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Punish Me - Part Two, Punish Me Again...

Punish Me - Part Two, Punish Me Again...

Oh what good girls you are. What dirty fucking bitches! He growled.
This is the follow up to Punish Me. You don't have to read it first, but it'll give you a richer picture...

Robin woke up and stretched. She grimaced, feeling how her thighs ached as her legs straightened and stretched the full length of the bed. For a moment she wasn't quite sure why she felt so sore, but then shame and self-loathing filled her as she remembered what had happened yesterday. She recalled how Simon had fucked her so roughly and generally abused her body, while her ex, Matt, had watched, masturbating as he did. Although she had showered as soon as she had gotten home, she could still almost taste his repulsive spunk in the back of her throat and see the way his face had contorted as she had rubbed her clit while he fucked her, hard, on Matt's dining table. Jesus, how did it come to that? The two of them had sat there and made plans over romantic dinners.

Her own body betrayed her as she felt her pussy pulse, thinking about it, the hardest fuck she'd ever had. She suddenly became aware of how turned on she was now and she tried to push thoughts of her humiliation from her mind as her hand reached over to the bedside unit and lifted her vibrator. She switched it on and closed her eyes and tilted the blunt tip of the shocking pink gadget inside the waistband of her panties, slipping it between her pussy lips. Tweaking a nipple, she felt her juices lubricate her slit and quickly, the vibrating device was slipping easily as she pushed it into her bruised cleft.

She gasped, remembering Simon's thick cock as it had roughly punished her tight, dripping pussy and she squeezed her nipple, harder and began to fuck herself properly with the toy. Soon she was plunging the thick plastic shaft in and out of her cunt and her fingers were rubbing furiously at her clit… God, she was already close, she could hear her juices slurping as she relentlessly thrust the fake cock in and out. She got carried away, losing her rhythm as she got closer and closer, and the vibrating dildo slipped from her hole and touched against her bottom. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut, remembering how Simon had pushed just the very tip of his cock in there yesterday and how she had wanted it, wanted to feel him fill her every hole.

She stopped flicking her clit for a moment and rubbed the tip of the vibrator along her sopping lips and down to her anus. Spreading the viscose fluid, she began to push the toy against her ass, feeling her bottom begin to relax as the tip began to open her almost-virgin hole. Her mouth was an 'Oh!' as she pushed harder and it slid in. It felt strange, but in a good, different way. She realised that this position wasn't going to work though, so she drew up her legs and lifted her bottom from the bed. She was panting as she pulled the toy back out and plunged it into her slit again, to coat it with her warm, slippery cream, god she'd not been this wet in ages… Well, since yesterday. She pursed her lips and pushed more firmly, the vibrator began to ease into her puckered hole.

Deeper and deeper she pushed and she pulled, enjoying the sensation, the way it filled her. She concentrated on taking deep breaths and soon found a rhythm which seemed to suit her, the slick plastic cock sliding stubbornly in and out of this new, very tight hole. It felt rather different to the way she usually fucked her own pussy when she was alone and the friction was enough to be slightly uncomfortable, but not quite enough to be sore. With her other hand, she began to stroke her clit again, in time with the thrusting plastic tool. Holy fuck, this felt amazing, so fucking good! She felt both her pussy and her arse clench uncontrollably and she cried out as she began to climax, long, hard and fast.

She lay for a moment, allowing her breathing to return to normal, the toy still planted deep inside her bottom, and enjoying the feeling of being so full. She smiled briefly as she realised that she had just taken her own anal cherry but her mirth disappeared almost as instantly when she remembered that it was the memory of the feeling of that repulsive man's cock pushing into her tight arse that had spurred her into doing what she had just done… She shook her head, embarrassed although there had been no witness, reached down and around and pulled out the toy. It reluctantly slid from her bottom with a soft plop and she threw it to the floor, suddenly disgusted by the fact that she had just fucked her own ass with the sex toy.

She lay there, thinking about all the times that Matt had tentatively massaged her asshole before pushing a finger or thumb into her bottom while he licked her pussy. She sighed as she remembered one particular time when he had been fucking her on her belly as she lay over the edge of the bed and how she had come like a fucking train when he pushed his thumb deep inside her arse. Her pussy pulsed again, as if in sympathy and then she remembered again what had happened yesterday and she went limp, all sexual thoughts leaving her.

