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Redeeming Lust Part Three

I will not stop until I am thrashing violently inside you.
I drove like a mad woman down the streets. Adrenaline pulsating through my veins, I had to make it home before Vincent got there. What would I do? What would I say? Question after question coursed through my mind; I found myself astray. I was lost in thoughts of Riccardo’s hands, violent on in my mind and tender on my body. I wanted nothing more than to turn around and give myself to him.

But thoughts like those were ludicrous, and immature. I was nothing more than a bit of amusement and arousal for a night. Wanting more was a precarious desire.

What seemed like hours was actually a quick fifteen minute drive. Not even locking the door on my car, I fled to my apartment and up the stairs. Vincent would probably be late I realized, he always was.

Busting through my apartment door I made way for my bedroom. Changing rapidly into shorts and a t-shirt. I put my now unruly sex hair into a bun and stuffed my dress of infidelity in the bottom of my laundry hamper.

Moments later, I heard Vince call me from the living room. Damn me for giving his stupid ass a key.

“Hey, be there in one minute!” I called back to him. I looked down at my leg, and there as if to expose my unfaithfulness, the mark Riccardo left behind protruded like a splash of paint against of clean canvas.

I tried looking for my other sweatpants, I needed to hide this. Vincent walked in my room.

“Didn’t you hear me call you?” he asked, obviously annoyed.

“Uh, yes. Sorry. I was looking for some sweatpants.” I laughed.

Vince walked towards me and put his hands around my waist. He was a little shorter than me, as I was tall for a female. “I’ve missed you so much babe, how was your day?” He asked, somehow still managing to sound condescending.

“It was good.” I replied merely. Suddenly it didn’t feel so good being in his arms, it felt a little empty.

He kissed my neck, and I flinched. Blazing flashes of Riccardo hit me hard.

“Aweh babe, is something wrong?” he asked in the sort of tone you use with a child, or a dog.

“No, I’m fine. Just tired.” I assured him.

Vincent started kissing my neck, my collar bone. I felt annoyed by his very presence. I pushed away. “I’m tired I said.”

He laughed mockingly. “Aweh, my poor baby is angry with me?”

“Fuck you.”

I don’t know what it was, but suddenly that word had become my choice of answer for the night.

I walked to my drawer and started rearranging things on top, annoyed with Vincent and his immaturity. He came and put his hands on my thighs, slowly moving his hands up my shorts.

“For such an angry little girl, you must not be too unimpressed with me, you’re not even wearing panties. You’re probably even wet for me already” He laughed. What an egotistical prick. I almost wanted to respond by telling him “Oh don’t be so brash, some other man gladly has possession of my panties right now, they were absolutely soaked for him.” I didn’t of course.

“Don’t touch me.” I said firmly.

He didn’t listen, but proceeded to move his hands beneath my clothes, touching my bare ass, and moving his fingers between my legs to the intimate places still moist from Riccardo’s handiwork. He kept kissing the crook of my neck sloppily. I pushed him off yet again. “I said don’t touch me!” I yelled.

A look of shock ran across Vincent’s face, shortly fading into anger. “What the fuck is your problem? I went out of my way to come see you tonight and this is how you act? You’re so fucking ungrateful.”

There were so many things I wanted to yell at him in that moment, but I kept quiet. I could feel tears forming in my eyes. I was so miserable, so lost. I felt dirty. But not because of what I had done, but because of how he made me feel.

Vincent took an exaggerated breath and said ‘Okay, are you done with the temper tantrum?” He put his hands on his hips.

I could have knocked his teeth out. Had he always spoken to me this way? Why was I clinging to this? I studied him for a moment. He was nothing. Simple looking, simple minded, and mediocre. I turned away and walked out of my room. I was cutting this night early, something I should have done a long time ago.

“What the hell happened to your leg?” Vincent asked in a disgusted tone.

I had completely forgotten about the mark Riccardo left behind.

“I don’t fucking know.” I said defensively. “Can you leave now? I have to work in the morning.”

Vincent grabbed his jacket which I didn’t even notice he left on my sofa and shrugged it on. “How about you let me know when you stop PMSing?”

