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Sandrine's Bet - Part Five

Danielle arranges something special for Sandrine.
Danielle rose and enlisted a couple guys to move the dining room table. The dining and living rooms adjoined in the shape of an L. She had them place the table on a diagonal in the middle of the floor some feet off the inside corner, half in the dining room, half in the living room. Then she was off down the hall and soon returned with a large armful of bath towels. These she spread in a couple of layers over the surface of the table.

Then she was behind Sandrine with the Leatherman. The tool made quick work of snipping Sandrine’s bounds.

“Okay, you cum-dump skank, get on the table.”

Sandrine rose slowly - she had to be pretty stiff - and shuffled to the table. She climbed on and laid herself with the top of her head facing the living room.

“Uh-uh, skank,” Danielle said, “other way.”

Sandrine reversed herself so that her legs were facing the living room.

“Now lay down so your head and some of your shoulders are off the table. Sandrine looked uncertain, like she couldn’t figure out what Danielle was up to. Danielle saw the look.

“For the last four we’re going to see how you like getting your mouth fucked upside down. Sound like fun? Maybe that will get you to control that yap of yours. When it doesn’t have a cock in it, that is.”

Sandrine shifted farther up the table, and Danielle brought the coil of rope and the tool. She measured out a long length of cord and snipped it off. She started with Sandrine’s right wrist. At about the middle of the long piece she wound the rope around Sandrine’s wrist six or eight times and tied it off. There were two long pieces trailing from her wrist. These Danielle ran down to the end of the table near Sandrine’s feet and tied them off to the table leg. She repeated the procedure with Sandrine’s left wrist.

Again, Danielle measured off a long length and snipped it. Like with the wrists, she wound this a number of times around Sandrine’s left leg just above the knee, with two long pieces left trailing from the limb. She repeated this with the right leg. Then she tossed the trailing ropes to the end of the table at Sandrine’s head. She came to that end of the table.

“Hey, I don’t think you guys have gotten properly introduced to slut skank’s pussy. So here it is.”

She pulled on the ropes, one with each hand. Sandrine’s knees were pulled up and back. There were the expected whistles, comments, and hoots. Danielle released the ropes and Sandrine’s legs came back down. Then Danielle set to work pulling them back up, one at a time, and tying them off to the table legs near Sandrine’s head. When she was done Sandrine looked like she had her legs up and wide open, ready to be fucked. Nothing was left to the imagination. Her head hung off the end of the table. Sandrine tested her bonds, but she could not move at all.

Sandrine’s wide open pussy was pointed directly at her audience. They sat at their ease in the living room, pulling on a beer from time to time, taking in her naked sex at their leisure. Danielle squatted at Sandrine’s head.

“Okay, bitch, let’s see who’s next.”

It turned out to be Reilly. He rose and walked toward Sandrine.

“You sure Larissa is going to be okay with that?” I asked.

Reilly shrugged. “She’d be pissed if I had my dick in the bitch’s mouth.” While he said this he’d come to Sandrine’s head at the far end of the table. He opened his pants and took out his dick. He began to stroke himself and said, “Larissa is a huge Flames fan, so I actually think she’d also be pissed if I didn’t at least make a contribution, eh.”

Reilly began to pull his dick in earnest. After a minute or two of this he closed his eyes, his breathing became deeper, he began to moan and sound little grunts. Then he made a final sound of satisfaction. He opened his eyes and looked down, pointing his cock, and making sure his load landed on Sandrine’s face.

Then he was stowing his equipment and walking back to the seating area. He’d not spoken to Sandrine, or even acknowledged her presence, except to the extent that he had looked at ‘the bitch’ to make sure his cum landed on her face.

As Reilly returned to his seat we could hear Sandrine. She was blowing through her nose.

“Fuck! God fuck it!” she said. Apparently, with her head upside down some of Reilly’s cum had gone up her nostrils. I couldn’t imagine it was a very good sensation, and she was doing the only thing she could to clear it.

A guy in his thirties, Bob, was chosen next. He got some playful kidding about what the missus might have to say about this. I’m sure that of the six men who had taken their turns while Sandrine was kneeling some had to be married or in some kind of relationship. That hadn’t seemed to matter to them if they were. After Reilly, though, married Bob perhaps was feeling guilty, or thought word would get back to the warden. He ended up emulating Reilly and just masturbated himself until he was ready to release on Sandrine’s face. He asked her, since she’d complained before, if she’d like to open her mouth wide and he’d try to squirt it all in there. He may have really though he was doing her a favor. The offer just got him a, “Fuck you, numb nuts.” With that he pointed his dick downward and added several strong, full spurts to Sandrine’s face.

