Obedient Vivian

By darkdm

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How I taught my wife how to enjoy sex before we got married
Obedient Vivian
(MF, reluc)
By: Darkdm

My wife Vivian was originally from Taiwan. I met her through a friend when she came over to the US for a short term project. She was only 22 years old at the time. When I first laid my eyes upon her, I was in love. Her angelic face, shoulder length silky, black hair, and slender body was everything I wanted in a woman. After spending sometimes with her, I was amazed that she had all the qualities I wanted in a woman as well. She was smart, gentle, and fun loving. Being a Taiwanese myself (I immigrated to America when I was 12), I knew my parents would approve of her. However, with her traditional upbringing it took both time and work before she finally accepted me as her boyfriend. It took even longer before I made progress in our physical relationship. She didn't even allow me to get into her bed until a week before she went back to Taiwan.

Her hesitation toward sex was partly due to her conservative nature, but also because of a bad sexual experience. Vivian had actually just broke up with her ex-boyfriend Tony before she came over on the project. The main reason she left him was that Tony was a very rough type of guy. He was ex-military, and now worked as a security guard for a high-profile company. They were together only because their parents were good friends and thought they would make a good couple.

After we had sex for the first time, she confessed to me that she lost her virginity to Tony. She said that Tony actually raped her the first time they had sex. His aggressive behavior and his big dick really made her afraid of sex. She didn’t feel any pleasure at all having sex with him. She finally broke up with him after she felt that he only wanted sex out her. Unfortunately, this made her very uncomfortable having sex, even after being together with me for a while. She was only willing to have sex with me because she knew I wanted it. And unlike Tony, I would always pamper her would words love and sweetness. However, the actual acts of intercourse still didn’t bring her any pleasure.

After she went back to Taiwan, she agreed to have phone sex with me to keep me happy. I would make her use her sweet voice to help get me off. I taught her to how to moan and say nasty things like "fuck me, fuck me honey". It got me quite excited to hear my sweet Vivian say such words. But pretty soon I wanted more. My perverted desire is to have my pure Vivian be defiled by other men and transformed into a slut. My dick would become so hard when I made her to say things like, "oh no honey...this bad man's big dick is about to fuck my pussy. He's going to fuck your girl’s tight pussy.". The thought of her being used by other man continued to flash through my mind.

Finally, the thought overtook me and I started to plan a way to get her into another man’s bed. First thing was that I had to find the right candidate. Since I can’t stand the idea of having my future bride fucked by a total stranger, I thought her ex-boyfriend would be perfect candidate. Since he was her first man, it would be easier for her too.

After finding the right man, I had convince her why I want her to have sex with another man. I told her that it would be important for her to learn to enjoy sex for our marriage. It took a lot of sweet talking and begging, but she finally agreed. I got so excited knowing that my future bride will be getting fucked violently by another man.

I also made up the excuse that I want to watch them have sex so I that would know she was safe and he wouldn’t hurt her. She was shocked at first and didn't really understand why I would want see her being fucked by another man. I told her that I loved her dearly, and her sacrifice will show me her love. Tried as I might, she just would not allow it. While she agreed to let Tony fuck her, it was to get her ready for our marriage. However if she also let me watch it, it would be too shameful. Finally, we reached a compromise and agreed that she will let me listen to them.

The next day, she called her ex-boyfriend Tony. She lied about how she still loves him and apologized for breaking up with him. She asked if he would forgive her and get back together again. After he agreed, she also asked him to come over to her place tomorrow night.

To prepare for this special night, I took the day off from work due to the time zone difference. I taught her how to set up microphones in her room so I could spy on them. Both of us were literally shaking with anticipation as we set this up. She was shaking because she was so nervous about letting Tony (whom she REALLY didn't like) touch her again, but I was shaking due to the excitement of what was about to happen. The love of my life was about to get fucked by another man.

