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Selling My Neighbor's Daughter, Rochelle, My Volvo

I was thinking we might work out a special deal on the Volvo

At 45, I am widowed and manage a chain steakhouse in Bermidji, Minnesota where I employ about sixty full-time and part-time employees. I live just outside the city on a half-acre of land that backs up to a snow mobile trail. My neighbor, Nikki, is a single mother with a daughter, Rochelle, who is in high school. Every once in a while Nikki asks me to come over to help her fix something. A broken lock, plumbing leak, or her computer. Between all of the visits I have gotten to know her and her daughter pretty well.

Nikki is younger than me at 38. Originally from Georgia, she moved to Minnesota fifteen years ago for a nursing job after her husband abandoned her. Nikki has brown hair, stands about 5'6" and has a very cute petite body. While Nikki is white, her ex-husband was black Her daughter, Rochelle, has inherited the best characteristics of both parents.

Rochelle is beautiful with lightly shaded brown skin. She wears her pitch black hair long and has picked up the accent of most Minnesotans. Rochelle is sweet, full of energy, and an athlete. She plays basketball, dances on the high school dance team, and runs track and field. She stands about 5'8", weighs no more than 120 pounds, and is the only African American student in her high school. Her stomach is flat, her arms are strong, and she has a beautifully rounded ass with the hottest legs I have ever seen.

When Rochelle turned sixteen, she asked me to consider hiring her for a job at the steakhouse and I did. Rochelle drove an old Toyota Celica everyday to work. The old clunker held out for a long time; but, on the weekend of her eighteenth birthday the engine gave up the ghost on her way to work. Before the weekend was over, she knocked on my door and asked about a six year old Volvo I kept in my garage.

"Would you consider selling your Volvo", she asked?

"It has less than 50,000 miles on it. I think $4,500 would be a steal."

"That is a lot of money to me though", she replied. "I have $300 in savings, maybe I could pay it out."

"I don't know if I could loan out that much money."

"Well, at least think about it", she asked. "By the way, I will be late to work next Friday because of drill team. I have to do the half-time dance show at the football game."

"Can you close if I let you get to work that late?"

"Oh, yah. If I can get a ride to the steakhouse", she said. "Mom has to work second shift at the hospital."

"I'll see if someone can pick you up."

"Thanks Steve, you are the best", she said.

Friday rolled around and I completely forgot about finding her a ride. Rochelle called me at the beginning of the football game to find out who her ride was after half-time. I apologized for forgetting and told her I would pick her up myself. I showed up about 8:30 and stood behind the sideline fence as the band started to march on the field. The dance team lined up with each girl wearing a short black skirt, long wool stockings as protection against the cold air, and a red sweater. It had been forever since I had been to a high school game and I had forgotten how pretty the dance team members were. Long legs, sexy butts, gorgeous chests, fixed up hair, and stage makeup on their pretty faces. The team did kicking and dancing routines that made a man drool. Young goddesses all over the place and I thought Rochelle was by far the prettiest and best dancer. I was sure she had white guys falling at her feet. When the routines were over they exited the field and Rochelle came over to where I was standing.

"Ready to go to work", I asked.

"I sure am", she said. "Thanks again for picking me up."

She hopped in my Tahoe with a bag of clothes for her waitress gig and we headed off for the steak restuarant. On the way, she inquired about my Volvo.

"How much did you want for your car again?"

"$4,500. But I have been thinking about it, I might lower it to $4,200 for you since you are such a hard worker."

"I don't know if I can afford that either", she said, as she started changing clothes in the passenger seat. She removed her sweater, exposing her white lace bra in contrast to her black chest. Her dark nipples could be seen protruding beneath the lace in the cool air. I could not help but watch her out of the corner of my eye as I tried to keep the Tahoe on the road. As I watched subtlely, she leaned over to remove her shoes.

"What are you doing", I inquired?

"Getting ready for work. There is no good place to change at the steakhouse."

"Jocks must be knocking each other over backwards to ask you out", I observed.

"Not really, most of them just want the lilly white girls with swedish last names."

"That is stupid", I replied. "The color of a person's skin should not matter. Besides that, your very pretty."

"I wish more people thought like you", she replied.

