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Office Blackmail, Chapter 4

Office Blackmail, Chapter 4

Amy comes around and finds her inner slut!
A very humble and contrite Amy walked alongside Mr. Roberts as they made their way to the car. He opened the door for her, seating her and making sure she was comfortable.

"Thank you Master," she looked up at him with a soft smile. He got in the driver's side and they began driving away from the prison.

"So Master, what happens now?" Amy asked, not sure if she really wanted to know the answer.

"Well for right now, I am taking you back to the office. I have some paperwork to finish up. And then I believe the three of us - you, Lisa, and myself - will be going back to my place to discuss our future plans," he said.

"Yes Master," Amy said, quietly acquiescing to him. They continued to drive until they arrived at their office. Mr. Roberts and Amy took the elevator to the 3rd floor and walked down the hallway to his office. Amy passed several of the people who she once worked with and she looked down each time, just knowing in her heart that everyone in the office knew what she had done. It was terribly shaming and humiliating to be brought back to "the scene of the crime" and face the people who she used to work with. He led her into his office and shut the door behind them. Amy walked over to take a seat on the couch and wait for him to finish the work he had to do.

"No Amy, over here," he said curling his finger for her to come to him. She walked slowly over to him and stood next to his chair. "You will kneel down here next to me until I am finished with this paperwork. When I am done and it's time to go home, then you can get up."

"Yes Master," Amy sighed. She knew that this was only the beginning and that she was in for a long road ahead of her. But considering what she had left behind, kneeling was not a difficult thing to do. She got down on her knees as directed, folding her hands in her lap and keeping her head lowered. He smiled and then turned to his work.

Amy knelt there on the floor quietly as Mr. Roberts worked. Finally the time had come to go home. A couple of office workers popped into the office to say good night to him. Amy was thankful that he had put her in a position that she could not be seen by anyone at the door. Then Lisa came in to see him.

"Hello Master, I am ready to go home when you are," she said, closing the door behind her. She walked up to the desk and knelt as she had been taught to do.

"Well I am about done here as well. And tonight we will have a guest as well."

"A guest, Master?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, indicating to Amy that she could stand up.

"AMY!!" Lisa cried, surprised. Lisa looked to Mr. Roberts who indicated that she could stand as well, and the two girls hugged each other warmly.

"Oh Amy I am so glad you are out. Master said that he was going to try to get you released, but he wasn't sure you would agree. I am so happy you did," she said excitedly.

"Yes, Master got me released and now I guess I am to be working as a slave like you. I'm still not real sure what that's all about though," she said in a soft, uncertain voice.

"Amy don't worry about it. Master is very good to me and I'm sure he will be good to you as well," Lisa said as the two girls sat down on the couch to talk.

"So what kinds of things has he made you do? I'm sure that because I've been such a pain that he's not going to go as easy on me," Amy said.

"I wouldn't be too sure of that. I thought once I signed the Contract that I would have to do some terrible things too, but Master has been very generous and kind to me," Lisa said, "I've even told him that I wanted to be his permanently."

"What? What do you mean?" Amy said, not believing what she was hearing.

"Well we haven't exchanged the 'L-word' or anything, but I have told him that I wanted to be his slave-slut permanently. He has been very good to me and my son. And look what he did for your mother, Amy. He didn't have to do that. He is a good man. A good boss and a good Master," Lisa said.

"Yes, that was very nice of him to see that my mother was taken care of. I do appreciate that," Amy said.

Mr. Roberts had been listening to their conversations even though they spoke in hushed tones. He listened to what the girls talked about until he was finished with his work.

"Ok girls, that should do it. Time to head for home. Thank goodness it's Friday and we don't have to worry about this place for a couple of days!" he said happily. He offered the girls his hand and helped them up. They walked out of his office and down to the parking garage where he had parked. He opened the back door and seated Amy first, then did the same for Lisa in the front seat. Once both girls were safely seated and ready to go, he began the drive home. It would take about 35 minutes to get home, so he decided to have a little fun to pass the time.

