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Paying it Forward

Now a school teacher, Jessica catches some horny senior students and disciplines them accordingly
My name is Jessica Mitchell. Ten years ago, I found myself in a sexual situation with a woman twice my age and a brute of a man. Instead of hating it, I found it strangely exciting and, in the years following, found myself frequently masturbating to the things I had done.

I am now twenty eight years old and work as an English language school teacher in a high school and recently my job took a turn for the unexpected. I sat in the classroom after school hours, marking homework for the class. My mind wandered; the task was tedious. As I worked on the last few assignments, I heard a distant noise and paused for a moment, thinking I must be mistaken but no, I could hear what sounded like moaning. Sexually charged moaning!

I stood and walked out of the room swiftly, keeping the noise of my heels against the tiled floor to a minimum and as I walked down the corridor, the moaning grew louder, so I knew I was headed in the right direction. As I approached the door to a store room, at the end of the hallway, I crept on my toes. It was undoubtedly the sound of students and I have to admit, turned me on somewhat to listen to.

I grabbed the handle and flung the door open. Inside, I saw a boy who I knew to be called Sam, sitting on a chair, with a blond girl whose face I couldn't see, writhing on his lap. His trousers were around his ankles and, as he saw me enter, turned white with surprise. The girl turned her head, but instead of looking equally stunned, had a slightly wicked twinkle in her eye. The cheek! Her skirt was around her hips and I noticed her white panties next to the foot of the chair.

I folded my arms, playing the unimpressed school mistress.

"What in heaven's name do you kids think you are doing?" I snapped.

They gawked at me, the boy turning from pale white to beetroot red. It was then I heard a shuffling noise from behind the open door. Peering round, I saw another girl, Amanda Williams, standing there. She had been treated to a live sex show by the other two. I shook my head in disbelief and turned back to the copulating couple.

"Stand up immediately and put your clothes on!" I said firmly.

The pair of them jumped up and straightened themselves out, the boy scrabbling for his trousers and trying hard to keep his glistening, erect penis from my view. The blond girl who had been atop him was someone I knew by face but was not sure of her name; Cara, I thought to myself.

"Follow me," I said sternly. "All three of you."

We walked back to my classroom, I shepherded them along from behind. They were silent and the sound of my heels clacking against the hard floor echoed in the corridor.

As we walked, I looked at each of them.

Both girls wore the standard school uniform: white, knee length socks, grey pleated skirts and white shirts, however their skirts were way shorter than the regulation length. Amanda's was half-way down her thighs but Cara's fell just beneath the cheeks of her bottom.

Looking at Cara's backside, I noticed she was the more voluptuous of the two girls. Her thighs were slightly fuller but still quite slim and the shape of her behind was tight against the skirt. Amanda had paler skin than that of her friend, with some freckles here and there and brown, shoulder length hair. Her physique was more athletic than Cara's and generally a bit slimmer. It was easy to see why Sam might be interested in either girl.

Sam himself, was tall and lean and a member of the school swimming team. He had a swimmer's physique with a large chest and broad shoulders. He had short, dark hair and a rather nice smile, as I had noticed from teaching him.

Once we were all inside my classroom, I closed the door behind us and told them to sit down. It was then that it occurred to me I had absolutely no idea what I was going to say to them! They looked up at me sheepishly.

"Okay," I started. "Now, I appreciate young people have certain urges, but this is a school and there are times and places for doing what you were doing. This not one of them!"

I paused and I looked at each of them in turn but heir eyes looked to their feet. I was just about to tell them to get up and leave, when I noticed Cara sniggering. Right, I thought. I'll show them who's boss.

"I'm going to have to notify your parents," I told them.

Their jaws dropped. Something told me these kids had an angelic demeanor before their mothers and fathers and the news of this escapade would be highly embarrassing for them all.

"But Miss!" Sam pleaded, "Please don't."

The other two girls nodded in agreement. I stayed quiet for a moment, letting them sweat. Eventually I broke the silence once more.

"I won't tell your parents but the three of you do need to be punished."

My mind raced. Wicked thoughts, generated from the unforgettable experience in my youth, now flashed in my head. I looked them up and down a few times; my eyes traced their way up Cara's thighs more than the others, then I decided on what to do.

"Okay Cara, I want you and Amanda Voyeur here to remove your panties." I told them.