As Rochelle continued changing, suddenly she started frantically searching the floorboard in a state of agitation.

"What’s wrong", I asked?

"I lost my contact on the floorboard. Would you pull over so I can find it? I can't see without them."

I turned off at the next country road and pulled into a field behind a row of trees to avoid being hit by traffic. Rochelle opened her door and got out so she could search the floorboard easier while I turned on the dome light. With her chest covered only by her bra, she looked sexy leaning into the Tanoe. While she searched the floorboard, I took some long glimpses at her body. Her black hair was still tied in red ribbons and fell down her back. Her shoulders and hips stood out as a spectacular sight. After a few minutes of searching around, she gave up.

"I can't find it, will you look for me, Steve?"


I got out, walked around to the side of the Tahoe, and leaned in the door. It took me a minute, but I spotted her contact and retrieved it. She was standing next to me when I handed it to her.

"About ready to go", I asked, trying not to drool over her chest.

"Almost, let me clean the contact and finish changing before you start driving so I don’t lose it again."

"Okay", I replied.

While I held the contact for her, she poured solution all over it. When she thought it was clean enough she put it back in her eye and I turned the dome light off. While I waited outside, she got in the passenger seat and shut the door. As she changed, I stood outside, watched the moon, and waited for her. Leaning my back against her door, I felt the SUV rock slightly as she lifted her hips and pull her wool stockings down off her feet. After a little more shuffling around, my ears focused in on the sound of her skirt zipper going down until it stopped.

"Crap", Rochelle said, from inside my Tahoe.


"My zipper is stuck."

After she fiddled with it for a few minutes, she opened her door and asked, "Would you help me?"

"You betcha", I replied. "What do you need me to do?"

As she got out of the vehicle, she said, "While I lean against the Tahoe seat would you try to get it unstuck. Be careful! Don't tear my skirt."

"Okay", I replied.

As Rochelle leaned over on the front seat, with her rear sticking out, I found her skirt zipper. Holding the waist of her skirt with one hand, I tried to gently move it down with the other. It was indeed stuck.

"It might come loose from the inside of my skirt, try that", Rochelle insisted.

"Are you sure", I asked.

"We'll, I can't work like this."

I ran my right hand under her skirt, brushing my hand against her thighs and lace panties as I searched the underhem of her skirt. Finally I found the zipper. With my hand scooted all the way up the underside of her skirt, her panty covered butt was fully exposed at my waist. She was giving me a serious hard-on. I began to work the zipper from the outside while trying to hold her skirt steady with my left hand as my right hand worked from the inside. With all of my pulling and prodding, her ass rocked up and down to my efforts as she patiently waited with her elbows on my front seat. With every pull or push, the back of my hand and arm rubbed against her ass. I wanted so badly just to squeeze it and run my hand between her legs, but I dared not. After a bit of work, I got the zipper unjammed and zipped down all the way. I held her skirt in place while her hand reached back to take hold of the waistband.

She turned around and faced me with her left hand still holding her skirt in place. It was dark, but I could see her nipples stood erect beneath her bra and she had the sexiest hips I had ever laid my eyes on. I loved her long shapely black legs, clearly outlined in the moonlight.

"You're good at that. I would have never gotten the zipper undone", she said.

"You're more than welcome", I replied, blushing in the presence of this gorgeous angel.

"Is my butt fat", she asked, as she dropped her skirt to the ground and turned around.

"Ugh, what?"

"Is my butt fat? Some of the guys at school always say black girls have big butts."

"No, you have a nice size butt. Not too big, not too small. Perfect."

"Good. I was wondering", she said, nonchalantly as she turned back around to face me.

Her thighs had just the right amount of flesh and she had a perfect ass. Her black bush protruded against her tight lace panties and the indention of her outer lips was obvious. I tried to hide it, but I was turned on by this lovely mix of ebony and ivory.

"How about the rest of me?"

"Umm. Very pretty", I said, with a gulp as I admired her. "Very beautiful."

"You really think so."


"Good. I guess I had better get my work clothes on so we can get outta here", Rochelle said.

The sight of her standing next to my Tahoe dressed in just lace was too much for me. Her body was perfect and desired her desperately. I was getting hotter by the minute and sweating in the cool autumn air. With a very nervous voice and an idea coming out of my loins, I said, "Umm, I'm in no hurry."

