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Romeo to the rescue.

Young kinky teenage lovers.

Chapter 1

So, there she was lying on my bed being her cute bubbly eighteen year old self. All I can think about is her amazing body. She has the ass of a goddess and is a total freak in the bedroom.

But, alas, our love is forbidden. Something always kept us on the edge of temptation skirting danger. The least of which includes her parents the next door over. Her panties keep playing peek a boo out of her tight perfectly fitting jeans that just ask to be ripped off. They are black lacey little things from the best I can tell. Desperate and looking for some sort of outlet I half jokingly, seductively, make my way over to her. I am an EMT you see and I know for a fact the uniform drives her wild. I just got home form another long hard shift. Lucky we saved more than we lost today though. And even though we both know its sort of a joke you can still feel the tension in the air.

So I make my way over and slowly climb on top of her while strategically placing my leg between hers and ever so subtly grinding it into her loins. I look at her deep in the eyes all the while having her pinned. I could do anything I wanted to her were I that kind of guy. “ I could just take it!” I think. But, that’s not what I want. So instead I slowly caress her face and make my hands skirt her firm young breasts. “Surely she wonders whether its deliberate or otherwise? That’s good let her suffer.” I put more of my weight on her to assert my dominance in the situation. All the while, keeping myself calm and composed when, in fact I know my cock is throbbing beyond all belief. I would want nothing more than to rip her clothes of and bite into her flesh, remove her bra and panties with nothing but my mouth. But, instead, I nibble her neck and breath on her body. I feel her hips begin to move and feel almost as if that alone could lead me into ecstasy.

Nonetheless I press on. Slowly she turns toward me. Bright brown eyes looking into mine then, she closes them leans into kiss me. The moment been waiting for. I pull back deliberately and began to kiss her hips just under the waist line of her pants all the while holding her down with a forceful but yet, loving grip. "She needs to earn this", I think to myself. I slowly slip my tongue under the elastic of her panties just a tease of what’s to come. Then I slowly look up my head still mostly buried in her crotch. I look into her eyes. I know she wants and as do I. But we both know our love is forbidden.

 I whisper, “Juliet I love you with all my heart but you now as I do we will never be. So let us this once consummate our love. Let’s say fuck you to the world ad just this one night do what we know we should do…what we need to do.” I pause for a moment…I can tell she is thinking, I know she wants nothing more than to rip into my uniform and scratch into my skin. In the same way I want to ravage her body with kisses and bites.

Slowly she moves to remove my shirt. For, the briefest of seconds with her body against mine and tits pressed hard against my chest and mouth inches from my own I lose my composure. My dick starts throbbing hard through my blue uniform it almost hurts. I moan in anticipation and then suddenly remember, “the little bitch isn’t in charge” I think playfully. Quickly I grab her throw her down hard on to the bed. All my weight on her I reach in to my pocket and pull out my soft restraints. “Listen here u dirty lil girl! that’s a naughty pt. I’m in charge of your pt. care and this is for your own good. “ with quick efficiency I restrain her hands to the bed post. “That’s better you’ll be a good girl now!” I slowly in button my pants and unzip them but I do not remove them. Just undo them so she can get a taste of what’s to come as my tight fitting boxer briefs peak out clearly bulging from the massive hard on I can no longer keep in control.

So, I begin biting her neck hard. Hard enough to bruise and dangerously close to drawing blood all the while my hands forcefully graze her breasts and tightly jeaned pussy. I begin to kiss my way up to her face you can see the anticipation in her eyes. She attempts to kiss me again and at the last second I pull away. “Naughty!” I quickly and firmly grab her hips and smack her amazingly tight ass with two forceful blows and then I lay a little kiss on her cheek just under the poking rim over her pants while I force my hand down into her crack and tease her asshole and pussy lips through now wet panties. I flip her back over and leave her panting and moaning.

