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Rain and Bathwater II

she sees just how far he'll go for control...

Twila whimpered and tried to push against his shoulders and fight for control of her body.  He wasn't having it. His hand tightened on her leg, his fingers twisted tighter in her hair as he slanted his lips over hers and ravished her mouth. She moaned, gasping softly as he took her bottom lip between his teeth and nipped down gently.  Twila groaned, feeling his hardness against her pussy as he slowly gyrated against her. 

"I figured you'd put up a fight so I took the liberty of picking up a few things on the way home." He said, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.  He grasped her wrists in one of his big hands and tugged her to the bed, he opened and reached into one of the night stand drawers and pulled out a bad.  Twila went still as stone as he emptied the contents of the bag onto the bed.  She barely had time to let out a squeak of protest then he was already tossing her onto the bed on to her stomach and tying her hands up with one of the four cloth scarves he picked up for the evening.

"TRAVIS WHAT THE-" She started to say but he cut her off by putting a gag in her mouth and fastening it securely so she couldn't speak.  He positioned her on her knees and tied her legs together by the ankles so couldn't throw her legs out in an attempt to escape.  He went around to her side, grabbing something off the bed as he advanced on her. Travis leaned forward and attached first one clamp onto her left nipple and another on her right, not tightening so much as to hurt but enough so that she could feel some pressure.  He turned the vibrations on, listening to her moan, and seeing her squirm. Her nipples were rock hard after a couple of seconds and he tightened the clamps just a little more.  He smiled wickedly as he saw her nipples turn a bright red.

"You've been a naughty girl, Twila."  Travis said, running his hands down her derriere as he spoke.  "And do you know what happens to naughty wives who don't let their husbands have their way with them?" He asked.  Twila moaned, scared but somewhat excited by the words and the way he was treating her.  To her astonishment she felt her pussy throbbing as his hands brushed closer and closer to the center of her thighs. 

"You want this. You're cunny is so wet, the moisture is glistening on your thighs." He leaned down and slid his tongue right next to her swollen lip, catching the right one between his teeth and biting down gently.  Twila felt more liquid squeeze out of her and she held her breath in shock at the sensation of his teeth on the very edge of her pussy lips, nipping, teasing her mercilessly.

All of a sudden he was gone, his hands and mouth no longer on her butt. Twila whimpered, wanting more.  She heard the sound of something being squeezed out of a bottle then she felt his hands between her legs, rubbing some substance into her pussy lips and over her clit liberally.  "This is a special oil ment to heighten sensitivity." He explained. Twila breathed hard in and out her nose, feeling her pussy warm up almost uncomfortably, and throbbing hard.  Her skin flushed a dark pinkish brown as her whole body heated up in response to the oil. Then, out of nowhere a resounding smack echoed across the room and Twila yelped into the gag as she felt something slam into her bottom once, twice, and over and over again till there seemed like there would be no end to the torment.  He made sure to get a couple softer whacks on her pussy, but even those didn't hurt, just heightened the almost painful pleasure between her legs.  Twila could feel the heat spreading through her body with every stroke on her bottom.

I cannot believe I'm enjoying this! Oh my god!

Twila screamed into the gag as she felt her orgasm slam through her body, hard and fast. Making her almost dizzy as she slumped to the bed.  Travis slowly untied her and turned her onto her back, looking at the sexy flush of her skin.  He turned the vibrations on the nipple clamps a bit lower for what he was about to do. 

"You liked that huh?" He asked, bending down and licking at the tip of her exposed nipple, she arched high off the bed, clutching at the scarf as he breathed cool air onto her tight, sensitive wet nipple.  He removed her gag and kissed her hard and deep. He kissed and licked his way down her body, moving and adjusting her legs to go over his shoulders as he went.  He sucked the very edge of one of her pussy lips into his hot mouth, tugging hard.  Twila let out a strangled moan.  Travis inhaled the scent of her as more juices came running out of her hot, pink cunt.  He did the same to her other lip only to give her a very rough lick up the center of her seem making her moan loudly with pleasure and buck into his mouth.

His hands clamped down tight on her hips holding her still for him. He moved his lips to her clitty and sucked it very lightly into his mouth. She screamed and came hard, her juices squirting out and covering his face. He tugged harder on her clit with his mouth, sucking it through his teeth. Minute by minute he swallowed her down, not caring if she was so sensitive she was instinctively trying to move away, it only made him rougher. He ground his face into her gorgeous cunt and above him she screamed and bucked, half crazed with the pleasure he was bringing her.

Her nipples were so swollen, her thighs slick with sweat and her come. And, he wasn't stopping. It seemed the more she bucked and moaned the more ardent he became with her. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as the orgasm of all orgasm tore through her body.  She screamed loud, her legs locking around his head, her hips arching high into the hair and bucking herself hard into his mouth, she clawed with frenzied fervor at the scarf holding her captive, her body violently jerking as he still sucked, making her orgasm last that much longer. 

He pulled her legs apart and sat back, unbuckling his belt and undoing his jeans. Staring with hunger at his wife, nipples red and swollen with the clamps, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath, her legs weak and trembling with the force of her orgasm. Little mewls escaping her lips. She was so beautiful, and his.

He pulled out his dick, stroking it.

"That was only the beginning."

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