"You're not", she asked innocently.

"I was thinking we might work out a special deal on the Volvo."

"A special deal", she inquired?

"Uhhh.... Maybe.... Some... Uhh... After every football game special payments", I suggested, wondering what on the earth I was doing making such an indecent proposal.

"No! I am not that type of girl", she said, "If that is what you are thinking." She immediately turned to get back in the SUV.

"Sorry", I replied. "I did not mean it that way."

"Yea, right... It's okay though. No harm done."

I ducked back in the driver's seat of the car feeling like an moron. Rochelle began to search through her clothes bag. As I stared out the front window, she milled around with her jeans. It was as if she did not quite know what to do with them. She started to put them on, then hesitated. Then started again. Finally she had them on, buttoned at the top, and zipped. She looked at me, looked at her watch, looked outside, and looked at the Tahoe.

Turning to me, she asked, "So what exactly was the special payments you were suggesting?"

"Don't worry about it now", I replied. "It was just a passing thought. Forget it."

"Go ahead and tell me, I want to know."

"Well I think you are very beautiful."

"Go on."

"And you had me turned on running around half-naked."

"You want to make love to me? Is that it?"


"And then what?"

"I was thinking that if you would make love to me after all your home games then I would give you my Volvo outright."

"I really am not that type of girl."

"I know. You wanted to know. Sorry."

"Usually", she said, finishing her thought as she took my hand and placed it on her bra.

"If I let you make love to me just tonight, would you give me your Volvo?"

"Hmm... How about making love to you three times", I counter offered. "The car is worth a lot."

"No", she said, as she removed my hand from her breast. "I am worth more than that."

As I moved behind the steering wheel she put her sweater back on. I was extraordinarily horny and wanted her, but making love once for my low mileage Volvo seemed way too much. I was reaching for the keys to start the Tahoe when I felt the warm touch of Rochelle's lips on my neck and her hand gliding between my legs. I stopped in mid-motion. With one hand on the back of my head, and the other stroking my bulge, she whispered in my ear, "I would consider twice."

Blood poured into my cock and my body became completely alive. "Alright, twice it is", I replied. "And the car is yours."

I turned my hips to face her as she curled up next to me on the seat. She was an ebony goddess reflected in the light of the stars and moon. Her lips were full, her face still that of a teenager, and she had a body to die for.

"Did you bring a condom", Rochelle asked.

"No. Not like I need one too much at my age."

"You don't have any diseases do you?"

"I was married for twenty-five years before my wife died. If I had one, I think I would know about it after all this time."

"Alright, I am on the pill so don't worry about it. Wanna get in the back seat?"

"Yes. A lot more room back there."

As soon as we got in the back seat, I eagerly watched, with my shaft throbbing between my legs, as she removed her sweater and tossed it to the front seat. Getting more comfy, Rochelle lay down across the seat with only her bra holding back her breasts. Spreading her legs around me, I watched her unbutton the top button of her jeans and heard the sound of her zipper as she opened her pants.

"You ever make love to a black girl, Steve?"


"And I thought you white guys fantasized about it... We'll don't be shy."

Rochelle leaned up and pulled my face between her legs. Looking at the top of my head just inches from her sex, she said, "Once you've had black, you never go back."

I could not have sexually desired her more. Rochelle slowly started pushing her jeans down just inches from my mouth. I instinctively tasted her white lace panties and ran my tongue across her black bush protruding through the front of her panties. Running my hands under her hips, I squeezed her ass even though her jeans were own partially down as I pressed my tongue into her V.

"Mmm... Much better. I was starting to think a white guy like you was all talk with no walk."

"I walk the walk", I said, between tongue strokes.

After a few more strokes, I leaned up and helped her get her jeans off. My eyes were transfixed on her sex. With a crescent moon in the distance and stars as the audience, I admired Rochelle's body. She was incredible. Her face and neck were a vision of beauty. Her long black fro flowed over her shoulders. Her chocolate breasts were pushed together tightly by her white lace bra and waited for my touch. I wanted her

I positioned myself with my hips between her legs and my face glided over her white lace bra. Her fingers ran through my hair and invited me closer. I kissed her milky brown cleavage. Her flesh gave way to my nuzzling as I pressed into her with my lips. She began to breath heavy and gasp with each kiss. My fingers ran across the top of her bra and caressed her breasts. They electrified my hands as my thumbs rubbed against her nipples.