"It's CARLA, Miss," she said defiantly, "And no, I'm not going to."

Amanda was clearly the more timid of the two and tried a more diplomatic approach.

"Miss?" she asked, "You can't ask us to do that, can you?"

I glared at them, so they would know I was serious. Tom too, looked puzzled.

"You don't want me to tell your parents, right? Well the price for my silence is not a thousand lines of - I must not fuck in the storeroom - it's a little more expensive. Either I discipline you or your parents will, but think of this: my punishment will be done with when you leave the room. You have no idea how long your parents might see fit to discipline each of you."

The girls looked at each other and, deciding they were already in a fairly compromised position, reached under their grey, pleated skirts and each pulled down their white underwear.

Sam looked on eagerly.

"Now bend over this desk here," I said, as I walked over to my supply cupboard. I returned with an old wooden cane that I had seen in there many times but never used.

The girls had not yet budged.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" I said, raising my voice.

They moved to the desk and leaned over, placing their hands on the table surface. Carla's cheeks were now visible, owing to her skirt being so short but Amanda's skirt still just about covered hers. Walking past each of them, and with my free hand, I flipped each girl's skirt hem up and over their respective bottoms.

Carla continued to look over her shoulder at me with the same defiant look in her eyes.

"Girls," I started, "I'm giving you a choice. You're going to receive thirty strokes of the cane each or you can agree to be my playthings, for my amusement, for the next hour. It's your choice."

Carla piped up immediately, "We'll take the Cane, Miss," She said, looking away dismissively. Amanda just turned her head forward in silence, waiting for the inevitable.

Quietly furious at Carla's obvious lack of respect, I started on her. I lashed at her backside with the cane and struck her sharply at the top of the thighs, just below her cheeks. The swooshing noise, followed by the crack it made startled all three of them and took me by surprise.

"Owwww!" Carla shrieked. It was more painful than she had expected and I felt a little guilty, having already set the number at thirty, which was probably somewhat excessive. The girls, however, did not know what I was thinking and to back down now would have been a sign of weakness.

I struck Carla again, this time slightly lower, landing more on the upper thighs. She screamed.

"OOOOOW! Wait, Miss," she said in a hurry, "I'm not sure about this."

"Yes, Carla?" I was ready to enjoy her surrender. "What do you want?"

Carla turned to Amanda and then back to me. "Perhaps ... we'll take the alternative."

"Good," I said, "So you both agree to do as you are told for the next hour then?"

A slight pause followed with both of them agreeing, "Yes, Miss."

"Yes Miss WHAT?" I said, rolling my eyes.

"Yes Miss, we-will-do-as-we-are-told-for-the-next-hour," Carla trotted through the words with a sarcastic, staccato phrasing.

I pouted at her then spoke.

"Sensible girls. Now, Amanda," I said, "I want you on all fours on this desk here. Lift your skirt over your backside and open your legs."

Looking stunned by my request, she firstly looked to the other two, only to be met with silence, then did as I instructed. Her smooth, pale bottom stuck out and she hung her head, with her dark brown hair covering her face.

"Carla," I turned to the difficult one, "Stand behind Amanda and put your hands on her thighs. You are going to bring her to orgasm with your tongue."

Carla raised an eybrow and said, "Nuh-uh! I don't think so Miss," refusing flatly.

I folded my arms and deliberated on whether I should explain the score in private or in front of the other two. I opted for in private.

"Come with me, Carla. Step outside the door now."

We walked out of the room and I closed the door behind me and spoke in a low but forceful tone.

"Listen carefully, you pathetic little slut," I started. Carla's mouth dropped open and she seemed less ballsy than in the classroom with her friends.

I went on, "If you refuse me, just remember this: your boyfriend is in several of my classes each week. How would you feel about me keeping him on after class, for a little bit of extra sex education, hmm? Do you think he'll be interested in a little girl like yourself, after I've given him a taste of a real woman?"

I waited. She was speechless; she looked me up and down, from the bottom of my five inch heels, past my clingy knee-length pencil skirt and up my blouse to my pearl necklace, which rested on my firm, ample breasts. Then to my face; examining my red lipstick, dark eyeliner and luscious brown hair, which was currently tied above my head.

She remained silent, the fight knocked out of her, so I spoke for her. "No, I don't think so either."