"So how was your day today, slut?" he said as he put his hand on Lisa's thigh. Lisa instantly knew his intentions and she opened her legs a bit for him.

"It was just fine, Master. But I am glad the week is over," she said, smiling at him.

"Have I told you how pretty you look today?" he asked.

"Awww Master, thank you," she said, blushing a bit.

"Yes I do like this dress on you, slut. Very attractive," he said, running his hand up her thigh and under the hem of her skirt. His hand found the top of her thigh-top nylons and stroked the creamy flesh of her naked thigh. Lisa laid her head back on the headrest and moaned softly.

"I do appreciate you dressing so nice. It makes the workplace so much more pleasant," he said.

"Well I dress like this for you, Master," she said, closing her eyes as his stroking fueled the fire growing in her belly. His hand moved further up her thigh, finding her damp slit. Lisa moaned louder and spread her legs wide at his touch. Her hand moved up and into the V-neck opening in her dress. She grabbed her tit, sinking her fingers into the soft flesh as his fingers traced the outline of her slick puff lips. Lisa reclined her seat back further and slid down in her seat to allow him better access. She took her heels off and put her stocking clad feet up on the dash, further exposing herself to his view and his erotic caresses.

He continued to finger her as he drove, her pussy getting wetter and his fingers quickly began making squishing noises as they churned inside her. Lisa's once soft moans began getting more demanding and desperate as her passion grew and began to consume her. He deliberately took a circuitous route home so he could have more time to tease and play with Lisa. He so enjoyed bringing her to the edge of madness, only to deny her orgasm over and over. He loved hearing her plead and beg for the release only he could give her.

Amy meantime, watched as he tormented her friend. She saw how he strummed her clit and how it drove Lisa mad with desire when he did it. She heard Lisa's moans, the squishing sounds her sopping pussy made, and the pungent smell of her sexual need. Amy knew her time was coming and she both dreaded and wanted to be used like this. She dreaded what he would make her do, but knew that part of her wanted to be used, wanted to be tormented with this type of teasing play.

As they pulled into the driveway of his house, Lisa was half mad with lust and in dire need of release. Moaning and writhing in her seat, Lisa needed to cum in the worst way! He would allow her to orgasm before they went inside... he had other plans in mind for the evening, anyway.

"Amy, move over behind Lisa here, and I want you to play with Lisa's tits and help me get her off," he said. Amy scooted sideways in the back seat until Lisa's head was right in front of her. Amy reached around and slid Lisa's dress off her shoulders and pulled her bra up over her tits, freeing them. Amy took note of her hard, erect nipples and began pinching and pulling on them as she leaned forward kissing Lisa's neck.

Meantime, Mr. Roberts - Master - began fingering Lisa's hungry pussy once more. He shoved two fingers into her wet hole and split them, capturing her swollen, throbbing clit between. Holding it in place, he used his thumb to rub over the sensitive bud while wiggling his fingertips inside her. The effect was dramatic and immediate.

"OH MY GOD! MASTER, I AM CUMMING!!" she wailed as her pussy flooded the seat and poured onto the floor. She bucked up as she came, allowing him to shove his fingers deeper into her. She grabbed the armrests of the chair, squeezing them so hard her knuckles turned white with the effort. She arched her back and her eyes rolled back as Amy kissed her.

Lisa's orgasm passed and she sank back down into her seat, panting heavily. "Thank you Master," she said as she tried to regain her breath. He allowed her to rest until she felt she was able to walk up to the house, and then the three of them went inside.

"Master please excuse me, I'd like to go upstairs and get changed and cleaned up so I can start dinner," Lisa said.

"Good idea, slut. I want to talk to Amy anyway," he said. So as Lisa went upstairs to change, Amy and Mr. Roberts went into the living room to talk. He took his seat in his recliner while Amy stood in front of him waiting for whatever he had in mind.

"Kneel," he said simply. Amy knelt down in front of him as ordered. "Now then I am sure you are wondering what I have in store for you - what I am going to make you do to make up for your crime. That IS what you have been worried about isn't it slut?"

