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Rosemary's awakening

Rosemary realises she likes to be spanked

She lay   waiting, back arched, nipples hard within the confines of her bra. Her arms crossed above her head and legs slightly parted.

She heard the key turn in the lock and shivered in anticipation.   He had promised to take her in hand tonight – and had been teasing her all evening with promises of what he would do to her.   All her life she had felt constrained sexually, but tonight she was willing to let herself go under his control.

He entered her bedroom, bare foot and tanned in white t-shirt and worn jeans, and looked directly at her smiling.

“Turn over” he said to her.   She did slowly.

The first touch was as light as a feather across the cheeks of her bottom, encased in her finest silk knickers.   He slid his fingers lightly down into the crease between her legs and felt her excitement through the warm dampness in her crotch.   He eased his fingers further forward and brushed her clitoris through her knickers. She moaned softly and pushed down with her hips trapping his hand against the bed.

With his other had he brushed a strand of hair off her face, then reached up to grasp her wrists – leaning forwards to kiss her gently on the side of her face.

“I’m going to tie your wrists” he whispered in her ear.   She said nothing but separated her wrists to allow him to tie each with one of her silk scarves to the bars on the headboard.

Taking his time he placed light feathered kisses from the sensitive skin in the nape of her neck, down her back, to the top of her knickers.   With his two hands he gently, but firmly spread her legs, noticing she was holding her arse up off the bed slightly – as if inviting his next action.

Smack.   The first blow was a shock when it came, stinging her left buttock and followed by three more before she could even start to think.   He then repeated this on her right cheek, before smoothing his fingers lightly across her bottom again.   Her bottom stung, but the initial pain was softening now into a warm heat that spread across her bottom and between her legs.

While his fingers teased her between her legs, he leant forward to nuzzle her neck and whisper in her ear. “Did you like that?” She found herself breathing the word “Yes”.

He sat back, but continued to lightly tease the lips of her fanny through her silk panties. She was starting to breathe more heavily.

Suddenly his weight left the bed and she saw him reach to unbuckle the thick leather belt that was looped through his jeans. She had not expected this, but was too excited to object when he started to lightly trail the end of the belt down her back, over her buttocks and then up and down her legs. She closed her legs involuntarily as the end of the belt teased her cunt, only to receive a growl of displeasure from him and a sharp slap on the bottom from the belt as he reached to spread her legs again.

He continued to trail the belt across her body until she relaxed again – then he withdrew it and waited.

The first strike with the belt really hurt and she cried out, but he ignored her and continued to strike across both cheeks of her bottom until she was writhing on the bed, her bottom starting to glow. A tear appeared in the corner of her eye, but as his fingers smoothed her behind and reached between her legs to caress her clitoris she felt her body respond strongly.

He pulled her knickers to one side and teased the glistening lips of her cunt with first his fingers and then the tip of the belt. She was on fire, her bottom was glowing, her cunt was dripping and she raised her bottom to invite his fingers to enter her. He teased her for a while, sliding his fingers along each side of her cunt and circling her clitoris.

“Please” she moaned, “please make me come”.

He withdrew his fingers to give her four more strong smacks with the belt across her already smarting behind – and then swiftly plunged two fingers into her waiting hole, using his ring finger to tease her clitoris.

She gasped and quivered – her orgasm starting to build.

He slid his fingers deep inside her, whilst his thumb came to rest on her brown anus and caressed it lightly. She was starting to come now and bit hard on the pillow to stop herself screaming.   He continued to piston his fingers into her cunt, bringing a third finger to join the first two as her orgasm continued.

After what seemed to be a wave of 3 to 4 orgasms her hips collapsed onto the bed.

He withdrew his fingers slowly, then offered one up to her lips to suck on. She would not have normally done it, but it seemed natural to open her mouth and accept his finger in, tasting her juices for the first time. She continued to lick and suck his finger as the last tremors of her orgasm died down across her body.

He gazed down at her, her bottom cheeks glowing an angry red under the cream silk of her expensive knickers. He caressed her arse lightly as he leaned forward to whisper again in her ear.

“Next time, I’ll double the number of strokes”

She shivered, partly in fear and partly in anticipation.   Her eyes closed as she savoured the most complete orgasm of her life.

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