Office Games (Part 2)

By DanielleX

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The one rule of the office, is that there are no rules
The seven remaining candidates had returned to the headquarters of DC Inc in Chelsea for the second stage of the recruitment process. Danielle and her Personal Assistant Emma had originally sifted through a few hundred applications. After their full length photos and Cvs had been assessed, these had been whittled down to just 10 who were called for an interview. Danielle’s interview style was unique. Three of the people, while having good credentials academically and possessing the right experience had found the little extras a step too far. They had not demonstrated the level of commitment Danielle required for the appointments.

The four girls and three guys sat in the reception, drinking coffee and nibbling the biscuits, which had been supplied by Ashleigh, the receptionist. She had stepped in to assist from Danielle’s other office in Notting Hill. They talked among themselves as they waited to be called through. Rupina a young Asian girl chose a brief lull in the conversation to raise a question the others had probably been wondering.

“Were your guys’ interviews normal or a bit different?”

“Interesting yes, normal no,” said Hugo a swarthy French guy in his mid twenties.

“Mine too,” said Poppy. “It was a bit scary really.”

“Mine was great!” Added Dan.

Dan’s performance at the interview had so impressed Danielle, that he had all but been hired. The other two girls also admitted that they had been subjected to the same or similar experiences at their interviews.

“She must be doing something right,” said Steve, a fair haired guy, who was the youngest of the male candidates. “She’s was leading lingerie manufacturer in England last year.”

“That’s right,” said Cassie, a mousy-haired girl, who was wearing dark rimmed spectacles. “Her portfolio won first prize in Milan in September, I read it in Knickerbocker.”

“Do you think today will be like last time?” Asked Poppy.

“I think we’re about to find out,” said Melissa, an exceedingly pretty girl with long blonde hair.”

A door was heard closing and then the door to the reception opened, which caused stunned silence among the candidates. Emma appeared, but her attire was a combination of Danielle‘s finest lingerie. She was wearing lacy black bra and panties, stockings and suspenders and knee high black leather boots. Leather boots were an experimental area that Danielle was looking into and Emma’s were some samples, which had been commissioned in Italy. Emma’s bra showed Danielle’s amazing technique of showcasing girl’s boobs to the full, accentuating her ample cleavage. Her panties were of the Brazilian style, with DC Inc’s logo of the heart stitched in the front, above the gusset.

“Would you guys like to follow me.”

The seven potential recruits followed Emma into the corridor and were then taken up one flight to a large plush office suite on the next floor. Everywhere had the smell of new furniture and deep pile carpets. Danielle had spared no expense to create the best equipped offices in London. Her staff would sit on the latest air glide swivel chairs. They would have the most expensive plasma screen PCs and climate control, which ensured the perfect conditions in all seasons.

“Please make yourself comfortable,” said Emma, showing them to a relaxation area where there was a large semi-circular sofa and a large glass coffee table. To one side was a smaller, two seater sofa made in the same cream upholstery.

“Danielle will be out in a minute and we can make a start.”

Everyone looked at Emma, the guys particularly checking her out as she walked back down the office. There was a nervous atmosphere of anticipation as they waited for Danielle. No one knew what was going to happen or what was expected.

“Why do you think she’s dressed like that?” Asked Melissa.

“Who knows. I don’t think anything would surprise me after last time,” said Rupina.

The group looked at each other and the convivial atmosphere from earlier had been replaced by an uncertain reticence. A minute later women’s voices were heard and Emma and Danielle appeared. The shock that had been elicited by Emma’s appearance was doubled when they saw Danielle. She was wearing white bra and panties, except her panties were skimpy, so her ample bum was barely covered by them. Like Emma she was wearing stockings but these were matching white hold-ups and instead of boots she had on pink high heels. Her boobs were almost spilling out of her bra and there were gasps of excitement from the guys and nervous giggles from the girls.

“Good morning folks,” said Danielle.

She stood at the end of the sofas with Emma and addressed her stunned candidates.

“You have all shown that you are prepared to go at least some way to committing yourselves to the company. Some of you more than others,” she said smiling at Dan.

One or two of the girls looked at Dan, wondering what he had done.

“Today, I need to see if you can go the extra mile. The perceived wisdom in the workplace is that you do your nine to five and go home. They say your colleagues are just that… work mates. Yes friendships are sometimes formed and even relationships, but convention says this is somehow shrouded in formality.”

The seven candidates listened intently, as Emma prepared some things for one of the tests.

