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Office Games (Part 1)

True loyalty comes from the ability to submit to any request
Danielle folded her copy of the Financial Times and put it down on her shiny new desk. Her coffee was perfect, made by her new Jura espresso machine. She was in her smart new offices in Chelsea. The business, which had been DC Lingerie had turned into a multi million pound empire, breaking into the American and European markets. Danielle had turned her talents to perfume and within a year she had netted five million from her ‘Enticing’ range. The secret ingredient of female pheromones had been the master stroke. Men were ravishing their wives and girlfriends, and the promotional video for the brand had gone viral. Along with her profitable share options, Danielle was heading for her first hundred million.

Danielle was just 21 when she had set up her first business and now two years later, she had her own gymnasium and Jacuzzi, taking holidays in Biarritz and the Maldives aboard her yacht. Danielle was successful and driven, but she had a dark side. While her up front business deals were making her famous, the day to day goings on in her offices were a strictly kept secret.

Danielle was cunning. She made her employees sign lock in clauses. She paid them well over the going rate. In exchange for the luxurious working conditions, generous holidays and high salaries, they were humiliated by Danielle for her pleasure. .With her fortune safely made, she wanted to embark on a new adventure. She would set up a new business, making sexy hosiery. She needed a young, vibrant and ambitious sales and marketing team for her new office. She and Emma her PA, had begun recruiting. The adverts had gone out, written to attract the best, with a package that could not be matched by her competitors. Whereas other companies in the sector were paying dividends to share holders, DC Inc. had .remained private. Very private. A proportion of her profits subsidised the inflated salaries, which were necessary to reward her employees for their loyalty.

Poppy had seen the advert in her local paper. She was 18 and had gone straight from college to a cosmetics company and was earning good money in marketing. However, when she saw the salary and benefits DC Inc. was offering, she wondered if it was a misprint. It was 30k more than she was earning now. The job description was just right. She was happy where she was, but she couldn’t ignore the chance to boost her earnings by forty percent. There had to be a snag. However when she phoned the number given, she was assured the pay quoted and company benefits were correct. One thing that slightly puzzled her was that the blurb requested a recent full length photo. She didn’t know what that might be for but she sent it anyway along with her CV.

A month later Poppy was called to see if she could attend an interview. Danielle had already cut her candidates down from perusing the photos. She only employed young, sexy people. If they were girls, they needed to be pretty and well turned out. Guys had to be slim and good-looking. Poppy was not just pretty but petite and cute. She had a sweet, girlie voice which guys liked and just the sort of innocent-looking girl, which Danielle liked to have among her staff. Poppy was surprised just how beautiful Danielle was. She was about her height, which was around five feet four, but her figure was stunning. Poppy knew she had a nice pert bum but her boobs were small and perky. She didn’t mind that but she did feel a pang of jealousy when she met Danielle. Her potential boss must have been an E cup. She looked fabulous in her business suit with her boobs and her nice peachy bum.

“Sit down Poppy, would you like a coffee?”

“Yes, OK please.”

“Nice to see the photo doesn’t do you justice,” said Danielle.

“Oh thank you. Actually about that. Why did you want a photo?”

Danielle smiled and gave Poppy her coffee.

“A good question Poppy. I am not ashamed to say that I think my industry should be run by attractive people. Good-looking people are confident. I have vanity among my vices Poppy and I guess I transfer that to my staff.”

Poppy smiled nervously at the rather frank answer. It wasn’t what she had expected but she appreciated Danielle’s honesty.

“What’s it like where you work now Poppy?”

“It’s good. We’re a good team… yes it’s hard work but fun I guess.”

“Hmmm… I like to have fun,” said Danielle. "So Poppy, it’s a good CV for someone so young. Not a long CV, but that’s OK. Your qualifications are impressive.”

“Thank you!”

“Poppy, would you describe yourself as a shy person. You’re very sweet.”

“I don’t think I’m overly shy, do I come over like that?”

“Oh no, I just wondered if you were confident in all situations.”

“I guess… mostly yes,” said Poppy, hesitantly.

“So, let's see. If I asked you to stand and hitch up your skirt, you would be OK with that?”

Poppy blushed a little and shuffled in her seat.

“Are you likely to say that?” Asked Poppy.

“Let’s try it. Do it now. Stand up Poppy and let me see your panties.”


