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One wild night for a sweet little southern girl-p2

The night contnues as the E really hits hard

Please read "One wild night for a sweet little southern girl" first or this is not going to make any sense.

We sat on the couch talking about what a fabulous time we were having. I kept on looking over at Dave's now flaccid cock. It lay there like a large snake. Dave caught the glimpses I was giving him.

"You know Mary, It was so great to final have you after all the fantasizing I did about you" Dave said.

"I'm glad you liked it baby I said giving him a huge smile. I was having flashes of me deep throating him again and my impulses were taking over, but I had an even stronger impulse. I really was turn on my all the attention and the exhibitionist in me was in full swing.

"Please Dave, I would love to hear about your fantasy, but I would love for you guys to watch me masturbate in front of you first" I said with a devilish grin.

I spread my legs and told them to get on the floor to enjoy the show.

"You guys are great and I feel so totally comfortable, so I want you all to see a very private activity I have never even shown to my ex. Here is my sweet little friend for you all to see." I said as I lie back against the couch and spread my legs wide.

Then I grabbed onto my engorged, red, wet pussy lips and spread them wide apart giving them all a great shot into my wet vagina. The guy’s pushed each other around to get a better view, none had better than Dave! He was right there.

"First off, I love love love my vagina" I said as I ran my fingers all over it.

They were all starting at it, licking their lips and stroking their cocks with expressions that made me so hot.

"You have made this my vagina so very happy" I said looking at all of them in turn.

I massaged my legs and thighs slowly working my way up to my vagina and then up to my abdomen and slowly squeezed and cupped each breast then back down to my wet pussy lips. Then I traced the outline of my labia all around and circled the hood that covered my clit. I was really getting off showing them what they have made so happy this evening. I felt I owed them. I was going to masturbate in front of them and give them the blow-by-blow, as it were, as I worked my vagina like I was in private.

“Let me show you fellas what a girl does to get off when you are not around.” I said

They all were very into it and even Karen was among them playing with herself on the floor.

I sat there on the couch, looking down at them smiling with appreciation with legs spread, as wide as I could, with the guys on the floor in front of me with a front row seat of my vagina. It was glistening with wetness and I was very aware of their looks.

"I love to lay back and spread my leg wide when I am really horney and play with myself. I love my pussy and I may not admit it, but I love to get fucked, but when I can’t, I love to get myself off and this is how I do it.” I said.

I ran my fingers over my legs and thighs again and then started to circle my outer and inner lips. It felt really good and was made even better because they were watching.

"Ooooo that feels good, huh Karen, just rubbing your clit and sticking a few fingers inside?" I said.

Karen nodded as she also worked her vagina in a similar way. I moved my hands up to my breasts and massaged them. Then I moved one hand down to my clit and gave it little rubs that really got things going.

"Oooooo that feels great! I love to tease my clit just like this and think of nice cocks just like yours moving in and out me, hitting all my internal spots. I rub and rub until I gets really wet, oooooo that's it! I'm really getting off now. Oh yes, it feels sooo good guys! See the wetness. We girls think of this just like you guys, but we never tell you." I said moaning more and more loudly.

"I loved it when Dave sank his cock into me for the first time". I said while working my clit in little circles with my finger.

"He stretched me soo good. Then when Carl first fucked my ass, yes that’s it." I said moaning and rubbing my clit faster.

"Karen, please suck my nipples while I play with myself" I moaned.

She came over and started to suck my nipples and lick my breasts. It worked perfect. I wanted to get off in front of the guys and her tongue helped big time.

"Ooo yes! You guys fucked me soooo good. See me work my clit, this is what I do when I am along thinking about getting fucked! Ooo yesss, oooo yes. I am going to cum. Look at my pussy guys. Do you see it, ooo yess?" I moaned while rubbing my clit and looking each guy directly in the eye.

“Oh yes here I cum, this one is for you guys!!” I said.

I came hard and squirted cum out of my pussy right on the floor in front of them. It almost hit Dave right on his cock. I rubbed my hands all over my soaking wet vagina, working my lips around and around for the guys to see. I put a few finger inside and tried to get the last of the cum to ooze out.

