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Olivier returns

This is the story of a French businessman's experiences in Australia

Dedicated to my boyfriend currently in Europe on business, you know who you are.  Please enjoy the story everyone else.

My story begins at Brisbane International Airport.    I have just watched a routinely scheduled Air France flight make a perfect landing and on aboard is Olivier.    It is mid February and a hot and humid 35°C.   Within the air conditioned walls of Terminal 1 he is probably clearing customs and collecting his baggage right now and I am waiting for him on the land side.


Into the arrival hall he walks, clean shaven with short black hair and a masculine scent I recognise immediately.   He is wearing black jeans, a buttoned down, deep blue Italian designed shirt and casual shoes.   His face is sharp, dominated by deep set brown eyes and an exquisite mouth.   His European cheekbones are defined, his chin a diamond point, sculpting a look that is part sensual and part warrior, topping off a fit and athletic body.


Our 7 week separation has come to an end.   I am looking forward to seeing him again.   His emails said the business trip had been a success and his designs were accepted.   He wants me to jump into his luggage next time he goes on a trip half way across the world and I have to laugh at his comments.   We haven’t known each other all that long.   


I come forward to greet him.   He scans my face.   My dark hair is wisped across to the side, my brown eyes are clear.   I have a squared off chin, deep set cheekbones and I am wearing a short black skirt with a gold belt, blue/black lined top, black strapped heels and a white tailored jacket and little make up except for my signature blood red lipstick that I know he has plans to eliminate all traces of.   The look is both businesslike and feminine.  


“Welcome home Olivier.   I have missed you” are the words I use in my soft New Zealand accent.


“I have been waiting for you” I whisper in a discreet tone with an innuendo no one else close by is likely to notice.  


He bends down to kiss me and I realize how long it has been since the last time.   Too long.   I look up at him and a rush of feeling stir my insides.   At first it is just our lips gently touching, but he slowly opens my mouth, and I feel the tip of his tongue trying to make its way in. My whole body trembles.   I surrender and open my mouth for him, and soon our tongues are twisting together. His hands drop abruptly, grabbing at my waist, pulling us closer together. Our bodies touch and our curves mould as one.   I am filled with an intense feeling of excitement and desire. He then backs away a few steps and hoists me off the ground.


“My sexy Kiara. How have you been?   Olivier says, placing my body back within inches of his heated up body.   His French accent is my biggest weakness.   I regain my posture quickly and wriggle around hoping he won’t notice why.


“ Ok.” I say a little shy at the public display.   He always makes me feel so nervous at the same time as feeling like a woman on heat.   All it takes is one look.


We leave the departure lounge, paying the parking fee on the way and chat about the usual surface talk, careful not to mention our feelings for each other, it is too soon for heavy stuff.  


Just before his 33 rd birthday in November we “met”, unconventionally through the Internet.   He sent me the first message.   In grammatically incorrect English the winning words of his profile read “ are you interisted to try the European culture?”   Oh god yes, was I ever!


Meeting him face to face was the equivalent to discovering an unknown planet in the universe, adventurous, dangerous but also very exciting.   We hit it off immediately.   After the 7 hour kissathon first date, a passionate second date followed and then the long separation until now.   He has gotten under my skin, it is hard to think of anything else.


Once his luggage has been stored in the boot of my grey sedan, I turn to face him and instinctively we both lean against the car.   He presses his body against mine and his hands outline my face causing my breathing to quicken.   I wrap my arms around him, allowing no space to come between us and feel his hardness against my skirt.   It makes me smile and turns me on no end.   I feel a sense of relief that he can’t guess the true state of my knickers.   After a lot of reshuffling I get my skirt in just the right spot to cover it up.   I am becoming very moist.  


After disengaging our bodies from the public display, we get into the car.   The first thing to be heard inside the quietness is the sound of Wuthering Heights at full volume, he notices I am having one of those music days.   One day opera voices.   The next metal sounds.   I am a woman of contrast.   To soften the atmosphere, I turn the song down to minimum.


“I’d like to take you on a little drive but not to your house.   Is that ok?” I ask him mischievously.


“Yeah.   Sounds good.” Olivier replies becoming curious.   His body language is checking out our very close physical presence in the car and he touches my inner thighs.   A tingly feeling is going straight to my centre.   


With his fingers strategically placed and I won’t tell you where, I start the car and drive along the Gateway Motorway via the M1 in the direction of the Gold Coast.   My weekend plan is slowly unfolding.


