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Nurse Anderson Dr McKenzie

The medical examination of a reluctant and frightened young exchange student

As the head nurse at a prestigious private college I have the joy of being present during all sports physicals.

My favourites are the young, virile male 18 year olds who come for their first full physical.

The rumours that go round the school about what exactly the ‘full physical’ involves are a mixture of mystery and myth. Most of the young men who cross into the examination rooms are loathe to tell others of exactly what occurs in there. Many of them end up in tears and would hardly want that information spread around the playing field.

This results in a student body filled with fear and trepidation. Exactly my idea of fun.

I enjoy watching the young men arrive for their physicals dressed in their sports shorts and t-shirts. All of them have been through the annual physical before and believe they know what to expect.

The basics naturally remain the same: weight, height, blood pressure, reflexes, joints, back & hernia checks.

But then comes the next step.

All the boys in the college attend the medicals on the same day. They are called in alphabetical order and not by age. A ‘conveyor’ belt system is put into place.

Each student is given a file. Each age group has a different coloured file. 18 years and older carry a purple file.

They all start by being weighed, then they have their height measured, then comes the doctor’s consult for the under 18’s. Blood pressure and general check up including a hernia check.

I love watching the faces of the under 18’s as the doctor tells them to ‘drop your shorts and underpants’. There is always a moment of hesitation and embarrassment. They never fail to turn their heads towards me in the hope that I will turn away.

I never do. The sensation that courses through me as I look them square in the eye and don’t flinch never fails to leave me wet. When they comply and drop their shorts and underpants the feeling of control that floods me almost leaves me breathless.

And then it is all over. Just as quickly as it began. The doctor tells the patient to take their file to the nurses’ station where they will be required to give a urine sample and then they can go on home.

The relief that floods their faces always makes me smile. All I can think is ‘Just wait until you’re older my boy!’

The 18 year olds come for the first consult which involves them getting the general check up and blood pressure test but they are then asked to take their file to the nurses’ station, give a urine sample and return to the waiting area for the 2 nd consult.

The look of utter consternation on their faces is precious beyond words. They are confused. Fear spreads across their faces.

Once they return they are left to wait until the younger boys have been finished. Usually this means about 2 hours for them.

As the area becomes quieter and quieter with fewer and fewer boys remaining, the 18 year olds become more and more withdrawn.

There is a great amount of lip chewing and ground-staring. They shuffle and can hardly sit still. The purple files dance and twirl. There is nervous coughing and copious ceiling staring.

I always look out for those who seem most afraid and those who put on all the bravado they can muster. They are the ones who give the best performances.

The doctor then calls the first boy in.

As he walks in and closes the door the sense of dread on the face of those he leaves behind is almost palpable.

I have occasionally remained in the waiting area during some of the exams while another nurse assists. This is to enjoy the experience of watching those left outside.

I love observing them as the noises on the other side of the door filter through. Sometimes the younger nurses leave the door open just a fraction to aid the fear.

It is a regular occurrence that a boy will cry out. Usually it is a cry of pain or fear. What happens to them is scary and it is sometimes uncomfortable.

Occasionally it is a cry of pleasure. When it is, it is always the jock of the pack. The look of utter horror when they leave the examination room is priceless.

I enjoy taking over from the nurse on duty as we come to the end of the line.

These last few creatures have been left to stew outside. Waiting to find out what exactly causes all the noises from behind the (almost) closed door.

One of the most memorable exams was young Stefan van der Bijl.

An exchange student from Holland young Stefan had joined us at the beginning of the year so he had none of the experience the other boys had with the examinations. Fresh blood, so to speak.

I stood at the open door of the exam room. “Mr. van der Bijl? Please step in.”

He quietly stood holding his file and started walking toward the door. Already a blush was rising in his cheeks.

He was almost 6 feet tall and was of medium build.

He was scared.

It showed.

Dr McKenzie is not the type of doctor with time to waste. He isn’t rude or abrupt. He is simply business like. As he has many patients to get through he does so with little waste of time. Pleasantries are kept to the minimum. He does use ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ continually though.

His curt instructions and detailed explanations of certain procedures are the only talking that punctuates the exam.

The sense of consternation that clearly grabs hold of these young boys is tangible.

‘Mr. van der Bijl, I need to do a hernia check. Please stand in front of the exam table. . . . . . Thank You.’

As Stefan stood waiting, Dr McKenzie turned to the instrument tray, took a glove and pulled it over his right hand.

As always, he snapped it into place.

Stefan jerked up in fright, his eyes shooting open.

