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One wild night for a sweet little southern girl

Depressed divorced mom gets a much needed night of passion with a little help from a Friend and E.

This is a story of my first real sexual miss-adventure and while almost all is true I did take some poetic license here and there. I still cannot believe it really happened, but that's life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did living it and then writing in down!!

I am a 41 year old house wife with 2 kids and a loving husband. I'm very stable now and have no real worries about money or love. Gary, my husband, is the kind of man who makes my life easy. We have sex regularly and I love it. Everything about sex turns me on, but not the kind of sex most guys think of. Most women are just not geared that way.

Like most woman, I have always seemed more into what's inside people rather than looks when it comes to sex. I have to have a connection to the person to have feelings of a sexual nature, so most of the sexual fantasies that guys have are totally unrealistic. Oh sure, if you are talking about a gutter slut; yes they will have sex with whoever. But most guys have fantasies about a sweet little virgin who is totally hot that just goes and has sex on the spot with total strangers and just loves it! Guys think with their little heads, that’s why their fantasies are just that…fantasies. They think we all wait around for their big cocks to stretch open our virgin pussies while they pump away and make us cum. That’s what I thought and it’s still true, but there was a time in my past when I was that sweet little girl and I was fucked by several young guys and I loved every minute of it! It took a particular set of circumstances for this to happen. It still seems like a fantasy, but I have an image to prove it to myself. I often masturbate to it still to this day!

I say this because I had such an encounter after my divorce. All I have to do this think about it and I get wet.

I was 31 years old with a young son at the time. I had and still do have a nice figure, 5’4” tall, hour glass figure with 36B cup breasts, with very nice sensitive nipples. I was very conservative though about sex, not only because I had yet to have really good sex with a good lover, but also it was the way I was raised. I think my mom must not have had a very good sex life. She always taught me to just go along with what he wanted and not to expect too much when it came to love making.

Well after my divorce I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself and got really depressed, I when out to bars and started to hang out with a different crowd. You know not the family school crowd, but the cougar crowd of moms. I never knew what a cougar was. I had to look it up in the internet when my girl friend first used the term when they were all going out to a Def Leopard concert. They called themselves “Def-Cougars”. I found out that cougars like to have sex with guys in their early twenties. I found this distasteful to say the least, but they were all fun to hang out with anyway, so I did.
One thing about cougars is they loved to party and it was a great way for me to battle the depression I was feeling. My ex was a real asshole and he was making my life very hard financially and with our son. Also my job was really starting to get very un-rewarding. I found myself feeling very sorry for myself and I was slipping into a depression. I found myself hanging out with the girls at bars and our homes late in the evening. It really helped to just go out and get buzzed with women that had similar stories to tell.

When Fridays came along we would all meet up and get a baby sitter for all of our kids, then we would hit the bars and sometimes we would meet up at one of our houses. Almost all of us were divorced or separated from our husbands, so we would gather a couple of young guys and bring them home with us. It was fun to flirt with them. Nothing came of it, but there was defiantly a sexual charge to the atmosphere. I felt like I was being naughty just flirting with them. I found myself loving the attention and surprised myself when I un-buttoned the top two buttons my blouse before I left the bathroom to show off my cleavage. I would go back to the party and notice right away the guys stealing glances. I felt good and very relaxed. I needed this with the other crappy things happening to me. I didn’t hurt either that usually I had too much to drink.

“Getting a bit drunk and talking with hot young guys wasn’t so bad,” I thought to myself.

We went out like this for a few months. I found myself really looking forward to the weekends. My job and my ex were no better and I loved the feeling of acceptance that the cougars gave me. They all were very nice. A couple of them tried to get me to sleep with young guys we would hang out with. Karen loves to tell me about the hot sex she would have with them.

“He was so good Mary; he really gave it to me if you know what I mean!” Karen would say teasing me.

They all knew what a prude I was. I never gave a guy a chance to get into my pants. I just wasn’t into it. I had to feel love for a guy to make LOVE to him. I loved the attention though, but there was no way I was going to let these guy fuck me. No way!

To my surprise most of the cougars felt the same way. Some were married; all of them really loved the teasing part and giving the young studs hard on’s with all the teasing.