When the time came, it took some serious willpower for me not to jack off while she walked him up from the downstairs portion of her building. Once they got into the room, I could hear them very clearly. Tony was asking her why she changed her mind, especially when she had previously disliked his rough love making. She hesitated a little bit before saying that she actually missed his rough fucking, and then she asked him to stay overnight. Her voice was trembling and it was completely out of character for her to say such a thing, but she obediently followed my request.

Even though he was a bit surprised as well by her request, Tony started to kiss her. The sounds of their kissing came over the microphone very clearly. I was very excited and I closed my eyes to imagine Tony french-kissing my sweet Vivian. After few minutes, along with the sound of heavy breathing from my Vivian, I could hear him remove her clothes. "Mmmm..” Vivian moans as Tony started to kiss her naked breasts. She exaggerated her moans to make sure that I could hear them. I was pumping my dick with my hand furiously by now. Then as they continued I could hear sounds of Tony removing his clothes and opening the wrapper of a condom.

That follow with some squeaking sounds as they laid down on top of the couch. It went silent for a while as Tony explored her body with his large hands. Tony must love to feel of her silky skin again. When he finally touched her pussy, I could hear her gasp as she tried to push him away. But Tony was just too strong for her. He rubbed her pussy with his right hand as his left hand continues to maul her breasts. Very soon he inserted one of his finger into her sweet hole. And just as he expected, she’s already soaked. Even though Vivian does not enjoy sex, but her body is extremely sensitive. It only takes some attention to her pussy for it to become very wet and warm. This was the sign Tony was looking for and his rough nature took over. He grabbed her silky legs and spread them open obscenely. “No!” Vivian felt so humiliated as Tony pushes his big dick against her pussy lips.

“Ohhhh…” Vivian moaned loudly as Tony’s massive length and thickness penetrated her pussy violently, ramming to the bottom of her pussy in one stroke. I came so hard right then that my body was shaking for several minute as I envisioned his dick jammed into my girl’s tight pussy. My dick remained rock hard as the noise squeaking couch became louder and louder. He was really fucking her hard by this point. She moaned painfully as her body tried to get used to his dick pile driving into her small, tight hole.

I was so touched that she was willing to do this for me. My sweet Vivian allowed herself to be used by someone whom she didn’t like to please me. I was ready to cum again as sound of his hips slapping against her body got louder and louder. My poor Vivian was moaning loudly with every thrust of his manhood. He didn't last more than 5 minute before he came, filling the condom. That evening, Tony took her 2 more times, each just as rough as the first. By the time he was done fucking her, both of them was totally exhausted. They felt asleep with Tony on top of her and his dick still inside of her pussy. I was also dog-tired as I had came 4 times in my hands.

The next morning after Tony left, Vivian cried as we talked on the phone. She told to me that her whole body was very sore from Tony’s abuse. Tony had used her mercilessly as if she were a prostitute. Vivian asked if I still loved her after what Tony had done. Feeling very guilty, I comforted her over and over again with sweet words of love and affection. She was finally able to calm down. When I asked her to described what had happened last night, she confessed that while it was painful when he first fucked her, she did have the first orgasm of her life when he fucked her the second time. She shyly admitted that her pussy became very wet knowing that I was listening to them from the other side of the earth.

After that night, Tony would stay at her place several times a week and would enjoy my girlfriend’s body and tight pussy again and again. She had become his sex toy, her body available to him whenever he wanted. Sadly, I only had my hands and imagination to satisfy my needs. But my perverted mind just wouldn’t allow me to ask her to stop. Vivian did ask me several times to stop this. She told me that she loved me so much and wanted to only have sex with me, but I insisted that she continue this indecent relationship with Tony. I wanted her slim body to writhe under Tony's hard fucking as often as possible so my sick desires can be fulfilled.

When I had another chance to listen to them after few more weeks, I could tell that that Vivian was definitely enjoying sex a lot more. It seemed that having Tony’s big dick fucking her regularly had finally loosened up her tight pussy to accept his massive tool. From listening to what Tony was saying during sex, my sweet Vivian’s body was now pretty good at responding to his fucking. She would also wrap her long, slender legs around his waist to help his long dick to go deeper into her pussy.