“My ethos is that we get the work done but that we enjoy ourselves on the way. We are all human and we have the same weaknesses and desires. When I had my first job I used to get horny looking at girls and guys at work. That is distracting. You cannot possibly give your job the attention to detail necessary if you’re harbouring desires for your colleagues.

Emma turned round and placed three large towels and a bottle of baby oil on the glass coffee table. Meanwhile Danielle continued her briefing.

“I believe an effective team has to deal with these desires. Your feelings have to be listened to. Your fantasies indulged. In my offices staff are encouraged to fraternise, but at the appropriate time. Rather than be occupied by the frustrations of unrequited lust, I want you to satisfy your desires. Act upon your feelings. Today I need to see that lust.”

There was a sense of sexual excitement among the candidates. The guys were getting aroused listening and watching Danielle and Emma. The girls were variously excited, inquisitive or filled with a little trepidation.

“I should say now that I have roles for five people. That means, reluctantly, I will have to let two people go. So you will need to apply yourselves. The more you are willing to give of yourself, the more likely your are to be hired. You must leave your inhibitions outside. Now I will let Emma conduct the first test.”

Emma had been perched on the end of a large comfy sofa and stood up, taking the reins from Danielle.

“You will see Danielle and I have made ourselves very comfortable today. I want to see things levelled up a little. Out there are the guys’ and girls’ bathrooms. I’d like you to go and strip down to your underwear and come back. There are plenty of lockers for your things.”

There were nervous glances among the young candidates.

“Whenever you’re ready,” said Emma.

The guys and girls got up and walked out of the office and into the little hallway where the rest rooms were located.

“What do you think to them?” Asked Danielle, when they had gone.

“Hmmm… I think they’re a good crew. What about Poppy. Isn’t she cute!”

“I know,” said Danielle. I thought that during the interview. So sweet.”

“Yes, Melissa is stunning too. Nice boobs.”

“Yes, I can’t wait to see them!”

Emma put her hand around Danielle’s waist and kissed her boss on the lips, in a soft smooch way. They embraced each other, hugging gently, Danielle sliding her hands over Emma’s bottom and squeezing her gorgeous bum.

“Enjoy yourself darling,” said Danielle.

“Oh I will darling. This is going to be good!”

After a few minutes the seven potential recruits returned, filing back into the office in just bras and panties and boxer shorts. Poppy had a matching set of purple silk undies, emblazoned with the heart shape on her panties. She had a cute, pert bum and small breasts, which were made to look bigger in the DC lingerie.

“OK sit down for a moment,” said Emma.

Cassie and Melissa were both curvy with nice boobs. Cassie’s bum was noticeably ample but proportionate to her hour glass figure. Melissa had the biggest boobs of the girls, though not as magnificent as Danielle’s pair. Rupina the Indian girl had perfectly smooth, olive skin. She looked delicious in her black underwear. Her panties were surprisingly skimpy and her small breasts held up by her low cut bra.

Dan was lean and toned with an agreeably hair chest. His boxers were clearly home to a good set of man tools. Hugo the tanned Frenchman was well built and muscled. He looked like he knew the inside of the gym. Steve the young blonde guy appeared to be the most uncomfortable. He had a trim, lean body and his boxers were more like swimming trunks, leaving little to the imagination.

Danielle licked her lips as they were re-seated. Her imagination like Emma’s knew no limits. Her success had been built on key decisions, cleverly timed investments and a staff who enjoyed their jobs. To Danielle, work was more than just a business. You spent almost half of your life serving your employee, as she had done after leaving college. Her vision had been to make business truly pleasurable - to challenge the old notions of propriety, which she dismissed as stifling prudeness enforced by a society that cared more for rules than the welfare of employees.

“OK, Dan, Hugo, would you like to push the coffee table up to the window please,“ said Emma.

The two strong men manoeuvred the heavy piece of furniture out of the way leaving a clear area between the two cream sofas.

“Poppy would you get up and stand just there please,” said Emma.


“Yes, you’re Poppy.”

Poppy smiled awkwardly and stood up.

“Melissa, you too.”

Melissa rose from the sofa obediently and stood next to Poppy.

“We work well at DC Inc. because we are a team. We co-operate to achieve our goals. Co-operation means understanding and sharing each other’s needs.”

Dan and Hugo looked at the two girls expectantly, their cocks were in readiness, the stirrings of an erection beginning. Steve looked on uneasily. He was worried he would be asked to do something.