Even with all the partying I still felt very depressed. I started to go see the therapist once a week. It was helping, but not as much as I would have hoped. Karen, one of the cougars that did not have a problem giving it up to the young studs, told me that her friend was going through very tough times with her husband. Nothing in therapy seemed to help. They both had too many emotional walls build and she was getting scared they might not be able to save their marriage. She said that the therapist told them about a drug called Ecstasy that really opens up your mind and gives to a great sense of well being. They both took the drug and it worked. During the course of the drug they both spilled out all their anxiety. The walls fell down and they just let it all pour out in one night. They next day they had a hangover from the Ecstasy but it saved their marriage.

"And how is that going to help me” I said.

“ Come on Mary. I know what you have been going through. Wouldn’t you love an evening of just plain bliss! You might even be able to get a handle on what’s going on in your head.” Karen said.

I have to admit it sounded tempting! The thought of being able to let go and just enjoy had a big appeal.

"Ok , but where and who should I do it with” I said.

“With me of course and I think I will invite a couple of friends along who also have done ecstasy before, is that ok with you?” she said.

It did sound better to take the drug with Karen, but I was unsure about the others.

“What friends,” I asked suspiciously.

“A few guys I know that are really fun to party with, and don’t worry they will not put any pressure on you. I have taken ecstasy with them before. It was great!” She said convincingly.

Thinking back I am glad she did not give more details because I would have never agreed to it.
The big night arrived and I was very nervous. We meet at my house. I had the babysitter pick up my son before the others arrived. She said it was not problem to keep him over night. I thought this would be better as I did not want him coming in late and possibly see me.

Karen said not to drink much as it does not go well with the drug. I had a stiff drink anyway to take the edge off. I was feeling pretty low. I had no sex drive and no really energy to do anything anymore. I sure hoped that this “Ecstasy” would help me find the balance I was looking for. Little did I know what I had in store for me. If I had I might not have done it, but I did and am glad I did because I had one of the best experiences of my life!

Karen and 3 guys came over around 7 pm, right on time. I knew all three from past outing at the local bars. All three were very young, 22-26 years old. Very cute and well built. One guy Dave, Karen told me, had a huge cock! I always thought it was crazy the way she would go on about them. All three had hit on me at one time or another, but they all backed off when I made it clear that I was not going to sleep with them, so I felt safe with them. It also made me feel better that Karen was around, who has had sex with two of them already! If they want to fuck they could always fuck her! Beside I had no sex drive. It was the last thing on my mind.

We gathered in the living room. I got them all drinks and we had pleasant conversion. Karen said that we should all take Ecstasy at the same time, so it would hit us all around the same time. She handed out the little blue pills. They all swallowed them. I still had mine in my hand. Karen looked at me.

“I know you are nervous, I will be here the whole time to watch out for you, don’t worry you will have a great time. I promise!” she said with a big smile on her face.

With a little apprehension I popped the pill into my mouth and downed it with my drink. She said that it would take around 45 minutes for me to feel the effect. In the mean time I had casual conversation with the guys. I was sitting in the couch with Dave on my right and Carl on my left. Carl was the black guy. He had very nice body and was really smart and nice. Dave was slightly smaller and just as nice and made great conversation.

After a while, it must have been about 20 minutes after I swallowed the pill, I began to feel very good. My senses were heightened. The couch I was sitting on felt extremely good! I started to rub the fabric with my hands. I started to also feel very turned on, but more of an external feeling.

We started talking about all kinds of things. I started to loosen up and could feel the e flowing through me. The guys were very nice and soooo good looking. I never realized how cute and sexy they were, especially Dave. He was a hunk. We stayed close and we got more comfortable with each other.

“It’s so nice, this feeling” I said

"Isn’t it great?” Dave said.

He was giving me a very sexy look and I began having thoughts about him I had never had before.

“What would I do?” I thought to myself.

I was going down a path that was very exciting, but also a little scary. I never have taken drugs before and I hoped I would not lose control to bad. These thoughts ran through my head as I kept talking to both of them; but in actuality I knew the drug wouldn't make me do anything I didn't really subconsciously want to do.

We drank plenty of water as we were all very thirsty. Dave moved closer to me on the couch until his legs were touching mine. Everything felt so good to me, and the excitement of Dave moving over caught me by surprise.

