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Punish Me - Part Four. Punishment continues...

Punish Me - Part Four. Punishment continues...

As the men at either end of her relentlessly fucked her mouth and arse, her body arched...
This is the follow on from Punish Me No More, although you don't have to read it to enjoy this...


Matt took hold of Robin's ponytail and pushed her roughly down onto her knees, putting her into the doggy position on the bed, and then he smacked her arse, HARD! "There's a good little whore. Now, spread your legs, wide," he said, using his knee to push them further apart.

Robin cried out, but the sound was muffled by the pillow that her face was pressed into. She felt Matt's fingers open her pussy lips and push deep inside. "Oh, I'm going to fuck you so hard, you little slut!" He grunted, his tongue probing her ass as he slipped his fingers up and down her soaking slit, dipping in and out of her wet hole.

He leaned forward, pushing two fingers deep inside her, then reached round and cupped one breast with his other hand, firmly pinching one of her stiff nipples between thumb and finger. He pulled and rolled it, sending shockwaves straight to her core. She cried out into the pillow again, "Oh fuck! Yes, take me, fuck me, do whatever the fuck you want, just get that cock inside me NOW!"

Robin bucked back hard against Matt's hand, grinding her pussy against him and she felt him pull it away and replace it with his cock, which he proceeded to rub up and down her slit, pushing the blunt head between her swollen lips, teasing her. "Do you want my thick cock to fill your cunt? Do you want my big, hard dick inside you right now?" He growled.

"Yes, yes!!" She almost screamed, "Fuck me! I need you inside me! Fuck me!"

Robin gasped as she heard Matt grunt and then push his hard tool deep inside her pussy, his balls touching her dripping lips. He began to thrust fast and hard, she could feel his pubic bone bumping against her ass with every forward thrust. His thumb was rubbing her tight little rosebud and then he growled, "Time to take me in your arse, my little anal virgin" He pressed his thumb against her puckered hole, opening her and pushing it inside.

He moved it around inside her and she felt so full! God, it was fucking good! Then he pulled his thumb out, she heard him spit and then felt him massage the warm liquid over her asshole, pushing in one finger and then a second, moving them around inside her, in and out. "Oh you dirty little bitch!" He yelled, as he slid his cock out of her soaking pussy, with a sucking sound.

He rubbed his hard dick up and down her slit, spreading her slippery juices before pressing it against her asshole, which had been opened and relaxed by his fingers. He pushed and she tensed against him. He pushed harder, "Relax, let me push it in that tight little arse."

She let her body slump as best she could and she felt her bottom open a little more, relaxing enough to let the head of his cock push in past her sphincter. He stopped, let it just sit there before leaning down and spitting on her hole again, fingers rubbing up and down her slit then rubbing the juices over his shaft. He pulled out again and spat, letting his drool drip onto his rigid cock, before pushing in again, a little deeper this time. "That's a good girl," he coaxed. "Let me fill you, let me fuck your arse. This feels so fucking good, you're so fucking tight!"

Robin groaned into the pillow. It felt a little sore, uncomfortable to have her bottom stretched open like this. It was an alien sensation, but nice. She liked it, the feeling of Matt completely owning her, dominating her and he pushed again, his cock filling her further still. She grunted as he thrust one last time until his balls were resting against her pussy lips. "Oh you dirty little whore!" He gasped, stopping where he was, letting her get used to the feeling.

Suddenly, Robin felt someone grip her hair and pull her head up from the pillow. A different voice said, "Get up, up off the bed, properly on all fours, you little slut!"

She raised her watering eyes and saw Simon's leering face looking down on her. He was naked and his cock was standing straight out from his groin, the tip glistening with pre-cum as his fist moved, pulling the foreskin back and forth. A movement to her left caught Robin's eye and she saw Holly standing wearing only a peephole bra and crotchless panties. She was holding what lust have been a 10" rubber cock and she was grinning like a maniac. Robin opened her mouth in awe and Simon took immediate advantage and thrust his thick prick inside with a grunt. "Oh fuck that feels gooood! Open wide whore and let me fuck your mouth," he hissed.

