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He decided to teach her the meaning of payback.......and then some

Jonah Wills was the type of man that any lady could appreciate. He was sweet, considerate, gentlemanly and polite. Plus it did not hurt that he had the looks of an A-List actor. He was a successful man who owned a real estate business which he had built up by himself. Through the good and the bad, he kept it alive and he was reaping the rewards.  He had everything that a person could want and need. So when he met Celine, he thought he had it all.

Celine was a melting sexpot. She was half black, half colombian and her gray eyes, 38C breasts and bubbly ass made men worship her. Jonah was lucky how he was able to be with such a beautiful woman and he smiled inside every day when he thought of her.

One week, he had went on a business trip to California to oversee on a land acquisition that his company was getting ready to sell and if the deal went through he was going to make millions.  He was so excited about it he had called Celine to tell her the good news.

"Hey beautiful."

"Hello darling, how is my sweetie today?"

"Besides missing you, I am well. I will be home in a couple days and I have something special planned for us."

"Ooohhhh, I can't wait. I'll see you when I get back babe. Love you"

"Love you too. Bye"

Jonah made it through the two days but he was horny as hell thinking about her. How he loved having her mouth wrapped around his cock, being inside her wet cunt everytime they had sex, when she swallowed his cum, he loved everything she did to him.

Meanwhile, Celine was brewing other plans in her mind. Over the course of the year she had gained his complete trust. He had given her what ever she had wanted. Money, cars, clothes, jewlery, you name it she got it. What he did not know was that she was seeing her old boyfriend Ramon for over six months. She loved Jonah very much but Jonah was not the aggressive type when it came to sex, he was a lover.  Ramon was a cuban man who was well-toned and muscular. He made Celine cum in her panties every time she had thought about him. And the one thing tht she had loved was that Ramon showed sexual aggression. He was the type that would rip clothes off and fuck hard and fast. She even fucked him and his boys when Jonah was away on business trips. She would even spend money on them and bought what they wanted.  Celine had envisioned Ramon as a husband type but Ramon was not the type of man that she had thought of. Ramon loved women, many of them and Celine despised that. Which is why she kept Jonah for the reason other than money.

The night before Jonah came back, she had met up with Ramon. She was sucking on his huge cock while he lit up a blunt and laid back in the car. Ramon loved getting head from her as well.

"Damn mami, you suck dick real good."

"All for you baby."

"So when you gonna leave that cornball man of yours?"

"Soon baby, soon." As she kept sucking on his cock. Ramon was not a patient man by any means. He yanked her up by her hair and gave her the most evil look she had ever seen. When Ramon wanted something, he took it right then and there.

"You fucking listen to me!!!, I don't give a fuck how you do it but you will leave his ass and clean his ass out."

"Owww babe, you're huting me."

"Leave him or I leave. Simple as that."

She loved the way Ramon had fucked her and she was scared of him. So she went back to sucking on his cock until he came. He grabbbed her hips, yanked her thong to the side and forced his cock into her pussy. Celine loved his aggression and she was bounging up and down, getting wetter by the second.

"Oh yes Ramon, fuck me, fuck me hard!!" She said to him. His hazel eyes were beautiful and that is what attracted her ti him when he saw her at the club that one night six months ago with her girls. She was cumming all over his balls and he was ready to release his cum into her.

"Fuck mami, I'm cumming.....ahhhhh!!!"

She fell on him, sexually spent. He had driven her home and dropped her off.

"Don't forget what I said." He had told her.

"I know." She blew him a kiss and she was brewing a plan to screw Jonah over. She was going to get an account in Ramon's name and slowly transfer Jonah's money and assets over to it.  She thought it was a foolproof plan and she would screw Jonah over and leave him penniless.

Jonah had come home and noticed that she was not there so he decided to catch up on some work. Celine had come home and she saw that he was there, she greeted him with a blowjob and a damn good fuck when he came home. But slowly things were changing, the interest in sex with him was dying and he could not figure out why. He thought she needed a break.

Over the next few months there were large amounts of money missing from Jonah's accounts. As he was looking over his financlal statements, he was wondering where all the money was going because he knew Celine could not have spent that much money over a few months time. He had called his accountant to check and do some investigating for him. James was not only his accountant but Jonah's best friend. He had wanred Jonah about beautiful women praying on guys with money. Jonah listened but when he got the call from James 30 minutes later he was stunned.

"Jonah, she's been robbing you blind man. She had transferred over 3 million into an account under the name Ramon Martinez. It seems like she has been using you bro. I'm sorry. I would check the security tapes while you're at it. She may have fucked the guy while you were gone from the house."

"Thanks James, I appreciate it. Call me later, If I find what I think I am going to find, I am gonna need several drinks."

"Got you bro, gotta go. Later."

Jonah was deeply hurt and upset. He thought she had loved him but she loved the security that he had given her. He called his security company and requested recordings from six months ago. the bank statements went back three when it came to the money but he wanted to hard evidence.  When he received the emails of the secutiry tapes, his heart sank. She not only had been fucking Ramon for that time, he saw that she had fucked his boys too all over the house. Even in their bed.  To say that he was betrayed was an understatement, he held his face in his hands and cried. He wanted revenge and he wanted it badly. He needed a plan so he devised a plan to get her and her lover back.