Chuck was next on the roster. He was a young guy like Travis, and didn’t seem to have any agenda besides getting off. He made no derogatory comments and didn’t treat Sandrine in any way that was cruel. He simply took his pants down and put his dick in Sandrine’s mouth. He patiently stroked in and out. Chuck began with his hands reaching down and cradling Sandrine’s head. As he continued his strokes became slightly faster and much deeper. He let go of Sandrine’s head, brought his hands up, and began playing with her breasts. His breathing deepened and sounds of satisfaction emerged from his mouth. Chuck began to alternate between pinching Sandrine’s nipples and squeezing her breasts. He did these things with greater force as he approached his peak. Sandrine began to shake her body, pull at her restraints, and make sounds of complaint at the increasing discomfort. Chuck let go her breasts, now covered with red marks, and released in her mouth. She made sounds of protest, and he stood with his hands now on his hips while he emptied. Then he was stepping away from her.

It sounded as if she’d been unable or unwilling to swallow and in a moment we heard her trying again to blow cum out of her nose. “Shit! God almighty! I got some in my eye! Goddamn does that sting! Fuck!”

That got Danielle smiling again. She went over a put a kiss on Chuck’s cheek and said, “Well done, Chuckie!” although he didn’t seem especially pleased by the affirmation.

Danielle stood in the center of the group and said, “Just one left. Contestant number ten. To Victor go the spoils!”

Victor came to his feet from one of the recliners, that looked like some sort of grade school chair under him. He was the sort of huge man it is not uncommon to find working on oil rigs, somewhere in the neighborhood of six and a half feet. Victor and Nelson had been the two, during the game, with whom Sandrine had traded the loudest and sharpest barb. To Victor, Sandrine had once even let slip a “fuckin’ canuck.”

Now he towered over Sandrine, smiling down at her helpless form.

“Well, here we are,” he said. “Just you and the fuckin’ canuck. Hey, I was wondering: which team is better, the Flames or the Stars?”

“Go fuck yourself,” Sandrine answered. “I’ve been through nine. One more isn’t going to make any difference. Stars rule. Flames eat shit.”

Victor didn’t answer. He opened his shirt and took his pants and underwear down and displayed his dick.

There was a mumble of conversation back in the living room, and someone said, “Holy shit, Victor, you got a permit for that thing?”

I don’t think he was proportionately much larger than any other guy. But he was a big guy and so was his proportional dick. It hung there, half hard, like a knife or sword dangling over Sandrine’s mouth. Sword of Damocles passed through my mind.

“Think you’d like to change your opinion before I get started?” Victor asked. “I can blow my load the easy way or the hard way.”

“Fu…..fuck you. S-Stars.” Sandrine said, although now she didn’t sound as certain.

“Your choice, slut,” Victor said.

He had to bring himself down some, and he lifted Sandrine’s head up. He used a hand to guide his cock into Sandrine’s mouth. His cock stiffened immediately as he began moving between Sandrine’s stretched lip. Victor stroked for a couple of minutes, Sandrine making watery grunts and pulling on her bonds. Then he withdrew. Sandrine was breathing hard.

“That’s just a taste, whore,” Victor said. “Hey, that reminds me. Funny story. I was up in Whitehorse once. Bought this hooker. She wanted a hundred and a half for a blow-job, and man was she ever worth it.” Victor was idly slapping Sandrine’s face with his salami while he told his tale. “Well, she gets one look at Big Victor and she tells me to keep my money! I offered her three hundred to go down on me and she still wouldn’t do it. Finally, we settled on five hundred for me to fuck her, but she’ll only do it if I’m on the bottom and agree to stay still while she climbs on and works it into her. It turned out okay. She went through about a tube of lube, but she finally was on. Then I started bouncing her on it. It was just like the old joke. Did I ever make that whore moan! Now, last chance, skank. Best team. Flames or Stars? Say Flames and I’ll do a Reilly and just jack off on you. Say Stars and you’re getting all of it the hard way.”

Sandrine didn’t answer, and Victor continued to slap her face with his erection, harder the longer she remained silent, the impacts making moist sounds.


