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Part 2 Gullible 18 Year Old Liz 34E

A Story Of Liz, Before We Met
These are stories of Liz my partner. These events generally happened before we met, but unfortunately, some happened when we were together. I managed to coax the details out of her and have for a long time wanted to share them with others.

Liz was a stunner, just 18 years old, slim, blonde and very busty. Her 34E breasts looked even larger because of her tiny waist, and so men were naturally just drawn towards her. She was also very pretty, with deep blue eyes, full lips and she was always extremely well groomed. She was basically a man magnet, and at 18, she was ripe for men's attention.

She had found herself a boyfriend at 16, a genuinely nice guy and they were both very happy. They had met at school before she had fully blossomed. The lucky guy had managed to find himself in this wonderful position of having a trophy girlfriend. He was the guy who took Liz's virginity, and he was extremely proud of her. They had stayed together for two years, and were truly loyal to each other, apart from one mishap that happened on Liz's part.

The problem for her boyfriend was, that although Liz was stunning, she was more than a little shy and naive and so found it difficult to deal with unwanted attention from men that she often received. She was young, and so a little unsure of how to handle all of the attention.

Liz really had to fend men off, both to ensure she remained the sort of girl her parents expected her to be, but also to ensure she maintained the good relationship she had with her boyfriend.

She was definitely not a cock hungry sort, she enjoyed her steady relationship, so it would take some very confident type to get into her knickers. 

Liz had started work in a satellite office in town, belonging to a large corporate company that operated in the City. The office had a mixed staff of around twelve people, but often Head Office staff would pop in and use spare office space to hold meetings etc.

Soon word got out that a young big breasted beauty had joined the team, and so men from Head Office would make excuses to visit her office to take a look and try their luck with Liz. She held firm; she wasn't stupid, and so she ensured she pointed out to them that she had a boyfriend and wasn't interested.

Doug was one of the frequent visitors. He was around 50 years old, married, very confident and held a very senior position within the company. Doug managed to get a little more of Liz's attention than others, by way of inviting her out for important lunch meetings, which she could not refuse due to them being purely business. Liz knew what he was trying to do, though — he was trying the subtle approach, but her legs were remaining closed.

Then one day Doug had a meeting with Liz and invited her on a two-day course that was being held in a country hotel for some of the sales staff. Liz was very honoured to have been picked for the course, as she was just a junior, and nobody else from her office was invited. Doug had said that the course was for seniors, but as she was doing so well, she should come along and help him facilitate it, as it would be good experience for her.

A few weeks later Liz packed her bags for her first ever venture away from home on business. She spent the first day helping Doug with the course, handing out papers, working out results, and generally being supportive of him and the course in general.

At night the delegates all went for dinner, then around 9.00pm they all met in the bar for drinks. Doug informed everyone he needed to go to his room to prepare for tomorrow, then he took Liz to one side and asked her to pop up to his room in half an hour, just to go through the next day's schedule.

Liz was happy to help, she was shy and so not too confident with the new crowd, so helping a friendly face in Doug was a much better option for her.

Liz finished off her glass of wine, checked her watch, then ventured up to Doug's room to help him with his work. Liz was dressed in a white blouse that was tight across her lovely ample bosom. She wore a mid thigh length black skirt, which was both professional and sexy, and of course, those high heels that were probably an inch or so too high, so it ensured she had a nice sexy wiggle.

Doug opened the door in his robe, which surprised Liz somewhat. He was holding a couple of champagne glasses, and he invited her to have a drink to celebrate her first successful day on the course. Liz was flattered that her boss was being so attentive, and so thoughtful in recognising her contribution. She was also a little nervous, though, as she was alone with Doug, and she would much have preferred to have been in a more open environment with other people.

Doug started talking about the day, and was constantly topping up Liz's champagne glass as soon as she had taken a sip from it. It wasn't long before the champagne had kicked in, and Liz felt a little heady and more relaxed.

Liz was sat on the end of the bed, and after a few glasses of champagne, Doug told her that she looked a little tense and so suggested he gave her a little massage on her shoulders. Liz was just about to say "no", but before she could, Doug had got behind her on the bed and started a wonderfully gentle shoulder massage that started to take stress away from her body. It was just a gentle massage, just touching her shoulders, nothing else, so Liz thought nothing of it and just relaxed as Doug continued.

Liz was enjoying the massage, her hands were now on the bed beside her, which made it more relaxing, but unfortunately for Liz made her tits jut out even further, which benefitted Doug as he looked over her shoulder.

Then Doug started venturing further down her back, which wasn't a problem until his hands started slowly creeping around her sides, and then were ever so briefly touching the sides of her breasts before he returned to massage her back and shoulders.

It was a wonderful feeling, Liz enjoyed it, but she had a boyfriend and there was no way that she would let it go further. And anyway, Liz convinced herself that the touch on her breasts was not intentional — he'd just ventured a little too far by mistake.

Doug kept venturing around towards her breasts again and again, each time holding them a little longer, and then venturing further round towards her sensitive nipples. Liz didn't know what to do; it was now obvious that this was not a mistake on his part. She now accepted that he was actually feeling her breasts. Her heart was racing as she did not know how to react, but also because she was enjoying the feeling. Her feelings were confusing her. Her nipples started getting erect. She so hoped that they would go down and she hoped even more that Doug would not see them poking through her white blouse.