She thought back to yesterday and how nervous she had been about attempting to even speak to Matt, let alone allowing herself to believe that there was any real hope of reconciliation. A tear slipped silently down her cheek as she remembered how cold he had been with her, how he had offered no actual promise of wanting to be with her again and yet how she had somehow convinced herself that there had been a chance. Her breath stuck in her throat as she replayed the moment when he had ordered her to leave after she had allowed herself to be used and humiliated by that vulgar cunt, Simon. It had simply been Matt's way of punishing her. What a cruel, heartless bastard he truly was. She just hadn't seen it before, well, perhaps that wasn't true, she chosen not to see it.

Now that she thought about it, she had no memory of Matt ever mentioning Simon before. Perhaps they worked together or something or was he just some random acquaintance? How did it ever come to this? When did her dignity leave to such a degree that she could turn into such a weakling, submitting to his will like that? She couldn't understand it at all. She was a smart, relatively successful woman, so why would she ever need an asshole like him? What had she become? She could feel herself welling up to a proper, full-blown cry.

Her thoughts were cut short by the vibration of her mobile phone, instantly followed by its jangling ringtone. She picked it up and glanced at the screen, almost jumping out of her skin to see Matt's name and smiling face on the display. Oh god, oh god! Should she answer it? What could he want? Before she even realised what she was doing, she found herself weakly saying, "Hello?" Inwardly she was cursing her actions, but she could not stop herself.

"It's me," he said, in what sounded like a relatively upbeat voice. "I was thinking, perhaps I was a little harsh yesterday, telling you to go like that. I mean, it was kind of your own fault, I did tell you not to contact me again, but, you did do as you were told in the end, so…"

"Look, I'm sorry," Robin cut in, "You told me not to do something and I did it. You know, I just really hoped there was some way to make things right, appease you…"

"Well, that's why I am calling," Matt sounded a little irritated as he cut her short. "Be at my place today at three o'clock, sharp."

"Yes, okay," she sounded eager, but he had already hung up.

Robin rolled back onto the bed and put her hands over her face. "What the actual fuck am I doing?" She moaned. "I'm not going to go. Fuck him, superior fucking prick! Who does he think he is, giving me orders like that after treating me so badly?"

With that she jumped out of bed, determined to simply forget the phone call with him and get on with her day.

By one-thirty, she was stepping out of the shower, deciding which of the sexy yet conservative outfits to wear from the ones she had laid out earlier on the bed. Part of her mind kept demanding to know why she was doing this, had she no self respect? But the larger, needier part of her mind blanked that voice out, suggesting that she would look gorgeous in the little black dress.

By two o'clock, she was drying her long, blond hair and thinking about how she would apply her make-up. All the while, the voice of reason in her mind kept begging her not to do this, that only bad could come of it and was she crazy? She ignored it again, pushing the doubts out of her mind, dumbly thinking how pleased Matt would be to see her, how pretty she would look, how he would realise his mistake, apologise profusely and take her back in his arms, back into his heart and love her once more...

By two-forty-five, she was just a couple of streets away from Matt's flat and looking for a parking space. There! She spotted one not too far from the entrance to his building and parked, taking three attempts, her poor driving reflecting how very nervous she was, all the while telling herself that she wasn't nervous at all. Again she found herself checking her reflection in the rear-view mirror and the little sensible voice in her head gave one last-ditch attempt to talk some sense into her. "Please, please, Robin, DO NOT DO THIS!"

Robin ignored it and reached down and turned up the radio to try to drown out the 'voice'. A song, which Matt had told her reminded him of what it was like to fuck her, was playing and she took it as a sign, an omen if you like, that she was making the right decision. She sang along with it, feeling her pussy begin to gently tingle in almost Pavlovian response at the memories of him fucking her, coaxing her, loving her.

Satisfied that she wasn't going to make herself look any better than she already did, she smiled at her reflection and turned off the car engine, still humming the tune to herself as she stepped out of her little rental car and locked it. Within a few steps, she found herself back at the entrance door to the building and she took a deep but happy breath, daydreaming of their reconciliation, and pressed his buzzer.

"Hello?" Demanded Matt's voice.

"It's me! It's Robin," she gushed.

"Oh… Well, Robin… You'd better come in," he said, actually sounding almost upbeat, certainly much sweeter than he had yesterday when he'd merely pressed the button to allow her access to the building without even saying a word.

She pushed open the door as she heard it click unlocked and went inside. As Robin took the elevator to his floor, it crossed her mind that he didn't sound like yesterday had happened at all, but she shook her head and allowed herself to feel happy that today, yes, today, she might, no would be getting things back on track with her ex. She almost skipped to his door and had to quickly collect herself as it swung open.