“Its fucking hot as hell in here” I sneer as I begin to unbutton my EMT shirt. I slowly work my way down the buttons along the way throwing objects out of my pockets. I stumble upon my penlight which I then use all over her firm fit body to tickle and tease. I then slide it down the back of her pants and leave it resting in her ass where she most certainly can’t reach it. You can tell she’s bothered in more than one way by the cold steel rod in ass. But, who wouldn’t I think as I feel my own ass getting excited by the idea. But, I pull myself in to focus and remove my shirt exposing only the muscle shirt beneath. “Aren’t you hot” I say sarcastically as I lift her tight fitting black sweater over her head. Almost, a shame really. It was a black tight knit turtle neck sweater that hugged her every delicate curve and accented her perfectly round and firm breasts. The sheer sight of which made you want to suckle her all night. The sweater came up over her head where it stopped at her eyes. I then began to tease her entire body and blew on her stomach and felt her quiver as goose bumps formed.

I teased her lips ever so delicately and every once and a blue would dive my tongue down her throat or my hand down her pants. Unable to see and unable to move I removed my shirt. And rubbed my chest against hers. I massaged her entire body and hips. It was a mere 2 minutes but, I could tell it felt like an eternity for her. Her jeans were now beginning to show signs of being wet from her dripping wet snatch.

So I put my mouth to her jeans and tasted what I could of that sweet nectar. “we don’t want to ruin these babe.” I said as I began to slowly remove her jeans with my mouth. Purposely lingering longer than needed. Finally, when her pants were off I stopped and had to catch my breath as I gazed upon the beautiful woman in front of me and her soaked panties and blood gorged pussy lips peaking through the wet fabric. I removed the sweater from her head which, while allowing her to see, only restricted her movement that much more.

I again began to make love all over her body. I removed her bra by cutting her strap with my shears something I saw pissed her off immensely but, nonetheless was in far to much ecstasy to stop, as my hand pushed hard in to her labia. I spanked her pussy a few times with quick snaps. Likely hurt quite a bit but, it only turned her on more. I suckled her beautiful tight breasts and nuzzled her tenderly. All the while teasingly running my fingers along her lips and panties. After several minutes of this, as well as the rubbing of my massively throbbing penis all over her body and grinding it hard in her ass, I whispered, “you want what's coming to you?”.

She nodded in ecstasy. “Not good enough…say, ‘yes please sir I’ve been a naughty lil bitch teach me to be good, teach me”, she initially appeared taken aback so I immediately began grinding my dick in to her ass and biting her neck and ears. “Please…teach me sir I been a naughty lil bitch…teach me to be good” she half whispered, half groaned. “That’s not the right way to say it!” so I smacked her on the ass hard and across the face lightly.

Chapter 2

 “But ok.” he said as she whimpered. He got up and she could see his cute body as he stretched and flexed his biceps. He wandered over to the dresser. He began throwing her panties all over the place stopping every once and awhile to admire. “where is it!” he said as he ravaged her belongings. “Aha” he said as he pulled out a massive rubber cock and a vibrator. He also grabbed some rope and proceed over to her.

 He tied her feet so that it forced her legs apart and spread her tight virgin pussy wide. He slid her panties down to her knees restricting her movement even further. He began to touch the vibrator to her nipples while he surprisingly and efficiently deep throated the massive rubber dick. He sucked it with amazing grace, and oddly, sexiness, never before that point had she dreamed of wanting to be a man. But, wow did that make her wish. He then took the well lubricated dong and rubbed it up and down focusing specially on her clit. He then did the same with the vibrator.

 He attempted to penetrate her with the massive rubber toy with little success as her pussy was still tight and unaccustomed to cock. So, instead he inserted the vibrator. He toyed with her for over an hour changing the speed or technique every time she came close to Cumming. He looked at her lovingly and gave her lil cute kisses the entire time. He would however smirk or laugh at her apparent pain. Her pussy dripped and throbbed as he toyed her snatch to the point of no return time and time again just to deny her of climax every time.

