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Rebecca Gets Hers

She gets what's coming to her
"Andy, I'm going to get my mani and pedi. Be sure to have the minutes of the staff meeting typed and on my desk before I get back. And pick up my dry cleaning on your lunch break, but get back to work on time in case anyone calls for me. And this time, lay them in you car neatly. Last time you picked up my things they were wrinkles in my shirts from your carelessness. You may not care that you look like a useless fucking slob but I do. So help me if you bring them back to me in anything other than perfect shape I'll cut your balls off and tack them to the bulletin board in the break room."

This had become normal for Andy. Working for the company bitch Rebecca, for the last several months things had gotten worse and worse with the passage of time. At first she was kind and friendly. Now she was rude, demanding, and dismissive. When he took the job as "Personal Assistant" he never dreamed it would consist of making facial appts, scooping up dog shit, buying tampons, and just being her overall doormat. It didn't matter to her that Andy had an MBA. She only got her position in the company because she married the owner's son. He had lost count of the number of times he caught her mistakes on things and corrected them. He pointed it out to her, once. After that reaming he just discreetly corrected her barely high school passable mistakes. But there is a reason he sticks around.

Rebecca was a beautiful woman. For all of her life she has gotten her way because of her beauty. When her breasts developed at an early age and all the boys were falling over themselves, she took note. And since then, few men have been able to resist giving in to her. Her husband Jack was the latest to fall victim. Her long blond locks and crystal blue eyes snared him. Her long and lean legs, spectacular and tight ass, and her perfect size C breast ensured his staying put. There is a song titled "Voodoo Punani" that suits her perfectly. From the outside no one, including Jack's wealthy father Seth, could understand how or why he stays with her. She is rude and mean to him more than to most. He just takes it. No doubt that she wears the pants in that family.

Andy watched out of the window in her office to see as her car pulled out of the garage. The minutes for the staff meeting have been done for an hour. She thinks because it takes her forever to type something that it must take him that long too. He knows Rebecca and her schedule better than she does. Her mani/pedi appointments usually take at least 2 hours. He's never had either but it seems like a long time. He loves mani/pedi day because he allows him the same 2 hours to have lunch and do whatever menial task she requires of him. Moving with purpose he gets to his car and stops at the dry cleaners just down the road. With the extra time today he's decided to have lunch at a little dive on the outskirts of town. He should have plenty of time to get there, eat lunch while reading the newspaper, and get back before she does.

Just before he arrives at his destination as he is jamming to his tunes, he looks out the passenger window. He glimpses something familiar. Circling back around, his hunch is right. There in the driveway of a home is Rebecca's BMW. Seizing the opportunity, he parks across the street and gets out his camera and video recorder. What Rebecca doesn't know is that Seth despises her. And he has given the task of catching her up to no good and collecting the truth to Andy. When he was approached with this opportunity he readily accepted, and he would have done it even without the extra $500/month that Seth paid him "off the books".

Moving quickly and stealthily Andy lurks around the house until he finds her. Already in the bedroom on her back, legs in the air taking a stiff cock in her pussy. He presses the record button on the video camera. Even now she is as catty as usual.

"Fuck me harder dammit. I don't have all day, Slam my cunt with your cock so I can cum, I have to get back to the office" she says as she is pulling on her nipple with one hand, the other is rubbing her clit.

He begins fucking her harder, her tits are shaking from the force. Rebecca has gone quiet, or at least she's quit talking coherently. She's groaning and mumbling and enjoying the hard fucking she's getting. "Ohh yes.. mmmm... fuck me... gonna cum....!" she murmurs. The scene is pretty hot and Andy is very hard. But her next statement softens him right up. As the final waves of orgasm are sweeping over her, no doubt her pussy is clamping on this guys cock. His face is beginning to tense, his thrusts short and fast...

"Don't you fucking dare cum in me or on me you fucking pig." she states. Andy felt sorry for the guy as he had to pull out and cum on the wood floor.

Sneaking away back to his car, Andy can't help but smile. Finally after months of shit, that woman will get hers.

He turns back to town, picking up a fast food burger. He wants to get back to work ASAP.

Once at the office he bypasses his own floor and goes up to the executive suites. To Seth Anderson's office, greeted by his secretary. "Can you tell Mr. Anderson that Andy Jackson is here."

The secretary rises and goes into Seth's office and shortly they both return. "Andy, my young man. Come on into my office, tell me what's on your mind" Keeping up appearances is important to the Andersons. Andy knows this and it is why he was chosen for this task. As Seth closes the door behind them he is already smiling, hoping that this meeting is what he think it is. "Tell me what you got, what has she done? Besides treat you like dirt... we all know. I'll make it up to you somehow."

"I think it would be better if I showed you what, or rather, who she's doing"

Andy opens his laptop, with the memory card inserted and presses play on the screen. Wide eyed and smiling from ear to ear Seth is taking in the scene before him.