Robin could taste him again, she remembered how it had felt when he'd fucked her mouth before, while Matt had watched, and the breath was forced through her nostrils as he began to pump into her. She couldn't move her head, Simon's grip was too tight and Matt had his hands on her hips, gripping her tightly as he fucked her arse. She could see Holly move closer in her peripheral vision, slowly waving the huge plastic penis. Robin noticed that her dark pubic curls were glistening with wetness. "I'm going to push this big cock into your little pussy, while the boys fuck your other holes," Holly mewled.

Her attention switched back to her full rectum as Matt began to slowly pull out of her, ever so slowly, until he was almost completely out and then he thrust, full and hard back into her arse, as Simon thrust into her throat once more. A muffled cry came through her nose as she heard Holly whisper in her ear. "I'm going to fuck that pretty little cunt of yours, Robin. It's the sweetest little puss I've ever had."

As the men at either end of her relentlessly fucked her mouth and arse, her body arched like a concertina. She felt cool fingers tickling her clit then slipping between her lips into her hot dripping pussy. Robin felt Holly pull her fingers out and then heard her lips smack as she sucked her hot juice from her digits. "Just as I remembered, delicious!" She said, pushing the head of the dildo against her opening, pushing it in, deep.

Her whole body was moving, shaking, as if in some maniacal dance and she felt the friction of the cold rubber cock pushing and sliding in, as her cool fingers rubbed her clit. "Mmmph, Mmmph!" Was the only noise she could make.

Robin's body was being pulled and pushed, Simon's cock was pressing on the back of her throat, salty pre-cum running down her gullet. Matt was thrusting harder, so hard that she thought she might burst, while Holly pulled and pushed the rubber cock in and out of her sopping cunt. All she could hear were sucks and slurps and grunts and the sound of her own moans being forced through her nose. "Rub that fucking clit, cum for us, Robin," Matt's voice came in short rasps as he sawed and pummelled into her.

She obediently put her fingers between her legs and rubbed her clit harder and faster than she ever had. Simon hammered his cock into the very back of her throat and cried out, as hot thick jets of cum squirted in. Matt sawed into her and pushed harder than ever, his balls pressed against the relentless thrusting of the rubber cock, letting out a deep groan and she could feel his hot creamy come coat her inner walls. Her sphincter gripped his cock as her climax washed over her, muscles clenched tight around the dildo in her pussy. Simon's cock slipped from her throat and she drew in a deep breath then half screamed half choked, "I'm coming! I'M COOOMIIIING!"


"Robin! Robin!!" she felt a hand on her shoulder, shaking her body. "Robin, wake the fuck up!"

She opened her eyes and saw Jake, leaning over her, looking a little upset.

"Wha… What's going on?" She moaned, not quite sure where she was or what was happening. Her body was trembling.

She squeezed her eyes closed and opened them again, Jake was still there. He leaned forward and put his arms under her shoulders, lifting her up against his chest. "Oh my god, Robin, you gave me such a scare! You were moaning in your sleep and then your whole body started to shake. I didn't want to wake you, I'm sure I've heard that it's dangerous to do that, but I had to, I just had to!" With one hand he pressed her head against his chest, stroking her silky blonde hair.

"Oh Jake, I was having a nightmare," she mumbled into his chest. "Hold me, please, hold me."

"Hey, hey, it's okay, love. I'm here, I won't let anyone hurt you," he shushed her, gently rocking her.

Robin breathed in his scent, felt his chest rise against hers and her breathing slowly began to return to normal. "I thought I was going to choke," she whispered into his t-shirt.

"That's because you'd pulled the pillow over your head. You kicked me and I woke up. You were moaning and shouting, but I couldn't make out what you were saying," said Jake, still squeezing her body against his, still stroking her hair. "I sat up and the pillow was on your face, that's when I woke you."

She pulled back a little and looked up into his concerned face. God his eyes were beautiful, she'd never noticed how bright they were. She smiled and then began to giggle. "What is it? What's so funny?" He looked at her, puzzled.

"Sleepwalking," she laughed, "You're not supposed to wake someone who's sleepwalking."

His face broke into a grin and he nodded, "Oh yeah, that's right."

He shrugged his shoulders and pulled her close again. nose in her hair. "Are you okay? What was your dream about? God, it must have been awful."

"I can't remember," she lied, snuffling her nose into his shirt, keenly aware of the wet arousal between her legs.