"Ooooo ya that was good, I hoped liked it, but I am not finished guys, that's not all the pussy juice I have for you. I love masturbating in front of you. Do you like it?" I said with heavy breath, my chest was heaving up and down with the after rush of orgasm.


"Oh yes Mary that was fantastic!" Dave said while rubbing his cock, which was getting rock hard.

Wow I was really turned on. Looking down I saw all three of them with their hard-ons returning. I loved it and felt totally relaxed and utterly sexy. I especially loved Dave's huge wonderful penis. I was so big and gave me so much pleasure. My pussy was on full display for them. It was shaved now and that felt different, but at the same time really good. It was totally smooth so they could see all the action as I worked my vagina into a frenzy right in from of their faces.

“Please guys keep stroking your cocks while I play with myself some more, I want to cum in front of you again. Carl and Mark were jacking off and it looked so nice, but Dave was only looking at my pussy and not touching himself at all now. I called to Dave and had him come over.

“Will you please sit here in front of me? I want to show you exactly how to work my vagina with your hands to make me cum, I know you can with your cock, but it would be extra fun for you to get me off the way I get myself off, don’t you think?” I said.

“I would love to, you have a great pussy and I would love to know how to get you off this way” Dave said kissing me.

“Ok then, start by gently rubbing my outer lips like this” I said as I guided his fingers around my labia.

Man this was crazy now I was showing Dave how to masturbate my own vagina! It was very exciting and a real turn on. I loved how the guys were totally into it. I was pouring with sweat now and so very high. I was pulsing with sexual energy and I felt I could keep having orgasms all night. I was having a great time feeling free enough to try any way I could think of to cum. I also have to say I loved it that I squirted so easily. I really loved the feeling of spraying cum out of me and having that intense release of tension each time. Now I was going to show Dave how to make me cum with only his hand!

“That it’s, oooo that feels great Dave! Slowly a little more pressure right there, oooooo, yes yes! Now very lightly rub around the hood of my clit. That it’s right there! Don’t rub right on it yet, oo yess, ooooo! Now put your finger right under the hood of my clit and lightly circle the base of it. Yes,.oooo, your very talented, now use your other hand and tease the other parts around my lips and hole, oooooo, that's perfect. I am so boiling hot right now! So hot” I said panting.

Karen came over and laid some cool towels over me. It felt great.

“Thank you so much, that feels much better!” I said.

She wiped the sweat off my face and body. This only recharged me for more and I was ready to cum again with Dave's wonderful fingers. He was really paying close attention to what I said. He was working my vagina perfectly, better than I did!

“I think you have it now Dave, oh yes, oh god, you’re good! You are going to make me cum again, slow down a little, that’s it! I want it to build more, oh god that’s perfect, oooooo YES! I love the way you are circling my clit and hood! Ooooooooo, now give one of my outer lips a little pull, ooooooo nice, I love that!” I said looking down at my vagina reacting to Dave’s wonderful touch. His fingers were so skilled. He traced the outline of my pussy lips just the way I would, then he gently circled my clit, first above the hood then under it.

“That is, oh god!” I said. I was dizzy from the stimulation and I was sweating profusely again. Karen poured some water down the front of me to cool me off. It was a spectacular feeling!

“That's perfect. Now, ooh god, now it's time, I need to cum! Speed up rubbing my clit while you move a couple of fingers inside of me. Yes that it, oooooo god, oooooo god!” I said as I came hard.

More of that wonderful love juice sprang from my vagina, but now Dave was there to catch it all in his mouth. He then lightly licked and sucked my labia and clit for a few minutes as I wriggled around on the couch in pure heaven.

I had reached a level of sexual overload. I lay back rubbing myself all over, totally enjoying my body.

"I love my body”. I began to say to no one in particular; rubbing my thighs, hips and then my breasts. I cupped them tenderly and gently pinched my nipples.

“I love my breasts; I think they look so good. They have nice size and shape don't they and are so nice to massage?” I said massaging them and squeezing them one after another.

“I love my pussy and the way you make me feel, so free, so hot, so sexy and so desirable” I moaned.

I was in heaven and in full erotic passion. I had never cum some much.

