do I make myself clear Stefan?’

‘Ye……yes…. ma’am.’

I released the valve on the hose and the water began filling his rectum.

He immediately reacted to the sensation by bucking and yelling.


James held him down and I came around to the head of the table.

Bending down I looked into his eyes.

‘STEFAN! This is your final warning. You lie still and keep quiet or I will thrash you good and proper with a hairbrush! Now SHUT UP and calm down.’

It seemed to work. He stopped yelling and moving about so much. He was still whimpering and crying though.

With each flow and return of water he became quieter. Peeking under his raised leg I saw the beginnings of an erection.

As we came to the end of the colonic set I disconnected him from the machine, released the valve on the anal tip and James helped him sit up.

He was clearly embarrassed by the erection and tried to cover it. James noticed and smiled to me. I saw a bulge developing in his pants.

‘Right Stefan, we are now going to put the stirrups up and then put your feet into them.’

‘Is this really necessary ma’am? Can’t we just ignore this? I promise I’ll go to my own doctor and get this checked out.’

I   noticed the shrinking erection and blatant fear. I was dripping!

‘No Stefan. This is happening today and I suggest you stop resisting and start complying. It will go far smoother.’

As I spoke to him, James attached the stirrups to the exam table.

Stefan lay back and I slipped his first foot into the stirrup and anchored it down with the ankle restraint.

‘Wait! Why are you tying me down again? Please. Please don’t do that. I promise I’ll be good. Please don’t tie me down again!’

‘Sorry Stefan. This is how it works. You have left us no choice. Past behavior is an indication of future behavior. I am not taking the risk that you up and bolt while you have a sonar inside you or a proctoscope. The results could be disastrous.’

As I tied his second ankle down, James attached the thigh restraints and then moved to the head of the examination table where he restrained Stefan’s wrists and finally attached the chest restraint.

It was excessive. I know. But I love ensuring that my patient is completely helpless. It gives me the biggest kick. James was clearly enjoying it to by the view of the growing bulge in his pants.

Dr McKenzie would not have any problem with it either.

‘Right Stefan, I am going to call Dr McKenzie so we can continue and complete the exam. James is going to stay here and wait with you. Take these few moments to calm down and relax. Thank you James.’

Leaving the exam room I went across the hall to Dr McKenzie’s office. Knocking on the door I opened it.

Dr McKenzie was sitting behind his desk. Reading glasses on, reference book open and laptop fired up.

He always looks so sexy like that.

He looked up at me.

‘So, you dirty little slut. Did you enjoy that? Are you horribly horny? Do you want me to wait until we are home before I relieve all that pent up stress in you? Or shall I just fuck you here on the desk?’

Without hesitation I walked over to the desk, dropped my panties, raised my skirt and bent over putting my naked cunt and arse on display for him.

‘Please fuck me Dr Joshua Andrew Peter McKenzie the third! PLEASE FUCK ME!!!!!’

He got up came around, unzipped himself and I felt his hard cock drive into me with no concern for anything but the fuck.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me into him with each thrust.

As we were in the office, I could not scream. This made it all the more delicious!

His cock hit my g-spot and my fingers found my clit. A few thrusts, a stroke or two and the orgasm that had spent most of the morning building up ripped through me with the force of an earthquake.

As I threw my head back, he grabbed it with one hand and gripped my hip with the other for his final few thrusts as the tidal wave of his hot cum erupted in me.

Spent, we collapsed on the desk panting. I felt his still hard cock inside me pulsing.

Due to the lack of time we stood up, tidied ourselves up and got ready to return to the examination room. We were still breathless and I started looking for my panties. Joshua whisked them off the floor and popped them in his pocket.

‘I want you bare cunt under your skirt. It turns me on. Let’s get back to young Mr. van der Bijl shall we?’

Crossing to the examination room, I knocked on the door and entered. The divine view of a restrained and spread young male was enough to get my blood pumping again. I felt Joshua’s cum slide down my inner thigh.

‘Mr. van der Bijl, I am now going to do a sonar of your prostate gland. This will involve me inserting a lubricated sonar wand into your rectum until it reaches your prostate where I will use it to scan the gland.’

With this Dr McKenzie rolled a lubricated condom over the thin 6 inch sonar wand.

When Stefan caught sight of it he became almost hysterical!


I got up and fetched a shot of muscle relaxant. There was no way Dr McKenzie was going to be able to get the wand in a rectum that tight.

I handed the injection to Dr McKenzie. I raise Stefan’s balls out of the way and watched as Dr McKenzie injected the muscle relaxant directly into Stefan’s perineum.


‘Yes, Mr. van der Bijl, it does. Now if you would kindly stop your dramatics, we can continue this examination. The injection I just gave you relaxes the muscles in your rectum enabling me to insert the sonar wand. And while the wand might look like a ‘cock’ as you put it, I can assure you this is NOT the same as fucking you!’

Dr McKenzie hardly raised his voice but his forceful tenor effectively controlled Stefan’s outbreak.

Silence descended on the room as Dr McKenzie adjusted the sonar machine and prepared the wand with a bit more lubricant.

Stefan was still crying.

As the tip of the wand came to rest against Stefan’s anus he inhaled sharply.

‘Please raise the patient’s testicles and penis out of the way Nurse Anderson. Mr. van der Bijl I am now going to insert the sonar wand. Due to the muscle relaxant there should be minimal pain. I am going to insert it in one slow liquid movement. Take a deep breath and try and relax.’

With that, Dr McKenzie slid the wand in. Stefan cried out like a baby and I watched his cock start to grow.

‘Mr. van der Bijl, you will find that your penis is becoming engorged and erect. This is natural behavior during this type of examination. It is due to the prostate being manipulated. The prostate is one of the most sexually sensitive parts of a man’s body.’

As Joshua spoke I saw Stefan visibly relax. He started moving into his own world. The world you find when you discover the joy of a new form of orgasm.

His cock became progressively more engorged and started twitching.

Dr McKenzie hardly noticed as he manipulated the wand within Stefan’s rectum getting a full view of the prostate.

He slid the wand out and snapped his gloves off. The sound brought Stefan back into the room and his erection started fading.

‘Mr van der Bijl, I am concerned about the look of the prostate through the sonar. I feel that a visual inspection is going to be needed. To do this I will be using a proctoscope. Nurse Anderson, Nurse Stewardson, please get Mr van der Bijl into position for the use of the proctoscope.’

I undid the restraints. By the look of confusion in Stefan’s eye I could that he hadn’t heard much of what Dr McKenzie had said.

I helped Stefan sit up straight while James inverted the stirrups turning them into knee rests.

‘Stefan, please stand up, move to the bottom of the table, place your knees on the inverted stirrup cups and lean forward with your arms stretched in front of you,’ I directed him as James prepared the restraints.

Stefan was becoming more compliant. Whether this was due to exhaustion or excitement I could not tell.

He placed his knees into the stirrup cups and started leaning forward just as Dr McKenzie turned around holding the stainless steel proctoscope in his hand. Stefan took one look, yelled and quickly moved away from the table.

James grabbed him as he headed for the door.

He was ashen faced and looked like he was going to throw up.

His fear was palpable and exciting. His consternation was beautiful. I glanced at James and saw his wry smile in my direction. His erection was still there.

(to be continued)

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