It was still early and Jake asked Robin if it was okay to take a shower, that it would save him time before he went to work. She told him where everything was, although he probably already knew, from running a bath for her the night before. While he was showering, she got dressed and then went to the kitchen to cook breakfast.

She was still smiling as she checked the grill and the smell of bacon filled the room. Although she had the radio on low, listening to the morning news, she could hear Jake's off-key tones from the other room. "What on earth is he singing?" she thought to herself as she lifted the toast from the toaster and set out two places at the small table.

At that, Jake came through, wearing Robin's pink fluffy robe and drying his short hair with a towel. Robin burst out laughing at the sight of his hairy legs in contrast with the soft pink fuzz. "Oh my god, what are you like?" She sputtered.

"Ha, I thought that would give you a giggle," he beamed, pulling up a chair and sitting down in it.

"Close your legs, Jake! My god, I can see everything!" Robin put a hand over her eyes and turned away in faux shock. She was laughing.

Jake grinned and crossed his legs demurely. Robin shook her head, smiling again and poured the coffee. "Jake? Thank you, for yesterday I mean. You really calmed me down and even though that I had that nightmare this morning, I actually slept really well, just knowing that you were beside me, you know?"

She leaned over and stroked his arm through the thick robe and leaned forward and kissed his forehead. "It's fine, Robin. I'm glad I was there to help. You know, I like spending time with you. It seems that we've not really seen much of each other these last few months, have we?"

Robin nodded, watching him intently.

He continued, "You know, I'd like to be around for you awhile, if that's okay? Just so that you don't have to spend too much time alone."

He paused for a moment, his face serious now. "Listen, Robin, I was thinking about something… I don't want to bring you down or anything, but… Well, this is awkward… I think you might want to think about getting yourself tested. I mean, after everything that's happened, you know? Just to make sure that everything's okay…"

"Oh… Well, yes, it had crossed my mind…" Robin looked down, blushing and feeling slightly ashamed. "Thanks for being so honest with me. Leave it with me and I'll sort it out."

Jake reached across the table and took one of her hands in both of his, "I know you will. Hey, can I take you out this evening? Maybe catch a movie and a bite to eat?"

Robin suddenly felt anxious, the thought of going out anywhere, even with Jake, was daunting and she began to get a little flustered, "Oh, I don't know… I'm not sure, Jake. I kind of feel like, well I just want to hide away, hibernate…"

Jake saw that she was getting upset and cut in, "Hey, don't panic, Robin, it's okay. I tell you what, why don't you come over to my place? I'll rustle up some food and we can just sit and watch a movie or something. How does that sound?" He raised his eyebrows expectantly. "You can stay over if you like, so that you're not all on your own…"

She looked pensive for a moment then nodded, "Okay, that would be lovely. Thanks Jake. I think that I would like that a lot."

He nodded, glad that she had agreed and they finished eating their breakfast quietly, comfortable in the silences between conversation, until Jake suddenly realised that he was going to be late for work. He swiftly got dressed, hugged Robin tightly and then left, telling her to be at his place for about seven.


Robin felt pretty happy, for the first time in a while. She was glad that Jake had come back into her life, despite the circumstances, and it had felt so good to unburden herself about everything that had happened between herself and Matt. She actually felt like she was in a position where she could actually move on from it. In truth, she felt more than a little relieved. It had been a tough time and it was only now that she was beginning to see it, the way she'd changed and the concessions she had made in order to be Matt's girlfriend. It was time to be Robin again.

As she busied herself clearing the breakfast things and listening to the radio, she found herself singing along, swaying to the music, as she finished tidying up. She looked around and, satisfied that everything was done, fetched her laptop and mobile phone from the bedroom, she was working from home today. She saw that she had a couple of missed calls and texts. As she set up her things to do some work, she checked the messages. Her heart sank when she saw that they were from Matt. He had called three times in the last hour and there was a voicemail. She decided not to listen to it and was surprised at herself, normally she would have been desperate to hear his voice, to hear what he had to say…

She tentatively scrolled through his texts…

"I had fun yesterday, let's do it again soon! Where did you go?"


"Answer me, you saucy bitch!"

"Hey, are you okay? Ping me back when you get this, M xxx"

Robin could feel her cheeks flush as she deleted every one of them, without responding.