“Poppy, Melissa, would you turn and face each other.”

The girls did as instructed and looked into each other’s eyes, not knowing what to expect.

“Team work sometimes presents challenges. We don’t take short cuts at DC. We have to face these challenges together. Girls, I want to see you kiss.”

Poppy and Melissa looked at Emma.

“When I say kiss, I want you to mean it. No half measures. The path to failure is strewn with people who cannot give their all. I want you to French kiss and don’t stop until I say.”

The blue-eyed Melissa gulped and looked at Poppy’s red lips. She put her hand on her hips and Poppy held onto her gently as their lips met. They each opened their mouths and their tongues met in a wet exchange of passion.. Soon they were breathing through their nostrils as the intensity of the moment increased and they not only kissed but their hands wandered over each other's bodies. The others watched in silence. The guys were getting hard, particularly Dan who had gone well past a semi. The girls watched, almost mesmerised by the lurid display.

“OK… that’s good! Very good!”

Poppy and Melissa’s lips parted and they looked at each other with a mixture of embarrassment and surprise. They had both enjoyed it more than they had expected.

“Was this your first time kissing another girl?” Asked Emma.

Both girls nodded.

“Well you did well. Now Melissa, we will see that true rewards come from the ability to put the wishes of the employer before your own. I want you to undress Poppy.”

Poppy looked at Emma in alarm.

“Do I have any say in this?” Said Poppy.

“Yes of course. If you’re not happy, you can leave at any time.”

“I’m just not sure,” continued Poppy. “I never got naked in front of strangers before.”

Emma looked at Poppy sympathetically.

“We don‘t force our staff to do anything. Today is designed to test whether you can accept the philosophy of the company and take that mind set with you as an employee. You know what we pay. You can see the benefits and conditions. But let’s be clear you will only get this job when you have satisfied myself and Danielle that you have what it takes. That means we set the rules and we say when enough is enough. If anyone feels that they cannot continue then please say so and go now.”

Steve put a hand up.


“I’m sorry, I’m not comfortable with this. I don’t think I can continue. You can see how embarrassed she is!”

“That’s a shame Steve. You interviewed well.”

“I know and it was fun, but I think this is just going too far.”

“OK Steve, well you know where your clothes are. Ashleigh will see you out.”

“Good luck dude,” said Dan.

Steve walked off with his head held down. The candidates were now down to six.

“Is everyone else happy to continue?”

Everyone nodded including Poppy.

“OK good. Now we know where we stand. Sorry Melissa. Poppy are you all right?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” said Poppy in her sweet little voice.

“OK Melissa, take off Poppy’s bra and panties, but do it slowly.”

Melissa looked at Poppy who gazed back with her brown eyes. The blonde girl stood behind the eighteen year old and unhooked the first catch on her bra. Poppy looked down and then looked at the guys and the other girls, all avid spectators. Melissa undid the other catch and Poppy’s breasts were revealed in all their perkiness. Her nipples were like deep pink rosebuds, her breasts petite but beautifully pert. Dan and Hugo were now both fully hard and were sitting with their hands shielding their wood. Rupina and Cassie looked at Poppy’s little boobs and smiled at her empathetically but with the knowledge that they could be next.

Melissa glanced at Poppy apologetically as she slid a hand down her spine and hooked her fingers inside the top of her panties. Poppy felt a shiver of trepidation as Melissa began to tug down her panties. Melissa eased them over her hips and then rolled them down slowly revealing her neatly trimmed dark pubes and her little rosy slit.

“Well done Poppy. You have such a tight little body,” said Emma.

“Hmmm thank you,” said Poppy looking at Emma and then looking at the guys shyly.”

“We have to shed our inhibitions to reach our full potential at work,” continued Emma. "Poppy you have done so well, now I want you to show me that you’re prepared to seal your place at DC Inc.”

Danielle was watching, reclining on her little sofa and feeling a wonderful tingling in her pussy. She had enjoyed watching Poppy get nude. Seeing girls such as Poppy humiliated was one of Danielle‘s biggest turn-ons.

“OK Melissa, you can sit down.”

Poppy was left alone and naked in the centre with her hands clasped together in front of her legs, partly shielding her modesty. Emma walked towards her and took Poppy’s wrist and held her hand, stroking her fingers.

“Do you like to masturbate?” Asked Emma.

Poppy blushed, not knowing where to look.

“I asked you a question Poppy.”