“Fl……St-St-Stars, you goddamn sack of shit. Go to hell.” She put up two middle fingers to him.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

Victor rammed his cock again into her mouth. He began to skull fuck her. There’s no other term for it. Sandrine held out for a short while, but with the size of his cock and how far he was ramming it in with each stroke she was soon making muffled sounds of protest. Then Victor shoved his meat in and held it there, just making small motions. Sandrine’s complaints were silenced. Soon she was trying to shake her head, but the fleshy spike impaling her mouth held her almost motionless. She was gripping the ropes near her hands and pulling, knuckles white, muscles on her arms standing out in sharp relief. She began to kick her legs and thrash her body. Finally, a stream of pee emerged from her, arching to almost the end of the table. After ten seconds or so she was emptied enough that the arc died, and the last of her pee just trickled out and down into her ass crack.

Victor pulled out. Sandrine began to moan, gasping air in and out, and coughing.

“Not bad, bitch!” Victor said. “I came close. That’s one hot mouth, eh. Got anything to say?”

Sandrine was silent. She was still breathing hard and maybe hadn’t even heard him.

“Okay then, let’s finish this up,” Victor said.

Again he was deep in Sandrine’s mouth. At first he stroked, and Sandrine took deep breaths in time with him. Then he shoved himself in, again making those little motions. Sandrine was soon pulling on the ropes. As Victor slowly took himself to his peak Sandrine’s legs began to pull and then strain against their bonds. Victor began to moan, and Sandrine’s body began to thrash, seeking escape from the immense phallus impaling her mouth. The sounds Sandrine was making began to take on a note of panic, but Victor reached his climax and he pulled back. Sandrine sucked in air as Victor began to release. Immediately Sandrine coughed and spluttered explosively. Victor’s hands, cock, and abdomen were coated with a spray of cum. The rest of his load Victor emptied onto Sandrine’s face while she continued to gasp and toss and turn her head.

Victor put himself away and closed up. He gave one of her breasts a squeeze and said, “You’re a hot date, Sandrine skank. Call me when you want some more of Big Victor. Ask nice and I’ll put him up your ass next time.”

Sandrine lay there breathing deeply, but she was largely inert. She’d cough from time to time and try to blow out her nose. Her arms were still, and her legs rested against the ropes that still held them wide.

Danielle and Keith had watched these last four exercises while snuggled together on their love seat, laughing from time to time. Now they were talking. Danielle gave him a kiss and walked over to Sandrine.

Because of the way Danielle had tied the ropes, just looping them around Sandrine’s wrists and knees, when she snipped them with the tool Sandrine could easily unwind them. Then she was forcing herself up from the table. It took a couple tries before she had a good grip on the table edge with her hands. Then she was able to slowly push herself up, sit, and swing her legs over the side. She sat there for some seconds. She had to be exhausted. Her head hung, and cum dripped from her face onto her thighs. Finally, she let herself off the table and her feet were on the floor for the first time in the better part of an hour.

Danielle took her by the arm and led her toward the living room. Some of the cum from her last four customers had moved to her bangs and into her hair. Still, most of it was on her face. She looked as if someone had poured a bucket of buttermilk cream on her face. The semen was translucent white and thick on all of her features. It dripped off her eyebrows, nose, and chin.

As the two reached the center of the seating area Danielle said, “Michael? Don’t be shy.”

“Fuck you, Danielle.”

“Well, I guess that leaves just one to go then.”

Author’s Note

This is the reimagining of an excellent story by Visioneer called Lucia Makes a Bet. Visioneer’s story is wonderfully written. His characters are distinct and believable, he has a great feel for writing dialogue, the plot is put together well, and the story is entertaining if you’re into the reluctance category.

So there was certainly no need to re-write such an excellently composed story. But I had an idea to take the story, the characters, and their dynamics and interactions in a different direct. Visioneer generously extended his permission for me to do so.

If you’ve not read Visioneer’s story you should (and if you are enjoying this story you will definitely enjoy Lucia Makes a Bet). Especially for writers, reading the two stories will give you an idea of how essentially the same plot and characters can be taken in very different directions and made into two stories with very different feels, character dynamics, and story lines.

I was attracted to Lucia Makes a Bet because I’ve written a series of similarly premised stories called Taking Chances. They are about people who for various reasons - sound or unsound, impulsive or considered - make a wager and how the result of that wager, win or lose, has consequences and impacts on their self-image, relationships, and other aspects of their real world existence. This reimagining of Lucia Makes a Bet takes that story in the same direction as those of Taking Chances.

I hope you enjoy the story. It is about 24K words in total length and will be submitted in six parts. The story is completed so you can be sure that a new section will appear every couple or three days until all parts are posted.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © (c) by B. E. Thalia

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