I had to take a rest and I lay on the couch resting on Dave’s lap. Mark and Carl were not so ready to take a break. They had Karen on the floor fucking the crap out of her. I was kind of surrealistic to watch her getting fucked with me just resting on the couch. She was being pounded by Mark and Carl was trying to get his cock in her mouth.

After a while they both came in her ass one after another. She was spent, but looked very good and much fucked.

We all rested and had some much needed water. I cooled off and felt refreshed.

Then I remembered that Dave had said a while ago.

"What kind of fantasies? I asked him with a wink as I moved off the couch, spread his legs and got down on my knees right in front of him.

"Why don't you tell me while I try and suck your wonderful tool down my throat again? Does that sound like a plan?" I said while I picked up his soft cock looked him in the eyes and gave his cock a quick suck right on the tip.

"You didn’t forget. That sounds like a great idea Mary" Dave said.

I took up his wonderful cock into my mouth and started to suck. I loved the feeling of his soft penis in my mouth. I massaged his balls and rubbed him all over as my mouth worked his cock. It took a while and a lot of sucking, but I started to grow again. It was fun to actually get his cock hard. It always seemed ready to fuck me. I sucked and sucked his soft member. Feeling his flaccid cock get a little harder each time I sucked it. It was great!

“I’m going to suck him back to life and create that rock hard cock that I love” I thought as I went at him with glee.

"Umm, I love the taste of you cock baby and the way it feels in my mouth. Am I sucking it the way you like it baby?” I said looking up at him while stroking his cock with one hand and fondling his balls with another.

"It's great, you suck sooooo well Mary, what a great little cock sucker you are. Is it ok that I call you that" Dave said.

"I am YOUR little cock sucker Dave!" I said while I stroked him faster and faster while looking at him with by best submissive look.

"That you are Mary…that you are" Dave said.

Then he stoked my hair and moved my head back down onto his cock. I opened my mouth and started again at the wonderful task of giving him head. Man was I turned on and wet again. I really wanted to rub my vagina at the same time, but I also wanted to give his cock all my attention.

"Can't have everything." I thought briefly as I went back to my main task.

I started by slowly going over the tip and traveled down his shaft, moving my tongue over and around. I went down shaft and then sucked his cock as hard as I could as I pulled my mouth up his shaft to create a harder suction. My other hand gently fondled his huge balls that were full of cum.

“Cum that was going to be all over me.” I thought hopefully.

He had his head back against the couch and was moaning. “Oooo, suck It Mary, it feels so good, suck it, yes just like that! Feel my balls, squeeze them a little. That’s it, perfect”. Dave said looking down at me.

"Oh Mary, oh Mary, you are so talented, suck it, ooooohhh suck it!" He went on like this in total bliss.

After about 10 minutes of sucking and licking his ball and penis, I had his shaft as hard as it would get. I stopped sucking and looked up and saw Mary standing next to me looking very sexy wearing a strap on with huge black rubber dildo attached.

"I have always wanted to fuck you Mary, can I convince you to take this into your sweet little pussy? “ She said.

I was really surprised and very turned on by the hot, awesome site!

She came up to me and planted a sloppy wet kiss on my while she felt me up with her other hand. My poor neglected clit was very happy to have Karen rubbing it so nicely. She broke her kiss and said “how about you lay down on the carpet. That way we can all be around you to see.”

I looked over at Dave with his cock rock hard cock in his hands, giving it long slow strokes. He smiled at me and gave me the high sign and nodded at the floor.

I smiled back at him and lay down on the floor and spread my legs. Karen got up between my legs and Dave moved to the other end massaging my shoulders. Mark and Carl were watching from the cough masturbating each other now. I was so high and turned on still and it seemed so right to me, fucked by my best girl friend with a huge black dildo while a couple of guys watch. Seemed par for the course and I also have to admit that I really needed another good fucking again. Mark and Carl came down from the couch and kissed me up and down my body. Mark licked my rubbed my breasts and Carl was helping Karen by getting her all worked up by kissing and stroking her. Meanwhile Dave kissed me and rubbed me all over my head and shoulders. I was getting a lot of stimulation and getting very very worked up. I was breathing heavily and my hands were rubbing myself all over. I was in sensory over load. Many hands were on me at once and I lost track of time and space as I felt my sexual damn bursting. I came again from all the touching and kissing.

