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Office Blackmail, Chapter 1

Office Blackmail, Chapter 1

Getting caught stealing from the company was only the beginning...
Lisa Reynolds had been working for Mr. Roberts for about five years and had done a pretty good job for him. He was pleased with her work and she had become well-established with the company. One day while she was at her desk, Mr. Roberts came by to see her.

"Lisa, can you stop by my office right after work? I need your ideas on a couple of things." he said.

"Sure, Mr. Roberts. No problem," she said.

Later that afternoon, as the workday ended and her fellow employees were making their way out of the office and homeward bound, Lisa went to see what Mr. Roberts needed.

Lisa knocked on Mr. Roberts office. "Come in." came the voice from behind the door. She entered the office.

"I'm here, Mr. Roberts. What can I help you with?" she said as she closed the door behind her. She was a bit surprised to see that Amy DeMarco, her co-worker, was already seated in front of Mr. Roberts' desk; he had not mentioned that anyone else would be in the meeting – but then again, he hadn't said very much about the meeting at all.

"Why don't you have a seat next to Amy there and we'll get started." he said, waving to the empty chair next to Amy. Lisa took her seat and waited to see what Mr. Roberts had in mind. She was curious; it was late afternoon, and almost everyone had gone home already. She had never been called into a meeting with Mr. Roberts like this, much less with Amy or anyone else. Amy did work in the accounts department with her, so Lisa assumed it had something to do with that. 

Mr. Roberts watched her walk across the room, and sit down, openly appraising her. Of course that was no surprise: he was known as a hard-driven self-made man who tended to get what he wanted, and the rumor was that this extended beyond the boundaries of business. When he spoke, one listened, especially as he owned the company.

Once she was seated, he walked up and sat on the edge of his desk in front of the two women. He leaned forward engagingly. "Thank you both for making the time. I have no doubt you will find it was worth joining me. And I must say", he laughed, "it's always a pleasure to have two such attractive women in my office."

 Both women acknowledged the compliment ruefully with a smile. "I was going through the personnel files", he said, "and I wanted to review them for a minute with you both. Let me know if I have your information wrong or if I missed anything, ok?"

He opened two files, and laid them across the table in front of him. "All right then let's start with you, Amy", he said glancing up at her briefly, before looking down at her file. "Let's see. You are recently divorced - what is it nine months now? and if memory serves it was not a real pleasant one either." She nodded. "By all accounts you have been having a hard time financially since then – forgive me if this is a bit personal – and aside from your regular paycheck, the company has also assisted you with some loans, am I correct?"

She nodded. "That's true, Sir. My mother lives with me since the divorce and she has some serious medical problems. I've been paying off the loan though – I haven't missed a payment."

"Your mother and you both depending on your salary. It must be very difficult for you." he said sympathetically.

She nodded. "Yes Sir. It has been tough."

"Hmm. I understand. Now Lisa", he said turning towards her. "By all accounts, your circumstances aren't much easier, are they?" She shook her head, wondering where this was going. "Let's see – you are a single mother, with a son just starting school. The father doesn't help you, is that right?"

"No, Mr. Roberts. He disappeared right before Eric was born," she said. "Even if I found him, I don't think he'd do much to help."

"I see. I am sorry to hear that. Both of you seem to have had your share of troubles in life. I suppose life can be hard – I know that when I started this company, it was incredibly difficult. I didn't have much money, no business management background, and very little support. Of course, you look at the company now and it seems to be an established success; but it took an awful long time to get here. Many long hours. A great many sacrifices - including my wife, who finally walked out about five years ago, as you both may know.

It is sometimes difficult to get along without that companionship, without having support behind you. You miss it. I know I miss it a great deal. I miss that female softness, and knowing that someone is in your corner, even if no one else is, you understand?" he said.

The two women nodded.

"So you see", he continued, "I am sympathetic to the price that we have to pay sometimes to get by. I am certainly not indifferent to the hardships we endure. But there is one difference between us, however." He paused before stating the next sentence. "I never stole from my employer. And I never got caught."