"You are very beautiful Mary. I love your look, so sweet and nice.” Dave said.

I found him so charming and so handsome! We continued talking for quite a while. I love how intellectual he was, I never noticed before. He had done a lot with his life so far; I was very jealous and also very turned by him.

He took a hold of my hand and started caressing it. It felt great.

“Is this ok” Dave said.

“Sure I love it!” I said.

I started have flashes of kissing him and it made the blush.

We kept on talking. He moved himself closer and ran his hands through my hair. What a feeling. I was sweating now, the ecstasy was flowing.

I lay back on the couch and enjoyed the feeling of the drug.

I started to daydream about all sorts of thing. All seemed so good! Rushing feelings of well being and euphoria flowed through me. I closed my eyes, laid back on the cough and enjoyed the feeling. I started to rub myself all over. I caressed by arms and felt the fabric. It felt so good! As I rubbed myself I started to think of very powerful sexual fantasies, my hands were on their own.

I heard Dave asking me if it was ok to he gave me a back massage.

“Sure go ahead,” I said in a whisper. I was only partially hearing him.

I turned my back toward him and he started to massage my back. I felt great. I loved the feeling of his hands as he rubbed my back and shoulders.

“This feels great.” I said.

“It would feel better on bare skin.” he said.

“Ok, I’ll take off my blouse.” I said hesitatingly

I took off my top. I had a bra on still and my nipples were fully erect and could be seen through the thin fabric.

Dave got some oil and started again on my back and shoulders.

“Ummm...ummm.” I said

I was truly loving it and not at all concerned about how exposed I was.

He gave me a massage for a long time. It felt great. He rubbed my back and then started to come around the front and massage my abdomen and then around by breasts, but he never touched them.
“ May I massage your breasts please, they look magnificent” Dave said in my ear so no one else could hear.

This caught me off guard and I hesitated. I looked around and saw Karen busy with Mark, but Carl was there and he was checking me out, but then I surprised myself by saying:

“Go ahead baby, I would love you to.”

He reached in front and undid the single button holding my breasts in place. They both sprang free. It felt great to set them free.

It was almost as if I was seeing myself from above. Not connected to what I saw. Part of me, the shy part was alarmed at what was happening, but that voice was getting a lot less clear and the feeling of pure bliss was taking over. I relaxed and was totally happy for the first time in a long time. I had this great looking intelligent guy’s full attention and it made me happy. If he wanted to get a little feel of me, so much the better. It felt good and I deserved it. He then kissed me very gently and passionately. It was so good. I kissed him back and began to caress his hair. I loved the feeling.

“I love your lips.” I whispered.

“You feel wonderful.” he said.

I looked down to see my naked breasts. He gently cupped each one and gave them a gentle squeeze. I cooed in response, loving the feeling.

I realized that I was now falling off a sexual cliff and what would happen, would happen and I would just let it. It was refreshing to let go of the worry and the guilt. Dave kept on kissing me and he was now rubbing me all over. I just lay there feeling very intense rushing feelings of sexual bliss running all through me.

Dave continued to caress me all over my body. I started to pinch my nipples. They got very hard and felt so wonderful. This sent intense shock waves of pleasure to my pussy. Without thinking I slipped my hand under my skirt and found my pussy. I worked my fingers into the folds of my labia and found my clit. Man what a feeling!

I opened my eyes and found the guys staring at me, but it did not bother me one bit. I gave them both a big smile. This is something that I would have never normally done, ever! I had never masturbated with my husband or even told him that I ever did so, but now I had no such inhibitions.

“Cloths feel so restrictive, don’t they? I said.

“They sure do, why don’t get rid of them.” said Dave.

It seemed like such a great idea! I took off all my cloths and so did they. Karen was already naked lying back on the lazy boy chair spread eagle and rubbing herself off over. Mark was on the floor next to her licking her up one leg and down the other.

“Oh yes baby, keep going!” She moaned.

It felt so totally good to get rid of my cloths. I took them off slowly however, relishing the feeling of the cloth sliding off my body. I started with my blouse. I unbuttoned the rest of the buttons and slid it off my arms. I sighed as I moved, loving the feeling. I felt up my abdomen and cupped my breasts. They felt great. I squeezed and massaged them, relishing the feeling. I was so turned on. The guys where already naked and starting up at me with huge smiles on their faces. I smiled back.