"I think she is ready!” Karen said with sweat running down her forehead. She was as high as I was and had a great look to her.

"Are you really sweetie of me?" She said.

I could only moan in return and I was so high I could not see straight any more, but I was feeling so great, so turn on and so ready to be penetrated again. There was also something very exciting about the fact that it was a huge BLACK dildo. I have never fucked a black guy and this seemed like a golden opportunity for me to have it for the first time!!! Karen got up on her knees. Mark and Carl got on either side of me, lifted each of my legs, spread them wide and held them there. Karen came closer to me and got into position. Dave was at the other end kissing me and massaging my very sensitive breasts and giving my nipples the needed twist that was sending bolts of pleasure straight to my vagina. Dave lifted my head to give me a better view of the huge black dildo that was sitting on my vagina in between my swelling engorged labia. She started to run the dildo up and down my lips. The sensation was building, pleasure pulses immense and my pussy was beginning to actually ache in anticipation of the vaginal invasion.

She stopped running the dildo across my lips and with my lips still spread open, found my hole and stopped right at the entrance. I stared at the seine and waited in anticipation.

"Ready sweet little Mary. Are you sure you want me, Karen your girl friend, to fuck you silly with this?" she said with her eyes looking down at the big black dildo sitting at the entrance to my pussy.

"Fuck me Karen….fuck me with your big black cock. My pussy is so wet and you are such a turn on. You all are. I want you all to enjoy me getting stretched and fucked by my best friend" I said looking around at all of them with sweat pouring over me. I was licking my lips and my head was spinning.

She started to move it in as the guys continued to massage every part of my body. Dave kissed me as Karen pushed her cock into me. I broke my kiss with Dave and looked Karen in the eyes as she worked big blackie into my wet willing pussy.

"Ohh that's it Karen, take it slow. This thing is huge, oh my god I am going to explode. Do you see me opening up guys? Do you? Oh god I love it Karen! I love your cock in my pussy!" I moaned and the guys went around to see my pussy being invaded.

Karen moved a couple of inches further in, but still only had 3 or 4 inches inside me. She was very high herself and loved the sight of my pussy being stretched so much. She knew that I had probably no idea really of how fat this dildo really was. She had brought a mirror for just such a purpose. She held it so I had a perfect view of the fat dildo now inches into me. I looked into the mirror. Dave had to point it out as I was too high to concentrate on it and notice it. It showed very clearly now a very large thick black cock stuffed into my vagina. My vagina must have been stretched open at least 3 or 4 inches in diameter. The skin of my pussy was stretched tight around big blackie. My lips were spread very far apart. Karen saw the look on my face. I was just dumb struck. It was way thicker than Dave, way way thicker!

“Oh my GOD!!! I can’t believe this thing is inside of me, do you see it Dave? Oh my god! Do you see my pussy? It’s open so wide…oh god!” Was all I kept saying, but I have to say that it felt great!!

“You look great baby. It looks like a great fit to me. I am so turned on by seeing you take it” Dave whispered into my ears.

"I feel so good Karen! How does it feel to stretch me Karen with your fat cock? Do you see it guys? I feel so full. Stroke it in, that's it, slowly now, oh god it’s huge, I am going to burst, stroke it out, oooooo. I love it! You are going to make me cum Karen, ooooooo!” I moaned in a stream of verbal pleasure.

Karen had a steady slow rhythm going and I had that great feeling of being full again, of being watched by Mark and Carl masturbating their wonderful cocks at the site of my being fucked by Karen. My vaginal canal felt like it would pull right out of me as she slowly pulled it out and the then pushed it back in again only to pull out and continue again to stretch me on the way back in.

"Ooooo GOD, I feel it, its soooo big Karen! I feel you stretching my pussy open so much, ooooo. I feel it opening me up, oh god, you going back in, ooooo god. If you keep this up I am going to cum all over your cock!" I moaned.

Karen had almost all 10 inches sawing into me now. I was babbling at this point. Dave tilted my head back and put his cock into my mouth. I started to suck on his wonderful penis while Karen attacked my pussy. I felt good to have a cock in my month; it kept me from babbling and looked good I could guess. Mark and Carl were stroking their cocks to a great site. Karen stroked into my pussy the same time as Dave stoked his cock into my mouth. I opened up my throat and his cock slipped right down.

