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Office Blackmail, Chapter 2

Office Blackmail, Chapter 2

The girls made their could they live with them?
All the next day Lisa went about her regular Saturday routine with a sense of dread and foreboding. She couldn't stop thinking about what was coming that evening and what she would be required to do. Yet even she had to admit that there was a part of her, a small part, that was getting more and more excited as the day wore on. She recalled what she had been through already. The teasing and the humiliation that had been so awful at the time, now began to get her strangely excited and she couldn't deny the tingle that had began in her pussy.

Amy also found herself thinking about what had happened the previous day. She would never admit it to him, but Mr. Roberts toying was the closest thing to sex she had had in awhile, save for her own self-pleasuring, and she had secretly enjoyed his touch. She wondered what was in store for her this evening and considering the possibilities made her heart race.

Before they knew it, it was time for them to go meet Mr. Roberts at his home. Each girl had been given a business card with the address on the back and told to be on time promptly at 8:00 pm. Already in more trouble than they wanted, neither was anxious to disobey him and so shortly before the assigned time Lisa pulled into the driveway of Mr. Roberts home. She sat there for a few moments since she was early and was joined before long by Amy's car. The girls got out and together walked up the sidewalk and onto the porch of their bosses house.

"Welcome to my home, ladies!" he said, answering Amy's knock, "Thank you for coming and for being so punctual. I appreciate your consideration."

He ushered the women inside, taking their coats and hanging them by the door. Then he invited them to come into the living room. "Please have a seat ladies," he said, motioning to the two easy chairs next to each other. He went over to the liquor cabinet and poured all three of them a glass of whiskey.

"Here you go girls, this is from my private stock and is much better than the stuff I have at work," he said, coming back with the drinks and giving a glass to each of them. He then sat down in a third easy chair positioned to face them both.

"What do you want with us now?" Amy said, feigning the same hatred that she had showed the day before. She wasn't going to let him know she was curious and had been thinking about tonight's encounter.

"Ah, there is time for that, Amy. Please let's just enjoy our drinks first, shall we?" he said. The three of them sat quietly for a few minutes as they finished their drinks. He rose and took their glasses and refilled each before bringing them back to the girls.

"I must say you two girls look very lovely tonight. Thank you for taking the time and effort into your appearances for me," he said. The two girls blushed a bit as the alcohol had began to loosen them up and feel more at ease.

"Thank you sir," Lisa said.

He leaned forward in his chair holding his drink in front of him as he spoke. "In your own way, you are both very attractive women. You would agree with me, wouldn't you?"

Lisa chuckled a bit self-consciously, "Well, I wouldn't say that! Amy is, but I'm just plain."

"Don't be silly, Lisa," Amy said, "You look stunning. Your eyes are perfect."

"You don't need to say that!", Lisa blushed again, and looked down; but Mr. Roberts prodded her on. "No Amy – carry on. What makes Lisa attractive?"

The liquor hit Amy before she knew it. She had forgotten to eat before she came and on an empty stomach, there was nothing to absorb the alcohol. Amy spoke almost without thinking. "Well, she has beautiful hair. My hair is so straight, I struggle to bring it to life. Her green eyes with that blonde color...she is very attractive - everyone at the office thinks so." Realizing what she had said, Amy shyly stopped, and then both women broke out into girlish, silly laughter.

"Now it's your turn Lisa. Do you find Amy attractive?"

Lisa smiled and nodded. "Of course. I just wish I could have such a trim figure. I have to watch every damn thing I eat or it just goes right to my ass!"

"Well I wish I had your boobs! I mean all I have to offer guys are these little things!" she said, pointing to her smallish breasts.

"Well these aren't the easiest of things to handle!" Lisa said, hefting her ample breasts.

"Well", said Mr. Roberts. "I can tell you that from where I sit you're both quite stunning. Anyway, enough time spent on chatting...time to get down to more intimate business, don't you think?"

The two girls fidgeted a bit in their chairs as the conversation suddenly turned.

"I've spent some time thinking about tonight, and I've decided to keep it quite simple. Since we're going to be spending so much time together, I think it would be good for you two girls to get to know each other." The women glanced at one another at this point.

"So we're going to do three things tonight. We've already established that you find each other attractive – but it'll be interesting for me to watch you exploring that a bit more by kissing each other. Have you ever intimately kissed another woman? No? Then you're going to undress one another, and we will explore the similarities and differences between your bodies. And finally, you're going to play with one another. By the end of the evening you will have crossed new boundaries in your understanding of each other."