 Like what you see?” I teased.

“Yes very much, you are beautiful!” they both said.

I loved the complement. I continued with the rest. The skirt was next then my bra and panties. I stood above them rubbing my body all over.

 Come lay down” they said.

I slid down into the couch. I lay back and spread my legs. It seemed so natural now. Even with Carl taking in my nakedness. Dave pulled my left leg over his leg and Carl pulled my other leg over his. I was spread eagled now with my wet pussy in full view. It felt very good and the ecstasy flowed through me. They got some oil and spread it over me and they both started to give me a fabulous massage. I was in heaven! I could not help it any longer; I finally reached down and started to massage my pussy right in front of them! This would be the first of many things I did this night. I started with my pussy lips and then went to my very sensitive clit and gave it quick little circles around the base. My pussy was very wet. The guys were doing a great job of massaging me!

“Oh GOD this feels so good keep going,” I said.

Dave had both my breasts in his hands and, with the oil, it felt wonderful! The sensation, as he worked my nipples and squeezed one breast then the other, was unbelievable!

“God that’s great” I said.

“Your pussy is very wet and very sexy. I love seeing you play with yourself, is it OK if I watch you masturbate?” Carl said smiling at me with a huge very sexy grin.

“Of course it is. God I love to play with myself…my clit feels so good,” I said as I started to play with my clit in different ways, very playfully while giving him a very sultry look.

“I never enjoyed rubbing my clit more, and I love it that you are looking at me.” I said as I worked it some more while sliding a few fingers in my pussy.

I gave him a big smile as I took my pussy juice soaked fingers out of my pussy and put them into his mouth to suck on. He planted a big wet French kiss on me. Our lips locked together as we sucked each other’s tongues for what seemed like hours. Meanwhile Dave had his cock rock hard and was stroking it. I did not see him, but he took my hand and guided it to his cock. I grabbed on to it and started to stroke it. It was oiled and felt great. His cock was nice and long and thick. I worked it slowly rubbing the shaft and head, squeezing it from the tip and working my hand down. Here I was masturbating in front of two guy while French kissing one and stroking the cock of another.

“Welcome to slutville” I thought, but I was loving it.

This was not something I would ever normally ever do, but this opened up a whole new world for me and the ecstasy allowed me to enjoy it for was it was.

Carl broke the kiss as I was about to Cum.

“Take a look baby….I'm going to cum,” I said staring into his eyes.

I pick up the speed of my fingers rubbing my clit. The pressure was building and I came hard. I buck my hips up and ground my fingers against my clit. My pussy squirted.

“Man that was fantastic” Carl said.

Carl had moved to the floor and was on his knees with his face only inches away from my pussy as I came.

“Lick me please.” I found myself saying.

He ran his tongue up and down my pussy lips. I thought I was going to explode with pleasure.

“Oh God that feels great…keep licking…slowly baby…nice long licks….do you like the taste of my pussy baby?” I asked.

“I love it,” he said in between licks.

I looked over to Karen to see her getting fucked slowly by Mark. I heard slurping noises from her vagina which was flowing freely with her love juice as Mark stroked in and out of her.

“Oh God…yes…oh yes. I love it. Fuck me baby…….oh yes……I love your cock in my pussy…fuck me!” she moaned.

It was such a turn on to see Karen getting fucked and seeing the juice running down her ass as Mark plunged deep into her. I turned back around from watching Karen and Dave was between my legs with his cock resting on my pussy with his arms under each of my legs holding them up.

“Can I put this inside of you sweetie?” Dave said.

I did not answer right away, but just stared at the biggest cock I had ever seen. I was huge and shining with the oil I had rubbed on it. He sawed is cock back and forth across my pussy lips. The sensation was so intense I could not answer him verbally, so I nodded yes as my mind raced at the site of what was about to enter my tight pussy. I was even tighter than usual because I had not been fucked in a while, but I never gave it a second thought like a normally would. I have had sex with guys with huge cocks and they always hurt going in and sometimes I had to stop them or limit the amount they tried to push into me. Not this time. Not on Ecstasy with my pussy this wet and willing. This thing would feel great! Tonight was the night that I was "that slut who loved to get fucked by huge cocks." Tonight would be a night my pussy would never forget!!