"Umm, I love a cock in my throat" I thought.

The feeling of being fucked and deep throating Dave sent me over the edge. I came with Dave’s cock lodged all the way down my throat and Karen "balls deep" in me when I squirted. I bucked my hips up and down and moaned with a throat full of cock. Dave and Karen smiled at each other and pulled out. As big blackie came out of me all my cum also came out in a gush. I just lay there is total bliss, covered in sweat from head to toe in a pool of my own cum. I was shaking, but in heaven.

"That was great! Oh god thank you, thank you Karen. I love your cock" I whispered.

Dave helped me up back on to the couch. They were all looking at me with concern, but I was fine, just a little tired. Then I noticed that they all had raging hard-ons still.

"Hey guys, I am fine, but I can see that you all need a little help. You saw me have the orgasm of life time. How may I return the favor" I said with the best "come fuck me" look I could muster.

"Can you get down on the floor on all fours sweetie" Karen said.

I happily got down on the floor on my hand and knees. Dave got the honors and got behind me and Mark went around front.

"Ok guys I think you have already warmed me up! Please have your way with me, with my vagina, with my ass, with my mouth, take your pick. I owe you all' I said.

I had never been so serious. I wanted it and I had three guys with three great cocks ready and willing to make me very happy again.

Dave pushed in first while the rest watched. He was so big, wide and long. Man what a great cock. I was so happy he was behind me fucking me doggy style.

"Oh yes baby, ooooo, open up my vagina, please, oooo, go in, ooooo come out, yes, oh god, oh god!" I moaned in between strokes.

He reached over and pulled my head back by my hair and I moaned out load now, with no inhibition.

"Oooooooo yes, ooooooooooo yes, please fuck me. Please fuck my sweet little pussy. Please fuck me!" I screamed

I could hear my vagina make squelching noises as he ran his cock from tip to balls deep. Then tip to balls deep. I was in perpetual orgasm. Cum juice ran out of me in a constant stream now. Dave's balls were soaked because he was slapping them up against my vagina with every stroke. Pussy juice was flying everywhere. I could feel my tits getting their fair share also and this only added to my arousal. Karen got down on the floor and crawled under me. She had a front row seat of the penial invasion. She saw Dave’s wonderfully thick cock stretching open my vagina then traveling all the way in and slapping my clit. This drove me crazy along with everything else.

"Oh Dave give it to me, fuck me, oh Dave you are fucking me so good, keep going, keep it up, keep fucking my pussy please. Pound it please” I screamed

I have never been “pounded” before per say and certainly not with a king size cock for this long. Dave picked up the tempo and then I felt Karen begin to lick my pussy from below. Wow what a sensation. So many great many great things were happening to me at once. I was so grateful so fulfilled in more than one way!

I think I was fucked for at least 45 minutes and I had cum multiple times. All the guys had a turn at my vagina with Mark as the last.

Carl had his cock in my mouth and Dave had Karen bent over the couch and was pounding her in the ass. It looked great as I had a perfect view of Dave’s cock ramming into her.

“Man that is what I must have looked like while Dave fucked me with his huge cock, wow, I would have never thought it possible. She is so tiny, just like me and that cock looks so huge in her! Wow, she is taking it like champ!” I thought, as I myself continued to be pounded by Mark.

“Oooh yes Dave, fuck me, oooo, open up my ass you stud, fuck me, fuck me!” Karen screamed.

All the guys were ready to blow any second with Mark being the first. He pulled out of me and I sucked his cock with relish, sending him the rest of the way. He pulled his cock out and shot cum all over my face, which I placed perfectly to receive the streams of cum. The first couple of shots landed on my forehead and hair. He was a big cummer! His cum came out in thick spaghetti like strings and landed on me in huge strips. He hit me right in the face. Most of my face was now fully covered in cum and I had to close my eyes very quickly. He groaned loudly as he shot cum in my hair and forehead as he milked the last bits out. I felt so slutty. The cum was warm against my skin and it must have been quite a site.

“Uuuuhh yes you look great Mary, so sexy, so cum covered, ready for more?” He said

I looked up at him and nodded and gave him a big smile with a cum covered face.