She sighed and opened a document for work. She was surprised that she didn't actually feel upset, well, okay, she felt a little upset, but nothing like she would normally have done since the split. Her mind began to drift to her last two interactions with Matt, the way Simon had fucked her while Matt had looked on, masturbating and yesterday, when she had pleasured and been pleasured by Holly, how she had sucked Matt's cock like a pro…

Her phone buzzed in her hand and she almost dropped it in surprise. It was Jake. "Saved by the bell," she thought.

"Hey, gorgeous!" He enthused. "I'm at work now, but I just wanted to check that you were okay. Are you getting much work done?"

"Yes, thanks, I'm working through emails and admin stuff today. Hey, you've been gone like an hour, can't you manage without me now, is that it?" She smiled.

He laughed, "Yeah, something like that. Seriously though, you are alright, aren't you? I didn't upset you earlier did I? I was just trying to be sensible, you know? Are you still okay for tonight?"

"Yes, I am alright and thank you," she sighed. "I appreciate that you had the guts to bring that up and yes, I am still on for tonight. Hey, I hope your cooking's as good as you make out, Jake…"

"Oh I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, I've not managed to kill anyone, not yet at least. Right, I'd better crack on. I'm looking forward to seeing you later, love."

She pressed the 'end call' button and thought about what Jake had said. It was true, she didn't know what Matt had been up to, either while they'd been together or before. She'd had unprotected sex with Simon too and she didn't even have any idea who he was. It was a sobering thought. She called her nearest family planning clinic and made an appointment, pleased and nervous that there was a cancellation and she could go tomorrow, you normally had to wait for weeks.

Her mind was reeling and she found herself unable to concentrate, so she decided instead to see what she was going to wear tonight. Her inner voice was quiet, no arguments about spending time with Jake. Her thoughts were interrupted by the door buzzer. She sighed and got up to answer it, it was a delivery. She stood waiting at her door while the man puffed and panted his way up the stairs, carrying a huge bouquet of flowers. She could see already that there were loads of lilies. She hated lilies. It was the smell, it reminded her of when she had to pay her last respects to her father. She shuddered and thanked the plump, red-faced driver.

"Aw Jake," she thought. "What a sweet guy you are."

She opened the wrapping from the flowers and began to arrange them, carefully separating the long-stemmed lilies from the rest of the bunch and putting them into a smaller, separate vase. "I'll give them to old Mrs Semple downstairs. I bet she'd like that," she smiled, pleased at her own resourcefulness.

As she separated the wrapping from the flowers, to recycle the stiff paper, she spotted the small envelope taped to it.

She opened it and read, "I had such a good time yesterday. Let's do it again soon, XX M"

Fuck! Fuck fuck! She yanked the lilies from the little vase and squished them into the large vase with the other flowers and stomped downstairs and presented them all to her elderly neighbour, who was of course delighted.


She hadn't gotten as much work done as she'd hoped to and decided to pretty much write it off as a slack day. Looking at her watch, she realised that she could actually reasonably stop anyway and think about getting ready for her dinner date. "Dinner date," she laughed, shaking her head. It sooo wasn't a date, or was it? Actually, she kind of hoped it was…

In her bedroom, she looked through her fairly meagre wardrobe, deciding what to wear. She realised that it probably didn't matter what she chose, that she felt comfortable enough with Jake not to have to get all dressed up, so she decided she would just go for simple; jeans and a v-neck t-shirt. She also put a few things in a bag, just in case she did decide to stay overnight, although she wasn't certain that she would. She had to admit that she felt good with Jake and the thought of spending the night with him was actually rather appealing.

So, she was pretty much ready and, with a couple of hours to spare, she decided to run a bath and have a soak. She took her laptop into the bathroom to play some music, just a random mix and also a glass of wine. Once the water was ready, she stepped in, sighing as she slipped beneath the bubbles. She washed her body well, paying particular attention to her breasts and then her pussy, pushing her fingers inside, making sure she was very clean. She felt rather turned on, excited about her date… She lay back in the bath, placed the flannel over her face and closed her eyes. Lulled by the music, she soon drifted off…


Robin caught sight of herself in the mirror and did a double take. Wow! She looked hot, very hot. She was wearing thigh-length black boots, a black PVC basque with matching panties and her blonde hair was scraped back into a high ponytail. Her eyes were heavily made up, a smokey effect, and her lips were a perfect blood-red. She smiled wickedly at herself, white teeth gleaming, then she heard a noise and followed the sound, to Matt's bedroom.

