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Rain and Bath Water I

Tags: bathing, m/f, oral, sex
It started off as a simple bath....

     Twila entered her huge walk in closet, running her fingers through her long black hair, twisting it up in a bun and securing it with a clip at the top of her head.  It had been a long day with her sister's kids and all she wanted more than anything in the world at that moment was a nice long bubble bath and soak the day away. She went to a set of drawers designed especially for her personal bath toiletries and removed sandalwood bubble bath, some scented salts and beads and a few candles.  She turned to walk back out of her closet and smiled as a loud clap of thunder, and the sounds of heavily falling rain filled the room.  She shivered with anticipation. Walking into her big newly decorated bathroom, she set her things down on the counter and removed her plush white bathrobe.  When she had decorated she said she wanted an old timey, sixteen hundreds castle feel to it. So, she tiled the floors with smooth grey, green, and dark rustic red stones, as well as the walls.

     Twila studied herself in her mirror, appraising her high, firm breasts with dark pink swollen nipples. Her small waist that tapered down to a set of wide, generously rounded hips, down to the long, and gorgeously golden legs that her husband -even after eight months of marriage- still went crazy over.  He thought she was the sexiest thing that he'd ever laid eyes on and never failed to remind her of that fact night after glorious night.  Twila went over to her round jaccuzi tub and started some hot bath water.  She smiled and closed her eyes as the smell of sandalwood filled the air and tickled her nose.  She added the beads and salt while the bubbles foamed up and watched the water turn a pretty pink color. Then, walking over and lighting the various candles on the walls and counters, she turned off the light in the bathroom, watching the candlelight throw shadows on the walls and the tiled floor, giving the room a beautiful glow. Twila sauntered over to the big window and threw it wide open, next going to the glass double doors facing the back of the house in the bathroom and opened those wide giving her a beautiful view of the trees and meadow gleaming almost magically in the twilight, making her thankful for the sanctuary that was her backyard. Twila sighed with pleasure as the smells of the rain, and the roses and honeysuckle in her newly finished flower garden filled the room.  She smiled with almost a childish pleasure as she inspected the fireflies that danced in her backyard.

 She remembered in the first week of their marriage she had begged and begged him to let her redecorate the bedroom and the master bath and after he had teased and coddled her for a few days he finally gave her her own decorating account for whatever she wanted to do with the house in the sum of fifty thousand dollars. She remember protesting at first, there's no way that he had been able to just GIVE her fifty grand at the drop of a hat but, she had underestimated his wealth and her status as his wife. So, she happily spent the next 3 months decorating and refurbishing the most intimate parts of the house, making sure that she shopped at all the right places and got the best deals so she wouldn't just swindle away his hard earned money.

     Twila glanced at the beautiful old clock on the wall.  Travis is going to be home soon. She thought as she hurriedly turned the tap off and climbed into the high jacuzzi.  She sighed contentedly as the hot water soaked into her beautiful golden skin, almost the best massage out there.  She spent the next half hour massaging and scrubbing her skin with the scented soap, sighing in pleasure as her fingertips glided lightly over her sensitive nipples. Twila started with a shock as she was shook out of her sexy daydream as the sound of heavy footsteps and turned to look at the door.  Her husband Travis walked in, shaking the rain out of his brown hair.

"How was work sweetie?" She asked as he took off his suit jacket and loosed his tie.
"Work was as it usually is-busy. How was your day?" He asked, appraising his beautiful wife, looking lovely and deliciously appetizing in the water. His own personal goddess. 

Travis rolled up his shirt sleeves and got down on his knees next to the tub and picked up her loofah with one hand, the fingers of his other hand grasping her slender ankle as he raised her foot out of the water.

"Well," She started as he began scrubbing her foot. "My day was nice. My sister dropped the kids over so we made chocolate chip cookies.  There's some for you on the counter in the kitchen." She relaxed as he worked over her whole body with the loofah.  She gasped as she felt him suck her nipple tight into his hot mouth. He flicked her nipple rapidly with his tongue while bitting down gently. "oh my god!" She gasped as he moved over to her other breast. No matter how many times they made love, no matter how many different ways he touched her, she could never get enough.  Each caress felt totally new and electrifying to her. She wondered if their craving for one another would ever let up.

"Do you know how hard it was for me to concentrate on work today when I knew that i had an utterly delectable, sexy wife waiting for me at home? Do you know how many ways I'd envisioned fucking you? How hard I would push the silly boundaries that you have put up to keep me from what I want the most?  Your absolute surrender.  You. Are. Mine.  And tonight, I'm going to do whatever I want to you. And there's nothing you can do to stop me."  He growled, nipping a spot just above her nipple and sucking the pain away.

Twila swallowed, fairly stunned.  She knew that there were things that she didnt allow him to do do her, and she never really let herself go with him. He had always said it was because she always wanted to be in control and wouldn't let herself really feel.  But that wasn't so wrong.....was it? She gasped as he lifted her up out of the tub, her wet body glistening and dripping water all over the tiled floor. He sealed his mouth to hers in a hot kiss, his tongue stroking hers as he walked into their bedroom and laid her on their four poster bed.  He then stood up, removing his tie and shirt, unbuckling his pants. Twila almost purred in pleasure at how sexy this man was-her man.  She ran her hands down her breasts, tweaking her already sensitive nipples as he stepped out of his pants and ran his hands up her inner thighs.  He started at her ankle, kissing his way up to the middle of her thigh and nibble the tender flesh there....

"Wait!" She said, hurriedly sitting up.  "I don't think that this is-"

"When i said there was nothing you can do to stop me Twila, i ment it!" He exclaimed, biting down on her inner thigh.

She briefly considered mutiny but, she didn't know if it was really wise....he'd never come home acting like this before...

Twila suddenly scrambled off the bed and made a break for the door, crying out loudly as she felt his hand grab her arm roughly and push her against the wall. He yanked her leg up and around his hip and grabbed a fistful of her hair, jerking her head up to look at him.

"I see you don't want this to be easy..."

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