Lisa's heart sank, the same thought running through her mind over and over "OMIGOD! OMIGOD! OMIGOD!". Amy sat next to her so calmly, that Lisa wondered if she had heard him right.

Amy smiled casually and said slowly: "I beg your pardon?"

"Don't make it worse by lying, Amy. We both know that I could show you the evidence if I have to. At least Lisa's face is a confession of its own."

"I'm so sorry", whispered Lisa, her face white as a sheet.

"It's kind of funny when you think about it," said Mr. Roberts. "If either one of you had done this on your own, I would never have noticed. But two of you, together – it collectively became too large to miss. And neither one of you knew about the other!" he said looking at Amy.

After a moment's silence Amy lowered her head. "Yes, Sir." she said quietly.

"Good", he said. "Now we're making progress, I think. You have to understand something. This is not a public company. This is MY company. You weren't stealing from shareholders: you have been stealing from me. From ME." he said, pointing to his chest for emphasis.

"Some housekeeping is needed, I suppose. I can't have employees stealing from the company and from me. It's bad for business, you know? The profit margin is small enough these days with this economy...stealing really cuts into the bottom line and by default into everyone else's paychecks. So your stealing from the company hurts everyone who works here. And as you know, we have some fine people working here. I don't think that is very fair to them, do you? I just want you two to understand just how much of a predicament you have gotten yourselves into here. I could very easily have the two of you arrested and thrown in jail. I believe the charge would be grand larceny, since the total, that you have stolen from this company is, as I figure it, is around $10,000 dollars.

Amy sighed deeply and leaned forward, putting her head in her hands. Lisa's mouth went dry, and her hands trembled visibly. "What would happen to your poor mother, Amy if you went to prison? And Lisa – what about your little boy? How do you think he would fare in a foster home?"

"What do you want?" said Amy.

Mr. Roberts opened his desk drawer, and withdrew a bottle of whisky and three tumblers. As he poured each of them a drink, he said: "Circumstances have afforded me a rather unique opportunity. Here in front of me, I have two attractive, young women, totally dependent upon my good graces," he said, pushing two of the glasses across the desk to the women. "Please, have a drink – it will calm your nerves. You know, you could look upon this as a blessing for you, actually. Surely, you must both have been living on your nerves, wondering if I would find out about your indiscretions. Of course you won't be able to steal from the company any more, I shall see to that. But if you choose to reach an understanding with me, you should be able to avoid serving any time behind bars. And your families won't be adversely affected either."

Lisa sat there stunned, unable to speak, but Amy glared across the desk at him in undisguised contempt. "You bastard", she hissed.

"Oh Amy," he said. "Is that the best you could come up with? I really thought that you could come up with something more agreeable than that. Anyway, you placed yourselves in this predicament, not me. And if you wish to follow the legal process I will understand. I can hand this over to the authorities in the morning. Is that what you two want?"

"No" spat Amy, still glaring hatefully at the man who now owned her.

"No" whispered Lisa, more remorseful than her partner-in-crime.

"Excellent. Then can I say that we have an agreement?"

"What kind of an agreement do you have in mind, Sir?" Lisa asked.

"Well – I have some interests I'd like to explore. It would destroy the surprise if I had to go into too much detail now, wouldn't you say?" The women sat in silence, both coming to terms with what Mr. Roberts had said. "But for tonight I will let the two of you go on home. We will take this up again tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can think about what you have done and ponder over how it will play out for you from here. Now, do we have an understanding?

"What choice do we have?" snapped Amy. He didn't reply, just waited. Eventually she angrily agreed: "Yes!"

"Wonderful. And you, Lisa?"

Lisa nodded submissively, her eyes downcast.

"Good. Then I will see you both back here bright and early tomorrow morning." he said, smiling smugly.