He was lying prostrate on the bed, eyes closed, hands above his head, cuffed to the bedposts, wearing only black boxer shorts, a stark contrast to his pale skin. She noticed that he had a semi-erection. He opened his eyes, his breath caught in his throat at the sight of her and his cock twitched visibly, he was obviously pleased at what he was seeing. She already knew that his cock was splendid and she could see it stiffen further, as she slowly stepped closer. He was drinking in her appearance and his musky scent filled her nostrils, his arousal ever more noticeable.

"Robin, you look amazing, absolutely stunning," he exhaled. "I'm so glad you came, I've wanted you so much, you have no idea. Just the two of us this time, just you and me."

She looked at him, but never said anything, she knew she looked good and merely moved closer, looking him up and down. She noticed the tiny spot of moisture, darkening the fabric of his shorts, just where the tip of his cock was and there were almost imperceptible beads of perspiration on his brow. Was he nervous? Why was he nervous?

She looked him up and down, his mouth was open and his breathing was noticeably fast. She stood for a moment, watching the way his cock was tenting his shorts and then she moved to the edge of the bed and lightly dragged a blood-red fingernail along his lips, down his neck and chest, trailing it down to the waistband of his black shorts. As she did, Matt gasped, legs tensing and pushed up his pelvis towards her. "Touch me, Robin," he begged, thrusting his erection towards her again.

"No!" She responded sharply, a little surprised by the harsh tone of her voice as her hand automatically darted out and tapped his straining shaft. "Not a word from you, Matt. You just be a good boy and keep quiet! Do you understand?"

Matt looked taken aback and nodded, his lips closed into a thin line.

"We are going to do this MY way, do you hear?" She raised an eyebrow and Matt nodded again, silently.

"You are going to be a good boy for me, Matt. You are going to let me have my wicked way with you. I am going to use you like the little fuck toy you've always wanted to be. Is that what you want?" She looked sternly at him, expecting a response. "I will please you in ways you've never imagined. Do you want to be my fuck toy, Matt?"

"Yes, Robin, I'm all yours. Do whatever you want to me. I want you to touch me, use me, fuck me…" He whispered, perspiration now clearly visible on his brow.

By now his fists were clenched and he was straining lightly against the cuffs, with every pull, his hips lifted, pushing his cock as skyward as it could go through the taut material of his underwear. She watched for a moment, smiling, before curling her fingers into the waistband of his shorts and pulling them down. She made no concession for his stiff prick and he gasped as the waistband pulled it down with the shorts. She almost giggled as it sprang back to freedom once the constricting underwear was gone and she pulled them quickly until only one leg was out of them. She left them hanging on the other, which also made her smile for some reason.

Now emboldened, she placed a hand at the top of his thigh, carefully avoiding his turgid member. God, his cock was fucking stunning and she noticed a little pre-cum dribbling from his little slit. It was all she could do not to lean down and slurp it up into her mouth, which was now watering at the thought. She slid her hand down his inside leg, pulling it towards her, spreading his legs apart. She glanced at Matt's face, he was keenly observing her, taking in every movement. Robin sighed, finding it awkward to be a harsh mistress with him watching her so intently. She noticed a black silk scarf sticking out from under his body and gave it a pull. It slid out with little resistance and she moved to his head and placed it over his eyes. He lifted his head to let her fasten it more easily. That's a good boy," she whispered, patting his head.

She moved back down and slowly climbed onto the bed, moving up between his legs. He bent his knees a little and pushed his cock up again, as she stroked her hands up and down his legs, ever so lightly. She was aware by now that her pussy was moist, hot and tingling as she sat down on her feet, one of her heels pushed against her cleft and pressed the gusset of her knickers against it, soaking it. Matt gasped and pushed his hips up, better exposing his testicles and his own little puckered hole. She raised herself, lifted one leg, pulled down her panties, then put them over over Matt's mouth. They were damp and heavy with her juice and she heard him inhale loudly as opened his mouth and greedily suck them in.