“I want to watch this” Karen said.

She was done being fucked as evidenced by all the cum Mark had shot on her hair and face. She came over and laid a big wet kiss on me as she reached down and slowly played with my pussy. Then she slid her finger inside of me.

 Man she is so wet.” she said to Dave

“And you feel so good sweetie.” Karen said to me.

The taste of her kiss was mixed with Marks cum. She wiped her face back and forth across my lips and I lapped up the cum with glee. Cum never tasted so good!

 Are you ready?” Karen said.

She grabbed a hold of Dave's cock and put it and the entrance of my pussy. Dave pushed it in slowly. It went in surprisingly easy.

“Oh GOD THAT FEELS SOOOO good” I moaned.

He moved his cock in and out of my pussy inch by inch very slowly. I was in heaven.

“OH God….oh God…yes…oh my God…ooooo that feels so good…I love the feeling….I feel you stretching my pussy ….it feels so good!” I moaned out load.

I concentrated on the feeling inside me of his cock stretching my vagina open. Normally I would be in pain, but now because of the E, I instead had the wildest sexual feelings. I watched his cock slowly plunge into me. He massaged by abdomen up to my breasts.

” UMMM, I love this!” I thought.

The sensation of his cock was intense. As he slowly pulled out of me I could feel my vagina being pulled out with it. Then he pulled it all the way out. My pussy closed up and I waited. He pushed it back in and I could feel my vagina open back up again. It was crazy, but I was in heaven. I have never been so turned on. Never so wet. My pussy was producing copious amounts of love juice. I could feel it leaking past my stretched out pussy and his cock!

“ You are fucking me soooo good baby….I’m so turned on…..” I managed to say in between strokes of his fabulous love tool.

Karen stood above me a lowered her pussy onto my face and I started to eat her out as Dave went at my pussy. It felt like forever that Dave fucked me. Karen came hard on my face and I lapped up her pussy juice, then she moved aside. I looked down and saw what I had only been feeling before. Dave’s cock was moving all the way in! All 9 inches were disappearing into my pussy somehow. Then he pulled his cock out and ran it back in slowly.

“ Oh god..oh god…..oh god” was all I could say.

Then he slowly pulled it all the way out and laid it on my abdomen Then he sawed it back and forth across my pussy lips again. It was slick with my love juice. Karen licked her lips at the site and bent down and started to suck his cock. Carl and Mark had been watching the action from the side stoking their hug hard ons.

“ How does it feel baby, would you like more cocks inside you?” Karen said with a wide smile looking up from sucking on Dave’s cock.

“ Is that possible, I don’t think I can take another cock in me at once.” I said innocently.

“ I’ll show you, Dave get up and lie down on the floor over there.”” She said.

Dave got up and laid down on the carpet.

“ Now sweetie get up and go over to Dave and sit on his cock for me, trust me you are going to love this!” Karen said with a huge grin.

I got up. I was a little wobbly so Carl had to help me over to Dave. I got down on my knees and straddled him and gave him a very wet French kiss while Karen sucked Dave's cock. After a few minutes Karen took Dave’s cock and pointed it at my very wet vagina. Then I lowered myself onto his cock while still locked in a very good feeling French kiss. I had that great full feeling again. I put both my hands down on his chest to help my balance and then proceeded to pull my vagina up and down on his wonderful feeling penis. I said "pull up and down" because, he was so big it did not matter how wet I was, my vagina was stretched to the limit and that's what it felt like...pulling against all the wide girth friction of Dave's fabulous cock! It was so nice. I stroked up all the way until he was just about to come out then I slowly went all the way back down. I ground my pubic bone against his, feeling his cock inside me rubbing every part of my insides as it move around. I had forgotten about what Karen had said until I felt a hand hold me down when I was fullly impaled on Dave's cock.

“ Just hold it there Mary and wait for Carl, he is going to give you something else to enjoy along with Dave.” Said Karen.

While I waited I bent over and kissed Dave. I loved his lips and his tongue. I sucked his tongue and kissed him passionately.

“ I love your cock Dave, you have the best feeling penis.” I moaned in his ear.