He muttered a few more profanities before dispersing the room entirely, slamming the door behind him for emphasis.

I let myself fume for a few more minutes, slamming cupboard doors as I looked for my own wine. However, an annoyed knock on the wall from my one of my neighbours kindly reminded me that I was in an apartment building. I made sure to be very quiet from then on.

I found myself dosing off before I knew it, and asleep. I dreamt. I dreamt vividly of Riccardo, his lips, his eyes...those eyes. They were the most beautiful I had ever seen. They were prismatic and intense... ravenous and treacherous.

The next morning I woke up to several text messages on my phone, all from Vincent. They ranged from “Ur so immature.” To “i’m srry.”

What the hell did I see in this guy?

Eventually, I found I was getting annoyed with myself. Here I sat for over two years... chasing and longing after this complete idiot.

And in the end, I still wanted to be with him. Even in that moment.

After my regular morning routine, I found myself calling Vincent, and apologizing for my behaviour. He was more than pleased with my revelations.

Just as everything seemed to be falling back into its coordinated place, Riccardo dominated my mind profoundly.

I wanted him.

I wanted him badly.

The day revolved around thoughts of Riccardo. From the moment I reached my dead end job to the time I reached my shabby apartment again... I was in lust with this man.

However, by the time eight o’clock rolled around, Vincent had successfully managed to grasp all my thoughts. He had told me that morning over the phone that he would be coming over again, due to the problems from the night before. But this time, I was less interested in making myself pretty for him. In fact, I didn’t even do my hair. I simply waited for him. He was supposed to come at 8:30... This evolved into 9:30.... And eventually past midnight. He didn’t call. Nothing. So, I called him... and woman answered his phone, one who sounded as though she was under the influence of many things. (Not just alcohol, but Vincent’s devastating ego as well.)

“Hell-o?” She answered. A drunken giggled followed closely behind.

“Hi, is Vincent there?”

“Who’s dis?” She asked “Vincent is busy right ‘bout now... call him later....mmkay?”

The line went dead.

I didn’t know what to take of the brief conversation, but I didn’t waste time in rebelling. If it was okay for him to spend time with other women, I would show him that I wasn’t going to be lonely for the night either.

Again, I found myself at Riccardo’s doorstep. He simply opened the door, a bit of a smug, but sexy smile on his face. But no remarks, no “I told you so.” Just himself at the door, nothing more.

I was a little more self conscious this time. I hadn’t put effort into myself. Without the dress and the make-up.... I felt as plain as I looked.

A few moments of silence passed by before either of us said anything. I stood in the middle of his living room... such an elegant room. I couldn’t find any words to say. Even still, I could feel his eyes on me.

As the distressing moments swept by, I took it upon myself to speak first. I turned to face him and began “Riccardo listen...” in that instant, he shut me up by putting his lips on mine.

I felt myself breaking. The mere touch of his skin on mine was enough to drive me mad. His hands were knotted in my hair, slightly pulling me closer to him. I found myself wrapping my arms around his neck. Without any words still, he pulled away, taking my hand, he kissed it and adoringly held in against his divine face.

“Come.” He whispered his voice thick with lust.

I simply followed. I was ready to devote my entire being to him in that moment.

Holding my hand, he lead my up the stairs, to a makeshift bedroom. Bookshelves and fine art was strewn everywhere. Half finished sketches and artistically scribbled literature was scattered amongst the beautiful chaos.

As if illuminated, a modest bed laid in the middle the room. The thick cream coloured duvet and the mass of pillows embraced me as he softly pushed me down. We were kissing, revealing ourselves to one another little by little. I couldn’t wait. Riccardo stroked my thighs, pushing my skirt up as he did so. I reached for his pants, unskilfully attempting to remove his belt.

He pulled away and my heart dropped. “ No il mio amore ” No my love. He held my hands in his and looked me in the eyes. “If we are to do this, I want all of you.”

I knew what he meant. He wanted to have sex benevolently. He wanted to take his time to admire and mend. He wanted to make love, the most intimate, dangerous sort of sex.