As Matt sucked at her wet underwear, she opened her hand out and cupped his balls, gently stroking the bald, wrinkled skin, before massaging his perineum. He thrust himself up further still, his rock hard dick almost standing straight, exposing his asshole and she pushed her fingertip against it and pressed. He moaned as he chewed her knickers and she pressed more firmly now, but the hole was too tight and too dry. "Lift up your bottom, Matt, now!" She commanded.

He obediently brought up his knees a little and raised his bottom from the bed. He was breathing noisily through his nose, still sucking her panties, his arms tense, pulling against the restraint of the handcuffs. His cock was at eye level and she leaned over and lifted his balls and spat on them. A large glob of spit began to run down and she rubbed it along the seam of his balls, pushing it along to his asshole. She began to smooth and rub her spit into his little rosebud, spitting again to ease it's progress as she pushed it into him. It felt so tight and hot as her index finger went in to the first knuckle. Matt moaned loudly, his legs began to shake, but still supported his bottom high off the bed, giving her reasonable access.

She pushed her finger in deeper, to the second knuckle and wiggled it around inside him. It felt so soft inside and she began to press around against the soft walls of his rectum. She pulled her finger out a little and leaned in close and spat again, pushing her finger more easily back in again and also pressing the tip of her middle finger against his hole, allowing it to ease its way in beside the first.

"Uuuugh," gasped Matt, his voice still muffled by her panties. His legs began to quiver quite badly now, so she pulled both of her digits from his bottom and told him to relax, to lie down. He sighed and collapsed onto the bed. There was a thin stream of pre-cum running down his rigid shaft now and his breathing was fast and heavy. She knew that he'd never done this before, well at least that was what he had told her.

"I want you to turn onto your stomach now," she said firmly, gently smacking the side of his buttock to encourage him.

Matt mumbled something into the wet panties in his mouth.

"Quiet Matt!" She commanded." It will be fine, once we get you turned over, your arms will just be crossed, I don't think you'll be uncomfortable in those cuffs and I'll be wanting you on your knees. Rest for a moment, let your legs recover…"

He lay there allowing his breathing to return to normal and she leaned over and pulled her soaking underwear from his mouth. The blindfold was still in place and she pulled it up from his eyes, watching his pupils contract as they adjusted to the brightness of the room again. He looked at her and as he watched, she took hold of his thick shaft and began to stroke him. He moaned as she pulled his foreskin up and down, eyes closed and mouth open, thrusting weakly at first against her pulls but then he began to push harder and she knew that he would come quickly if she didn't stop.

"Right, rest's over, onto your belly and then get up onto your knees, there's a good boy," she ordered.

Matt clumsily began to to roll over, stymied by the restraints around his wrists and Robin had to assist him, but he was soon face down and he wiggled until he was on his knees, arse in the air and his face in the pillow. Robin looked around and saw the vinyl harness poking out from under the bed and she climbed off and picked it up.

It was a black strap-on dildo. She picked it up, figuring out which way the toy should be worn and stepped into it, pulling it up and fastening the buckle, nice and tight. She gave her hips a wiggle and the six-inch black plastic cock bounced in a most satisfying manner. The base of the fake penis sat directly over her clit and as she took it in hand and gently stroked it, she knew that it would feel good to fuck Matt with it, that it would stimulate her as she did. She was grinning, she felt a sense of power rush through her body and she looked around until she spotted a tube of lube on the bedside cabinet.

"Are you ready for me, boy? Are you ready to feel my cock inside you?" She purred as she climbed back onto the bed behind him, stroking his tense buttocks.

Matt moved his bottom from side to side under her hand and mumbled something unintelligible into the pillow. Robin unscrewed the cap from the tube and squeezed the cold gel onto her fingers. She felt Matt's body stiffen as she began to massage the cool, thick liquid into his ass crack, over his little puckered hole. He pushed back against her, moaning quietly into the pillow and he let out a small yelp as she began to push her index finger back inside again. Dammit, she felt excited. She squeezed a little more lube onto his crack with her free hand and she pushed her middle finger inside too. Firm yet gentle strokes and she swept her fingers around and she felt Matt spasm as she presumably found his prostate, so she rubbed it a little and judging by his thrusts and moans, she'd found the right spot.