Dr McKenzie sat on the rolling stool and pushed toward Stefan.

‘Mr. van der Bijl, please drop your pants and underpants to the floor so I can carry out the hernia check.’

Stefan turned his head toward me with a pleading look in his eye. I felt my crotch get sodden.

“Man oh man is my husband going to get ridden hard tonight”! I thought to myself.

‘Please Mr. van der Bijl. I do not have the whole day to wait for you.’

With a clear sense of reluctance, Stefan dropped his pants and his underpants to around his ankles.

His cock was pretty standard. Looked pretty much like any other 18 year olds cock. Nothing to write home about.

Dr McKenzie examined each testicle, the scrotum and the penis. He told Stefan to turn his head and cough.

Stefan was getting more and more embarrassed. The colour rising in his cheeks. The tears forming in his eyes.

I almost felt sorry for him. But I felt more excited for myself. This one was going to be special. I could just tell.

As Dr McKenzie finished and pulled the glove off. He instructed Stefan to leave his pants and underpants off and climb up on the couch.

‘Lie on your back please Mr. van der Bijl. I will now palpate your abdomen.’

As the doctor started his examination, Stefan stared at the ceiling with his arms at his side. You could see that all he wanted to do was cover his crotch.

As Dr McKenzie’s hand travelled down Stefan’s abdomen the obvious discomfort was visible. Clearly Mr. van der Bijl did NOT enjoy having a man feel him up.

Almost as quickly as it started, it was over.

‘Thank you Mr. van der Bijl. Please sit up.’

The relief washed across Stefan’s face. It was over in his mind. It wasn’t all that bad. Why the others had made such a fuss was a mystery to him.

I smiled quietly and watched his next reaction carefully.

‘Mr. van der Bijl, I am now going to do what is called a DRE. A digital rectal exam. This is necessary as you go into adulthood. We carry this exam out in order to ascertain a base line understanding of your prostate. Each man’s prostate is different. It is unlikely that there is anything wrong with your prostate at the moment which makes this type of exam so vital and valuable in the your future health care.’

As Dr McKenzie spoke the look of confusion first and horror next left me almost panting.

It was clear in Stefan’s mind that the others had had reason to make noises. He was ready to scream and run. The tears were about to break.

I felt my pussy throb and my clit harden. I wasn’t going to make it home to my husband; I would have to take care of myself soon!

‘Mr. van der Bijl please turn around and bend over the examining couch. I need you to lean across the length of it with your chest touching it. Spread your legs and grip the edge of the couch. The nurse here is going to help steady you by holding your hips.’

As I stepped next to Stefan and gripped his hips while facing Dr McKenzie I heard the whimpering. It was enough to make me drip.

‘Mr. van der Bijl . . . Stefan is it?’

‘Ye…. Ye……. Yes’ came the stammered reply as Dr McKenzie snapped on his rubber gloves.

‘Stefan, I am going to now examine the outside of your anus. You will feel me pulling your buttocks apart. . . . . . . . . . . .

‘It is best if you don’t clench. This will make it all the more uncomfortable for you. Just relax. This will all be over in a few minutes. Just breathe deeply and try not to clench up your buttocks.’

As Dr McKenzie spread Stefan’s buttocks apart I felt him jerk forward and had to grip his hips harder to steady him.

‘Please stay still Stefan. This will go far more smoothly if you don’t resist. . . . . .

‘Good! I see no sign of any irregularity here.’

As Dr McKenzie moved away I could feel Stefan relax. “Oh my boy! If you only KNEW what was coming!” I thought with wicked delight!

‘Right Mr. van der Bijl. Stefan. I am now going to insert my finger into your rectum until I touch your prostate. I will then rotate my finger and examine your rectal walls and prostate. This is likely to cause some discomfort. It is best if you simply keep breathing deeply and focus on keeping your buttocks relaxed.’

I felt Stefan physically buck in an attempt to stand up. Due to me holding his hips and my elbow resting on his back, he couldn’t go far.

Then the pleading started.

‘Please Doctor!!! Is this REALLY necessary? Please don’t do this. I promise I won’t tell ANYONE that you haven’t finished the exam. Please don’t do this. Please! I beg you! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!!!!!’

‘MISTER van der Bijl! Kindly calm down. There is nothing to fear. It is a simple exam that every adult male should undergo. The main aim is to identify cancers and other diseases. Early detection has been the god save of many. Now, grip the edge of the exam couch and take a nice deep breath!’

