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Seth Joins The Fun

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Finally, the weekend is here and it’s time to get Seth's birthday party ready. My boyfriend Seth, is turning twenty-five and we talked last night about how many people we should invite to his party, he just wants his closest friends from work here, so that's who is coming to his party.

Tomorrow night we will go out to dinner with his family to celebrate with them. As his family are very religious, they wouldn't approve of the alcohol that will be served here tonight, so we will just go out tomorrow night with them to Seth's favorite restaurant.

I'm looking for the candles and I hear someone walking up behind me, I think it’s Seth and he is about to help me with getting everything ready. I sure didn't expect him to cover his hand over my mouth and nearly give me a heart attack. I try to pull away from him, but he tightens his grip on me, then he lowers his mouth next to me ear. I feel his tongue licking my ear lobe.

"Hello Lonnie, you're looking great and smelling delicious," he whispers.

My eyes widen once I hear his voice and recognize his voice. He slowly removes his hand from my mouth and I turn around.

"Holy shit, Bryce? What the hell are you doing?" I growl.

"Well, Lonnie, I'm doing what you and Seth have been wanting me to do," he grins and chuckles.

"What, what have we been wanting you to do, Bryce?"

He grabs my hips and walks me backwards until I'm against the kitchen sink. His right hand comes up and grabs my throat and gently squeezes it.

"Lonnie, come on, you know Seth and I tell each other everything, you know we tell each other our deepest, darkest secrets. You also know how we love to share with each other."

My eyes are as wide as they can get and my mouth drops open, hearing what he just said. I lean back and try to wiggle away from him, but he once again, he grabs my hips and grabs the back of my hair.

"Do you really think I'm blind, Lonnie? Do you really think I haven't noticed the sultry, seductive looks you give me when Seth's back is turned?" he whispers.

"What? No I don't, Bryce. You're Seth's best friend," I snap.

"Oh please, Lonnie, I'm not blind, or stupid," he snaps back.

"Bryce, I have no desire to be with you, I love Seth," I hiss.

"Maybe, but you still find yourself wanting to take a walk on that forbidden side, with me."

"You have seriously lost your mind, Bryce," I yell and push him back.

I walk over to the food on the table and pick up a cupcake. I take a bite and I then feel Bryce behind me.

"Lonnie, you tell me you haven't been dying to feel this inside of you," he commands.

I turn around and choke on my cupcake. He is standing in front of me naked. My eyes are glued at his massive erection.

"Bryce, are you insane? Seth will be down here any minute," I yell.

"I'm already here, sweetheart. What have the two of you been up to?" Seth asks with a grin.

"Oh god, Seth, wait, this isn't what it looks like, damn, okay, Bryce is standing here naked, but not because I want him naked. P-please Seth, y- you have to believe me, this was not my idea," I stutter.

Seth looks over at Bryce, he then looks at me and grins.

"So, Bryce, you want under her, or behind her?" Seth asks and I'm in shock.

"Well, she is your girlfriend Seth, and it is your birthday, so I'll let you decide," Bryce replies.

"Wait, what? You two cannot be serious," I growl.

Seth grabs my arms and roughly kisses me; he then rips my shirt open.

Bryce grabs my shorts pulling them down along with my panties. They lift me up and carry me into the living room.

"Lonnie, I'm not mad baby, I know you have been wondering what it would be like having me and Bryce fuck you into an oblivion. I have also been wondered what it would be like having Bryce fuck me into an oblivion, now is our chance to find out," he says and kisses Bryce.

"Oh my god, what the hell? Wait, you two are, bi?" I ask with a shocked voice.

They break the kiss and look down at me and they both grin and nod their heads yes.

Seth grabs Bryce's shorts and pulls them down, he then pulls Bryce's boxers down and gets on his knees. Seeing Seth wrap his hand around Bryce's hard cock has got me so wet. He sticks his tongue out and licks the head of his cock. Bryce moans and grabs Seth's hair and shoves his cock in his mouth. His right hand rubs Bryce's balls and Seth buries Bryce's cock deep in his throat.

"Fuck! Yes, Seth, deep throat me," Bryce moans.

Bryce looks at me and grins. He motions his hands for me to open my legs, I do and he licks his lips.

"Lonnie, get those fingers wet, girl," he commands.

Seth looks back at me pulls Bryce over to me on the couch.

"Lonnie, I want to watch you suck Bryce while I eat you."

Bryce comes up by my head and he lowers his cock in my mouth. I suck his head.

Seth flicks his tongue on my swollen clit. I gasp once I feel his warm, wet tongue.

I grab Bryce's cock and start sucking hard on it. I suck him like I'm sucking a straw and I feel his balls tighten.

Seth licks my clit and my opening and that nearly sends me over the edge.

"Okay, that's enough sucking and licking, let’s get to the really fun part. Bryce, get behind me and give me a good fucking."

I look at Seth and he smiles.

"Don't you worry baby girl, I'm about to give you the best fucking of your life. I also want you to see me getting a good fucking. When Bryce is giving it to me good, that will cause me to give it to you good." Seth says with a seductive voice.

Bryce pours some lube on his cock, then on Seth's hole. He grabs Seth's hips and gently enters him.

"You ready baby girl? This is going to be so much fun and so erotic," Seth says and slams himself in me.

He gently grabs my throat and moans.

"Oh my god, Bryce, harder," Seth yells.

"Shit! Seth, make her feel you like I'm making you feel me," Bryce moans while slamming in Seth's ass.

Seth puts his hand on the back of the couch to get better penetration and he starts pounding in me. I arch my back and grab his throat. My hips are thrusting up.

'Oh my god. Shit! Lonnie, don't stop thrusting your hips, baby."

Bryce is slamming in Seth's ass and that's making Seth slam in me. We're all three moaning and clawing at each other. I look up at Bryce and can see he must be close to his climax. He lets out this loud grunt and his body starts to shake.

"Oh fuck, yes, Bryce," Seth moans.

"Lonnie, oh god, I'm going to cum deep inside of you, but first, I want to feel your sweet juices on my cock."

His words sent me over the edge. I tighten my grip on his throat and I feel my climax surge through my shaking body.

"Shit! Seth," I scream.

"Oh fuck, I'm, I'm, close. Shit, yes," Seth moans.

Bryce pulls out of Seth and moans.

Seth pulls out of me and we're all three on the couch trying to catch our breath.

"So, Lonnie, happy I joined the fun? Think maybe you will want to do this again?" Bryce asks.

I look at him and Seth. They both smile and I smile.

"Oh god, that was so much fun," I reply.

"Good, we're going again after the party. This time, I want to see Bryce give you a good fucking while I give him a good fucking," Seth grins and kisses me."

"Hey, where is my kiss? Bryce asks and we both kiss him.

The rest of the night, Bryce and I gave Seth a birthday gift he will never forget.

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