With her free hand, she began to gently pull and tug at his sack, massaging the balls inside. By now Matt was grunting and she pulled her slimy fingers from his bottom and picked up the lube and squeezed some into her hand then began to rub it over her stiff "cock'. She smiled, thinking what it must be like to be a man then realised how wet the tops of her thighs were with her own juices. "Are you ready, Matt?"

"Mmm hmm," he grunted into the pillow, pushing his arse up.

"God, that does not look comfortable," she thought, still massaging the lube onto her plastic penis and looking at the way his arms were crossed and still fastened to the bed by the cuffs. Still, he wasn't complaining...

She positioned herself carefully between his legs, the rigid rubbery cock she was wearing at his hole as she pushed the blunt tip against it. It was bigger than her two fingers but not by much and she felt him push back against her and the tip began to disappear inside him, she wondered what it must feel like if it was a real cock, how it must be to be a guy doing this. She watched, fascinated and thrust her hips forward a little, amazed as more of the dildo disappeared inside his bottom. Matt moaned into the pillow and she pulled back, the cock sliding out, before pushing it in further. Out again and in deeper still, he pushed back again and most of the shaft disappeared inside him.

She gave a firm push until the plastic penis was fully inside his rectum, his ass cheeks were firmly against the flat of her hips now. She rested for a moment, just keeping up the pressure and letting him get used to the feeling of being so full. She leaned forward until her tummy was against his lower back and she reached around and took hold of Matt's cock. God, she didn't think she'd ever felt it as hard as this, it felt like a shaft of hot steel in her grip and as she moved her fist along it, she could feel that it was slippery with pre-cum. He grunted as he felt her begin to slowly wank him and she began to thrust her hips back and forth. She began to fuck his ass.

Still stroking his cock, it took her a few thrusts to get a rhythm going and as her confidence increased, her technique improved, until she she was fucking and wanking in perfect time. With every push, Matt moaned loudly into the pillow, pushing back against her. Robin could feel that her legs were already getting tired and she wondered how guys could do this, it wasn't as natural for a woman and she knew that she wouldn't be able to keep this up for long. Still she was doing her best as she began to fuck him properly now.

"Do you like this? Do you like feeling a big cock inside you?" Each word was accompanied by a thrust, deeper, harder and Robin felt Matt's cock unbelievably stiffen in her hand. He moaned and his whole body jerked as he began to come and come and come. She pushed her rubber cock deep into his belly now and held it there as she milked his cock with her hand. She thought it would never stop, surely he must have ejaculated a pint of semen?

"Ooooh, mumphh," gasped Matt as his body trembled and the last few drops of spunk trickled from his already softening cock.

Still leaning tight against him, she unfastened the buckle of the strap on slipped out of it, leaving the large strap-on sticking comically out of his bottom. She slid off the bed and moved to Matt's head, his face was still buried in the pillow and she whispered in his ear,"Did you like that, Matt? Did you like a woman taking your virgin arse? No, don't answer that, you came like a fucking rocket, I KNOW how much you liked it."

She picked up his mobile phone from the bedside cabinet and placed it in his sweaty palm, closing her hand around his, to make sure that he had a hold of it. "I'm leaving now. You can call Simon or Holly to come and unlock you."

As she walked out of the room, she could hear him

"Robin? Robin! Come back here you fucking bitch!" He shouted, panic in his voice now. "Robin? You nasty fucking CUNT, get back here, NOW!"

She smiled as she walked into the kitchen and lifted her long overcoat, he wouldn't be trapped there for long. She pulled her coat over her PVC-clad body, covering her bare and dripping pussy and slipped out of the door, leaving it on the latch so that his rescuer could come in.

As she began to descend the stairs, she could still hear Matt, calling and yelling, "ROOOBBBIIIINNNN!"

She shook her head and never looked back…


Robin woke with a start and shuddered, the bathwater was tepid now. What a fucking weird dream! Her pussy was tingling. She moved her hand down between her legs and her fingers slipped easily between her lips which were slick with her arousal. Damn she was turned on and she began to stroke and finger her erect little clit. Her breathing quickened and she knew that she could come quite easily. She glanced at the clock on the window sill and realised that she now only had about ten minutes to get ready for her dinner date with Jake. She must have been asleep for ages!

Jake… She couldn't wait to see him…

What will happen with Jake? What will happen with Matt?

Part five to follow… Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate your time. Please do vote and comment!

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