He hired a detective to follow her around to get more evidence. The detective carefully followed her everywhere she went. He had collected good evidence over the past two weeks and Jonah had all the ammunitiuon he needed.

He planned a special trip so they could get away. They decided to go to Vegas to let off some steam. Celine loved the bright lights of Vegas and she was game. They had packed for their trip and she had texted Ramon saying that she would be gone a few days and the plan was almost complete. She had thought she had gotten over on him but she did not know he found out her indiscretions. They went to the Palms hotel and checked into the best suite at the top floor. The view was breathtaking. She had taken a bubble bath and Jonah was on the phone, making his next moves. He had a plan to make her cheating ass pay.

After the bath, they had dinner went out and danced and drank until they were slammed. Before they headed up Jonah had met some of his old buddies that lived there. A few of his buddies were huged muscular black men that were in the protection business so when he told them of his plan they were game and they even brought a few friends along. 

Jonah and Celine went up to the room and Jonah's friends followed from a distance. He went into the room and started fooling around with her. She was totally clueless to what was happening. He left the room door cracked and he decided to play a little game. He had her sit down and relax.

"Honey I have a little special movie to watch."

"Sure babe, put it on."

She did not know that it was the tapes of her, Ramon and his boys fucking in Jonah's home, plus the film from the past two weeks. When she saw it, her eyes widened and she was in shock. Celine started to cry but Jonah was the one that was hurting.

"So, you thought you could sleep around on me, use me and steal my FUCKING MONEY FROM ME!!!!!!"

"Jonah, I didn't mean to do it. Baby, forgive me please" as tears ran down her face.

"You took over 3 million from me, spent a whole hell of a lot moe and you have the damn nerve to FUCK YOUR EX MAN IN MY FUCKING BED YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!!" Celine felt his pain and she had felt guilty but Jonah was not having any of it. After his rant his phone rang.

" to you later. You little boyfriend Ramon just got arrested for kiddie stuff. You didn't know he was into little ones huh?"

"Now, I want you to meet some old friends of mine from college. this is MY PAYBACK. We are all going to fuck the living hell out of you until you can't take no more dick." He took his cock out of his pants and so did his buddies.

"Suck my fucking cock, and suck it well. You are going to regret ever crossing me." With all the evidence of her cheating, she was in a defeated state. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked him off while the boys stroked their cocks around her. There were around ten guys in the room. Celine had no time to breathe as cock after cock was getting shoved in her mouth as she was being forced to suck them all off. Jonah and two other guys shot their loads into her mouth and she swallowed it all. Two more guys had their cocks hard and they shoved her down roughly on all fours. One guy went under her and slammed his 11 inch dick in her pussy and Jonah got behind her and forced his hard dick into her ass. She screamed out in pain as she had never got fucked in her ass. her pain and tears had subsided as she gave way to pleasure. Jonah was loving his revenge on her and he was getting it all on tape.

"Oh yeah, fuck my holes, fuck my mouth." She was lost in a sexual frenzy, her pussy was dripping with her juices and the guy she was riding shot his load inside her, Jonah shot his cum deep into her ass and he pulled out.  She was quickly pulled up and forced back onto the couch. Another guy slammed his cock into her cunt so fast she thought she lost her breathing. this guy had a 12 inch dick that was as thick as his own wrist and Celine was being stretched beyond belief.

"AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" She screamed out, The cock went to places that she thought that could not be reached. He fucked her hard and fast and kept a god pace. He grabbed her and laid down with her on top of him now.  Another guy quickly stuck his cock in her ass and was fucking it, and anothe guy stuck his cock in her mouth. She was being abused by Jonah and his friends. The rough fuck session lasted for over two hours. Jonah ordered food for the room and when the waiter came up he was surprised at what he saw.

"Want some." Jonahs asked the guy. The kid was an 18 year old virgn and he was looking at a beautiful naked woman paid out on the couch. The kid quickly got undressed and plowed his cock inside of her. The kid went slow and he lasted a good  20 minutes before cumming in her as well.

"Thank you sir, thank you!!" The kid was beaming with happiness.

"You know anymore guys call them up." Jonah was enjoying humiliating her.  Celine's tears had dried out ad he loved every minute of it.

The kid called his friends up and they all got turns getting sucked and fucking her. The kid and his friends left and so did Jonah's buddies.

He took her to teh shower and she cleaned herself off. He rmouth, pussy and ass were sore as hell and she was leaking cum like a geyser. Jonah smoked a cigar and relished in his revenge as it was successful. Shit, the man still loved her but he knew he could never trust her the way he did once before.

They had went to sleep and she curled up to him as he laid motionless in a slumber sleep.

He took the account that she had set up for Ramon and put it in her name and he had ended their relationship. Celine went to New York and became a successful author a year later. Jonah went to her book signing and he commended her. She signed a copy for him and when he opened it he read the note inside.


Hurting you was the worst decision of my entire life. And I cry every day over it because you loved me for me and I should have never done what I had done to you. If you ever want to talk, please feel free to call.

Love Always


Jonah shed a tear as he read the note. He still felt the same way about her but he did not know if he could ever love her that way again. 


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