“Yes. Come on, it’s OK. Stand just here, in front of me.”

Poppy had never had an interview like this before. She didn’t want to throw away her chances of getting the job but was uneasy about exposing herself like this.

“I thought you said you weren’t shy Poppy. I don’t bite. Stand here, where I can see you.”

Poppy pushed her chair back and walked furtively around to the end of the desk where Danielle was seated.

“Poppy you look so nervous. Don’t be. Let’s see what you’re wearing under your skirt.”

Poppy smiled nervously and hitched her little red skirt up. She could feel her nipples become stiff as her hands gathered up the fabric until she was level with the top of her hold ups.

“Hmmm.. Sexy lingerie. Very nice Poppy. Keep going.”

Poppy could feel her face glowing and her pulse was quickening as she pulled the hem higher. Danielle looked at her creamy white thighs, which contrasted beautifully with the black nylon of her hold ups.

“That’s it Poppy, right up.”

Danielle smiled when she saw Poppy’s panties. They were tiny and had a new shiny look about them. Poppy had lovely, sexy pussy lips, which were pressed teasingly against the red silk.

Danielle got up from her seat and walked around the embarrassed young girl, who was still feeling extremely self conscious. The sexy business woman looked into Poppy's brown eyes and smiled. As she did so she put her hand between the girl's legs and stroked her velvet smooth legs.

"You don't mind if I touch you do you. I so like to admire another girl's underwear. I suppose it's working in the trade."

"It's OK..." said Poppy politely.

Danielle allowed her hand to go further until her thumb was touching Poppy's gusset but her fingers still stroking the very top of her leg. Poppy felt a shiver of unexpected pleasure as Danielle ran her index finger along the groove in her panties. She looked at Poppy and stroked her short brown hair with her other hand.

"These must be expensive, they're so soft Poppy."

"They were... quite."

Danielle was now rubbing her fingers in a circular motion around Poppy's pussy lips. Poppy felt it was wrong, but Danielle was so sexy and alluring. Her luxuriant blonde hair, her deep blue eyes and her sensual demeanour were intoxicating. Even so Poppy's breath was taken as Danielle's fingers went deeper until the dampness of her pussy was permeating the silk. Danielle ran her other hand down the front of Poppy's blouse at the same time. The boss's devious mind told her to keep a little back for this one. Poppy was too cute to be given the full treatment. Danielle would enjoy exposing her inhibitions at a later date

“OK Poppy. I would like to invite you to attend the next stage of the selection process.”

“Oh… cool.”

"Just one thing before you go."


"Next time I expect you to be wearing one of my lines."

"Oh yes... of course. I will."

Poppy was shown out by Emma her PA and went through the reception where the next two candidates were waiting, reading the magazines that had been left for them. These included Cosmopolitan for the girls and Nuts for the guys. Danielle wanted the girls to feel comfortable when they went in for the interview. She wanted the guys to feel a little horny.

“Dan Johnson?” Said Emma.

“That’s me!” Said the tall male interviewee.

Dan was taken through to Danielle’s office. He was offered coffee and given the more orthodox first half of the interview.

“Quite an impressive CV Dan. Not bad for twenty five. Company car and 40k, not bad at all. I suppose you were surprised when you saw what I was offering?”

“Yes. I…

Danielle had pulled her seat away from the desk for this interview and crossed and uncrossed her legs slowly as he answered. Dan hesitated, his eyes drawn to her shapely legs, clad in her sheer, flesh-coloured tights.

“You were saying?”

“Yes, it’s a pretty neat package.”

Danielle fiddled with the top button of her white blouse as he answered.

“Have you worked for a woman before?” Asked Danielle.

“No, I haven’t.”

“And you’re OK with that? No issues?”

“No! Why should I?”

“You shouldn’t Dan. We both have our roles to play in society. I just want my staff to know where the lines lie.”

“And that means?” Asked Dan.

“It means the lines at DC Inc. lie a little further out than most companies. Do you like what I’m wearing today Dan?”

“Yes. You look very smart and…”


“I mean you’re... you know - nice.”

“OK, thank you Dan. And how about Emma, the girl who showed you in? Pretty isn’t she?”

“Oh yeah definitely!”

“Would you say she was sexy Dan?”

Dan thought about Emma’s long brown hair and her hazel eyes. Her shiny, pin-striped blouse and her short black skirt.