"Andy my boy, I'll take that memory card. Go back to your desk. Tell Rebecca that I wish to have a meeting with her at 5:00. Let her know you'll have to stick around to take notes. Speak nothing of this video, I have to decide how to proceed." Seth tells Andy

The rest of the afternoon goes as it usually does. Rebecca is ordering Andy around like he is a piece of dirt. And he is doing all that is asked of him, with a little extra pep in his step. Bringing her yet another cup of coffee... "What are you so damned chipper about today. It's annoying as hell. Get out of my office until our meeting with Seth."

At 5:00 on the dot, Seth arrives at Rebecca's office. Of course with her well-to-do father in law around her whole demeanor changes. She is ladylike and polite and speaks to Andy in a pleasant way. "Andy, would you bring your laptop into the office, we'll need it." Andy of course complies, still not sure of that is going to happen. He gives his laptop to Seth, and watches anxiously as he puts the memory card into it's slot. Turning the computer so that only Rebecca can see the screen. She is facing Seth and Andy as the images on the screen come to life. First there is shock, then as she looks up at Andy there is rage. Then realizing her true dilemma, the waves of panic hit as she looks at Seth. Just for a moment before looking down ashamedly.

"Well Rebecca I'd ask you what you have to say for yourself but I really don't give a fuck!"

"Seth, if you'll just let me explain. I owe that man alot of money..." Rebecca tries to offer as an excuse

"Like I said I don't really give a fuck. Here is the deal. My pitiful excuse for a son loves you. Why, I have no clue since you are a rude and obnoxious bitch who only married him for our money. I know it, his mother knows it, as does the entire firm knows it. But he loves you. I'm a rich man. After Andy gave me this video and the address where you met him it didn't take long for me to find out who the man is. HE is your husband. You are a liar and a you faked it all to marry into our family. No doubt with a plan to set up my son and divorce him and take all his money. Well that ain't happening. You will continue to work in this office. At the end of the day you'll go home to my son, and you WILL treat him with respect and dignity. You will keep 'playing house' until you give me a grandchild. After that, you will divorce my him and leave this business. At that time I will give you and your real fucking husband a nice severance package so you will still be able to be a mother. If you do not agree to these terms right now, I'll call the police and have you arrested tonight. There is no room for debate, yes or no. Your answer NOW!"

"But Seth, I..."

"NO excuses, no talk. Yes or no!" Seth interrupts not allowing anything else to escape her mouth.

"Yes!" she answers in defeat.

"Good, I thought you'd see it my way. One other thing. Andy will remain your asst. to keep an eye on you. He will be your asst. outside the four walls of this office. Inside this office you are to do anything and everything he commands of you. He's been the one doing your job all along anyway. He can order you to do whatever he likes, you will be his slave. Do you understand what I mean? But before you come home after he uses you, you must shower and clean off any sign of him. All it takes is one call from Andy to me and you'll be locked up within the hour."

Looking to Andy, "Boy, she's all yours. Make sure she knows who is boss now."

The last few comments are even better than Andy had hoped for. He is beside himself with joy. As the door to the office closes, Andy is already prepared for how he'll proceed. It took only a moment to think about what he saw today and what he wants to do.

"Ok slave, take off all your clothes so I can get another look at those tits and pussy!"

Rebecca opens her mouth to say something in protest but stops when Andy raises his hand to shush her and shakes his head side to side. Seeing that he means business she begins to undress. She may be a mean fucking woman but he knows a great set of tits when he sees them. His cock is hardening in his pants and she bends at the waist, her tits hanging as she pulls down her skirt and panties. He can see why Jack married her. In the bright fluorescent light he can better see her body. Slim and trim, long muscularly tone legs meeting up at a bare pussy. Her lips protruding provocatively. Unzipping he pants and taking out his now erect cock.

"Get on your knees and suck my dick. And you better suck it good and right. Don't half ass it or you'll regret it."

With a roll of her eyes Rebecca does as she is told. Even though she hates sucking cock she is a pro at it. It's the first step in snaring a wealthy husband. At first she is doing the bare minimum, sucking Andy off, but not with any passion. He reaches down with both hands and takes a nipple in each hand, softly caressing before pinching hard on both at the same time.

"Oh, god dammit! That hurts"

"I told you you better suck me off like I know you can. Don't make me tell you again."

"Fine, but don't cum in my mophhh" she begins to say before he shoves his cock into her mouth before she can complete her sentence. He remembers her yelling at her real husband to not cum in or on her. Now she is sucking his cock like the cock slut that she is. Her mouth moving up and down his shaft, one hand moving with her mouth stroking as she sucks him off. It is only a couple of minutes before Andy feels the cum churning in his balls. Pulling her hand off is cock he then grabs her by the head and begins to fuck her pretty little face. Hearing her gasp between strokes as his cock hits the back of her throat he is ready to explode. He pulls out of her mouth and cums a geyser of hot white semen onto her big beautiful tits.

"I know you don't like to be cummed on or in. But my cum shall never hit the floor. You'll be best served to be sure every drop is on you or in you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Andy. I understand."