"Yes Master," she said, her eyes lowered.

"Well, you have to admit that I have every right to use you in whatever fashion I want to. You have very little choice in what I want to do with you. There are a lot of very delicious and evil things I could do with you. In fact, I could do anything short of making you a prostitute or selling you to some Arab sheik as a sex slave. I can pretty much do anything I want as long as no money changes hands. Which means I could take you to the local biker bar and make you service every slimy, filthy biker cock in the place if I chose to. I could take you to a BDSM club and let other Masters and Mistresses have their way with you. I could do any number of things to make you pay for what you have done couldn't I?"

"Master please..." Amy said, frightened at his words and the possibilities he brought up.

"Relax, Amy. I am not going to do any of those things to you. I could, but I won't. Instead you are going to work alongside Lisa and you will be My sex slave just as she is. However, I only have room in my office for one personal secretary and Lisa has that position. And since it was your account that I first found the 'discrepancies' on that led me to discover you and Lisa's theft, I am going to make you my domestic slave. You are going to be responsible for the cleaning and care of the house here. Lisa will be my office slut, and you will be my home slut.

"Yes Master," she said.

"Your responsibilities will be to cook, clean, and care for the house and the bills that we incur. You will do the shopping, the laundry - all the tasks that are required in the everyday operation of this home. You will get paid for your work, same as Lisa. But because you do not have a place to live since going to prison and your mother now resides in the retirement home, you are going to live here with me," he told her.

"With you? Here?" she repeated, incredulously.

"That's right. You will live here with me, you will be paid for your work, and you will be at my beck and call whenever I desire."

"Master, that sounds wonderful! But why would you do that for me? I mean, I stole from you, then I was a real bitch when you caught us. Why would you want to treat us so well?"

"Amy, you and Lisa made a mistake. Yes, what you did was wrong, but if I had not given you another chance, what would have happened to you? You would have went to prison where you would be locked in a cell for 23 hours a day, only coming out for a little exercise. You would most likely be either beaten up or raped and probably more than once. And when you got out, you would have no job, no prospects, and would probably have to turn to drugs and crime to get by. Who knows, you may even had become a prostitute to survive. That is not right just because you made a mistake. I am giving you a chance to redeem yourself and keep from spiraling into an even worse condition," he said.

"Thank you Master," Amy said, "I accept the position as your house slut and I will do whatever I can to earn your trust again. Thank you for believing in me and giving me this opportunity to make it up to you. Lisa was right about you. You are a good man and I will do my best to serve you well. I am sorry for what I have done and I do want to make it up to you. So I will do whatever it takes to please you and become the house slut you wish me to be."

"This pleases me, slut. I am glad to see that you are approaching this with a proper attitude. As Lisa has found out already, being my slave-slut is not necessarily a bad thing. I still reward good service just as I always have with all of my people, at work and at home. And I am sure that Lisa has told you of the 'perks' that come along with being a slave-slut," he said with a wicked grin.

"Yes Master," she said blushing. "And I have seen it today on the way home. I am looking forward to those perks."

"Well slut, you won't have to wait long. I plan on using you both tonight after dinner," he said.

"Yes Master, I will be ready."

After a fine dinner and a bit of relaxation and conversation, he suddenly stood up from his seat between the girls on the couch.

"Well, my two beautiful sluts, I think it's time to move this party upstairs," he announced.

The three of them went upstairs and went into the bedroom. As he watched, the two girls got undressed. Once they had stripped, he made them kneel on the floor next to the wall while he readied things. He got out several lengths of rope, a pair of tweezer-style nipple clamps, a black butt plug and a strange white device that neither girl had ever seen before.

"Amy," he said, indicating that she was to come get up on the bed.

Amy rose and climbed on the bed as ordered. He placed here in the position he wanted - in the middle of the bed and partway down from the head. Once in position, he took one of the ropes and tied her wrist to the bedpost at the head of the bed. Then he did the same to the other wrist on the bedpost on the other side of the headboard. Once her wrists were secured, he pulled her ankles up over her head and secured them to the headboard as well spread wide and exposing her pussy completely. He placed a pillow under her hips to raise her ass and pussy up a bit.