Amy snapped back at him, "I'm not into women!"

"Nobody said you were," responded Mr. Roberts. "I only said that you were going to engage in some experimentation with me. The only choice you have is whether you kiss Lisa here, or learn to kiss women in jail." He laughed out loud. "I'd prefer to do it here, but it's your choice." He turned to Lisa. "Lisa – do you have any objections?"

Some discomfort showed on her face. "It's not something I've ever wanted to do," she murmured.

"I can understand," he said. "But you know – I'm the one that you have to please now. And you may find that it's more pleasurable than you expected. You both admitted that you found one another attractive, after all."

"That's not the same thing!" said Amy.

"Well, it's your choice ladies. Which is it to be - each other or your cell-mates?"

The two women looked uncomfortably at one another. Without speaking they seemed to come to an understanding. Lisa was the first to tentatively lean over and bring her lips towards Amy, staring into her eyes with a mixture of uncertainty and fear. Finally, their mouths touched softly, the beginnings of a tentative exploration. Mr. Roberts moved a bit closer to get a better view. After soft, hesitant moments they drew apart, Amy's glance slipping away to the floor as she took a drink of whiskey.

Mr. Roberts smiled. "Very good," he said. "that wasn't so bad, now was it?"

The women's hearts were both pounding after the new experience. Amy put her drink down, glanced fleetingly into Lisa's eyes, which had remained transfixed on her face.

"However, real lovers do more than that, though. Lovers share the intimacy of a deeper infatuation. Lover's tongues dance for long minutes. Kiss again, but this time with passion," he instructed.

It seemed easier this time: the women leaned towards one another, eyes open at first, then closed as their lips parted and their tongues met. Amy felt her heart pounding, her reluctance undermined by the whiskey, her senses contaminated by the closeness of Lisa, her gentle scent, the palpable rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. The softness of her cheek as they brushed together, the tenderness of her palm now pressed against Amy's hair, the slow searching of her tongue. When Amy opened her eyes momentarily, it was to find Lisa watching her with an emotive intensity, a private shared familiarity.

Mr. Roberts voice was barely discernible to the girls now. They were wrapped in each other and the rest of the world was fading away. But through the silence that they shared, they heard his instructions: "Now touch each other's tits." Their eyes were open as Lisa took Amy's hand and raised it slowly to her own breast, then trailed her fingers across Amy's forearm as she reached across and cupped Amy's breast, feeling the ribbing of the embroidery on the brassiere, the gentle rise of the nipple in the cup of her palm. A shiver ran through Amy's swaying body, the softest moan escaping her lips, the deeply erotic sound filling the space between them. She found her hand taking the weight of Lisa's breast, exploring the contour and the malleability, squeezing, feeling, watching it change under her manipulations.

"Now take off each other's blouses."

Amy took the lead for the first time, reaching for the top button and undoing it clumsily at first, then with more ease at each successive attempt. Lisa's bra came slowly into view, showing deep, soft cleavage. Lisa, in her turn, undid Amy's buttons and took the opportunity to slip her hand under the material of the blouse, stroking the fabric of the bra, feeling the nub of the nipple hardening. It was evident to all three of them that this had gone beyond a posed pretense for the women: their bodies leaned towards each other, their breathing deeper and less measured, their eyes attentive to the subtleties of each movement. Both blouses slipped down over their shoulders now, sliding into shapeless puddles on the chair, and the women faced each other in brassieres and skirts only, occasionally kissing, hands, fingers stroking exposed flesh. Mr. Roberts quietly watched as Lisa's hands found the clips of Amy's bra and drew it open so that her breasts were exposed to them both. Amy pulled her hands back, covered herself momentarily, but Lisa smiled and gently pulled them away. Amy's breasts were small, only a B-cup, and barely moved as her body swayed, her nipples hardening into pale, pointed nubs. Then Amy unclipped Lisa's bra and freed her larger breasts, swaying as they were released, the mounds of flesh contrasting directly with Amy's.

Amy looked at Lisa's large, fleshy globes and watched fascinated as Lisa's nipples, now exposed to the room air, hardened and stiffened. Unconsciously, Amy licked her lips as she watched.

"Go ahead Amy, kiss Lisa's tits," he said. Amy looked at him and then looked at Lisa. "Lisa, ask Amy to kiss your tits," he told her.

"It's ok," Lisa said.

"No, I said ask her," he corrected.

