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Passing the Class

I do can't afford to fail a class, so I had to do some extra credit.
I can't wait to go to college! I have such a crazy party girl side and I want to let loose. Graduation is not too far away. Most of my classes are fine, but I am in big trouble when it comes to my math class. You see, math is the 8th period of school for me. This is the final class of the day. This is the class I tend to skip most often because it's when a lot of my older boyfriends want to hook up.

I saw my progress report and saw that there was no way I could pass math in time for graduation. There is no way I'm going to summer school for some math class. I'm going to have to convince Mr. B that he should pass me, but how? I've been begging Mr. B for extra credit for weeks now, and he has said that he does not provide it for anyone. I even showed up in the classroom after school in tears and he wouldn't budge. I don't blame him much because I had been absent from his class that day with no excuse. I couldn't tell him that the reason I wasn't there was that I was fucking a guy in his car in the school parking lot.

"Please Mr. B!!! I just want to pass this class!!" I said tearfully.

"To bad so sad Stacy, it's just too little too late" said Mr. B.

I left again in shame, stomping like a little girl in a tantrum.

Later that night, I went on Facebook to try to gain sympathy from my friends. When I logged on I noticed I had a message in my inbox. I clicked it and it turned out to be Mr. B. At first I was a little weirded out, as we has a bit of a creepy older man. But I clicked the message and it read: 

"Hey Stacy it's Mr. B, I figured this was the best way to reach you. I've been thinking about our discussion earlier and have decided to give you an opportunity for some extra credit points. Just see me after school tomorrow and we'll talk about it. See you then."

I was a little creeped out, but I was willing to do anything to pass the class. I then decided that I should make sure I have all my assignments done for the day.

The next day school went off pretty normal. I made it a point to attend math class, and I actually made it on time today. As class went on, I found it pretty difficult to stay awake, but I knew that it was important that I give Mr. B a good impression so he takes me seriously. As he was teaching he seemed to look at me and smile a bit. I even caught him wink at me a few times. The class had finally ended and everyone rushed out to go home. I took my time putting all my stuff away, since I had to stay after anyway. While I was putting my stuff away, he came over and sat on my desk and faced me.

"So Stacy, let's talk about what you can do to get that passing grade." Mr. B said.

I started to think of assignments I could do, such as doing all the questions from the assignment, not just the even numbered ones. I kept thinking of other things to do, but he just sat there on my desk quietly, with just a playful grin on his face.

"That's not really what I had in mind Stacy" he said.

"Whatever you want me to do Mr. B, I'm just thankful for your consideration," I said a bit bookishly.

Mr. B then grabbed my shoulder and rubbed it a little.

"You have quite the reputation around here Stacy. Us teachers know more than you guys think we do," he said.

"What are you talking about sir," I said a bit surprised.

"Well let's just say I have a good idea as to why you've been missing my classes so much," Mr. B said.

"Oh ok, I'm really sorry about that Mr. B. I'll stop, I promise. Just please don't tell my parents," I said hysterically.

"Don't worry about that Stacy, I just want to know what all the hype is about, if you know what I mean."

After he said that, I nervously grabbed my bag and got up out of my seat and slowly made my way to the door. Like the total klutz that I am I dropped my phone on the floor. I bent down to get it, and wearing a tiny skirt and a pink thong, I gave Mr. B quite a view.

"Wow look at that ass, so cute and tight and young. I'd love a go at that fresh hole," said Mr. B.

"I'm sorry but I'm not sure if this is a good idea," I said nervously, "I won't tell anyone about this I promise"

"That's fine baby, but the only problem is I'm going to have to fail you," Mr. B said sternly.

I stopped right there in my tracks. I started to weigh my options. I could save some of my dignity and leave. Or, I could let Mr. B have sex with me and get pass the class so I could be officially free from high school forever. The latter option seemed to be the way to go. Once I made my decision, I put down my bag and slowly walked over to Mr. B.

"Have a seat sweetie, I won't bite," said Mr. B.

"I'm sure you've never been with anyone my age baby. I'm 47, but don't let that scare you sweet cakes," he said.

"I didn't think you were that old," I said, not knowing quite what I should say in this situation.

"I have a friend who is a college professor. He says that students give him sexual favors every semester. I thought he was a little crazy at first, but I figured it would be a win-win situation." Mr. B said.

"What do you want me to do?" I said quietly.

"I want you to earn your grade Stacy" Mr. B said.

He then started to loosen his tie. He motioned for me to take off my sweatshirt. I pulled it over my head and when I got it off Mr. B had moved right up to me. He grabbed my shoulders again and rubbed them some more. For some reason, he started to grow more and more attractive to me as time went on.

"You know, I've been admiring your cute little ass for the entire semester. Every time you got up to use the bathroom or sharpen your pencil, I would take a glance at it." Mr. B said.

"Umm, thanks I guess," I said.

"Whenever you walked or bent over to pick something up, I had to step behind my podium to hide my boner," Mr. B said.

"Why don't you turn around for me baby. I want to get a first hand look," he said.

I did what I was told and backed into his crotch. He sighed and breathed like he really enjoyed what he was seeing. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed them forward, causing me to bend over. He then stuck his crotch right into my ass and started to grind on me.

"Fuck yea baby, such a cute little ass," he said.

"Thanks Mr. B," I said flirtatiously.

I figured I should get into some "girly-girl" character for him. After all, it did seem like he was living out some sort of teacher-student fantasy that he'd seen in a lot of porn movies.

"You're so fresh and young Stacy, I want to corrupt you," Mr. B said.

He started to grab my ass a little. I could feel him breathing heavily on the back of my neck. He was having a really good time playing with my ass and spanking it a few times. He then grabbed me and turned me around.

"Get on your knees baby," Mr. B said.

To Be Continued ;)

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