"There. That should do just fine," he said finishing up the last knot. Then he turned and motioned for Lisa to come over. "Lisa, I want you to see what you can do with this slut's tits. You can play with them, lick them or whatever you want to do. Here is a set of nipple clamps to put on when you get those nipples nice and hard," he told her.

"Yes, Master."

Lisa moved to a position she could begin her work. Meanwhile he got into position at Amy's ass and pussy. He was going to go to work on her lower half. Amy was already getting excited and he could see the first glints of dampness forming on her pussy lips even before he began. He leaned forward and drew a deep breath, savoring the musky scent of her arousal. Faint now, it would grow stronger as the evening wore on. He began his teasing of Amy by tracing his fingers ever so lightly in a circle around her pussy, being careful not to touch her clit, but coming maddeningly close each time. He brushed his fingers across her plump pussy lips and smiled at her reaction.

"Ohhhh..." she whimpered trying to raise her hips, hoping he would touch her where she needed it most. But he wasn't ready for that just yet. Instead he continued to torment her, building her lust and need. Amy wriggled and humped upwards, as his fingers plagued her hungry, aching pussy.

Not satisfied with her level of distress, he then leaned down and fastened his mouth on her wet pussy, plunging his tongue deep into her hot, pink slit. He licked and lapped at her pussy walls, taking long slow licks the full length of her pussy. As he reached her large swollen clit, he flicked it with the tip of his tongue then sucked it into his mouth and nibbled on it with his teeth. With each nip of his teeth on her clit, Amy squealed and lurched upwards, struggling against her bonds and writhing as the delicious bolts of electricity shot up her spine to her lust-addled brain.

Lisa meanwhile had her own work ahead of her. She had been teasing Amy's full heaving tits, pinching and pulling on her nipples and slapping her tits as her Master had been eating Amy's pussy. Amy arched her back and that gave Lisa more opportunity to punish her tits. Lisa licked and sucked Amy's nipples into her mouth, chewing on the hard buds as she dug her fingernails into the creamy soft flesh.

Amy's face was a mask of unbridled lust; her mouth open in a silent scream of pure pleasure, and her eyes glazed over. Sweat glistened on her skin as she fought against the ropes holding her in subjugation, forcing her to endure the torment imposed on her.

Mercifully, He raised up from Amy's pussy, giving her a much needed chance to catch her breath. Amy thought for a second that her distress was at an end, but she quickly found out she was wrong! While Lisa continued playing with her tits, he brought out a tube of lube and squirted it onto the black butt plug, smearing it all over the toy. He then took a large glob of it on his finger and smeared it on her asshole, rubbing it around her puckered hole and then slipping a finger into her ass lubing up her entrance.

"Master, please! Please don't!" she protested. But she knew that her whining would have little effect.

"Relax, slut, I will be gentle. But you need to learn to accept what I have for you, no matter what it is. You will find it more pleasurable than you think," he said calmly.

Amy knew it was no use trying to argue. He was the Master and she had to learn to trust him and obey. She prepared herself for the intrusion, trying to relax and just accept it - after all it didn't look that big!

He placed the tip of the plug at her asshole and as she watched, began to press it into her. At first it wasn't too bad - even feeling erotic to Amy. But as the plug went further in, it stretched her wider and wider. She began feeling fuller and then fuller!

"Oh God! Oh it's too big, Master!" she whimpered. Still he kept pushing into her. She tried to wriggle her hips, hoping to help it slide in easier, but it didn't work. She tried to relax her ass but the natural pushing action was making it hard to do.

"Please, Master! Oh it's splitting me in two!" she cried.

"It's almost in, slut...just a little more...there!" he said as it finally slipped in fully. The last of the toy was tapered smaller so it was more comfortable for her. She relaxed and then she even began to feel sexy with the plug deep in her ass. Master went back to licking and teasing her pussy and Amy quickly forgot about the butt plug.

