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I was afraid. This blindfold didn’t help, but I had promised my boyfriend I’d do what he said. I’d squeezed myself into the PVC knickers he bought me. And have even shaved my pussy smooth and he knew I hated the way it grew back. As his hands ran over my nipples I shuddered. It wasn’t as if I didn’t like his touch, it just felt cold, different even.

“You’re my dirty little slut aren’t you?” he whispered in my ear as he began to pinch and twist my nipples.

“What are you talking about?” I moaned back despite the pain that was beginning to flood through my chest.

That was when a whole new pain flooded through me as he yanked my hair back and slapped me across the face. It hurt so much more because I couldn’t show the pain in my eyes or see the look in his face.

“When I call you a dirty little slut you say, yes I am sir, you understand?”

It had gone on like that for hours it felt like. He demeaned me and called me so many names. I was a whore. A dirty worthless fuck toy. A cock sucking cum disposal whilst he slapped and tugged at my tender breasts and fingered my sensitive clit like he didn’t care how much it hurt.

I had been trussed up with ropes and restraints like a little pig. He even spat on me. And now I was here on my knees waiting for his next move.

“Mmmm I know what I want from you now slut, but I warn you if you bite, I’ll make you choke on it”

That was when I felt my lips forced apart by his huge meaty cock. I loved sucking on it anyway why did he have to be so rough. He knew I could take it all the way to the back of my throat there was no need to do it like this, but I obeyed. I felt so humiliated as he fucked my face. Turned on but so humiliated.

As I was close to gagging on how deep his cock was, the sudden removal of it surprised me. The fact I couldn’t see him is what added to my anxieties, and I was right to be. I was roughly wrestled to my feet and pushed onto our bed with my ass in the air before I felt him rubbing his saliva covered cock against the cheeks of my ass. I felt tears come to my eyes as I knew what was about to happen.

We had discussed anal before but I was so frightened at the thought of having his ten inch cock shoved into my tight little hole, but I had promised that he could do whatever he wanted so I waited obediently. He pulled my ass cheeks apart as far as they would go, and pushed the head of his cock against me. At first it resisted. It hurt so much that I cried out and asked him to stop but he wouldn’t listen, in fact I think it spurred him on. Eventually it gave way and the head of his cock slipped in. I let out a whimper as it did so. This developed into a scream as he started to ease inch after inch of his cock into me, before slamming the last 4 inches deep inside.

He started to fuck my ass as hard as or harder than he had already fucked me previously. I was screaming with every thrust. Every now and again he pulled completely out enjoying the sight of my gaping ass hole and telling me how beautiful it was.

I was speechless. This was all so wrong. He was meant to love me yet here I was being used. But why did it feel so good. I was on the verge of cumming and I think he realised. Pulling his swollen cock out of my ass, he slammed it right into my sopping cunt. It drove me crazy. I don’t know where the sudden outburst of dirty words came from but I asked him to keep fucking me.

Again I was so sore but so so turned on and I wanted him to cum.

“Cum for me baby” I yelled.

“I’ll come for you alright you dirty bitch” he replied as the peak of my orgasm rode through.

Pulling out of me he ripped the blindfold from me and covered my face with his white hot sticky cum as I came all over the bed. I was truly his little cum slut and I loved it.

The moan that erupted from his mouth as he continued to cum told me he did too. Milking every last drop from his cock into my open mouth.

“Swallow” he commanded, “and lick the rest of that up like a good little slut”.

I ensured I didn’t miss a drop before I collapsed onto my stomach dizzy from the strength of my last orgasm.

He spanked my ass and told me what a good girl I had been and to get some rest as my abuse was far from over……

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