Afraid that I wouldn’t be able to contrast my emotions of love and lust, I ignored what he said and made advances at his belt yet again. If we we’re going to do this, it was going to be quick and hot.

I ripped open his belt and tried unzipping his pants. Riccardo grabbed my wrists and roughly pushed me down on the bed. I fought him. I couldn’t do this, not tenderly like he proposed. If he made love to me, I would never be able to let go. If he fucked me with emotionless intent, we could simply go our separate ways.

Arms pinned above my head, he kissed the corner of my mouth, and his tounge danced down to my jawline to my protruding breast.

“Don’t do that.” I managed to breathe, trying to pull myself up. He didn’t respond, but rather tightened his grip around my wrists. I found it hard to decline any further.

The more I fought back, the more my body weakened. Just as I felt I had no more willpower to fight against his, he finally released my wrists.

He kissed me intently, lovingly. I wanted more than I should, and we both knew it. Riccardo’s hands found their way into my blouse, and his fingertips teased my nipples. They throbbed as he pressed them ever so slightly. I moaned into his mouth on mine.

“Are you wet for me yet?” he asked, although the answer was obvious. One of his hands and wandered down to my pussy and rubbed me tenderly.

I didn’t respond with words, I had to keep focus on where I was, what I was doing.

Just as I was about to cum for him again, Riccardo pulled away. I sat up on the side of the bed, mystified and saddened.

“One moment my love.” He said, and he went into what could be considered as a wardrobe. He came back swiftly. There was a silky crimson fabric in his hand.

A moment of draughtiness had swept over me as his hands left my body; it had instilled me with realization. Riccardo leaned in for another kiss and I pulled away. “What is it that you have?” I asked a little unfocused.

He revealed the scarlet fabric in his hand; it was a thick crimson sort of ribbon.

He smiled and held it in front of me, “Allow me.” He said simply as he tenderly tied the fabric around my head, covering my eyes. I was scared.

“What is this for?” I asked, trying to sound careless and valiant.

“Trust me.” Was all he said.

I did as he said. He laid my body down soothingly, guiding me as he removed each garment of clothing. Being blindfolded almost made is easier since I was not so self conscious of my body, as I couldn’t see it.

Finally, as he removed my bra, all I had on were my panties. I almost laughed to myself, as I recalled that he still had possession of my last pair.

With anticipation, I awaited his touch.... but for a devastatingly long moment there was nothing. Just as I was about the remove the blindfold to assure that he was still there; I felt Riccardo’s firm grip on my hand. Without saying anything, he took my other hand, and raised them both above my head. “Leave your arms there.” He ordered, and I did just that.

The familiar sensation of silk on my skin turned me on, as I felt it on my wrists. Riccardo was tying my hands to the iron headboard. The feeling was alluring at first... I’ve never been so risqué before. However, the feeling bliss diminished into fear as I felt exactly how tight he had made the restraints. Finally, he removed the blindfold, clearly revealing his agonizingly stunning face.

“Why did you tie me up?” I asked innocently.

He chuckled to himself, and not too warmly either. “I had to tie you down, just to make sure you wouldn’t run off on my again my love.”

Although the comment may have seemed humorous, there was a little more truth to his joke than that.

He leaned down on me and kissed my lips, my cheek, the tip of my nose, my collarbone, then between my breasts my breasts. He lingered on my hip bone, and licked my inner thigh. I couldn’t contain myself; I let out a cry of pleasure. I was aroused beyond belief. I had to stop this before it got out of hand.

He started to pick up where he had left off the previous night, his finger inside of me, I was soaked in between my legs, I was cumming again. “Stop this!” I begged hopelessly. I felt the pent up arousal spill out of my pussy and my body helplessly arched in a climax. “Stop!” I cried again, unable to pull away. I knew I was using the wrong word; I really wanted to scream yes, please don’t stop.

Obviously aggravated by my foolishness, Riccardo hovered over my body again. “Maria, you are so wet, it would be impossible for me to stop. In fact, I will not stop until I am thrashing violently inside you.” His voice was merciless, and the look in his eyes was severe.

What have I gotten myself into?

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