I opened the door and let her go back in first, then instructed her again.

"Now, Carla, can we try that again, please? Stand behind Amanda and take her thighs in your hands."

Carla, pouting and quietly seething, moved behind her friend and gently placed her hands on the other's silky thighs. Sam looked on eagerly, his cock bulging through the material of his trousers.

"Stick out your tongue, girl," I ordered, "I meant what I told you. Don't try me!"

Carla closed her eyes and moved forward, opening her mouth and revealing her tongue. She found Amanda's sweet slit and began to lick delicately, trying to avoid making too much contact.

"Deeper Carla," I said. "That's not good enough and you know it. This is your last warning."

Carla immediately improved her technique. I knew this little slut would take to it, I just had to push the right buttons and it seemed I was finally getting what I wanted.

Amanda seemed shocked at her situation. Feeling her friend's tongue sliding softly between the lips of her vagina made her unexpectedly moist and sent a forbidden tingle around her body. Her nipples became firm and her breathing less shallow.

She tried to talk to lighten the mood but only succeeded in making her unease more apparent.

"Oh! That's strange," She said, her voice shaking, "It's um ... well, I think feels like ..." She stammered.

I cut in.

"Amanda, don't be shy. Just be quiet and enjoy it." I reassured her. "No one else will know, unless you or your friends want them to. This is going to be our secret."

Amanda, now finding it harder to talk, stopped doing so and breathed deeply.

"Your friend is going to make you come Amanda and we're all going to watch. It's perfectly normal and you have nothing to feel ashamed about."

I returned to Carla, "Very good Carla, now don't disappoint me any more. I want Amanda to come on your tongue and then she is going to do the same for you."

I watched her repeatedly move her tongue up Amanda's wet vagina. Amanda, looking slightly anxious that she should not be enjoying it, told a different story with her body as she started to gyrate her hips more visibly in response to Carla's tongue.

Amanda had begun to moan quietly. Her noises were high pitched as she tried desperately to keep her pleasure a secret from her straight friend, who tasted her hot, wet delicacy on her tongue and lips. 

Carla's licking became more focused. I could see now she was doing it as she would want it done to her. Amanda, feeling the sudden change shrieked through her gritted teeth and her body shook. I moved behind Carla and pressed her head into Amanda's backside and, as she lapped at the soaked pussy, made her friend come. Amanda opened her mouth at last and let out a resounding moan of pleasure. As her body quivered, I saw her pussy glisten as she came on Carla's tongue. Her breathing subsided gradually.

"Mmm," I said, "That's it girls. You're halfway there now."

I pulled on Carla's hair, yanking her back from Amanda's dripping slit.

"You will exchange places now. Amanda, it is your turn to return the deed."

Having just orgasmed in her friend's mouth, Amanda blushed and looked awkwardly to the floor as she moved behind Carla, awaiting my instruction. Carla delayed.

Wiping Amanda's pussy juice from her mouth she looked at me challengingly. I stepped forward and slapped her round the face, to her utter disbelief. Then, with her head turned I grabbed her hair and bent her over the desk and administered a severe spanking.

"Owww! Fucking hell Miss!"

I leaned in again and pressed my mouth to her ear, whispering.

"Don't try me bitch, or I'll be drinking your boyfriend's spunk tomorrow after class," I told her. "Now do as you're told and get on that fucking table."

I released her and she crawled up and knelt on the table as Amanda had done earlier, hanging her head in submission. I looked to Amanda.

"I trust I don't need to take you aside as well, Amanda?"

She moved forth and, taking Carla's thighs in her hands, began to lick at her pussy. She did it correctly from the start, so I had no need to step in. Carla, now somewhat pissed off, pressed her thighs backwards into Amanda's hands and forced her pink labia onto her mouth. Amanda did not recoil but pushed back slightly, which surprised me. She was more eager than I had expected.

"Good girl, Amanda," I praised. "I'll make Sam here pleasure you, if you can make Carla come quickly."

Amanda seemed to be spurred on by this idea. I got the feeling that, as an onlooker in the store room, she might have been hoping to get some of Sam after Carla. She intensified her licking action making Carla lose her composure. She had been defiant at first but now was obviously enjoying the actions of her friend.

