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Predators: The Taming

She seemed a little nervous. Time to make a few things clear to her, I figured.

“Mmm… relax baby. You’re gonna remember this night for the rest of your life.”


We made our way into the downtown loft. Max liked to go to extremes and his apartment was no exception. Our new friend was impressed, her mouth and eyes wide as she stared out the wall length windows.


“This place is beautiful!”


Max smiled quietly, a little mysteriously. The girl was about to get to know him a little better, but no one knows Max like I do. We sat on the leather couches and watched his sexy ass walk to the kitchen to get us a couple of drinks. I brushed her hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. She smiled, and blushed. Max came back with beers in hand, his big dick swinging while he walked.


“Here ladies, enjoy.” He handed each of us a Corona .


We sat and talked for a while, watching Phoenix shimmer right beneath us. She was tense, maybe not used to the finer things in life. Her little fingers gently rubbed the leather. Her eyes wandered, trying desperately to take it all in. The expensive art work, exotic rugs, and rustic furniture were stunning, but best of all was the view. Simply breathtaking. I know I’ve said it already, but the night was so beautiful.


“Why don’t we give our guest the grand tour, Max?”


His smile widened. “Follow me, ladies.”


He showed us the spare rooms, bathrooms, the balcony, and at last the master bedroom. She almost ran over to the big screen TV that was in front of the window.


“Oh my god! This thing is huge! It must have cost a fortune.”


We both laughed, and she blushed again. So cute. I grabbed her hand and guided her to the bed; Max was standing by the door. Once she was sitting down I led Max to a big comfy chair at the back of the room. Her eyes followed us, her mouth slightly open. I reached around him, gripped his right butt cheek, and then pulled his head down to kiss him, a long wet kiss, our tongues fighting. He reached under my dress, but I pulled away and gently bit his lip.


“Sit down, Max,” I demanded, and then walked over to her.


“Honey, I just realized that I don’t know your name.” I smiled. “Are you a natural redhead?”


She blushed again, “Yes.”


“Ok then. I’m gonna call you Roja (red),” I said.


“Uhm actually I - ”  


I interrupted her. “I didn’t ask you. I said I’m going to call you Roja.” She knew I wasn’t playing.


I stood in front of her and caressed her face. Playing with her lips, I slowly penetrated her mouth with my finger; her tongue flickered against it. I pulled her dress up and over her head, leaving her in a sexy black thong and matching bra. Her breath labored, she was already aroused.


“Let me see, Roja,” I laughed. “Twirl for me.”


“I don’t want to.” She was looking at the floor. She seemed a little nervous. Time to make a few things clear to her, I figured.


I gently caressed her cheek, lifting her chin until she was looking at me. My smile disappeared. “I didn’t ask what you wanted, I told you to twirl.”


She pulled her face from my hand and reached for her dress. “I think I’m going to go.”


“I don’t think you are,” I stepped closer to her, reaching out and taking her by the elbow, turning her once more to face me. She turned, but kept her eyes down.


“Look at me,” I almost whispered. I could feel Max’s eyes on me, on both of us, watching, waiting to see what would happen.


She kept her eyes on the floor. I slapped her, not too hard, across the face. “Listen when I speak to you, Roja.” She cowered, but didn’t look up, so I stopped playing nice. “I said look at me!” I was all up on her face.


Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she looked first at me, then at Max, who was still sitting back smiling, enjoying every moment of the show. Finally she looked back at me.


I caressed her swollen cheek. “You can call me Mia. You play nice, and everything will work out fine for everybody, Ok?”


She seemed to think for a moment, then looked up at me and smiled. She twirled, and mmm, what a sight. Her round shapely ass devoured her g-string. Her pussy lips were more than her thong could hold. My mouth watered at the sight. I reached out and unhooked her bra, liberating her humongous boobs. Her long nipples begged for attention. I pushed her down on the bed, and her breasts hung a little to her sides; I crawled onto the bed and took one of her nipples in my mouth, gently grinding my teeth on it. She squirmed as my hand found her other breast and began to gently squeeze and stroke her nipple between my fingers. Her hands were now in my hair, pulling me towards her. I looked up and saw Max stroking his cock.


He stood up and walked towards us, leaned on the bed and kissed me hard. My cunt dripped onto Roja’s belly. His kisses always made me so hot! He walked over to the bar area and poured himself a Jack Daniel’s on the rocks while I nibbled on her pussy through the panties. I stood up and removed my dress. Her eyes crawled all over my toned body; she wanted me.


“Follow me,” I said. She stood up right away. “Good girl.”


We walked over to a lounge chair by the window. I sat down and spread my legs, pointed to the floor in front of me, and she got on her knees. With a handful of her hair, I pulled her down and straight to my soaking pussy, and she immediately got to work.   Max stared from her plump pussy to my satisfied face. Her tongue darted in and out of my orifice, her fingers separating my folds, my clitoris the main attraction. My hands wondered to my breasts and began to gently massage them, my nipples fully erect and in desperate need of attention. Again I reached down and pulled her up by her hair, directing her mouth toward my nipples. She bit me, and even though it felt good I had to strike back. I reached down and pulled hard on her left nipple. She pulled away and whimpered.


“Did I say you could stop?” I asked sternly. She looked up at me, tears rising in her eyes; she went right back.


I guided her again to my pussy and gave her instructions on how to make me cum. She was a quick learner. Her fingers found my g-spot and I started cumming in her mouth again and again. Her ass wiggled in front of Max, who was now stroking himself. I pushed her away, and said “Roja, now it’s your turn, honey.” I pulled her over to a side table Max had near the door.


“Should I get on, Mia?” She asked timidly. I nodded.


She sat on the table and spread her legs, her breast hanging just right. I pushed her back, placed her feet on the table, and spread her legs wider. With the palm of my hand I started rubbing her swollen lips. Her hard clit peeked between her folds. She was soaking wet. With my fingers I separated her folds and brought them back, gently stimulating her erect clit, and stuck two fingers up her pussy; she purred. I slowly and steadily started to finger fuck her, sliding in knuckle deep. After a while I slid a third finger in, my other hand still massaging her clit.


“Go on, Mia, do your thing, baby girl.” Max said as he sat on the edge of the table, and started playing with Roja’s nipples.


She moaned and bit her lower lip. As she did this I inserted a fourth finger, she tried to pull away but Max held her in place. After a couple of minutes I slid my thumb in. “Stop Mia, that hurts!” she cried out.


“You don’t want me to stop?” My fist slid into her slick cunt.


“Stop!   Please!” She hollered.


“Leave her, Mia. The bitch won’t be able to handle what I’ve got.” Max was upset.


“But she’s cute!” I protested.


“I said leave her. She’s not worth it. She can find her own way home.” He got off the table and walked towards the bed.


“No… Max, please.   I can take it,” she whimpered. “I’m sorry.”


I shoved my fist inside her, felt her cunt grip my hand. Tears rolled freely down her face. Max stood behind me, peeking over my shoulder and fondling my ass. With my right hand inside her and my left thumb working her clit, she squirted. Her vaginal muscles contracted violently. Sobbing, she slowly pushed my hand out of her vagina.


“Don’t cry, Roja. Everything’s going to be Ok…” I kissed her forehead, then licked my lips. “What now, Max?”



To be continued…




Author’s Note: This story is fictional.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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