"Yes Sir," Lisa said. And the girls walked out of the room and went home. Lisa drove home in a daze, thinking about what had happened and how she got herself in such a compromising position. That night, Lisa laid in bed thinking about the twist the day had taken. She was definitely in a tough spot, but she also knew that she had gotten into it on her own and now she had a decision to make. Either she would have to "play ball" with Mr. Roberts, whatever that may entail, or she would face prison and the very real possibility of losing her son to a foster home. For her, it was a simple choice - she couldn't lose Eric, so she would have to just take whatever Mr. Roberts had in mind and make the best of it. She admitted to herself this was her fault so the consequences were hers to bear as well.

Amy had a different mindset. She admitted to herself she made a mistake also, but she was furious at Mr. Roberts for taking advantage of the situation and forcing her to do whatever was in his sick, twisted mind. Still she had her sick mother to think of. With no husband (damn him anyway!) and no siblings to help care for her, Amy's mother depended on Amy and her job to take care of her. Amy's father had passed away years earlier and his life insurance had been eaten away with the mounting medical bills. She also wondered what Mr. Roberts was up to, but Amy was set on looking for a way out of this mess. She knew she had done wrong, but she wasn't about to be subjected to blackmail to make up for it. What kind of pervert takes advantage of a girl's mistake anyway? He should be trying to help her, not make her his personal whatever he had in mind!

The next day was Friday and the two girls came to work as usual. However the day was not a normal one for them. Neither girl spoke much and kept to their work. Right after lunch, Amy came over to Lisa's desk.

"Lisa, have you seen your email yet?" Amy asked.

"Not since first thing this morning, why?"

"Well you should," she said ominously.

Lisa opened up her email and gasped. "Oh no!"

The email was from Mr. Roberts. Lisa covered her mouth with her hand as she read it:

 Hello Miss Reynolds,
Pursuant to our conversation yesterday, I will be expecting you and Miss DeMarco to come to my office directly after work this evening. We have more to
discuss about the matter before us and I want to get all the conditions and details worked out so we can proceed. Please be prompt and ready to get down to
work so we can wrap this matter up.
Mr. Roberts 

"What can he want from us?" Lisa said, not really to anyone in particular.

"It's simple - he is a damned pervert who just wants to use us for sex! He has our asses over a barrel and intends to blackmail us for sex for god only knows how long!" Amy said venomously.

"What are we going to do, Amy? He can't do this...he just can't!"

"We don't have a lot of choice right now. But I sure as hell don't plan on being his whore forever, that's for damn sure!" Amy said.

Lisa quietly went back to her desk to finish the rest of the day and await what would happen next.

That afternoon after everyone else in the office had left to begin their weekend, Amy and Lisa sat in Mr. Robert's office once more. Both women sat there mouths dry, stomachs fluttering and their minds racing at what they may be facing. The experience of the previous evening had succeeded in filling them with apprehension. He, on the other hand, was confident, friendly and engaging.

Mr. Roberts had rearranged the office since the previous night when they were in there. The women both noted with growing fear that a large couch had been pulled into a corner, and he directed them to sit on it. This placed them alongside one another, as if they were on display. He pulled up a chair for himself facing them. Alongside the couch were coffee tables, and again there were tumblers, liberally filled with whisky. He waved at the drinks and spoke cheerfully: "Drink up girls! Working hours are over. Time for fun!"

The two women had no comment, but obediently took small, cautious sips from their glasses. "Girls, there really is no need to be afraid of me", he smiled, speaking softly. "This is going to be an adventure for all of us. Of course, this may not have been the best way to enter into this adventure. But I would like it to be mutually enjoyable, nonetheless. and when you think about it, this way is really quite considerate of me, don't you think? I mean, most other employers would have fired you and had you arrested on the spot. Here I am offering an alternative to that unpleasantness. I don't recall you being this considerate of me when you decided to steal my money."

