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Seduced by the Wind

Like the wind - she can't see him, but she knows he's watching her...
Title: Seduced by the Wind

Author: Ella Ashgrove

She could feel his presence - his eyes watching her from afar while the shadows dancing along the nearby brick buildings kept his identity a mystery. As a gentle breeze travels through the night sky, she hears her name being whispered “Katie.” Not knowing if it was hearing her name or the coolness of the night air, a shiver runs down her spine as she continues her “ritualistic” nightly walk from class to her dorm room.

The heels of her shoes making a soft “clicking” sound as she walks on the pavement, she hears the rustling of leaves from behind her. Frozen where she stood, Katie holds her breathe - listening - but hears nothing except the crickets’ nightly serenade. Laughing and commending herself for having such a vivid imagination, she continues towards home.

A sudden gust of wind catches Katie off-guard, pushing her backwards along the path. With a mighty “thump!”, a large object behind her stops Katie from continuing her backwards journey. Breathing a long sigh of relief, she bends down slightly at her waist, grateful for this momentary reprieve from battling the coarse winds. Standing erect once again, Katie hears her name again dancing on the wind. “Katie” - this time the voice sounded closer. Very close.

Before Katie can take a step, two arms wrap quickly and strongly around her waist - trapping her within their grasp. She calls out for help, hoping that someone nearby will hear her. “H-E-..!” But her voice is silenced by a hand choking her neck. Katie struggles, but cannot escape her captor’s grasp. She feels a warm breathe on the back of her neck, two lips gently caressing her skin. “Katie….You are mine!” her captor’s deep male voice echoes in her ear. Her heart begins to race - a mixture of fear and anticipation. Her knees begin to buckle, her body weary from attempting escape. With one swift, fluid movement, he managed to blindfold her and wrestle her to the ground. Feeling his eyes moving up and down her body, Katie draws in a sharp breathe, making her breasts rise and fall slowly and seductively.

His hand slowly follows the curves of Katie’s body - her delicate neck, her voluptuous chest, her well-toned stomach. “MMMmmmm….” he murmurs, inspecting his prize. His hand now on her inner thigh, Katie struggles once more against her captor’s grasp, desperate to regain her freedom. However, this attempt to is in vain, as he leans forward over her. The heat of his body on her skin is intoxicating as his fingers slowly make their way to her pussy. With a low menacing chuckle, he remarks, “You cannot hide from me. You want this to happen…” His fingers begin to move slowly, rubbing up and down her folds, teasing her, as he begins to kiss her neck. Katie can feel herself becoming aroused, her body writhing at his slightest touch. Moaning softly with pleasure and her pussy becoming damp, she knows that her captor has won. She is under his control and - as he continues to explore her body - Katie realizes that she does not want this night to end.

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