"Good, now stand up and bend your ass over at your desk. And inside this office you will address me as Master or Mr. Jackson" After she gets into position Andy stands back and admires the lovely ass before him. Of course he won't let her see him admiring it. Walking to her his hand caresses her ass. She tenses up, knowing what will surely happen next. SMACK SMACK SMACK. She yelps at the sudden sting on her backside. Taking a moment, he runs his hand down to her pussy and is surprised at his discovery.

"You little fucking slut. You're soaking wet. You're enjoying this aren't you? Your whole life you've made all the decisions and orders and men have done as you asked. Now you're being controlled and you fucking love it! Mmm, yes! You like being my little cum slut slave don't you?"

With her head bowed and her ass sticking out.. "Yes Master."

"Turn around and sit on the desk. Open your legs and let me see you finger your fat pussy."

She does as told. He is enjoying being in control. Stunned at his own forcefulness. But seeing her laid back on the desk, her creamy white skin in contrast to the dark mahogany wood while she finger fucks herself has gotten him hard again. Her pussy is oozing and dripping tasty juices all over the place. But tasting her will come later. After stripping naked he stands between her legs and rubs his cock with the head shiny and purple, up and down her wet slit. Her eyes glued to his erection. She moans as she is unable to hide her enjoyment. Taking her legs in his hands he puts her feet on his shoulders and forcefully shoves his rigid man meat into her cunt. Causing her to whimper. He fucks her pussy for several long deep strokes before pulling it out. She groans in disappointment of losing him inside her. With is cock good and wet with the wetness from her pussy he places the head right against her equally moistened ass.

"Oh no, please, I've never been fucked in the ass. Don't do it, I beg you." Rebecca slurs as she is lost between pleasure and uncertainty.

"Shut up, you are my slave and you will do whatever I wish. Seeing that you've never had a cock up your ass before I want you to ask me, no.. beg me to fuck your ass. Beg master to take your anal cherry."

With fear and questioning in her eyes she hesitantly speaks, "Master, I would like you to fuck me in the ass."

"Not good enough, beg me. Make me believe you mean what you're saying."

"Oh Mr. Jackson. Please, I beg you. I've never had a dick in my ass before. I NEED you to fuck my tight asshole, take my cherry there. Make me your ass fuck loving arrrrgh..."

Once again before she is able to complete her sentence Andy is pushing himself inside her. Just until the head pops inside past the crown allowing her to adjust to it. Then he slowly eases his long shaft inside her until he is balls deep. Her breathing is heavy and labored. Slowly he begins to saw in and out of her tight back door. She is again making sounds. But these grunts, groans, and moans are different. They sound primal. From deep in her throat and soul, her hands clutching at the desk. As the waves of shock from being filled begin to make way for the waves of pleasure that she unexpectedly feels, her back arches and her eyes roll back. He sees this and knows that she is completely his. She has succumbed to her new role.

Getting up onto her elbows and lifting her head she gazes down to watch as his body moves in and out. He begins to pump faster into her. She opens her mouth to speak but all that comes out is deep and husky sounds of lust and ecstasy. "Play with your clit you filthy slut." Andy commands. As her hand quickly and without hesitation moves to her very hard and sensitive clit she rubs it furiously. He is fucking her ass hard and deep. Pausing each time he withdraws for a moment before pounding it back into her. Sensing that she is getting close he buries himself balls deep into her. Removes her hand from her clit, causing her to whimper. With one hand he puts two fingers inside her soaking pussy. With the other he slaps her on her puffy mound. She yelps at the unexpected sting but her body squirms showing that she really liked it.

"I want you to cum hard on my fingers with your ass full of my cock!" he states as he continues to smack her pussy.



"Cum for master NOW!" orders Andy "I want to hear you say that MY pussy is cumming. That I own your pussy."

This last order is all she can take. With her hips grinding her ass onto his cock and her pussy onto his fingers she cums with a hard body shuddering orgasm. "Ohh, ohhh.. ugh, I'm cumming. My pussy is yours. Arggghh..cumming.. Your pussy it's your pussssyyyyyy"

Grabbing her legs Andy starts fucking her ass harder than ever. She is grunting and sweating. So is he. Feeling his balls tighten, he pulls out of her ass at the last moment and blasts his cum right onto her still convulsing pussy. Stroking out every last drop. After his body settles and he catches his breath, still holding her legs. He takes one hand and scoops the cum from her pussy and offers it to her mouth. Without any thought she opens her mouth and savors it. Until she has swallowed his entire load, mixed in with her own orgasmic juices.

"Get up and get yourself showered and dressed. Tomorrow you are to report to work with no panties on. I know you've been trying to conceive, but I also know you've been secretly taking the pill. You are to continue your regimen. No use getting pregnant now and ruining my fun. And before you go home, stop by the sex store and purchase a remote controlled egg vibrator and anal beads. When you arrive at work stop at my desk and give me the controller to the vibe. I will follow you into your office and check to be sure the vibrator is in place. No matter what I do, you are not to cum until I have given you permission. Do you understand what you must do, Slave?"

"Yes Master."

"Good, I'll see you in the morning. And I take my coffee with cream and sugar."

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