The biggest change in Vivian was her attitude in bed. She was transforming from timid girl in the bedroom to a true woman who knows what her body needs from a man. She would ask Tony to fuck her in different positions and sometimes even beg him to fuck her again after he came. While I was proud of her transformation, sometimes I couldn't believe I had set up my future wife to transform into a slut by another man.

To satisfy my ever growing and perverted thoughts, I kept on pushing Vivian's boundaries. During Valentine's day I told her that as Tony’s gift from her as his girlfriend, I want her to allow Tony to fuck her without a condom. I wanted his sperm to flood her pussy. She had never allowed anyone (myself included) not to use protection, but I convinced her that it would really make me happy if she would obey my request.

On that night as I anxiously listened to their foreplay, I heard Vivian shyly telling him not to worry about a condom when he was about to enter her. She told him that as her Valentine’s day present to him, she would allow him to fuck her bare. It must have excited Tony quite a bit because he fucked her 5 times throughout the night. I also came several times as I listened to the sloppy sounds of his dick fucking her cum filled pussy.

The thought of having my sweet Vivian’s pussy defiled by another man’s cock and filled with his cum was so exciting for me. I had Vivian describe how it felt to have his hot juice deep inside of her the next day. She told me shyly that it felt good as he shot his hot cum inside of her womb. She didn’t protest when I told her not to bother with condoms anymore and to get on the pill. From then on, Tony always fucked her without condoms and always fill up my future wife’s womb with his cum.

I pushed her boundaries even further on Tony's birthday. I told her that even though he didn’t know that he was doing such a great job of fulfilling my sexual desires that I would like to do something special for him. I then gave Vivian instructions on my plan for that day. She thought about it for a few moments and asked if I really wanted her to do it. She asked if I really still loved her because she couldn't believe the things I was asking her to do. I told her that I loved her more than ever and explained to her that by being obedient to me she really was demonstrating her love for me. She finally agreed to do it, although she was very reluctant.

On that day, she put on the Versace dress I had bought for her. It cost several hundred dollars (and even more to get it shipped there) but I had bought it for her, just for this occasion. She looked like a Hollywood model in it. It really showed off her slender body and long, smooth legs.

After treating Tony to a very expensive dinner (which I had paid for of course) they went back to her place. Once they went inside she told him that as her birthday present to him, she was going to give him a night he would never forget. She told him to sit on the couch and just let her do all the work and then proceeded to slowly strip in front of him. She later told me that his jaw dropped when he saw what she had underneath her Versace dress. She was wearing the a beautiful red silk nightie that barely covered her ass. She then knelt down before him and unzipped his pants with her mouth. Tony's already rock hard dick popped out right away.

Seeing this, Vivian whispered into his ear saying “Tony, you are my master tonight, and I’m your whore. Please enjoy my service and body.”. When I heard this, my dick just about exploded! Even though these are the words I asked Vivian to say, I still couldn't believe how slutty it sounded coming from her mouth! I envisioned my almost naked girlfriend, kneeling in front of another man like a sex slave to present her body for him to use any way he pleased.

I heard a loud moan coming from Tony as Vivian licked his long shaft with her slick tongue. Vivian had never sucked any man's dick before because she thought it was disgusting. This is the main reason why she was initially hesitant to my request. She just couldn't imagine that I would want her pleasure another man’s dick with her mouth. I had to assure her that doing this won’t prevent me from kissing her in the future. She then proceeded to follow my instructions by licking his long shaft and balls. I was close to coming thinking about what was going on.

After while, she sucked the head of his big dick into her warm, wet mouth and tried to take as much of his cock inside of her mouth as possible. I heard Tony yell, “Oh Vivian! I’m coming!” He then shot the first load of the night inside of her mouth, the mouth that I loved to kiss. It was now defiled by another man’s filthy, slimy cum. She held his dick inside of her mouth for few minutes until Tony had finally stopped coming. Fighting her disgust and remembering how importantly I stressed to her that by doing this that she would proves that she loves me, she swallowed all of Tony's cum. I heard several distinct gulps as she swallowed the mouthful of cum Tony had given her.