"Ooh God, Mandy," she said unexpectedly, "What the fuck?! Ooooh ... yesss! That's ... mmm really oooh God ... YESSS!"

Carla struggled to restrain herself. Amanda, now spurred on by her friend's comments kept the rhythm and showed no sign of letting up.

I felt aroused by the noises in the room: Carla's heavy breathing, her outbursts and the sound of Amanda's mouth, now pressed fully to her cunt, at work behind her.

"Mmm, mmm," Carla kept on, her voice slowly rising, then, "NNNGGGAAA ... Oh! You're going to make me come Mandy! That's it ... suck me out, Mandy ... FUUCKK! YEEESSSSS!"

She came in her friend's mouth. Amanda let loose a long moan at that point, as she now knew her job was done but also because of the flood of warm juices that covered her tongue.

"Sam," I turned to him, "Get over here you naughty boy and strip. Take everything off."

He seemed more eager than the girls. I'll wipe that smirk off his face I thought. 

As Sam watched the interlocked girls decouple, I unbuckled my belt and slid it slowly away from my waist. I moved to Sam, who was now naked with his cock pointing at me, and looked him in the eyes, then looped the belt over his head and began to tighten it around his neck. Turning, I led him forward, like a dog on a leash and bent him over another desk, tying the end of the belt to the top of the table leg. I chuckled inside at how malleable a man becomes with a raging hard-on and the promise of release. He was like soft putty.

"Sam," I said, "I am going to give you three strokes of my cane for your part in this mischief. Are you ready?"

He clenched his teeth and awaited. I struck him one, two three times. He managed to stay quiet, though the third time I heard a slight squeak come from his throat as he tried very hard to retain his composure in front of the girls.

I moved the cane and placed the end of it under his cock, teasing it gently, clearly making him nervous. As I massaged it, I saw that Sam was poised to come.

"You do not have permission to come, Sam," I warned him. "That's a no-no in my classroom. You only come when Your Teacher says so."

I continued touching it gently then backed off. As an eighteen year old, I knew he wouldn't be able to hold back too long. Sam was breathing heavily and obviously frustrated. In addition to my teasing, the sight of his female friends in action had clearly been too much for his young eyes. I left him bent over the desk and looked back to the girls. 

Pleased with Amanda's willingness, I felt she deserved a reward.

"Slut," I said to Sam, "You're next. You'll be making Amanda come, or you'll be feeling my cane against your arse."

I freed him from the table leg and walked him to another desk.

"Lie down on the desk here Sam, facing up, with your head over the edge," I instructed. "Amanda, you'll straddle his head. Ride him and use him. He's your tool."

She looked a little disappointed, looking at his stiff penis longingly.

"I'm sorry Amanda, that is off limits," I said.

Carla went to speak, I assumed to protest at me for allowing Amanda to be with her man in this way but just before she could begin, I glared at her as a reminder as to who was in charge. She said nothing, looking dejected.

Sam lay on his back and Amanda stood astride his head. I stood behind her and pulled on his leash, forcing his head firmly between her legs. His cock was covered in pre-come as it stood erect, pointing at the ceiling. Amanda rode his face, gyrating her hips back and forth on his helpless head and I pulled harder on the leash, jamming his face tightly into the v-shape between her legs. I heard some muffled sounds come forth from Sam, probably because he needed to breathe.

"Carla," I beckoned her once again. "You look left out, sweetheart," I said sarcastically, "You've kissed one set of her lips, now kiss the other."

I could see this, due to the intimacy, was going to be in many ways, more awkward for her than the previous task, yet she moved forward and leant in to kiss Amanda. I guessed she felt that taking part in this threesome meant at least Amanda was not going to orgasm solely with Sam.

The two girls kissed passionately, tongues lashing at one another as Carla took Amanda's face into her hands.

"That's it Amanda, good girl, come on his face for me," I told her.

I watched her eyes tighten but her cry of pleasure was muted by Carla as they kissed. As she came, I could tell she was pressing herself harder onto Sam's face. Carla too, pressed her lips harder onto Amanda's, the kiss now slightly less passionate and more, it seemed, an effort to silence her.

"Ggghhh.... aahhhh!" The noise squeezed out of her slowly opening mouth, Carla not entirely successful in her attempt.

"Mmmm very good girls, very good. Oh and Sam too."