Her heart was racing, her mind was racing, Liz could feel her pussy getting wet, and then in the next moment Doug had leaned over Liz's shoulders and she could see him slowly unbutton two of her blouse buttons, which forced those lovely breasts further out into the open.

Liz froze to the spot, she wanted to speak out, she opened her mouth, but words did not come out, so Doug took the initiative and released the rest of the buttons on the blouse and gently removed the blouse from Liz's body. Liz just sat there, with her just her large white bra separating her breasts from Doug.

He then thought the main prize was there to be had, so he ventured behind Liz's back and expertly unclasped her bra, to release those wonderful prized assets. Liz had not protested, and perhaps she had even manouvered slightly to enable Doug to fully remove her bra. Her tits were free, and her nipples stood out proudly for him to see.

But Doug had now taken it too far. Liz gathered her composure, stood up and turned around, and in so uncertain terms told Doug that he had gone too far. She had just come to his bedroom to help with the course work, and this was as far as he would be going with her.

The problem was, as Liz had turned around to confront Doug, his face was level with her huge tits that had now been set free. He firmly put his arms around Liz's tiny waist, then quickly moved his mouth towards one of her very sensitive erect nipples and started sucking.

Liz put up a token struggle. Her head was telling her to force her way out of Doug's clench, but unfortunately, her pussy and sensitive breasts were telling her otherwise. Liz told Doug he must stop, but she had stopped physically struggling; her words came out, but they had no meaning. Doug realised he could carry on when he heard the submissive tone of her young voice. Her head was losing the battle with her pussy, and it was her aching clit that was now starting to take control of her feelings. Liz was getting wetter and wetter as Doug feasted on her wonderful breasts.

Doug knew the struggle was over, so he released his hands from Liz's waist and moved towards the zip on her skirt to enable him to get to her young trimmed pussy. As he was struggling with the zip, his robe opened and Doug's erect cock sprang out in front of Liz. Doug took hold of Liz's hand and guided it onto his cock and Liz did what came natural to her when she had a cock in her hand, she started wanking it.

Liz slowly wanked Doug's rock hard cock, thinking that if she made him cum, she would be free to go, which she knew would be the best course of action. Doug moved backwards to lay on the bed, and Liz moved with him to ensure she could continue wanking him. Unfortunately, as she made her way onto the bed, her head moved close to Doug's cock, and with just a little persuasion from Doug by putting his hand behind her head, Liz moved her head towards his cock, and she instinctively opened her mouth in order to take in his length.

Doug was a very lucky man — he was 50 years old, and he was being sucked off by this gorgeous slim busty 18-year-old. Liz didn't want to disappoint. She was sucking his cock and she was now eager to please. Within minutes of Liz taking his cock in her mouth, Doug could hold out no longer and shot his load of cum right down her throat.

Liz always swallowed — it was natural for her to please men in that way — and Doug could not believe his luck. He lay there with his cock twitching and dripping with spunk, looking at this beautiful girl whom he had managed to coax into bed. Nothing could beat this; he did not want it to end.

Liz thought she would now be on her way out of the room, but Doug had other ideas. He moved her onto her back, and slowly pulled down her very wet g-string to reveal that ever-so-cute young trimmed pussy. Liz was embarrassed at how wet her pussy and g-string were, but this delighted Doug, and he very eagerly set to work on his prize.

Doug had experience, more experience than her boyfriend, and Liz was truly benefitting from this as he opened her legs wide and started to tease her clitty and lap at her juices. Liz could not control herself any longer as she started panting out his name. When Doug realised she was enjoying herself, he knew he could now do with her what he wanted, and he continued to build her up to an orgasm with his tongue while his cock started to come back to life.

Liz came strong against Doug's tongue time after time. Her pussy was now getting its rewards that she had earlier denied it, and it was about to be rewarded further.

Doug's cock was hard again. He reluctantly pulled himself away from Liz's pussy, and wanked his cock a few times to ensure he was ready. He looked at Liz with her legs spread open, then pushed his cock firmly into her juicy pussy. Doug was fucking Liz, and she responded by pushing her clit again him as he thrust in and out of her. It wasn't long before she was cumming and cumming, and Doug just carried on fucking her.

Doug then took Liz doggy, and then finally he lay on the bed and Liz climbed aboard his stiff cock. Liz was grinding her pussy against him making her cum, as Doug benefitted from having those gorgeous breasts dangle in his face. This was too much for Doug and he couldn't resist any longer, he shot his second load of spunk directly into Liz's young wet pussy.

Doug didn't want Liz to go, and he managed to cum once more inside her before she finally left his room that night. He had got what he wanted, and although it wasn't what Liz initially wanted, she had enjoyed his cock and the pleasure that he brought her.

This was Liz's second mishap in a short space of time. She loved her boyfriend, she genuinely did not want these situations to happen, but for some reason they did and she enjoyed them. She felt happy, but slightly guilty and it certainly made her think more about the pleasures that were available outside her current relationship.

Liz tried to analyse herself. She loved her boyfriend, she liked the security the relationship gave her — but she had now found herself in a few difficult situations, and had enjoyed them.

Surely she wasn't becoming a slut? No, she wasn't that kind of girl.

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