We are heading towards Currumbin.   After a long drive I arrive at my destination.   From the road we see an illuminated sign saying Sand Castles on Currumbin Beach Hotel.


Once outside the car, we get out to stretch and inhale the surrounding air.   The smell of the beach, the sound of waves and sulphur crested cockatoos in the night time sky.    The atmosphere is filled with sexual tension and yet we don’t talk.


We both glance around at the resort surroundings as we walk to the hotel room which contains a balcony with an ocean view overlooking Currumbin Beach.   Ascending the stairs to the apartment he puts the luggage down in front of the door.   In the humid night air, he draws close to kiss me lightly before stepping back to capture a full frontal view of me. I feel shivers of excitement running up my spine.   My nipples tingle, becoming hard. His hands rub my body up and down and my body reacts longingly and it moves in his direction.   My self control is slipping and boy does it feel good.   


Once inside the apartment he takes a shower and later walks into the kitchen where I am standing behind the bench top.  


Hearing his footsteps I come very close to him, look into his eyes and smell the familiar scent he is wearing.   I like it.   He is now dressed in dark grey jeans and a white t-shirt emphasizing his physique.  


Feeling my skin, he tenderly kisses my cheeks.   Inhaling my smell, he closes his eyes.   Our bodies are moving into an S shaped bend as the passion level rises. rapidly.   Then the big kiss starts with his tongue widening my mouth, withdrawing and teasing me.   He seems to kiss away all the air within me.   This is the first time I have met such a passionate kisser, he can even out kiss me and I have to respect him for that.     


After disentangling themselves from each other, we go for a short tour of the place.   It is very spacious. We discover the apartment is tastefully decorated with candles in every room, multi-coloured roses in vases, Salvador Dali pictures on the walls and we hear Vivaldi music coming from the Dolby speakers nearby.   In the master bedroom we see a King sized bed right in the centre.   Lying diagonally across the black satin duvet is a single yellow rose with a red wildlife card attached saying:  


To my dearest Olivier.  

Enjoy the weekend special.     

All my love Kiara xxxxx.  


He is smiling from ear to ear and I want him to kiss, touch, caress and taste my intimate parts all night. OOoh yes I really do.  


“I want to show you something.   Please lie down on the bed and wait.” I request.   His smile confirms the hidden message has hit home.


It takes me around 10 minutes.   Into the room I glide wearing a Strip Stripe Microfiber and Embroidered Lace soft cup Baby doll and matching thong, black garter belt, stockings and heels showing him a toned and fit body.   I aim the remote control at the stereo and the track You Sexy Thing starts playing.   What he is about to see is the result of weeks of practice, courtesy of the Internet.   He is all eyes.


“Kiara.   You look sen-s a-ti on-al” he says honestly.   Picking up on his vibes, my juices start their way southwards from my hidden place.   By the way he is looking at me, I am really turned on now, hardly able to concentrate.


“OOOoo please don’t Olivier. Stop saying those things” I reply as the physical affect his words produce cause a wave to go through my body.   I look away quickly.  


Then I begin my private striptease performance for his exclusive viewing.   I let the music take me where it wants.   The song has a good tempo and I feel sexy dancing to it.   Feeling comfortable in my own skin, I let my body twist and turn, moving from side to side across the room, swaying my hips while making good eye contact with him.   Bending over to make sure he gets a good look at my bum.   I stand up, cup my breasts and let my hands move down the length of my body to my most intimate place.   I rub myself there many times smiling across at him and run my fingers through my hair.   He loves watching me do this and can’t help but rub his big one up and down lengthways while not taking his eyes off me.

With dancing I feel really alive and free and enjoy every beat of the song, rocking my hips in double time.   I roll my entire body in a fluid motion.   Moving over in front of Olivier I shake my breasts and run my hands from my ankle to my thighs.   I am using my body as an instrument to get him to the point of no return.  

“Your body is so yummy” he calls over to me, making me smile and more.

After twisting and turning my body, I skilfully and methodically remove the first layer, the garter belt and stockings and throw these pieces over to his waiting hands.   Cupping my breasts and in full display of him I touch my wet pussy and taste the result.   I am so excited I think I’ll burst.   My hips are swaying once more to the music before I unbutton the Lace Baby doll and at the right moment I toss it aside.   He can see erect nipples and swollen breasts.   My thong is the last item to go and it is tossed aside in a slow, exaggerated motion.   All my inhibitions are being released. I then turn around so he can see every part of me.   This is the first time my body is on display and he takes it all in.   My pubic area is completely clean shaven and I want him to run his tongue all over my exposed body and yeah I really do.