Carl knelt behind me. I had no idea what I was in for! He massaged by back and breasts then he put his cock up to my ass and ran it along the crack. I was very busy kissing Dave, and loving his man meat inside my vagina, to fully realize what was about to happen. He put his cock up against my ass and started to push it in. Suddenly, but with slutty expectation, I realized that I was about to be ass fucked for the first time! I felt the head pop in past my o ring.

“ OOOHHH god that feels great” I moaned.

Carl worked his cock all the way into my ass slowly, taking his time. I started to push up on Dave so I could feel both cock plunging into me. What a feeling.

” What a slut.” I thought.

It was not too long ago that I wouldn’t let either of them touch me, much less fuck me, and now they both had me a once. I loved the feeling of being ass fucked and double penetrated by them.

“Oh God...go slow....oh God yes,” I moaned.

Karen called Mark over and he knelt beside me on the floor. Mark took his cock out and guided into my mouth. I sucked on it with glee. Now I had all three guys in all my holes. I would have never ever thought it possible. I can see what Karen was taking about though. I loved it. At the time I had no idea why but I loved the feeling of being used by these guys.

After what seemed forever we all stopped. Carl slowly pulled his cock out of my ass and I just lay there on Dave with his rock hard cock still inside of me. Karen was lying on the easy chair using a dildo on herself while watching the acting.

“Mary, come over here and eat me out baby, would you please, I need that tongue of yours on my pussy?” she said as she worked the dildo in and out of her pussy.

I looked up from lying on Dave. I pushed myself up and slowly pulled my vagina off Dave’s wonderful tool.

“Dave....please fuck me in the ass while I eat Karen out...Please baby. I think it would feel great if you fucked my ass while I sucked on Karen’s pussy... please” I whispered in his ear.

I was so high that words and thoughts that I never thought I would utter came out naturally. Dave of course agreed happily. I crawled over to Karen on my hands and knees. She pulled the dildo out of her and waited. I began to eat her out with relish. Karen just lay back and moaned. I felt Dave's cock push up against my ass. He was wider and longer then Carl and I felt it. I felt my ass stretching to accommodate his huge member.

“Oh baby...stretch my ass...oh yes please fuck me...fuck me ass.....fuck your little slut,” I moaned.

It felt so wonderfully slutty and sexy saying these things for all to hear! I spread my legs and tilted my ass up to give him a better access to my ass and to help him get it all the way in. I was defiantly being stretched. I could feel it.

“Oh yes fuck my ass...slowly baby...oh I feel it stretching open...oh yes...oh god...” I said in between sucking the life out of Karen's pussy.

She tasted so good. The sensation of her pussy lips on my mouth and the feel of being ass fucked had me going. I was such a slut.

Little innocent me was eating pussy for the first time and taking it up the ass; the firsts for me were piling up this night for sure!!

I timed my sucking of her pussy with the slow strokes of his cock. Dave picked up the tempo of his strokes in and out of my little virgin ass. He was going from tip to balls deep in just a couple of seconds now. I had not realized how much he was fucking me. Dave was close to cuming and Carl and Mark were not far behind as they were both stroking their cocks right over us. Dave pulled his cock slowly out my ass.

“I’m going to cum Mary” Dave said.

“Oh please shoot it all over me” I begged.

I got on my knees. All three of them were standing over me stroking their cocks. I took turns sucking off each of them. I had Dave's cock in my mouth while I stroked the other two. I did not think I could do this, but it worked great and they loved it.

“Man she is good at this, what a good cock sucker she is” They all commented.

I was sucking Dave's cock as far down as it would go, all the way to the back of the throat.

“Take him all the way Mary, swallow him, try it. Just loosen your throat and swallow.’ Karen said as she proceeded to deep throat Mark while looking right at me.

She looked great with her mouth all the way up against Mark's balls with his cock all the way down her throat. I smiled at her and said. “I’ll give it a try”

The I looked up to Dave who looked like he was in heaven and said

 Do you want me to suck your cock all the way down my throat baby? Would you like to see me try?”

“Oh yes sweetie please,” Dave begged.

Karen was mouth fucking Mark now and he loved it.