It was obvious that Mr. Roberts was not going to let them forget what they had done. And his constant reminder was being used to emphasize the helplessness of the two girls' situation. However the reminder wasn't necessary – they both sat on the couch in chastened silence, Lisa with her head down, focusing their eyes on the floor in front of her. Amy's resentment was clear, however - she kept her head up and her eyes in narrowed slits, remained on him at all times. But Mr. Roberts didn't seemed to notice. Instead he continued on with his plan.

"You girls have both agreed that calling the authorities and the idea of a lengthy prison sentence are not something you are too keen on entertaining. So now let me explain my idea of how to square yourselves with me and the company."

He could hear both girls suck in a breath at his words. He smiled, knowing that this was the moment each feared. He paused for a second, swirling his drink and then taking a long slow sip from the glass. Setting it down, he leaned forward.

"You two girls are going to be my sex sluts. Sorry to be so blunt but let's face it, telling someone they are going to be your sex slave and serve you in whatever manner you see fit, isn't something that can be put delicately now is it?"

Lisa broke down, crying into her hands as the news of her fate was revealed. Amy resumed her hated glare. But neither phased Mr. Roberts.

"You girls will be called upon whenever I want and will make yourself available to me. Since neither of you have husbands, and you Lisa have only a small child, your home life shouldn't pose to big an obstacle for us."

"You are such a fucking bastard!" Amy spit at him.

"Well that may be, but you my dear are a thief. And thieves have to pay for their ways sooner or later. I have given you a choice in how to do that. And you can still change your mind. However bear in mind that should you decide to back out of our arrangement, you may very well still find yourself as someone's sexual plaything - but this time it will be in prison and I am sure it won't be nearly as pleasant an experience." he said, his countenance changing from the soft kindly friend to a more stern and forceful presence.

The girls sat there quietly while he continued.

"Now then, I will ask you once again. Lisa, knowing what you are facing now, do you still agree to the conditions I have set forth tonight, or do I have to make a phone call to the police and start legal proceedings?"

"I..oh Mr. Roberts, please!" she begged him.

"Answer the question Miss Reynolds."

"Yes, yes I will do what you want!" she cried, sobbing once more into her hands.

"And you Amy? Do you agree to these conditions as well or do I make the call for you?"

"I agree," she said flatly.

"Good. I think you two have made a wise choice. While this avenue may not seem very agreeable to you, I have had a long talk with a friend of mine in the Attorney General's office and without giving him your names or details about you, I asked him what a thief who stole a similar amount of money would face. He advised me that you could serve anywhere from 7-15 years in prison. In addition you will have a criminal record which will make it impossible to find a job in this field ever again. Given the state of the economy these days, being an ex-con is not going to make it easy to recover once you get out of prison. And let's not forget your families - Amy your mother, and Lisa your son. So you see girls, my way of handling this isn't looking so bad after all is it?"

Lisa and Amy sat there in silence.

Mr. Roberts leaned back, smiling, took a slow sip from his tumbler. "Do you girls know each other?"

Amy shrugged her shoulders. "A little. I mean we work in the same department and see each other every day. But we haven't really talked all that much."

"Hmm, I see. Well I like to think of this company as a family and as such, I like seeing my employees getting to know each other and becoming friends. It makes the workplace so much more enjoyable when you come here to meet friends instead of coming here just to work, don't you think?" he said.

"I suppose," Amy said.

"Yes," Lisa added.

"Good, I'm glad you agree. Because we're all going to get to know one another very well. Intimately, actually." He sat back in his chair audaciously, and set down his glass on the table next to him. "I do so appreciate that you girls choose to wear skirts rather than slacks." he said "I have been watching, you see. I so love a nice set of legs and both of you have great legs. Lisa, why don't you stand up and show us your lovely legs?"

Lisa gasped, startled and wide-eyed. She looked over to Amy, almost as if she was asking for guidance, then looked away.

"Come on, don't be shy, Lisa. That time passed when you first stole my money. You did steal my money, didn't you?"

"Yes sir,"

"So then show us your lovely legs. We're both waiting."

