Playing in the Band

By Cheltenham

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Two sister, part of the opening act of a concert, take part in a tour bus tryst. 21+ characters
As the song concluded, Bryan was sure his ears were ringing. Midway through their encore he lost an earplug and continued on as if he didn't. It was the last date of their tour so it mattered to him as well as the group that they gave their fans a worthwhile performance.

He gently nudged Jamie and pointed to his ear with a frown. She packed her guitar and followed him out to the bus. Their crew would break down their kits and load their respective instruments into their cases. Both of them possessed irreplaceable first editions which meant they traveled with them and didn't trust the roadies nor the hired hands to handle them.

"Did you lose your plug? You poor thing!"

She nuzzled her blond haired head against his chest and raked her fingers across it lightly. He pulled her onto the king size bed in the back of their bus and held her in his arms. Someone tapped on the window. After the second or third time, he climbed to where the nuisance originated and peered out. There stood two of the women from their opening act. They are sisters, one of them starred in a popular television show.

He ushered them inside as their bus pulled off.

"Hi, I'm Alyson", said the taller of the two.

"I'm Amanda", said the blonder and younger one.

"What brought you to our bus?"

"Ours needed service and we would be stranded here if we waited."

He noticed Aly's eyes were focused on him and cleared his throat.

"We have a couple bunks open if you don't mind sleeping in them. Let our driver know that you need to be dropped off wherever it is you are going. I'm sure we're going further out than either of you."

For both of the girls, they were somewhere that many people would have (figuratively) killed to be. Bryan turned without another word and returned to where Jamie was waiting.

"It was just those sisters from the show. They're hitching a ride with us because their bus broke down."

"Oh? You could have offered them the opportunity to sleep like VIPs. I'm sure they haven't had the pleasure."

"I'll go get them and see what they say."

He left again, barely avoiding a collision with them in the corridor.

"If you wished to, we have some room in back. There's a huge bed and everything."

Bryan heard them squeal in unison and led them to the makeshift bedroom. By this time, they'd changed into their sleepwear. He caught himself checking out Amanda's round ass as she climbed onto the foot of the bed and crawled across to a spot next to Jamie. Aly hesitantly sat on the edge nearest to him wearing nothing more than a tee and panties. She always pretended to be the stronger of the two but right now, in such an intimate setting she seemed vulnerable.

He took a seat and draped an arm around her lower back.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm not used to this type of thing. I've spent the past few years seeing you guys on television and now I'm practically naked next to you. I never imagined I'd formally meet you let alone get this close."

"You're a little starstruck?"

She nodded shyly and bit her lip. His hand dipped into the juncture of her thighs, softly touching her most treasured spot through the cotton fabric.

"She doesn't mind. Right now, your sister's panties are off and so is her shirt. We're actually fans of yours in a way but not for the reasons you might want. Or maybe you do."

Aly's lips parted as his met them and her head turned toward his. He swirled the tip of his finger around her clit until her legs opened wider. Her tongue was busy playing with his, back and forth between their mouths.

"You're getting awfully wet."

He whispered as she rocked her hips against his hand.

"Are you sure you want to take this further?"

She straddled his lap and felt him grab her ass.

"Fuck me, Bryan!"

Aly worked quickly. Soon, his fly was open and her soft palm was stroking his cock. Her panties were pulled to one side. Bryan probed her wetness curiously, feeling how she grasped his penetrating fingers every time they slipped out of her. He wondered if she'd do that to his cock. If she did, he wouldn't last too long.

"Do you have protection, Bryan?"

"I promise I'll pull out in time. I've been doing it for years and I can time it right."

She shook her head and weakly pushed his chest.

"You need a rubber."

"We don't have any. But I still want to have you."

"Do you want to put it in my ass?"

The question left him speechless. He had to ask her to repeat herself, just to make sure he heard her correctly.

"I said, do you want to fuck me in the ass?"

"I didn't expect you to be so forward. Yes. Yes, of course I want to fuck your ass."

He sat back on the bed and pulled Aly back onto his lap. She put her feet on either side of his hips and grabbed his cock in her hand. Its head eased between her pussy lips and was bathed in a copious amount of her juices. He felt it push up her tight ass and was enveloped in her warmth. The ring of her sphincter clenched around his root as he let her get used to the sensation. His grip on her cheeks didn't relent, he guided her along his length and heard her grunting nervously when he got a little carried away.

"You have to go slower, Bryan!"

She whimpered. He did as she asked, slowly bouncing her ass on his thighs.

Behind them, Amanda was crying. Jamie had her pinned to the mattress with her wrists crossed over her head. She was giving the girl quite the licking, hungrily she slurped away at Amanda's pink slit and sucked on her clit. Bryan reached back and cupped the girl's tits as she was brought to yet another climax. His lover drank the girl's juices and straddled her chest to share the sweetness with him.

"Do you want to use her pussy?"

Jamie motioned beneath her. He immediately got out from under Aly and straddled Amanda's hips. She hugged him with her ankles and wrists crossed behind his back. His cock bathed in her slippery little pussy's dewy sheen. He kissed her and it was like kissing Jamie. It was clear that the girl learned a lot in this past hour. She mewed under her breath as his cock began to twitch and throb.

"Are you gonna come in me, Bryan?"

Her eyes went wide and he sensed her pussy was quivering around him nervously. He withdrew. His cock began to spurt all over her flat tummy where it pooled in and around her belly button. She gazed down at the mess and ran a finger through it. Amanda smiled as she tasted it and went for seconds and thirds until it was all gone.

Jamie rose from Aly's pussy and lowered her own onto Amanda's face. She cleaned the girl's tummy with her tongue for any remnants of his ejaculate. They got up and led the sisters to their shared shower. Jamie went inside to show them how everything worked. Soon, she returned to Bryan who waited for her in the hallway half dressed, as she was.

"Maybe they'll take the bunks this time?"

"I don't know. Aly might but Amanda is a little firecracker. She still wanted more after being eaten out and fucked."

"Should we offer the rest of the guys a turn?"

"Can they be trusted not to come inside of her?"

"I wouldn't take the chance. They're ours tonight."

They went into their bedroom and waited for the girls to finish getting clean.

Amanda entered the room without a towel covering her nudity.

"I let Aly have the towel after I dried off. She's staying in a bunk for the rest of the night."

"I'm glad you didn't wash your hair."

Bryan smiled and pulled her onto the bed.

"You smell so good right now."

He cupped her ass and pulled the girl onto his lap. His cock disappeared inside her.

"I think it's time for round two. What do you think, Amanda?"

She kissed him hard. Her hips moved in time with an unheard melody, akin to the pace one might use when churning butter. Jamie straddled Bryan's lap and laid herself against Amanda's bare back, using her position to play with the girl's tits and pussy.

They both heard her moaning. Bryan pulled her ass closer to him and met every motion with a thrust of his hips. She couldn't stop herself from creaming all over his cock and forgot about how close he was to coming inside of her during the orgasmic confusion.

He tried to pull her away in time but Jamie fingered Amanda's overly sensitive clit a bit too much, causing her to squirt as Bryan's cock stroked against her gspot in just the right way. His filmy goo lathered her inner walls, its warmth served to intensify her climax and she clenched the root of his shaft needily.

At this point, she didn't care that he'd shot his load inside of her. Her head was swimming in a blissful serenity. Her skin was tingling, her nipples were harder than diamonds and his arms held her securely against his chest so she'd feel safe. And that she did.