"You know what I like, Steve", Rochelle said.

She had a beautiful smile that said, "Take me."

I unbuttoned her bra from the front and let her virgin breasts fall free. They were a lighter brown than her face, but perfect, and soft to the touch. My fingers delicately rubbed them starting at the sides moving inward. I gently squeezed her nipples which were a combined pink and brown. She moaned as I paused to focus on each one, massaging them with my gums. My hands kneaded her breasts as her hips squirmed around beneath me. I smelled her arousal and my shaft, throbbing for her, was at attention rubbing against her panties through my pants. She guided me from one breast to the other one where I repeated my ginger loving. Her increasing groans intoxicated me and I wanted her.

My tongue moved from her nipple downward. I left a trail of saliva down her soft belly to the top of her white lace panties. Rochelle followed me with her hands and moaned lightly as I touched her with my lips and tongue. Her hips rose to my touch while my hands slid under her waist and firmly massaged her lower back.

Leaning back as much as I could, with only the roof of the SUV limiting my movement, I placed my hands on the bottom of her left calve and started massaging it. After working her first leg, I moved to the other. She had smooth legs and moaned in approval to my handiwork. After finishing the second leg, I slid my hands to her thighs. Her legs were soft and delicate to my touch. Her frame rested against the seat with her milky black breasts cascading above her chest. She was my dark angel. As I moved my fingers up her legs, rubbing as I went, she sat up slightly and began to caress my arms. As I progressed higher, they started shaking mildly in nervous tension. I began to massage the top of her thighs moving within six inches of her panties.

I began to massage the inside of her thighs. The closer I moved to her hips, the more pronounced her sexy features became and the hornier I got. When I got within three inches of her panties, my fingers sought out new sweets. I caressed her hips and slid my hands beneath her to squeeze her tight buns. My fingers gently glided along her curvature. I slid my fingers across the front of her panties in a slow motion while she eased her hips up for my attention. I enjoyed the softness of her tightly curled black pubic hair reachng up from her mound through her lace covering. As I caressed her, Rochelle moaned softly. Her aroma was stronger now and drew me onward.

"I'm wet", she said.


Rochelle was more beautiful in the light of the moon than I had imagined. Her thighs were curvy and her stomach flat. Her legs were perfect and sexy. Her panties nicely covered her black muff. Her panties wrapped tightly around her figure and disappeared between her closed legs. I gently ran my fingers down the outside of her hips and then criss crossed along the front of her mound. She began to moan and gasp. I gently glided my fingers down to the V in her panties. I pushed my index finger down further between her warm thighs for full access. Rochelle was very wet with a delicate slime everywhere on the surface of her panties greasing my fingers. My index finger pressed in at the point of her sex which brought a chorus of moans from her. I was consumed by her presence.

"Do that again", Rochelle begged.

I pressed against her love canal with two fingers this time with light pressure, but my fingers desired more. I slid my fingers under her panties at the top of her muff. I was on fire as I pushed them down and stroked her rough pussy hair. It was much different than my late wife, but sexy just the same. My fingers dived down her mound exposing her black bush to the cool september air. I soon found her swollen and soaked clit with my finger. As I began to rub it, she started moaning loudly in ecstacy. Her body relaxed except for her hips, which moved in sync with my fingers, and her face, which was contorted with pleasure. She was different than the white women I had made love to over the years. She was better. More exotic and brought out the lust in me.

I ran my finger down the valley running from her clit to her luscious lips, a smooth trail of slick love juice. Then I went back up to caress her clit again. As I gave her my touch, her moaning rose in intensity and her hips strectched ever higher to meet my fingers and draw them in closer to her. My shaft was fixated on fucking her. On my next run down her valley to her outer lips and love entrance, I eased my finger partially into her tight box and then slid it back up to rub her clit intensely again. With the smell of her sex rising up to meet me, I could take it no more.