I took her by the arm and pulled her off of Sam's face. He was a picture: hair messed up and vaginal juice covering his mouth, nose, chin and cheeks.

"Carla, be a good girl and clean your boyfriend," I instructed sassily.

Carla, with a sour expression, was about to find something to wipe his face with, when I continued, "With your tongue of course!"

She rolled her eyes and bent over him to lick the drying stickiness from his face. Amanda watched with big eyes as Carla tasted her friend's secretions once again.

"How does your boyfriend taste, Carla?" I asked teasingly but she did not reply.

"Splendid. Now I think we can allow Sam to let off some steam. What do you girls say?"

Neither said a word; Carla looked terrified. I think she had assumed I was about to step in.

"Girls, I'll need both of you to help for this," I told them.

Sam's face lit up. I could see he had visions of these two licking and sucking his drooling cock. That was not quite what I had in mind.

"Sam," I said, "Lie down on the floor, facing up."

Barely finishing my sentence, Sam hit the floor eagerly, like a sack of potatoes.

"Good." I leaned over him and took his ankles in my hands, then pressed my foot to his chest and hoisted his legs up high. Releasing my foot, I moved his feet back over his head, much to his surprise. His throbbing cock now pointed at his face. A string of glistening fluid moved towards his nose.

I knelt behind his head, holding his ankles in place. I could see it wasn't terribly comfortable but I didn't expect him to last long in this aroused state.

"Amanda, dear, come here and hold this slut's ankles for me. We're going to give him a drink."

She took over, pinning him down in my stead. I walked over to Carla and said, "Now you Carla. Get on your knees below him, by his butt. You didn't think I'd let you go without enjoying your man now did you?"

She didn't move immediately, so I quickly grabbed her hair and forcefully brought her to her knees. Her face looked directly at his exposed butt-hole.

"Lick your boyfriend, bitch." I pushed her head down to meet him. Her lips met his hole as I pressed her into him.

"If you want me to stop pressing your head down, you'll stick out our tongue and lick, do you understand?"

She attempted a nodding movement with her head and I released her hair. I could see her tongue circling his anus. With her face planted in his arse and Amanda holding his ankles, I reached over her head with my free hand and began to stroke his lubricated cock as it pointed at his mouth. Sam's face contorted. As I expected, he was at tipping point already.

One, two, three, four strokes and his orgasm came hard.

I could see he was thinking to turn his head, to escape the juice as it shot onto his face. At that point, I let go of Carla's head (who as it happened continued willfully with her duty) to prevent him dodging his own semen.

Still with one hand on his cock, milking it slowly, I moved closer to his head and grabbed his nose, pinching it hard and keeping his face upward. As his sperm left his cock, his mouth opened to say "oww", only to receive a long string of thick white semen between his lips and over his tongue.

I continued to milk him. He managed to close his mouth but it was too late. A large deposit was already in there and the remainder coated his lips, chin and cheeks. With the orgasm subsiding, I took my hand from his cock and pressed his chin upward.

"Swallow it, slut," I commanded.

I think by now, the cold, hard floor on his back was more uncomfortable than the thought of drinking his warm spunk, so he obeyed and I released him. He screwed up his face in disgust and shook his head.

"You can let him go now, Amanda," I said finally.

"Carla, get your face out of his arse and clean your boyfriend again. He is a fucking mess."

On all fours, like a cat, she cleaned him and Amanda sat watching. I ended the session with a warning.

"Right, now that is a taster of what you filthy kids can expect each time I catch you fucking on school property. Get dressed and get out."

I gestured for them to leave.

"I'm keeping your panties, girls, and your underwear too, Sam. You three don't deserve to leave here with them. The two girls looked at each other with a worried expression. Each of their skirts were not ideal for travelling commando so they would have to be very careful.

The three of them, minus underwear, left the room in silence. I expected they might not be so chatty as they travelled home together.

I closed the door, locked it and sat at my desk to resume the work, however, with my head full of images from the last hour and my pussy soaking my panties, I placed my feet on the desk and leaned back into my chair. My hand went down to meet my swollen labia and I began to circle my finger on my clit.

I now had a scenario of my own making to think of, as I played with myself.

What a fucking hypocrite I am, I thought, as I brought myself slowly to orgasm in the classroom.

All characters are over the age of sixteen.
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