Matt stood there, looking slightly unkempt in black pants and a white shirt which was hanging open, revealing his bare chest, obviously he'd been working at the office and was not long home, she thought. She leaned forward to kiss him and he turned his head, allowing her to deliver a soft peck to his stubbly cheek. "Odd that he's not shaved," she thought. "He usually looks perfect, although I quite like it when he looks a little rough."

"Alright," he said, "I'm not going to draw this out, but as I said when we spoke on the telephone earlier, I fear that I may have been a little harsh in my treatment of you yesterday, so I've thought of a way that I can make it up to you and please myself at the same time."

Robin looked at Matt quizzically, not sure how to respond.

"Follow me," he said, almost buzzing as he walked down the hallway towards his bedroom. Robin slipped out of her jacket and shoes then dropped them beside her handbag in the narrow hallway.

"Come along," he gestured to her from his bedroom door. She smiled at him and walked slowly towards him. Matt looked happy, there was a smile on his face as she reached him and began to open her arms, in anticipation of a hug. But he had already turned his back and entered the room.

It was dark as she passed through the doorway and the first thing that she noticed was a smell of sweat… No… Not sweat, sex. The room smelled of sex and as she turned to look at Matt, standing beside his bed, she saw that there was a woman there. Her mouth dropped open as her mind began to flood with many conflicting thoughts. "What the fuck is going on?" She thought to herself, unable to assimilate the information before her very eyes…

"You remember, Holly, don't you, Robin?" Matt said excitedly, prodding the woman in his bed.

Robin stood shaking her head, unable to speak, as Holly turned onto her side. "Hi, Robin, it's been ages," she smiled, wiggling her fingers in a small wave and seemingly unaware that her breasts were exposed for all to see.

"Matt? What is going on? What is this?" Robin managed to blurt out.

Matt grinned as he explained, "Well, remember how you said that you'd never been with a woman before but that you'd thought about it? Well, here's your chance! Let me tell you, it would please me very, very much and I just know you'll enjoy it."

He looked so fucking proud of himself that she didn't know what to say, although her mind was reeling with a million things she wanted to say.

"Holly?" Said Matt, "Robin is a little overdressed. Would you help her out of her constricting clothes?"

Holly smiled seductively and sat up, swinging her legs around and giving Robin a full view of her well-manicured pussy as she did. "It would be my pleasure," she purred as she stood face to face with Robin and stroked her cheek with a warm hand. Holly leaned forward and kissed Robin, pushing her tongue between Robin's lips, as both hands pressed her breasts, thumbs against her nipples, rubbing, pushing.

Robin, still somewhat shocked, turned to Matt for guidance. He was positively beaming now, with his hand cupping his crotch and presumably his growing bulge. He nodded, indicating that Robin go along with this, that he was enjoying what he had seen so far. Why the fuck did he think that this was a good idea? He had even made out as though it was her idea! What the hell? She had never said she'd wanted to be with a woman! She'd never said she was against it either, but she was certain that she had never asked for this…

What the fuck was he doing with Holly of all people? I mean, sure, she seemed nice enough, but she had always had a feeling that Matt had a bit of a thing for her. In fact, she had been more than a little jealous a few times during their relationship because of the attention Matt had paid to her. Of course, he had always assured her that nothing was going on, that it was ridiculous of her to even think such a thing… Shit, he had even made her feel guilty, suggested that the two of them become friends and yet here she was, stinking of him and the sex they had obviously had. Jesus, she and Matt had only split up three weeks ago.

Robin turned back to see Holly moving her hands to the buttons on the front of Robin's dress then beginning to unfasten them. She paused long enough to take hold of Robin's hands and pull them onto her breasts, pressing them onto the naked flesh and Robin found herself curiously squeezing Holly's fat, erect nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

Holly gasped and tugged at the dress, pulling it down sharply, she revealed Robin, in her black bra, panties and hold-up stockings. "Oh, Robin! I like your underwear," she sighed. "You look so beautiful. So tasty."

Robin barely had time to suppress the small smile that the compliment brought to her face, when Holly took hold of her shoulders and gently pushed her around, causing her to fall back onto the bed. Holly just stood for a moment, admiring her and then she said, "I was so excited when Matt said that you wanted to be with me. You have no idea how much I always fancied you. I just never suspected that you felt the same way!"

"Wait, Matt said what?" Robin thought, panicking. "I never said any such thing, fuck!"