Tony got incredibly turned on by watching this once conservative girl servicing his dick like a dirty whore, and I got painfully hard thinking about it. Vivian then looked up from her positioned and said, “Master, did your enjoy your whore’s mouth?” That pushed Tony over the edge and turned him into a sexual monster and he roughly grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth. Vivian was not prepared for his assault. I could clearly hear her gagging on his long dick as he shoved it down her throat.

He lasted only 5 minutes before blowing another load into her mouth. Once again, Vivian struggled but she managed swallow every last drop of his cum. Over the course of the night, he fucked her few more times before he was finally satisfied. Vivian was totally exhausted from all of his abuses. She felt asleep with her belly filled with his cum.
The next morning, Vivian cried profusely on the phone. She told me she felt like a cheap whore the previous night. I knew how much she was willingly to suffer for my perverted desires, I told her I loved her so much and proposed to her. She was shocked but happily said yes. I was so happy knowing that my fiancé loved me so much that she’s willing to sacrifice herself to fulfill my sick mind.

Once she knew just how much I loved her and how badly I wanted to be with her, Vivian stopped pushing back any requests I made. On her trip to America to prepare for our wedding, she had even agreed to seduce Tony the morning before her flight. She had him shoot two loads of cum inside of her pussy before getting dressed for the flight. After I picked her up from the airport and drove her back to my place, I immediately fucked her cum filled pussy. It was so incredible to feel Tony's cum inside her pussy. The thought of another man’s cum inside of her body and the warm, ultra slippery feeling of her pussy was mind boggling.

I didn’t last for more than 3 minutes before adding my own cum into her womb. Afterwards, as I held her close, I noticed some obvious changes to Vivian's once angelic body. Her once pink nipples now looked brown, her ass looked wider too. But what shocked me the most was that Tony had forced her to shaved off her pussy hair. It was so incredible, and sexy to see her pussy bare. I could clearly see just how loose Tony had stretched her hole with his big dick. It was evident that Tony definitely enjoyed my future wife’s body quite often. When I asked her what other things Tony made her do when they were not at her place, she looked a bit embarrassed and quickly changed subject. Before I could press the issue, she climbed on top of me and started grinding her hips back and forth on my cock before starting to bounce up and down on it. After we had had cum again she collapsed and we fell asleep in each other's arms, completely spent.

For the next 3 days, I got to enjoy making love to her every day. I was very thankful of Tony for training her to be good at sex. Now, not only does she enjoy sex, she’s also become quite good at it. I was surprised at how good it felt when she sucked my dick. Apparently, Tony had made her suck him off every day before and after wok. She also learned many sexual positions. Of course it would always remind me that Tony must had used her in every one of them. Tony definitely did a great job of transforming my sweet Vivian from a shy girl into a wild slut. I was loving it!

With wedding planned 3 months away, we couldn’t wait to finally be together. But before that, she had to go back to Taiwan to pick up the rest of her belongings and break up with Tony. I told her that before she breaks up with him, she has to ask him to fuck her virgin ass. I told her that Tony would do a great job of teaching her how to enjoy anal sex. She told me that as a proper Chinese wife, she wanted to save her last virgin hole for our wedding night, but I insisted that she offer it to Tony as my way of thanking him. I wanted Tony’s dick to be the first one to be inside every one of my wife’s holes. It’s too bad I was too busy with work at the time and missed the night that he took her virgin ass, but I’m looking forward to enjoying the same hole during my wedding night while she tells me every detail of what happened.

Our wedding was wonderful! We had all of our friends surrounding us, celebrating our happiness. As I thanked our guests for their love and care, I couldn’t help in my mind but to thank Tony for how much he contributed to our happiness. The only regret I had was that for our wedding night, I couldn’t have Tony fill Vivian’s holes with cum before we make love for the first time as husband and wife.

-The End