I could not see, but I heard that Dave was done pounding Karen’s ass. I heard him come over to me and felt him guide my hands up to his cock. I happily sucked his cock and massaged his balls, which were tight against his body ready to be empted.

“You look great Mary, all covered in cum, suck my cock, I love it, you are such a great little cock sucker!” Dave moaned as I went at his cock with a passion.

Dave pulled his cock out of my mouth and grunted loudly as he released his load all over my chest. He shot streams after stream of hot cum on both of my breasts, covering them. I rubbed it all over and happily opened my mouth to receive the next round of cum. He shot two big loads into my mouth; some missed and hit me in the cheek and nose. It tasted great though and I swallowed all I could.

Carl was next and he finished me off with another large load. He covered my head and face again. It was dripping all over now. I wiped the pooling cum out of my eyes and looked up and them. All three were starting at me with big smiles.

I looked up at them while massaging the cum all over my body. I took the massive amount on my face and hair and worked it onto my chest and abdomen. I rubbed my breasts while using the cum like lotion. I worked it all around, squeezing my breasts with cum covering them beautifully.

“Ummm, I love being covered in your cum guys, I feel so wonderfully slutty and sexy!” I said.

After a while of resting on the couch, still with cum, then Karen took some great snapshots of me. I posed in all kinds of positions, but then I had to take a shower. Most of the cum had dried on me and I was ready to get if off.

I returned from the shower and there was Dave on the couch resting happily.

“Where did everybody go?” I said.

"Karen took the boys into your bedroom for a little fun, it’s just you and me baby." Dave said.

“Wonderful, could I lie back on you and have you touch me all over? I really need that right now and I think you are awesome. “ I said looking at him very closely then laying a big wet sloppy kiss on him.

“Sure baby, whatever you want" Dave said.

I slide over the top of him and lay back so my head was to the side his. I felt so safe in his arms.

“Put your hands on me Dave” I whispered.

He took his hands and placed the over my breasts. He gently cupped each one and gave them both a squeeze. They were nicely shaped 36b’s and exceptionally smooth and soft. I moaned at his touch and I wriggled around by whole body feeling every part of Dave’s wonderful physique. I also slide my ass around to feeling his cock and muscular stomach. I began to notice that Dave was getting very hard. He must be getting very frustrated. He was being so good about not pressuring me, which he totally could at this point but wasn’t. I was full of admiration for him. I wanted to let him fuck me, but I also loved the position I was in and I did not want to lose the feeling of his skin. Like a light bulb turning on over my head, I got an idea.

I rolled off him as I was still very wobbly, got on the floor on my knees and turned toward him.

“Where are you going baby, are you not enjoying this?” Dave said with concern.

“Of course I am. I am enjoying it sooo much. You feel so good, but I thought I would make you feel better than you probably already do” I said as gave his cock long slow strokes.

I bent down and slowly began to blow him. I flicked my tongue over the tip of his cock and then opened wide and took him into my mouth. I sucked on the tip and then ran my tongue all the way down one side of his mightily shaft and up the other. I kept my eyes glued to him as I worked his lovely thick penis. It was a beautiful thing, so hard and tall, with big veins running down the shaft. It actually got thicker at the base; this extra girth felt great especially when he fucked me in the ass. “That extra bit of stretching felt good when he finally sank himself balls deep in me” I thought as I happy sucked away on his wonderful penis.

“I love it when you fuck me baby, ummm, oooo, just thinking of it makes me very wet!” I said as I gobbled him up.

I sucked the little bits of cum out if the tip of his cock, while cradling his ball sack in both hands. Then I laid his cock up against his abdomen and licked his ball sack with long sloppy licks. I took one of his balls in my mouth at a time and gently pulled on each one, and then I ran my tongue up to the tip of his shaft, all the time keeping my eyes on him. Finally I could not take it any long. I need that full feeling again. I kissed slowly up his body. I was very sweaty and breathing heavily. Then I kissed him deeply and sucked his tongue. I swirled my tongue around his mouth feeling all around the inside. We kissed for a few minutes while Dave ran his hands all over me. I was lost in heaven for a while. Then I broke off kissing him slowly.

“And now baby let me show you something I think you are going to love.” I panted.