 He would rub his cock inside his pants every so often. After nearly two hours of this pussy torture he allowed her to cum. She withered and squirmed in pain and ecstasy. She began to scream but he quickly shoved a pair of her panties in her mouth. “Better bite down” he remarked as he disappeared down between her legs and began vigorously eating out her pussy. He flicked her labia and spread it to thrust his tongue inside. While inside he swirled and moved in ways she thought surely were impossible. She felt wave after wave of mind jarring orgasms hit her. It was such a feeling she wanted it to stop but was helpless. She felt the feeling would never end.

But, suddenly as it began, it did as he raised her and spread her buttocks as he began to eat out her asshole. It was not orgasmic, but the feeling was incredible none the less. This quickly eased her irritation as she knew he knew she did not like the idea. Oh how she was wrong!

 He then stopped breathless as was she and he came up and snuggled her closely and they nuzzled while they both attempted to catch their breath. Their hearts were audible and pulses racing. “I love you, sweet heart” he whispered “but, you still deserved that.” He nibbled her ear. “It’s time I get some though! enough one side love making. You lil cheapskate.” he said as he removed his pants and boxer briefs and a throbbing cock came springing out. They both were completely naked now. She knew what he wanted so she opened her mouth. He was surprised to see this so he gave his cock a few pumps. She was surprised to see an uncircumcised dick but could tell he was a little self conscious so she rolled with it and stuck her tongue out. She was wet to see how bothered he was and his cock throb with a bouncing motion with every move she made.

He rubbed it down up her body lingering between her tits before he put it in her mouth. She swallowed it deep, as he thrusted amazed at her skills. Suddenly he pulled out and gasped. She thought he was going to lose it and secretly longed for his hot load in her mouth. But, he pulled himself together and instead rubbed his dick on her tight stomach. He then rubbed it on her pussy.

He could see the panic in her eyes. “Babe, I would never. I promise. Not until you were ready. I love you and trust you. I hope the same goes for me”. She, thought for a moment and then began to grind her tight wet snatch on his veiny cock. He began to audibly pant and groan in ecstasy. As she her self moaned.

 Suddenly, it became all he could take. He lasted an impressively long time, but no man could resist that hot tight 18 year old body with her long lustful and loving eyes staring at him in the mirror. So, he quickly moved to her already waiting mouth, pulled her hair hard forcing her painfully closer, and began to shoot his sweet hot load in her mouth. To his surprise she swallowed every last drop. Then she lovingly kissed his cock and body.

He untied her and rolled over out of breath. She then jumped on him still somewhat bound by the shirt, restraints, rope, and panties. She removed the rope surprisingly fast. “she was faking that cute lil bitch.” he thought as she tied him up. She then slapped him hard in the face. “You deserve that you ass” she said, “But I love you” they then made out and kissed each other while she occasionally hit him and dug her nails into his skin and played with his cock. She even took her wet panties and shoved them in his mouth and watched him suck the juices out of them.


Chapter 3

Suddenly she remembered the rubber dick and she sucked it and listened to him groan. She then removed the panties from his mouth and forced him to suck it. “You like that don’t you bitch?”, she said in a deep seductive tone and then giggled. She pulled his long wavy hair the same way he did and she straddled her bare wet pussy against his legs and watched his cock and face go crazy with excitement.

She then shoved her fingers down his throat and shut her eyes in ecstasy and grinded her pussy hard into his legs. She felt him tense and laughed when she saw another load shoot up from his throbbing cock. “ I wasn’t even touching you bitch” she audibly laughed. “Well, now what?” this time he laughed and turned to the mirror.

In her ecstasy she failed to notice her best friend had wondered into the room in nothing but a corset. She was a cute sort of busty tom boy like girl. A timid girl who was clearly dripping wet with excitement but, scared shitless. Juliet, looked down at Romeo and sniggered as she made her way over to her friend. They began to kiss…


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