"Master please...please fuck me! Oh I want your cock. I want your cock inside me!" she pleaded.

But he had one more trick up his sleeve first! He reached over to the nightstand and picked up the strange device he had gotten out earlier.

"Do you know what this is, slut?" he asked, "This is called a Magic Wand vibrator. And now you are going to see the 'magic' firsthand!"

He clicked on the device and Amy heard the buzzing begin. She felt her pussy tingle even before the wand touched her. Amy was no stranger to a vibrator. But this one proved to be more than she could imagine!

"OHMYGOD!!!" Amy squealed as the device made contact with her pussy just below her clit. Amy instinctively arched her back, rocking her hips forward and harder into the device. She clenched her hands and her thighs began to tremble. The wand's vibrations were incredible! He ran the vibrator against her clit for a few seconds as he watched her squirm and her thighs tremble.

"Oh fuck, Master! Oh fuck!" she said as the vibrator brought her to the edge of an orgasm. Then he pulled away, leaving her frustrated.

"Master, what are you doing? I was almost ready to cum!" she whined.

"I know. But you are a slave slut now and you must ask permission to cum. If you cum without permission, you will be punished. Lisa already knows this and now you do as well. You are to ask permission to cum and never cum without it."

"Yes Master," Amy panted.

"Good," he said. He put the head of the vibrator in the palm of his hand and then slipped two fingers into Amy's sopping pussy, holding the vibrator tight against her clit. Amy went crazy feeling the vibrations on her clit as well as from his fingertips inside her.

Oh GOD MASTER!! Please may I cum? PLEASE!" she cried squirming violently against the ropes holding her.

"Cum, slut," he commanded. Amy burst as the vibrator sent her over the edge. She shook and convulsed as her orgasm exploded around her. He kept the wand working on her as she came, drawing out the orgasm and keeping her thrashing about as she orgasmed twice more.

At last he relented and pulled the vibrator away, giving Amy a chance to calm down. He untied her wrists and ankles and allowed her to lay out on the bed panting as her orgasm dissipated.

Once Amy's breathing was back under control, he ordered both girls onto the floor on their knees.

"Now girls, this is the way it will work with us. You two are to be my sex slaves just like you have been today. And as long as you follow my directions and do as you are told, this kind of pleasure and satisfaction will be your reward. You will be treated well and will not lack for sexual gratification. However if you do not obey my commands, I will be forced to punish you. The punishments will vary of course, depending on the infraction, but they will not be pleasant ones, I assure you.
However, because you have both agreed to this arrangement, you needn't worry about going to, or back to, prison. The only way that would come about is if you simply refused to cooperate any longer and I don't think either of you are that foolish. Lisa you have already stated that you wish this slave-slut status to become a permanent thing for you, and I have agreed. I don't think you will be a problem. And Amy, you have now seen that this arrangement is a far better option than the prison I took you out of, so I don't see you causing any trouble either.

Girls I am more than happy to have you both here working for and with me. And I hope that you will be happy in your new 'careers' as well. I do not want you to think of your slave status as demeaning or degrading. It is not meant to be that. I would like you to think of yourselves more like pleasure providers - here at my beck and call to provide me with pleasure and entertainment. This arrangement can and will be mutually beneficial for all of us and I can see us all getting a lot of enjoyment and fulfillment from it."

"Master, I believe I speak for both Amy and I when I say that I am happy to be your 'pleasure slave' and I will do my very best to be all that you wish me to be. I want to make you happy and serve you. You are a good man and an excellent Master. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and for treating us so kindly," Lisa said.

"Yes Master," Amy said, "Thank you for your kindness and for the second chance you have given me. Like Lisa said, you are a good Master and I too, will do my best to please you and serve you."

He pulled the two girls to their feet and wrapped them both in a warm embrace. "I am glad to hear this girls," he said as he kissed them both, "Now shall we go downstairs and enjoy the rest of the evening?"

"Yes, Master," the two girls said happily following their new Master into the living room.

~The End~

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