After a pause, Lisa stood and showed off her legs to him. Her black skirt ended just a bit above her knees.

"No, raise your skirt, I want to see your legs." he said indicating for her to hike up her skirt.

Lisa raised her skirt again, this time up to mid-thigh. She looked at him hoping and pleading that that would be enough. It wasn't.

"Lisa, hike up your skirt to your waist. I want to see those legs of yours!" he said, getting impatient.

Lisa blushed beet red and did as she was told. She hiked her skirt up to her waist but looked away when she did.

"Ah yes, the classic white cotton panties! Very nice. So are you a natural blonde, Lisa?"

"W-what do you mean?"

"I mean are you blonde down there as well?"

"Yes," she said in barely a whisper now.

"So you have blonde pussy hair?"


"Say it."

A strangled sound came from deep in her throat. She was blushing furiously now. He repeated his words: "Say it."

One could barely hear the words. "I have blonde pussy hair."

"Louder. We could barely hear you."

She looked up slowly, hands now trembling. "I have blonde pussy hair."

Amy could no longer hold her tongue. "Why are you torturing her like this?"

Mr. Roberts turned his attention to her. "Our games are just beginning, Amy. You're a brunette. Very attractive, straight hair, down to your shoulders. I'm sure you are brunette all over?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you're an attractive, sexy woman, with healthy needs. But with no man around anymore what's a girl to do? I wouldn't be at all surprised if you satisfied those needs on your own sometimes, when nobody is around to assist. Am I getting close?"

She stared at him, suddenly speechless.

"Your silence gives you away, Amy. You like to touch, don't you? To open your legs, to explore with your fingers. My only question is, do you do it in private only, or have you ever done it in public? At work perhaps, slid your hand up your skirt behind your desk where nobody can see, slipped your panties to one side? Or do you even wear panties, Amy?"

"Of course I wear panties!"

"What color are they then?"


"Dark blue? Light blue?"

"Sort of a pale blue."

He laughed out loud. "This is really priceless! Such innocent colors for you both! Stand up and lift your skirt! I want to see them!"

Amy stood and followed Lisa example, lifting her skirt to her waist and standing there in front of him. Unlike Lisa's white panties, Amy's blue panties were made of silk and were almost transparent, showing her dark patch through the material.

Mr. Robert's smiled wickedly as the two women stood before him, their skirts raised and their underwear on display for him. He rose slowly from his seat and walked up to them.

"Don't move," he told them as he approached. He reached down and placed his palms over the girls panties, feeling the heat from their sexes. He rubbed the girls pussies through their panties, then slipped his hand, palm flat against their bellies, slowly into their panties, fingers furrowing through pubic hair until they reached pussy lips. The women both responded by trying to pull their hips away, but he pulled them forward again by their panties, and then opened their pussy lips with his fingers, feeling moisture, heat, hearing both of them catch their breaths, sigh. He probed gently, searching for their clitori, massaging them, toying with them. He enjoyed watching their faces, listening to their synchronous breathing, controlling their responses. He smiled knowingly as he played them like his own personal puppets.

"Seduction is all about wanting, teasing, giving just enough to make you want more," he said in a low, deep voice. "This is just the beginning of our games." He pulled his hands out of their panties, knowing that the two women had been more aroused than either would care to admit. "Tomorrow is when the game will really begin. I want the two of you to come to my house tomorrow promptly at 8:00 pm. Make sure that you have the entire evening free, we will need it. But to ensure that you don't forget, I want you to swap panties. Take yours off, and put each other's on. Do it now."

Still panting heavily from the teasing, they slowly started to obey. Bending over and slipping the underthings down, they passed them blushing to one another, then stepped into and pulled the still warm material up their legs. Their embarrassment was clearly tinged with the hint of sex, of enjoyment. Mr. Roberts had no doubt that Amy would relive this later in private, and remember it with pleasure. "You enjoyed putting each other's panties on, didn't you? Don't forget", he said. "Tomorrow night you are mine."

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