“I do I guess, yes of course.”

“Why don’t you show us how you do it.”

“What here?”

“Yes Poppy. We want to see you finger your little cunt.”

Poppy’s diffidence was plain to see. All her insecurites were being exposed. Masturbation was such a private thing. She had struggled to do that in front of her boyfriend. How could she do it in front of people she didn’t know.

“Come on Poppy, just put a couple of fingers inside. You’ve got such a cute pussy.

"I'm not sure," said Poppy.

"OK, never mind. I understand. Would you mind if I touch you?”

Poppy looked at Emma. It was almost as bad and her face showed it.

“You can touch me yes.”

“OK, come over here then and lean on the edge of the sofa and open your legs”

Emma ran her fingers down Poppy’s neat pubes. They were coarse, neatly cropped dark hairs and then her fingers reached the velvety smoothness of Poppy’s pussy. Emma knelt down and parted Poppy’s labia with her thumb and forefinger, exposing her inner lips. The older girl looked at the other candidates who were watching intently and filled with excitement. Emma held Poppy’s lips a little wider and then put the longest fingers of her other hand inside her vagina. She moved her fingers in and out, making Poppy whimper and a little semi-translucent girl juice oozed out onto Emma’s fingers.

“Oooh.. Oh…"

“Is that nice Poppy, is that how you touch yourself?”

Poppy was holding her hands in little fists, looking down with her hands pressed against her chin.

“Oh…oh yes.”

Emma continued to finger Poppy, going deeper and twisting her fingers at the same time.

“Hmmm good girl Poppy… you like that don’t you!”

“Oh….oh…oh yes…. It’s so….yes.”

“Go on Poppy… go with it…”

Emma’s thumb was now stroking Poppy’s clitoris as her fingers were going in and out of her pussy, Emma’s fingers now glazed with her juice.

“Oh…aaaah… oh fuck…. Oh no! Aaaah yes….yes!!!”

“That’s it Poppy, cum for us… don’t hold it back… let your body accept it!”

Emma’s two fingers and become three and she was now fucking Poppy’s cunt urgently, her clitoris tingling and swollen and her pussy beginning to spasm. Poppy was now in a little cloud, a bubble of orgasm. Her body was trembling and her pussy was vibrating around Emma’s fingers as she had a delicious orgasm in front of her fellow candidates.

“Yes! Oh Poppy!”

Danielle watched spellbound by the amazing show. Her own pussy was now so wet her gusset had become transparent with her juice. Poppy’s face and neck was red and her face bore the hall marks of a girl who just come and come big.

“I think at that point we should break for a little refreshment.”

Poppy returned to the sofa unable to look anyone in the eye and sat down between Melissa and Cassie.

Emma pressed a buzzer next to the photocopier and Ashleigh appeared shortly with a trolley, brought up on the lift with two bottles of white wine and some canapés.”

Ashleigh was the perfect waitress in her French maid’s outfit and went from person to person offering them a glass of wine and a couple of nibbles. After the interval there was a five minute break when Danielle and Emma convened in Danielle’s office for a progress meeting.

“Wow Poppy is a total star!” Said Danielle.

“I know, she's just made for this,” said Emma.

“I think she will warm to this as we go on. I can see me having a lot of fun with her down the line.”

“I bet darling. Come here.”

Danielle stood with her back to Emma and the taller girl kissed Danielle’s neck, drawing coos of delight from her boss. Emma cupped Danielle’s fantastic breasts and squeezed them as she made her neck damp with her lips.

“Hmmm Emma… I’m going to make you a happy girl later. I think we ought to go back out there now.”

Everyone was waiting patiently, feeling the glow from the wine. Emma resumed her position authoritatively and pointed to the girls who were still in their underwear.

“Rupina, Cassie, Melissa would you get up and stand in a line please.”

The three girls stood to attention facing the guys. Danielle watched in delighted anticipation, her fingers straying inevitably between her legs. Her PA was doing a fine job and it was turning her on. She had just watched so far but the temptation to touch herself was becoming too hard to resist.

Emma continued the exercise.

“Poppy, you can get your own back now. I want you to stand in front of the other girls and strip them one at a time.”

Dan and Hugo watched in amazement as three more girls - girls who just an hour earlier had been total strangers were becoming naked before their eyes. Dan and Hugo were single men and watched with undisguised delight as breasts and pussy were uncovered. Melissa and Cassie were both well endowed. Down below, Melissa was fully shaved and Cassie had a neat blonde landing strip. The beautiful Rupina had a neat triangle of dark pubic hair and red pussy lips. Her small breasts were even more petite than Poppy’s; her nipples dark and puffy.