I stood up turned around and straddled his legs so he was looking right at my ass. Then I started to squat down and lower my vagina down on his wonderful tool. I impaled myself slowly. I could feel the head begin to part my lips and then find my wet and willing entrance. The vaginal stretching Dave had already giving me tonight made his cock go in a lot easier. My pussy lips parted willingly.

“Oh baby, oooo, I want to feel you inside me again. “ I said as he slid inside me for the second time tonight.

“Oh yes Dave I love your cock! Do you like the view?” I moaned as I started the long slow journey down his rock hard shaft. I pulled up a little and pushed back down with each stroke, taking more and more in each time.

"Oh Mary, oh Mary, Oh sweetie, I love the look of my cock in your pussy, thank you Mary, thank you!”. Dave said as I impaled myself on him.

“Oh, ooooo, ooooooo, god I love your cock! The feeling it gives me, the stretching, the manhood, your cock is unbelievable! This is for you sweetie! My vagina is all yours tonight!” I said in broken sentences between strokes.

I finally made to the base and sat down on him, fully impaled on his wonderful penis. It was filling me up so much and felt so deep that I felt like it would come out of my mouth. I massaged my breasts while grinding my ass around on his lap for what seemed like forever. Dave was in heaven and moaned as I wiggled my ass around and around.

Then I stopped and lay back against him, finally feeling that wonderful connection with his whole body. Now however that feeling was hitting new heights as I had his cock buried deep in my vagina. It was great to feel so full of him now in every way. I move my whole body around feeling him.

“This is my surprise baby. I thought you would like it. I thought I would be back laying on you sooner, but the feeling of your cock in me was so good that I forgot, so sorry sweetie. I hope you think it was "worth it”. I said obviously teasing.

“You little minx” he said as he thrust his hips up to give his cock a little push. There was nowhere for it to go however as he was balls deep in me already.

‘"Fondle me Dave, fondle me all over while you fuck me! Please fuck my nice and slow baby. I want you to fuck me as long as you want." I said in a pure blissful whisper. I was shining with sweat now all over with beads of sweat running down off my breasts.

Dave grabbed a hold of my breasts and used them as a lever to move me up and down his cock. I picked up on the fact that he had to work to fuck me, so I lifted my legs and braced them against the top of his knees and push myself up and down his body. Now his cock moved in and out of me nice and slow and Dave could just concentrate on massaging me.

“Oooh it feels so good baby! Do you like it when I do this?" I said as I lifted myself up and slid back down.

“Ooooo baby I have never felt anything better than your tight vagina. That feels great!" Dave said

Dave fucked me like a champ for quite a while and he was getting close to cumming. Pussy juice was flowing freely out of me and dripping on the carpet. I was in sexual heaven. I finally pulled his wonderful cock out of my vagina slowly, missing already that full feeling that he gave me.

"Let me suck you cock sweetie" I said.

I got down in my knees and took his cock in my mouth, sucking up and down his shaft. I could taste myself all over his cock; I sucked all my love juice off eagerly. Then I slid his cock all the way back into my mouth and gave it a final push and started to deep throat him again. I ran my mouth all the way down his thick shaft until his entire cock was all the way down my throat and my lips were pressed up against his pubic bone. I hummed with pleasure and I knew it would further drive him crazy. I looked up at him with a throat full of cock and gave him the sexiest smile I could muster considering that my mouth was stuffed with his penis. He massaged my head and pulled my head up and down his shaft.

"Oh baby, oh god, sooo good, yes, your throat is as good as your ass!" Dave said.

After a while of Dave was getting close to cumming and held my head as he tensed up his butt and blew a huge load down my throat. I could feel his cum filling my stomach. It felt nice and warm now. I slowly sucked his cock to make sure I had all the cum that was going to come out and make it into my stomach.

"Yum, yummy" I said after I pulled his cock out of my mouth.

We curled up and the couch and snuggled for the rest of the night. We both passed out after a little while, both totally spent.

I had a very sore vagina for a long time and my ass, although I thought I did some real damage, made it through better than my vagina. Among the many things I got out of it was the ability to take it in the ass, not be so uptight and when I am horney, to be ok with the pleasures of the flesh.

Stay tuned for the chronicles of the new Mary…….

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