Stefan was shuddering as he tried to hold the tears back. He gripped the edge of the couch and turned his face downward. I held his hips a little tighter.

“This one is going to be a challenge!” I thought as he started to cry.

‘Right Stefan, I am now going to part your buttocks. You will feel my finger against your sphincter. That cold feeling is the lubricant. Remember – keep your buttocks unclenched. Ok, on the count of three I am going to insert my finger smoothly. If you reduce the clenching it will assist.’

By this time Stefan was almost inconsolable!


Ignoring the pleas issuing forth, Dr McKenzie kept his finger at the entrance to Stefan’s rectum.

‘On the count of three Stefan.’

OH GOD! I LOVED it when he did it this way! I felt my clit throb harder against my knickers which were totally sodden by now.

‘Here we go. One. . . . . . . . two . . . . . . .   three.’

And then he did nothing. Just kept his finger against the entrance.

It took a moment for Stefan to notice that there was no change in sensation.

His head picked up in confusion and the relaxation in his body was complete.

Without warning Dr McKenzie plunged his finger in.


‘Right Mr. van der Bijl you will feel my finger completely inserted. I am now going to manipulate the prostate. The more you clench, the more painful this will be. I am going to allow you a moment to get used to the sensation and then push forward.’

Stefan was beside himself. The tears were coursing down his cheeks.

‘Please can we stop Doctor!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE!!! It HURTS! PLEASE. It REALLY REALLY hurts!!!!’

‘Mr. van der Bijl, I cannot stop now. I will continue until this examination is complete. I suggest that you focus on calming down and unclenching your buttocks. Otherwise this is going to continue being painful.’

Stefan was almost hysterical.

The vision of this sprightly young man reduced to a whimpering mass of jell-o left me breathless and drenched. All I wanted to do was get out of there and get fucked. HARD!

Stefan now started bucking fiercely. I struggled to restrain him.

Dr McKenzie removed his finger and called out for the other nurse, Nurse Stewardson, who immediately came to our assistance.

The fact that this nurse was a man didn’t help Stefan’s attitude at all.

‘Please could you bring the restraints nurse Anderson? I believe that Mr. van der Bijl’s examination is only going to be completed with him restrained.’

‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!’ came the pained call.

Nurse Stewardson moved forward and held the small of Stefan’s back down while I went to fetch the restraints.

I was giddy and breathless.

This was better than anything I could have imagined!

The restraints had only ever been used once before. About 10 years prior. A rare treat indeed.

I returned and fastened the restraints around Stefan’s wrists, upper back, thighs and knees and then attached them to the allotted slots on the frame of the examination table.

He was totally restrained.

‘Right Mr. van der Bijl, we are going to try again. As I have said before, focus on unclenching your buttocks and this will be a lot less traumatic for you. You need to understand that you are not going to leave here today without this examination being completed. The more you fight, the worse for you. Let us begin again.’

I was standing behind Dr McKenzie holding the lubricant and another set of rubber gloves. As he changed gloves and turned to toss the first pair away I was afforded the most stunning view of Stefan’s anus, balls and cock. I noticed that the cock was showing signs of excitement.

I felt my clit begin to shudder between the folds of my sodden pussy.

‘I am now going to re-enter your rectum. Nurse Stewardson is going to hold your buttocks apart.’

As Dr McKenzie’s finger slipped all the way in up to the knuckle, a painful cry shot out of Stefan’s mouth.


Calmly and with no sign of distress, Dr McKenzie continued.

‘Mr. van der Bijl, you will now feel the need to urinate. This is as I manipulate and palpate your prostate gland.’

There was a sudden and deafening silence in the room. It was punctuated by surprise.

Stefan’s head had popped up and the sense of curiosity was clear.

I glanced between his legs and saw his cock growing harder.

“Ah!” I thought, “a young one discovering the joys of anal play. I wonder how long before it becomes an addiction in his life. Here’s one who is going to spend the next 60 years trying to get someone to milk his prostate!”

Dr McKenzie showed no signs of having noticed, consummate professional that he is.

‘Mr. van der Bijl, you will now feel me move my finger back slightly as I rotate it. This is an examination of your rectal walls.’

A sudden escape of breath between Stefan’s teeth left no doubt in my mind to what was happening in his young mind.

‘You will now feel my finger reentering you as it rotates forward. Please keep breathing and try to relax.’

Stefan was gripping the exam table with white knuckles. The silence was deafening. It was finally broken by the sigh of relief as Dr McKenzie removed his finger and snapped the gloves off.

(to be continued)
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