“Nudity is not something to be ashamed of,” said Emma. "It is something to be celebrated and enjoyed. OK guys, don’t think you’re getting away with it. Stand up.”

Dan and Hugo rose to their feet and there were gasps and nervous giggles from the girls as their fully aroused state became apparent.

“OK Rupina, your turn. The other girls can sit down.”

Dan and Hugo’s eyes were drawn to Rupina’s little breasts and her juicy little cunt.after they had followed the generous display of naked female flesh as Melissa, Cassie and Poppy sat down. Rupina stared at the two, toned males and her eyes lowered to the huge tents in their boxers.

“Wow guys! No need to ask if you’re enjoying the day,” said Emma.

“Rupina, I think the girls would like to see Dan and Hugo without the inconvenience of their underpants.”

Rupina looked at the other girls with increasing unease, sensing what was coming next. Both guys were clearly big and apart from her ex boyfriend she hadn’t seen a guy’s tool before.

“Go one Rupina, you know what to do.”

Rupina bit her lip and looked round sheepishly, knowing that Poppy had triumphed against her inhibitions and that there were high levels of expectation. Plus, the other girls were eager to see the guys unfettered arousal. The demure-looking Asian girl hesitated. She had already crossed a line for the sake of her career. Nudity and undressing in front of strangers was not only taboo in her culture, but was contrary to her own principles. Now she was being expected to go further.

“Shall I just pull them down or what?” She asked, uncertainly.

“However you wish,” said Emma. “I know you’re outside your comfort zone Rupina but that’s good, trust me.”

Rupina turned first to Hugo and took hold of his waistband. For a few seconds her eyes were transfixed by the bulge in his pants but she summoned up the effort and rolled them down and then stretched the waistband over his wood. She gave a little shriek as his hard-on popped over the top.

“Sorry, it moved!”

The other girls fell about in a fit of giggles as Rupina pulled Hugo’s boxers down until they were around his ankles. His cock was a fawn colour like his body in contrast to his circumcised head, which was bulbous and pink. There were gasps of approval from the other three girls, but Rupina moved to Dan, her hands still trembling.

Dan’s boxers were being stretched to their capacity. Rupina looked up at him, almost for some encouragement, but Dan just looked back and nodded slowly, urging her to do the deed. Rupina took a deep breath and pulled them over his huge erection. Her reaction to his length and girth was instant.

“Ooh shit!”

“Oh fuck he’s huge!” Cried Melissa.

Dan had seven and a half inches of the thickest length the girls had seen. Hugo was big, but Dan was a particularly fine specimen.

“What do we think girls!”

There were comments of ‘nice’ and ‘lovely’ from the three girls. Rupina was looking at the guy’s cocks with fascination more than anything. She had no idea a guy could be as big as Dan. The two men looked at the pretty Asian girl, who was as delightful a nineteen year old as they had seen. She had a truly beautiful, candy sweet smile and a face, which was a mixture of innocence and the exotic.

Emma turned to Danielle who got up and walked towards her assistant. The two men looked at the amazingly sexy blonde and their cocks twitched with pleasure.

“Thank you .Emma, a very good day so far. I’m pleased to see that you have all responded admirably. Now I think we have to see who will go that bit further and completely eschew their reservations. Poppy, would you stand up and join Rupina.”

The two girls stood side by side, each as sweet as the other in different ways.

“Melissa, could you pass me a couple of those towels please,” said Danielle.

The blonde girl got up, fetching the two large beach towels from the glass table.

“OK just lay them out in front of Hugo and Dan. It’s expensive carpet you see, we don’t want to get it messy.”

“Poppy and Rupina, I want you to kneel down. The guys can step onto the towels.”

The two girls looked at each other, Hugo and Dan looked down, their hard-ons throbbing with the implications of what was being arranged.

Rupina looked at Dan’s cock. It was so big. She didn’t know if she could do this.

“Now,” said Danielle. “We will see if Poppy and Rupina are willing to show me how much they want this job.”

Melissa and Cassie looked at Danielle and then at the two kneeling girls. Would Poppy and Rupina go through with the next challenge and suck the guys to completion? Who would be the next candidate to be eliminated? What would Cassie and Melissa be asked to do?

All will be revealed in the amazing conclusion of Office Games