"Please Amy, please kiss my tits," she said.

Amy leaned forward and put her lips to Lisa's stiff nipple. Lisa moaned and took her head in her hands holding Amy on her breast. Amy opened her mouth and took Lisa into her warm wet mouth, licking and sucking on her tit as Lisa arched her back and moaned again, louder.

"Ohhhhh," Lisa cooed, as she ran her fingers up through Amy's brown hair. Amy began chewing and sucking on the tender flesh offered her, the sounds of pleasure Lisa was making spurring her on.

"Does that feel good, Lisa? Do you like the way Amy is sucking on your tits?" he asked.

"Ohhhh, yessss!" Lisa moaned.

"Yes, I'll bet her hot mouth feels good on your stiff hard nipples, doesn't it?" he said, as Amy increased her tempo on the girls tit.

"Ohhhh god! Yesss!" Lisa cried.

"Well I think it's about time to returned the favor don't you?" Mr. Roberts said, after Lisa was completely inflamed from Amy's work on her. "But since Amy's tits are smaller than yours, maybe you should play with her pussy instead."

"Mr. Roberts! No, please!" Lisa cried, shocked at the very idea.

"NO! That is going too far!" Amy said.

"You girls still don't seem to realize the gravity of the situation you are in." Mr. Roberts said calmly. "Let me see if I can explain this once again a little simply this time. Because you girls have stolen from me - and not just a little either, mind you - you have only one of two options. Either I call the police and you spend the next 7-15 years in Federal prison, lose your child, your jobs, your homes, and all that you know, then come out as ex-cons and TRY to find some kind of work that will keep you from starving to death. Not a pretty picture, I don't think.

Or you can become my slave sluts in which case I own you and you will do what I want, when I want, and how I want. I will give you the assurance that I will not do anything that is against the law, or anything that will cause permanent harm to you. However, by the same token, you may not like or agree with what I require you to do. But when you consider the only other alternative... The choice is yours, but you must make it now. Either I call the police and you go off to prison and whatever life you can make of it, or you stop this rebellious nonsense and we start enjoying our new arrangement. Believe me girls, once you give yourself over to it, you WILL find it more pleasurable than you can imagine."

The girls looked at each other and then back to him as he continued.

"Now I am going into the den to await your decisions. The door is unlocked and you are free to go if you wish. But if you leave, I will assume that you do not want to work with me and I will call the police. Or you can come into the den and agree to put all this defiance behind you and become my cooperative and obedient slave sluts. You two talk it over and decide," he said.

Mr. Roberts poured himself another drink and left the two girls alone in the living room. He went into the den, closing the pocket sliding doors behind him. He settled into his recliner and turned on the television to await the girls decision.

About 20 minutes later, he heard the slamming of the front door. A moment later a soft knock on the sliding door.

"Enter," he said, turning his chair to see who it was. The door slid open and Lisa stood there. She came in softly, head down and slowly walked up to him. "Have you made your decision?"

"Yes, sir," she said, barely above a whisper.

"And what is your decision, Miss Reynolds?"

"I...I will be your...slave slut, sir," she said, her voice shaking.

"And Amy?"

"Amy said she wouldn't be a whore to anyone and she left."

"Yes, I heard the slamming of my front door. I figured it was her. Amy has been vehemently opposed to this whole idea since it began. It's too bad, this is not going to be a wise choice on her part. However, she was given the same choice as you - she just couldn't see the wisdom in cooperating with me in this. So I will be calling the police and she will go to prison. Shame...I really believe she would have found my way far easier."

"Will she really be going to prison?" she asked, concerned.

"Yes, Lisa. I have not worked this hard, sacrificed this much, and dedicated my life to this business to have someone come along and try to take it - or even a part of it - from me. Amy will be arrested before the weekend is out and she will be going to jail. Then my lawyer, who is very good at his job, will have his way with her in court and she will then be going to prison to serve out whatever sentence is given to her. But she is no longer my concern," he said, with complete seriousness.

"I am sorry," she said quietly, lowering her head.

"I am sorry for Amy. But I am glad to see you have a better outlook on this, Lisa. I anticipated you would be more responsive to my plans, and I'm glad I wasn't mistaken."

"So...what now, sir?" she asked hesitantly. She trembled as she awaited the answer. Lisa had just made a deal with the devil, so to speak, and now her fate was in his hands.

"What now," he repeated her words, "Well, I think it is time that you and I got to know each other, better. I have seen how you worked with Amy, but now you and I need to get more familiar. To start with I want you to remove your clothes so I can see what you look like."