She opened her mouth to object as she glanced over at Matt again, ready to chastise him and saw that he was grinning, semi-erect cock in hand now, pulling the foreskin back along his thick shaft, watching the two women intently. When he noticed her looking at him, he winked and blew her a kiss, nodding once more to show his approval. "Go on," he mouthed, "Go on!"

She was about to speak, when she felt the waistband of her panties being pulled from her belly and she looked down to see Holly licking her lips as she removed the underwear. Robin watched, fascinated by Holly's wobbling breasts as she got onto her knees, pulling the knickers down to Robin's ankles and then she pressed her nose into the soft, fair pubic hair which covered Robin's pussy. A soft gasp escaped her lips and she opened her legs a little wider to allow Holly better access to her mound. "Oh god, you smell good," Holly moaned, pushing her nose right into Robin's glistening slit. "Open your legs wider," she said, pushing them apart still further.

Robin reached around and pulled a pillow under her head, so that she could more comfortably watch what Holly was doing. As she did so, she absent-mindedly began to circle one of her own nipples with a finger and then as it stiffened, she pulled it between her thumb and forefinger. She turned her head slightly to see what Matt was up to now and saw that his trousers were now down around his ankles and he was pulling firmly on his cock, slowly, not yet with the intent of coming, but just to keep himself nice and hard. His other hand was cupping and fondling his waxed sack and his mouth was open. He was loving this. "Good girl," he mouthed to her and she turned her head back to watch the woman between her legs.

Holly was keeping Robin's thighs apart with her shoulders as she began to stroke her pussy lips with soft, delicate fingers, it felt different to the way that Matt used to play with her and she suddenly arched her back without thinking, as she felt Holly simultaneously push two fingers between her lips and into her pussy while her thumb pushed against the base of her clit, short little tiny strokes. "Fuck!" She gasped, eyes closed and gripped Holly's hair, pulling her face more firmly between her thighs. She felt Holly giggle and the movement sent a vibration through her. She realised that we was already close to climax

Suddenly Matt was standing beside of the bed, at her head, his gloriously erect cock in hand. He began to stroke her hair then pulled it a little, tilting her head back. "Take me in your mouth, Robin, I want to come in your mouth as Holly eats your pussy…"

He pulled her hair more roughly until her head was hanging just over the edge of the bed and coaxed, "That's it, sugar, open up nice and wide for me," bending his knees so that the head of his cock was level with her open mouth.

Robin could see the little bead of pre-cum which had formed at the slit of his cock. She stuck out her tongue and licked it. She could taste Holly on him, but it wasn't entirely unpleasant. Then, before she had time to think of anything else, he thrust his thick shaft into her mouth, filling her and forcing her breath through her nose. With little finesse, he began to thrust into her mouth, sawing back and forth until he was very deep in her throat. Robin's eyes were open, but all she could see were Matt's swinging balls as they bumped against her forehead with each thrust.

She closed her eyes then, as Holly's fingers curled around, deep inside her pussy, finding her g-spot and massaging it with deft fingertips while she sucked Robin's clit into her mouth, flicking the tip with her tongue as her thumb still massaged the base. Her breathing quickened, loud now through her nose and her back arched further still, until her ass was not even touching the bed, pushing against the palm of Holly's hand, trying to force her digits deeper into her cunt to heighten her pleasure.

Suddenly her climax exploded and she pressed her thighs hard together against Holly's shoulders, her squeals muffled by the thick meat filling her mouth and she felt Matt thrust very hard, once, twice, then a third time as he grunted and came down the back of her throat. She tried to swallow it all, not to choke, but there was too much salty fluid and she began to cough and splutter. She quickly sat up, gagging as she felt semen coming down her nose. Matt stepped back and passed her a towel and she wiped her face, looking down at Holly, who was now sitting up, grinning, her face slick and wet with Robin's own juices.

Matt stood for a moment, taking it all in and and then he said, "Good girls, very good girls. You have pleased me very much indeed." He stroked Robin's hair as he said it and then, "Holly, I want you between my legs. Suck me clean and get me hard again. I need to fuck some pussy."

Holly giggled and immediately jumped up from the floor then, as Matt sat on the edge of the bed with his legs open, she stood, bent at the hips and began to stroke his soft penis, before leaning down and licking it and his balls, like a pro. "Robin, why don't you get round behind Holly and have your first taste of pussy? I can assure you that she is quite simply delicious. Hurry up, there's a good girl."