A little shy but very turned on, I approach him.   Once I am within touching distance of his body, his hands are brought towards my dripping wet pussy.   I can tell his mouth wants to go there first.  

“Oooooooooooooooooooooo     Ki” he moans very loudly.  

“You are turning me on so much.” the reply comes back strong and sexy,

I get the impression he would come on the spot.     Please not now.

Knowing his eyes are covering every square centimetre of my body, I decide to remove all of his clothing piece by piece.   As I do this, my breasts move up and down and my hips sway.   I make a dance out of it, turning around to show my bum, its shape, smoothness and availability.   He likes being undressed and looks more than pleased when the last piece comes off, he lies free and available with a mountain of pleasure waiting for my touch.

Quickly I give him a very quick kiss, sit beside him smiling and reach over to grab the rock hard one into my warm, waiting hands.   He moans with delight at the sensation I am creating.  

“I want you” I whisper into his ear, wriggling my body around as I do this and kiss both his ears tenderly.

With me sitting next to him so bare, he explores my very exposed skin which is so tantalisingly close in as many places as possible.   Oh god this is heaven I can’t help but think.

Without hesitation I keep running my fingers up and down the length of his big hard piece, sometimes quick and sometimes slow, squeezing his balls lightly and licking the top while stroking the shaft.   I like playing with his piece of manhood and I tell him so in his native language.  

So I can talk dirty to him, I have started learning French.   I tasted his “baguette” on the 2 nd date and found it to be long, thick and crunchy.   A hand drawn sketch drawing of his big one is sitting next to my bed at home.   I’d read stories of the legendary bedroom skills of the French male and I’d heard that French is supposed to be the language of love.     Olivier is going to teach me why.

Meanwhile I feel the blood rush inside the big one and know I don’t have much time before he releases, maybe only seconds to go.   I need to think of something to prolong the pleasure.   In lightning speed, my mouth descends upon his paradise for an urgent wine tasting.   Up and down my mouth is sliding, like a crazy out of control woman and it is so much fun to do.   Giving oral is my forte.

“No please stop.” he moans and I reluctantly take my lips away.

“I can’t wait to feel your cum all over my body” I said passionately.

When it is safe, my tongue ventures back to lick his balls, then back northwards to his big pulsating one that is under my complete control.   I deep throat him, licking his big one with my tongue up and down, periodically on the tip so tenderly and other places my tongue takes me.   It makes me even wetter to do that for him.   I want to pleasure him.   Do anything for him.   Whatever he wants.   Time is running out.   I gulp, taste and re taste him allowing my mouth to cover him completely when I am interrupted........  

“I’m coooooooooooooooooooooooo   ming” his shaky words tell me.

He keeps moaning and moaning harder and faster.   When he climaxes he aims his thick hot spunk all over my hair (my wish) and partly onto the bed as I proudly watch the display.   He lies there spent, happy and his head is spinning.   He reaches over to touch my body and stands up so he can hug me.   The words come out in the wrong language but it doesn’t matter.  

We hug and kiss each other before separating.   He yawns several times and I recognise that he urgently needs some down time.   The flight was over 30 hours duration so a tiny sleep won’t hurt.   But I don’t want him out of action for too long.   Without pausing to eat anything, he does the routine clean up before hitting the sack for some sleep. As soon as his head touches the pillow, he is out like a light.   

With the strip tease over, I dress into casual clothes and walk to the kitchen.  

A few hours later, I enter the bedroom to watch him sleeping.   Sitting on the bed, a flood of feelings come over me.   There is undeniably strong chemistry between us.   I am deeply attracted to him in a way I can’t explain.    My desire is to be really close to him.   Be his friend.   His lover.   Talk to him.   Understand him.   But I summarise a few facts.   He is young, good looking, successful, creative, single and cultured.   And I am supposed to believe he is available.   No way.   Regardless of what he says, I will find out myself.

As I’m not tired I decide to watch a few movies before going to bed so I dress appropriately for what I am about to do.   Hidden away in compartments of my suitcases I have 10 of my favourite porn movies stored and tonight I am going to watch 4 of them.   Besides my body is on full sexual alert and in need of immediate gratification. It is getting urgent.   Olivier is a lethal concoction; I always get so hot when I think of him and writing erotic stories is only the beginning.    


The first movie is Night Shade, an American one and it is the entrée movie for the night.   I have seen it many times but still enjoy the slow moving sex scenes and watch it to the end, have a quick break for eating and drinking before returning to watch the 2 nd movie which is quickly followed by the 3 rd .   