I repositioned myself with my face between her legs, reached under her and lifted her hips up in the air, and kissed her soaking panties. She wrapped her black legs around my neck, took my head in her hands, and guided me. I aggressively nibbled at her mound through her panties to her delight. Getting my tongue to the very top of her panty, I slid my tongue inside, pulling them down slightly with my teeth, until my face was buried in her short frizzy hair and fenced in by her chocalate thighs on both sides. I wanted to taste her in my mouth. The animal in me was coming out as Rochelle raised her hips in excitement.

I immediately pulled her lace panties down at her waistband, letting her pubic hair and pitch black pussy spring free. Once I got them off her ankles, my tongue danced down between her legs to her exposed lightly colored and swollen clit. As I began to caress it with my tongue, her hips shook. She screamed in pleasure and pulled my face closer. Her aroma was intoxicating and her taste made me want to make love to her right then and there. I ran my tongue up and down the inside of her clit, finding her pink on the inside by the light of the moon, as her hips swayed. Holding her by her ass, my tongue massaged it and I took her clit between my lips and moved it around in gentle but rapid motions while my saliva intermingled with her love juice.

She rewrapped her strong legs around my neck as I continued to make love to her with my mouth. Using both her legs, she pulled me ever closer into her to the point I thought she might break my nose. My tongue ran the gamut from her clit to the entrance of her pink love canal. I slipped inside her deeply. She was tight. I penetrated her with my tongue and then ran back to her clit while waves of gasps, screams, and animal like moans all mingled together rolled out of her throat. Her hips shook beneath my hands and violently rocked the Tahoe as I continued to bring her to climax. I balanced her shaking body with my hands and continued to penetrate her with aggresive motions.

"Don't stop, don't stop", she screamed, as she neared climax.

I kept going while her shudders turned violent. Her screams echoed across the night air as she covered me with her love fluids from her first orgasm. All the way through her climax I continued to make love to her with my mouth. As she began to relax, I leaned up and took off my clothes. Pants, boxers, and everyting.

"That is long for a white guy", she noted. "I thought you were supposed to have small cocks."

"I must have some black in my family", I said, with a laugh.

"You must", she replied.

I eased my cock between her strong thighs. She wrapped her legs around me and I guided the tip of my cock down her clit, across a forest of slick love juice, until I found her entrance. I plunged myself in her soaking wet pussy while she used her legs to guide me all the way to the back of her love canal. Her body was tight against my member. A grin came across both of our faces. She used her legs to guide and increase my thrusts. She took me deep and then eased me out, just to take me deep again. Her breasts were rubbing against my chest with each stroke of my cock.

I reached my hands under her, grabbed her ass with both hands, and lifted her slightly off the bed as I continued to ram my cock deep in her. I looked down between her legs at her lovely black bush as I plowed it with fervor. White cock on black pussy never looked so wonderful. Her screams of pleasure, combined with her tight feel, and beauty were bringing me to climax. The new angle was magnificent. I took control of the rhythm and pulled her body completely on my cock, just to reverse and back her off again. With each thrust, I rubbed against the bottom of her clit, providing a new world of stimulation for her. Her breasts began to rock wildly up and down as I picked up speed. She wrapped her legs around me tighter and I continued to make love to her with all the energy I could muster. I went as fast as I could, working my biceps, till her breasts were bouncing everywhere.

"Oh, God. I am there", she hollered out.


I felt her pussy tighten against my member as my balls began to tingle. Her black arms were wrapped around my white waist. Our red tongues intermingled in a state of french bliss as we fucked. Her hips gyrated in my hands as I rocked her on and off my cock. She was full swing into her orgasm as my shaft rapidly swelled. I prepared to explode deep between her legs. For a moment, our bodies moved in slow motion as our we went tense at the same time. Her screams peaked and her hips quit buckling against my hands for the moment as my balls shot a load of cum into her. As I pumped, I could barely move. My shaft was super sensitive and her beauty was overwhelming. I kept thrusting until we were both spent.

When I withdrew, a few drops of milky white cum landed on her black bush. I thought it was sexy. She brought me back to reality.

"One down and one to go... Then I expect the keys."

"Deal. You are a shrill business woman."

"Damn right... What are you going to say about us being late to work tonight", she inquired?

"We had a flat tire on the way to the restaurant."

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