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Paying off debts: Part 1

‘’Oh master your cock is wonderful.’’
Tamara walked into her crumbling apartment in a frenzy. This whole week had come to shit and a bottle of wine in the cabinet was calling for her in these desperate times. Her mind began to swim with thoughts of her piece of shit job that paid her next to nothing. Thinking of that made her glance over to the counter, looking at the pile of past due bills. She kept borrowing from the bank, but was never able to pay it back. Tears started to sting her eyes as she reached up for the wine in the cabinet. ‘’Fuck it. I’m at least going to enjoy my weekend.’’ She mumbled, grabbing the glass, and pulling the top off. She then tilted her head back chugging the wine down her throat to wash away the pain in her system. She stumbled to the couch and sat down with a huge huff causing some of her drink to spill out. Tamara drowned her sorrows away with wine throughout the whole night until she sloppily passed out drunk.

Tamara was awoken by the front door opening and closing roughly. ‘’Jasmine..?’’ She called out, expecting her daughter to be home by now. No response. She nervously got up and padded towards the door looking around and stepping with extreme caution. When she reached the door no one was in sight. She thoroughly examined the area and came up with nothing. Shrugging her shoulders, Tamara started to walk away until she felt strong hands grab her by her throat behind her, ripping off her shirt and pants in one easy tug. Shocked, Tamara began to thrash around as if she was a fish out of water. She screamed and screamed until those rough hands grabbed Tamara mouth and squeezed it shut. Tears streamed down her face as those strong hands began to touch her body up and down, never missing a spot. Suddenly, those hands pushed her down on the carpet but that body never moved.

Tamara was scared to look up but she had to see. She was dying to see who this person was. Her head slowly moved from off the floor. Big feet, long strong legs, rippling torso and biceps, and a straw jawline. She ducked her head back down again, scared to look at his face. “LOOK AT ME BITCH” The perpetrator yelled viciously bending over and snatching her head up. Tamara yelled and looked into the eyes of the mystery man and gasped. “It’s the banker!” Tamara thought to herself. “He’s here for the borrowed money!” Tamara got to her knees, sobbing loudly. “Please sir, I don’t have your money today. Please I’ll do anything just give me one more month I promise I’ll have it!” The banker shook his head and laughed menacingly. “I knew you wouldn't’t have the money.” He growled through his smile. “So I found a new way you could.. pay your debts.” Tamara filled with joy and gratefulness. “Oh thank you so much I promise I’ll do wha-“ She started to say but was quickly cut off by a cold smack to the face. Her body quickly fell back down to the floor with a bang. Tamara scurried away and ran towards her bedroom. Whatever was happening didn't’t feel right. “What is he doing to me? Why is this happening?” Tamara panicked and then she felt a sharp pain behind her. The banker grabbed the back of her hair pulling her head back to his whispers. “You’re very late on your bills, aren't’t you Ms. Wicker?” The banker asked in a wicked voice. “I have every right to take everything you own away from you, and leave you and your teenage daughter on the streets.” Tamara whimpered at the thought and realized what was happening.

“P-please.. I’ll do anything.’’ She sobbed while getting down on her knees before the banker. He laughed again, pulling the zipper of his pants down revealing a long 10 inch cock. Tamara gasped at its length but then remembered what she had to do. She took the cock into her hands, pumping it lightly then licking up and down the shaft making it nice and wet. ‘’Ah that’s right bitch suck this big cock.’’ The banker hissed through his clenched teeth. Tamara whimpered again but continued on with her actions. She took the head into her mouth gliding her teeth over it causing shakes to erupt from the banker’s body. She swirled her tongue around the very tip of the penis while her finger tips worked the base of it, bringing electric sensations through his body. Finally she swallowed his cock taking in 6 inches of it working everything she couldn't’t fit in with her fingers. Her tongue swirled along the sides of the cock while she thrust it further down her throat to get all of it in. She couldn't’t help how her pussy reacted to the long member inside her throat. It began to swell up and moisten with every thrust, contracting wanting the long member inside of it and spilling its pussy juices on the floor.

With one final thrust, the cock was finally all the way in her throat, her nose filled with the bankers pubic hairs, her hands filled with his balls. She sucked and sucked then brought herself back up to lick and juggle the masters balls in her hot mouth, the fire never being put out from her pussy. ‘’Oh master your cock is wonderful.’’ She sighed while licking it all over and rubbing it on her lips. The banker laughed at his new name. ‘’Master huh? I like that slut.’’ A new sense of delirium came over Tamara as she forgot she was being forced to pay masters wishes. She brought herself up more and put his long cock between her 36D breasts. ‘’Now that’s more like it!’’ Master growled pumping his cock in and out of Tamara’s breasts causing her to moan loudly. The master started to grunt making Tamara’s pussy even more wet. Tamara reached her hand inside her panties and rubbed her clit furiously while bouncing her breasts up meeting masters thrusts. She was so caught up with everything, and didn’t realize Master’s cock twitching. ‘’AUGH I’M CUMMING!!’’ He yelled loudly throwing his head back. Tamara quickly dropped her breasts and engulfed Master’s cock in her mouth, wanting to taste every last drop of his cum. She pumped her mouth up and down on Master’s cock while she penetrated her pussy with three fingers, moaning in pleasure.

The vibrations on Master’s cock made him howl in the air and ropes of white cum spewed out of his cock all in Tamara’s mouth. Tamara smiled and quickly gobbled up the cum, letting some of it dribble on her large naked breasts. She ripped off every other article of clothing and threw herself down on the floor, face down ass up. She began to rub her clit roughly with one finger, and penetrate herself with fury in the other. Her other hand was brought up to her ass where she took two fingers and delightfully dug in making her drool. Her ass spun in circles mesmerizing the Master. He watched as this young hot woman pleasured herself on the floor while he jerked his cock in his hand. He slowly walked over to her spreading her ass cheeks apart. “Mm we’re not done yet you fucking whore. This was just the beginning.”

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