By the time I get to the 4 th movie my sex toys, lined up on the table in front of me, remain unused.   It is nearly 2 am, I am horny as hell but I want to extend the pleasure and practice some self control which is easy when you are on your own.  


I have touched myself a little bit while watching but I want a drawn out conclusion to any serious fingering movements.   The grand finale movie is what I am waiting to experience.   I get up from the chair to change the movies over.   It is Call girl which features a rape fantasy scene, highly suspenseful, powerful and erotic.   This never fails to make me hot day or night.   It gets no better than this.   Not in my world.  


The movie starts and I watch with intense interest as the familiar lines are spoken, bare skin scenes shown and the music is playing in the background.   This is familiar territory to me.  


As if sensing something, being disorientated or jet lagged, Olivier wakes up.   Moaning sounds are coming from the lounge and he decides to get up to investigate.   He walks in that direction.   He later tells me the following.   If he was on cloud nine with my strip tease performance, he has now definitely died and gone to heaven.   I am masturbating uninhibitedly.   It is porn production live.


The room is lit with red candles, I am sitting on the sofa wearing only a necklace and he can hear the movie playing.   In the full length lounge mirrors adorning the walls he can see my reflection clearly from where he is standing in the hallway.   My eyes are closed.   The images on screen show various actors and actresses in stages of undress, he realizes what category of movie I am watching and becomes aroused immediately.


“Oh god yeah…..” I moan.   He sees sex toys on the table lined up in a neat row across the table.   On it is a long red, soft and squishy dong, realistically sculpted with a veined outer shell in a vertebrae core design.   Without opening my eyes I reach over and shape it to fit inside of me.   The smell of my juices is in the air and he inhales automatically and I can hear this.   I know he is watching.   I thrust the dong in and out imagining it is Olivier’s big one and I become obsessed.   I feel really hot and the feeling is intense.   My breathing is now reduced to long, deep, shuddering pants.   I arch my back and moan.   I am giving myself the best self-service and high speed is the thing I need.


I pause periodically to glance up at my favourite scene then the heavy breathing starts, legs widen and my very dexterous fingers are hard at work, probing, feeling and rubbing causing my juices to fall freely down onto the towel I have placed beneath me.   I moan at the sensations I am experiencing.   My clit needed attention so my fingers go there, across ways and back and forth I work wonders on this area, tenderly and lovingly.   Shuffling around where I am sitting is necessary in order to get better internal access, he watches as my 2 fingers plunge deeper and deeper and my body goes forward.      My glassy eyed look tells the story.   Then I touch my breasts with up and down movements before those pussy dipped fingers reach my mouth for a tasting.   Mmm good.   It has a slightly creamy taste.   I love fingers and what they do to me.   When a man fingers me, it creates a burning and fiery sensation my body craves and it is so beautiful to experience, I climax very quickly.   Oral is good but fingering is the ultimate.   Any man wanting to sleep with me has to remember that.


In the background I can feel his eyes on the tv screen watching the images playing and watching me.   It is very slow and I am on a journey to no return.  


My fingers move towards my inner thighs and clit again before going into my wide, mobile mouth.   I am oblivious to everything else around me and I don’t stop.   In and Out.   In and Out.   In and Out.   My fingers go deeper, making circling movements and my body vibrates with sound.   I hear him stroking himself in the background from the hallway.   I am coming close to reaching my high point.   My fingering starts getting faster, more urgent, my pussy lips are circled more regularly and my breathing patterns change.   The moans are becoming longer and louder until the sensations I am experiencing reach an unbelievable peak.  


“Oooooooooooooooooooooh    ja……….Ich…………….komme”.   I moan loudly in German, one of the foreign languages I speak, as I climax in front of his eyes.   That my body is fully satisfied at long last, I let my feelings slowly came back down from being in the clouds.   What a fantastic experience.   I am really happy.


My breathing is now getting back to normal and my eyes look at him through the reflection.   There are no words from him.


“Do I get your seal of approval then?” I ask him, spoken in a sex haze.


“Oui oui” Olivier has to admit, unsure what else to say.  


Much later we are lying in bed hugging.   At first it is difficult for me to settle.   So much has happened and the action of today needs to be digested before sleep is possible.   Eventually we both succumb to a dream state, intertwined, tired and deeply satisfied.  


Olivier doesn’t know that I have a few more adventures waiting for him tomorrow.


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