"Yes, sir," she said, quietly and began removing what was left of her clothing. Still topless from her time with Amy, she removed her skirt, folding it and putting it on the arm of his chair. She removed her heels and her thigh-top stockings. Now clad only in her panties, she hesitated for a moment before reaching up to remove them as well.

"Stop," he said, "Keep your panties on...for now." Lisa breathed a sigh of relief.

"Come closer." Lisa stepped forward and came up directly in front of him. He rose and turned her around, pressing himself up against her from behind.

"Now my little slut," he breathed in her ear, "Now that you are mine I am going to take my pleasure out in you. I am going to claim you in every way I want. I am going to fuck you, possess you, own you. This body is mine now and I am going to enjoy every inch of it, do you understand?" As he spoke his hands roamed over her trembling body, lightly tracing the outline of her panting breasts, passing over her taunt nipples and running between the fleshy mounds as he ran his fingers over her quivering belly and down to her mound. The soft moans she uttered as his hands explored her breasts were replaced by a gasp as she felt him pass over her panties and gently cup her sex. Her body slowly swayed side to side as she felt his fingers tracing the outline of her puffy pussy lips and running teasingly up and down her slit. She reached behind her to grip his legs and pull him to her as he toyed with her. She could feel his bulge between her ass cheeks and she unconsciously wriggled her ass a bit feeling the hardness press into her.

"You like the feel of my cock pressed into your ass don't you slut?" he growled in her ear.

"Yessss," she panted. Lisa's sexual excitement was at a fever pitch. She loved to be talked dirty to - it was a weakness of hers that would always set her fires ablaze. And having a man's strong hands on her only fueled those fires. Her knees were weak, as was her defenses.

"That's what I thought. You are just a dirty little slut aren't you? Just a dirty cock-loving slut."

"Yesss, oh god!" she whimpered.

"Tell me. Tell me what you are," he said.

"I'm a slut," she moaned.

"Again. What are you?"

"I'm a slut! A dirty cock-loving slut!" she moaned again. He could smell her aroma plainly even as his hands felt the wetness of her panties. Lisa was more turned on than she had been in ages and she was whimpering her need as he fondled her.

"How long has it been, Lisa? How long has it been since you felt a man's hard cock splitting that pussy?" He growled, as he cupped her sex harder.

"Too long, too long! Ohhhhh, fuck!" she whimpered, "Please, sir...."

"Please what, my slut? What would you have me do?"

"Please...fuck me. Please sir! I, I need it so bad..." she was almost to the point of crying.

He spun her around and grabbed her by the hair, hauling her head back. With the other hand he took hold of a nipple and pinched it, pulling up on it hard.

"Now understand this, slut," he said sternly, "your situation has changed. At work and in public you are Lisa Reynolds. But when we are alone together, either after hours or here in my home, you are my slut, my whore, my plaything. Your pleasure is mine to give or withhold as I see fit. Your orgasms when you are permitted them are gifts from me which you will show due appreciation of when they are granted. You are property, slut. I own you just as sure as if I had bought you for a price. So you will learn to act, talk, and behave like the slut you are. Do you understand?"

Lisa, on tiptoes because of the painful grip he had on her nipple whimpered, "Yes, sir! Please!"

He let go of her nipple and she sank back onto her feet. He held her hair however and pulled her to him for a long, deep kiss. She returned the kiss, her sexual needs still unmet. She opened her mouth, sucking in his exploring tongue as if it were a tiny cock and meeting it with her own tongue, the two playing and dancing together as their mouths covered them.

After several long moments, he broke the kiss. "Now, I want you to go home and think about what we have discussed here tonight. I won't need you tomorrow so I will see you Monday morning at work as usual. Do not touch that pussy, slut. Remember your pleasure is mine and your orgasms are mine. Do not play with yourself or make yourself cum or there will be consequences! We will talk more about this Monday after work."

Lisa's groan of disappointment was audible, but she did as she was told. She got dressed and he walked her to the door. As he got to the door he hooked a finger under her chin and lifted her face.

"I am glad you chose this decision, Lisa. If you behave and approach this adventure with the right attitude, I can promise it will be more exciting and fulfilling than anything you have ever known. Now go home, be a good girl, and I may reward you for your obedience Monday afternoon," he said, with a smile and a kiss on the forehead.

Lisa left, still terribly aroused, but more excited about the way things had turned out.

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