I ran my hands up and down Dave’s lovely shaft and then got it nice and lubed up with my spit. Then I started to suck his cock. I sucked on his huge shaft, moving it closer to the back of my throat. Finally his cock hit the back of my throat and to my amazement my throat opened up without gagging. I pushed his cock past the entrance to my throat. I was so happy about being able to deep throat. I pushed it farther down and his cock started the long journey down my throat. Little by little I was working my way down his massive member to his balls. I pulled it out and sucked it back in. Then I went for it all. I sucked up his shaft slowly and gobbled his cock all the way down until my lips were in his pubic hair. I stayed there for a while massaging his ass with my hands. I looked up at Dave who was staring at me in amazement.

“Baby that feels so good and you look so good swallowing my cock” Dave said.

I moved up and down his shaft now. Loving the feeling of his cock traveling down my throat and back out again.

Chalk up another first for the night for me, deep throating, wow!

Dave had his eyes closed and held my head in his hands guiding me up and down his shaft. Dave now started to throat fuck me slowly like Mark was doing to Karen. He pushed and pulled my head off and onto his cock in a steady motion. I had my throat fully open now and Dave was taking full advantage of it. Karen almost had Mark cuming and Dave was not far behind. Karen stopped blowing Mark and said for all of them to shoot their loads on me.

“This is going to be great” she said.

Mark was the first to blow and he shot cum all over my head and face as I deep throated Dave. What a feeling! I felt huge strings of cum land on my face and hair. Some landing in my eye socket and I had to close my eyes. Dave and Carl were both getting very close. I stopped blowing Dave and just stared at him with a cum covered face.

“Hit me baby with your wonderful cum” I begged.

Both Carl and Dave exploded on me at the same time. Carl aimed for my breasts and Dave shot it all over. He had by far the biggest bounty of cum. He covered my face and then shot the rest on my breasts. I rubbed it all over. I was a cum covered slut now.

Karen had the where-will-all to get a camera and, without me knowing, shot a couple of pictures of me with huge amounts of cum all over me. I was really quite a site.

I took a shower, more for the feeling than need to get clean. Everybody came in and we had a great time cleaning each other. Karen suggested that the boys shave my pussy and in the current state I was in, it sounded like a great idea.

We went back out to the living room and I laid on the couch spread my legs wide and gave the green light with my eyes.

“Shave my pussy boys, make it perfectly smooth,” I said in my sexiest voice.

They got the shaving cream and rubbed it on my pussy. Then Dave, my favorite, took up the razor and started to shave me. It felt wonderful and I loved it how the boys stared at my pussy while it happened. In no time I was perfectly smooth. I had never been shaved and it looked very sexy.

Karen was the first to say “Can I take it for a test drive”, as she got on the floor between my legs and proceeded to give a licking I will never forget.

The feeling of her tongue was absolutely fabulous! Dave took a turn for a while and ate me out like a king.

“Oh yes Dave, eat me...oh yes oh yes..please… Dave, fuck me with that cock of yours pleas,.” I begged.

Dave got up and took my legs which had been on the floor and picked them up and bent them over me until both of my feet were by my ears. He then took his fantastic cock and proceeded to fuck me like never before. He took long stokes in and out of me then picked up the pace and really started to fuck me, harder than ever. He was going all the way in and out, faster and faster.

"Do you like it Mary?” Dave said.

”Oh yes Dave fuck me ...oh fuck me please...fuck me," I begged.

I looked down at the assault on my pussy. It was stretched to the limit and I loved every minute. He pulled out and put it in my ass and proceeded to give a first class ass fucking while holding my legs against my ears.

We stopped after a while. Dave pulled out of my ass. I had gotten used to it now and actually missed it. We all took a breather on the couch, mixed some drinks and just hung out. I was in between Dave and Carl. Karen was in Mark's lap on the easy chair. We all talked about what a great time we were having. I found myself totally at ease taking about being fucked.

“I just loved it when you got behind me a really stretched my ass and fucked me are such a stud, thank you for fucking me, thank you for your lovely cock” I said while giving him a really slutty sultry smile.

“You are great Mary, you have the best ass and I just love how tight your pussy is to, you are a great lay and I would fuck you anytime you ask baby. Dave said with a smile.

“I just love the look of my cock in your ass Mary while you were fucking Dave, you took it like a champ” Carl said.

We where all have a great time and it was only 11pm. The whole night was ahead of us.

To be continued......
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