His words stung her, to think of him with another woman and yet, she slid off the bed and moved around behind Holly. At first she just stood there behind her, looking at her bottom as it moved in time with her head at Matt's cock. She could see that she was wet, shining with arousal and she looked at Matt. He was watching her intently as Holly bobbed up and down his dick. He nodded, raising his eyebrows, "Go on, do it."

Robin tentatively reached out her hand and placed it on one of Holly's ass cheeks, allowing her thumb to graze the moist pussy lips and she felt Holly's body spasm ever so slightly. She moved her thumb up and down over the coarse pubic hair. Holly moaned and she moved her other hand, fingers outstretched and gently began to rub her fingertips up and down her soaking slit. Matt was nodding now, "That's it, keep going. Come on, on your knees, do what you've been dreaming of, good girl." He gasped and Robin knew that he must be beginning to stiffen once more.

"I never dreamed of this," she thought sadly, sighing as she got down onto her knees. She pushed her fingertips between Holly's lips now, surprised at how warm and soft her pussy felt. It felt nice. She moved her fingers up and down, opening up the inviting pussy before her and she pushed two fingers, meeting little resistance as they sank into her soft wet hole. It was Holly's turn to moan, Matt moaned too and Holly pushed herself back against Robin's hand.

"That's it, suck my cock, you dirty bitch," gasped Matt, thrusting upwards. Robin was plunging deeper into Holly's pussy now and she gingerly leaned forward, pulled out her slick fingers, stuck out her tongue and darted it into the folds of the pussy. She could taste Matt's come of course, but there was a delicious tang which was unfamiliar to her, well, actually, it was not dissimilar to her own flavour. Her fingers slid forward, underneath, to find Holly's clit. It was large, fat and erect and she gently pinched it between her fingers, pushing her tongue deeper into Holly's cunt. She pulled, squeezed and rubbed the clit, pressing her face into the sopping pussy, her nose almost against her puckered hole. Holly began to writhe and moan, shoulders heaving as she sucked Matt's cock for all she was worth, arse bucking against Robin's face and hand now. Robin leaned forward and stretched out her hand to grab one of Holly's pendulous, swinging breast and pinched a fat erect nipple, hard.

Suddenly Holly screamed, pussy muscles clenching Robins' fingers and her mouth was flooded with hot fluid. Holly was a squirter. She sucked the thick lips between her own, drinking her come. "Enough!" Gasped Matt, pushing Holly back so quickly that she lost her balance and found herself in Robin's lap.

Robin looked over Holly's shoulder to see him take hold of his fully erect cock, a smile practically splitting his face. "Oh what good girls you are. What dirty fucking bitches!" He growled. "Holly, on your belly, now! I'm going to fuck that tight little cunt of yours."

He stood up, stroking his long, thick meat, as Holly scrambled over to the bed. Her face was in the covers and her legs were straight, arse up high, wiggling, inviting him. Robin watched, speechless as Matt leaned over and took a long lick of her open cunt. "Mmmm, fucking delicious," he said, spitting on his fingers and rubbing the saliva over his shaft. "Do you want my big fat cock in your tight little hole? Do you want me to fuck you?"

"YES!" Screamed Holly. "I want your cock, fuck me, fuck me hard!"

Robin could only watch his buttocks clench as he lined up the head of his penis against her now dripping slit, his thumb rubbing her rosebud and he pushed his thick meat into her pussy at the same time pushing his fat thumb into her ass. His free hand open, he slapped her buttocks, hard. "You dirty fucking cunt! I'm going to pump you full of come."

He began to fuck her, hard as he said.

Robin stood up, open-mouthed, unable to speak, feeling invisible, redundant. Watching her ex fuck this… this whore in front of him, she felt as though her heart might break. She looked around and saw her clothing beside the bed. Hastily she gathered it up, unnoticed by Matt or Holly.

She ran silently from the room, thighs still wet with fluid, tears streaming down her face. All she could hear was the slap, slap of their sex, his grunts as he fucked Holly and not her. She had thought that he was going to make love to her, that they were going to be back together by now. How could she have been so fucking stupid? The small sensible voice in her head was saying, "I told you so! I told you not to come!"

She dragged on her clothes as quickly as she could and picked up her bag and coat. Her hand on the door handle, all she heard was Matt grunting, "You dirty fucking bitch! MY fucking bitch!"

She slipped silently out of the door, vision blurred, barely able to see through the tears. Humiliated once more…

Would she never learn?
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