“Well, very actually.”

Danielle buzzed a light on her phone.

“Can you just pop in for a minute Emms.”

“Oh… Did I say something wrong?! I was just being honest. I thought that’s what you wanted.”

“It’s OK Dan. Don’t worry. I’m just going to ask Emma in and we can see if she’s as sexy as you think.”

Emma came into Danielle’s office and clicked the door shut behind her. She looked at Dan and smiled.

“I think she’s sexy Dan. Don’t you love those legs!”

“Erm… I. Yeah they’re lovely.”

“Awww thank you Dan,” said Emma.

“Would you like to touch Emma?” Asked Danielle.


“Would you like to stand up and touch her. Emma is my number one. She has proven her loyalty. I wanted to see if you have the character that could become a loyal employee too Dan.”

“How do you want me to touch her?”

“It’s up to you. She’s not going to run away. Look how she’s looking at you. Don’t you think she has gorgeous eyes?”

Dan’s mouth had gone dry and his cock had become two thirds hard.

“Come on Dan, don’t be shy. Stand behind her and feel what true loyalty is like.”

Dan gulped and stood up. Both Danielle and Emma looked down at his bulge but didn’t comment on it. Dan was trembling as she walked towards Emma. He looked into her eyes, which were burning into his own and then stood an inch behind her. He looked down at her pert round bum and those sexy legs.

“Go on Dan. Just let your hands wander over her body. Stop when you find something nice and explore.”

“Are you sure this is OK with you?” Asked Dan.

“Whatever Danielle says is fine with me,” answered Emma.

Dan looked at Danielle who was waiting patiently and then focused on the task of fondling her sexy personal assistant.

Emma’s role of PA went a good deal further than was normal in her position. Danielle believed in mixing business with pleasure. Dan placed his hands on Emma’s arms and slid them slowly upwards, feeling her soft flesh inside the silkiness of her blouse. He breathed in, sniffing her perfume with his hands on her shoulders.

“You can be a bit more adventurous,” said Danielle. “You must allow your mind to discard the normal boundaries you have become accustomed to. I want to employ you Dan, I really do, but you have to show me that you’re made of the right material.

The trembling in Dan’s body had eased a little but his cock was now pressing against his trousers and his heart was beating in his chest. He put his left hand on Emma’s hip and the other on her waist and slid his right hand down as the other went up. He paused when he could feel her breast resting against his hand. His other hand ran slowly across her belly and then down between her legs. He caressed her legs through her skirt as his right hand closed gently around her breast. She was full bosomed but had the natural squishiness of the D cup. He began to lose his inhibitions as Emma murmured her approval and soon he had both hands on her breasts and was fondling her openly through her clothes.

“That’s it Dan! Help yourself to her body. Don’t those boobs feel good!”

Dan groaned and then slowly transferred his attention to her skirt. He continued to fondle her breasts but lifted Emma’s skirt and stroked the inside of her thighs. He gasped at the smoothness and warmth as he continued up until he was exploring the sexy mound between her legs. At the same time he rubbed his hardness against her bum and lost himself to the moment. He had effectively begun to masturbate himself with the friction in his trousers rubbing hard against her. He hitched her skirt up completely, being carried away with the intimacy of the situation . The boundary between reality and fantasy was suddenly blurred and he put his fingers inside her tights. Emma as always had forgotten her panties that day. Dan could feel the slightly stubbly hair on her pubes, and then the pink nodule of her clitoris. His cock was now bursting with arousal and he moved his groin from side to side as his fingers met with the amazing, hot wetness of Emma’s pussy. Dan half groaned half cried as the sensations around his fingers sent bolts of lightning through his body and Emma moaned as she felt his three fingers enter her.

Danielle was pleasantly surprised by the way that Dan had embraced the task and the sordid display had made her very wet. She gasped herself with the intensity of the sexuality she was witnessing.

“Yes Dan! Oh yes!” She said, as Dan came in his trousers. He was groaning and grunting, Emma was whimpering as his fingers fucked her pussy and she felt his body trembling violently as he orgasmed against her bottom.

“Oh Dan! You’re hired.”

Danielle stood up and kissed her PA. She had eight more candidates to see. This was the first stage in the process of recruiting for her new offices. She wanted to have ten people for stage two. That would see Danielle test their compliance in ways they would never forget.

To be continued.

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