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Pantyless Vacation

A vacation from undies

I wrote about our vacation about a month ago in a story titled “A tourist in a local bar” in the exhibitionism section.   I told you I would write about how we ended up having an vacation without underwear.   I decided to put it in the reluctance section because my wife, Linda, has been reluctant to relive our more adventurous days when we were dating and first got married.

I have been trying to get Linda to wear more skirts and dresses and going without underwear for a number of years and she has always refused.   She told me it was because she was afraid that she would be seen by someone we knew and word would spread about her at our kid’s school or were we work. So when she agreed that just the two of us would go on a vacation to celebrate our 15 th anniversary she would be open to not wearing panties or bras.   I didn’t tell her anything about my plan but figured she would easily go along once we got to the hotel.

The last day before our vacation, I was off but Linda had to work.   I had been secretly preparing for this day for 6 months.   I had purchase many outfits for my wife including a dress with a tube type top that I wrote about in my other story along with some tube tops. While she was at work, I unpacked everything she had packed I packed the things I bought.   I didn’t pack any underwear or nightgowns or pjs.

We got to the hotel and Linda wanted to take a shower before dinner.   She game out and opened her suitcase and saw what I had done and was really pissed.   That came as a surprise. She was also upset that she had no pants to wear but only skirts and dresses.   She yelled at me that she would wear the panties and bra that she had been wearing all day but that in the morning she would go out and but all new underwear.   She stormed off into the bathroom to get dressed and ready to go out.   I had bought three skirts of different lengths to go along with a semi-transparent top.   One was below the knee, one about even with her knee and one about 4 inches above her knee.   I was pleasantly surprised that she came out with the short skirt on and the blouse. It was transparent enough that I could clearly see her bra.   I am not sure she knew that but I figured I wouldn’t say anything.

D inner started out very cold without us saying anything to each other.   While we were waiting for our main course, she finally asked what I was thinking.   I told her about the time when we were dating when she had gone to the lady’s room during our date and remove her panties and bra and how turned on I was and how beautiful she looked that night.   I also explained that since she always used being seen by someone we knew as an excuse when I tried to get her to go out that way that she would do it now that that wasn’t a problem.

By the time we were ready for desert; she was getting more comfortable with what I did and excused herself to go to the lady’s room.   A couple of minutes later, I noticed some of the men turning and looking towards the lady’s room.   I turned to see my wife walking towards our table.   You could clearly see her nipples through the blouse and obviously she was no longer wearing her bra.   She sat down next to me and took my hand.   She slid my hand up her skirt to let me feel that she had also removed her panties.   Then she opened her purse and showed them to me.   I could hardly wait to get somewhere more private.   We got to the car and kissed me for a long time.   She then told me that she would not be buying any underwear and that I didn’t have to worry about her using those panties again since she left them on her chair.   I had all I could do to keep from attacking her right there in the parking lot.   We did go to a local park and we found a secluded picnic area and fucking on one of the tables.   We spent most of the night back in our hotel sucking a fucking all over the room and out on the balcony until we fell asleep.   We did not wake up until the mail walked in to find us naked on the floor next to the bed.   The maid seemed to be hot for Linda.   But that is another story.   All week we were nude in our room and Linda wore skirts and dresses without undies everywhere we went.   Many people got a peek and we made out all over.

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