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Shauna Robinson's Interview (Part 1)

Shauna Robinson's Interview (Part 1)

Shauna is 'approved' by her husband's bosses
"Mr. Klein, Mr. Keller and Mr. Kaplansky will be free in 10 minutes," said the pretty blonde secretary. "They've asked me to give you a glass of champagne while you wait. They even said I can have a glass too! You must be so excited. I can't remember the last time the Mr. K's took on a new partner..."

The little blonde sat next to Shauna and clinked glasses. "Wes so deserves this, he's worked so hard and all of us girls here just love him. I guess you're really proud of him, right?"

Shauna smiled, nodded and sipped at the delicious wine. A Dom Perignon '76maybe '77, she thought. She'd worked as a Sommelier while she was in college at Brown and knew her wine. As the little secretary prattled on about the virtues of her husband Wesley, Shauna savoured her drink and thought about the changes that this partnership might mean for her marriage. Wesley had joined the firm of Klein, Keller and Kaplansky after leaving Harvard Law School. As the only black lawyer at the firm, he had proved himself not only equal to, but better than the privileged white waspy associates with names like Avery, Barnham-Hyde and Spencer. Not that they weren't nice guys with lovely wives. They were. The firm's couples socialised often. But the 18 hour days Wes had put in for almost eight years had taxed Shauna's marriage. Wes maintained that he needed to be not only just as good, but better than his white co-workers. And he was. But that came at a price.

At 34, she longed for a family, children... But Wesley's work load made that all but impossible. Shit, they barely made love anymore; she barely saw her husband these days. She understood, but she missed her man. And all that was about to change. Wesley's partnership would mean that they could finally live the life they'd both worked so long and hard for. They would have time for each other. And almost a million dollars a year. Sweet. Shauna sipped the wine, tasting her new life.

Suddenly, the door opened and Max Kaplansky beckoned her inside to the boardroom. "Bring your glass, Shauna," he smiled, "this is something of a celebration, don't you agree?"

Shauna stood and walked into the boardroom, aware of the old man's eyes upon her. She had dressed for a business meeting, in a charcoal grey suit with a pleated short skirt which flattered her trim figure, over a pristine white blouse and stockings. Her Manolo heels complimented her long legs. She looked every bit a senior partner's wife, and she knew it. Upon entering the boardroom, the other two partners stood up behind the huge desk and greeted her with beaming smiles. Mr Klein was brandishing another bottle of the Dom Perignon, and he filled her glass and the glasses of his colleagues as they took their seats behind the great antique desk. Mr Keller looked at her stockinged legs and licked his lips. Shauna stood before the three men, awaiting their invite to be seated.

She had, of course, met her husband's employers before. The firm was very big on social occasions, barbeques in the summer, dress dinners in the winter and and annual long weekends at exotic locations like Maui and St. Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles. Standing before her husband's bosses now, she stifled a smile as she remembered them in shorts and loud summer shirts. Today they were all business, dark suits, silk ties and exhuding a sense of power. They could be brothers, she thought, all mid 60s, greying hair, all with slight paunches but with a certain presence that hinted at the fact that these men controlled the lives of others. Controlled her husband's life? Her life? Perhaps.

Kaplansky, seated in the middle of his colleagues, motioned for her to sit and she did.

"Mrs. Robinson," he began, "it's such a pleasure for us to entertain you here today. Your husband is about to join us as a senior partner at the firm, and we're lucky to have him, and well, we wanted to invite you in for a little chat just to make sure you're okay with this. We're here to answer any questions you might have, right gentleman?" He glanced from side to side at his colleagues. Klein and Keller smiled and nodded, watching her. "So, do you have any questions, Shauna? We can call you Shauna now, right?"

"Of course, Mr Kaplansky," smiled the girl. "To be honest, I don't really have any questions. Wes has explained that he's going to have a lot more free time and, well, a lot more money and so I really just want to thank you gentlemen for recognising my husband's talent. And of course I'll do everything I can to help him in his new position."

Mr Keller spoke. "That's just what we need to hear, Mrs Rob.... I mean Shauna.... It's vital to us that we know you'll do everything you can to help Wesley in his new position. Drink some more wine, dear."

"I certainly will," said Shauna, sipping on her drink, "I'll do anything I can to help my husband..."

"Good," said Mr Klein. "Would you please stand up, Mrs Robinson."

"Call her Shauna, Daniel, we're all family now," smiled Max Kaplansky as he lit a cigar. "Do as he says, girl," he added. "And turn around for us, dear, let us look at you..."

Shauna stood up, straightening her short skirt over her stockings. As the three men watched her, she turned slowly in front of them. She heard the old men sigh in appreciation. Incredibly, wrong as she knew this was, she felt a strange excitement at parading herself like this in front of her husband's bosses.

"Fuck, that Wesley is one lucky motherfucker," laughed Mr Keller, "look at this beautiful bitch! 18 hours a day? I wouldn't leave this one alone for a fucking minute!"

The others laughed.

"Umm," murmured Shauna, "Gentlemen, I probably should be going.... I'm not sure this is entirely appropriate..."

Kaplansky undid his tie. "Shauna, we'll tell you what's not appropriate. However, we do need to vet our new partner's wives. We need to know that our colleagues spouses are, well, our kind of people... Why don't you take off your jacket and blouse for us?"

"Yes, please do that, Shauna," said Mr Keller.

"Slowly, dear..." said Mr Klein.

Shauna looked at the three men. Klein had taken off his jacket and had also loosened his tie. Keller was sipping his champagne and leering at her. Kaplansky was dragging upon his cigar, his eyes on hers, willing her to continue. This was perfectly normal for them she realised. For these men, this was not unusual. They had done this before.

And she could have walked out. She could have. But she thought about her husband, and his job. She thought about the money and the children she wanted to have. She thought about the moistness in her panties as these powerful patrician bastards aroused forbidden wanton sensations as they calmly undressed her with hungry eyes. It excited her. She thought about her own career as a teacher. She wondered when was the last time that her beautiful husband was relaxed enough to fuck her. She couldn't remember. She fastened her eyes on Mr Kaplansky. He smiled and raised his eyebrows, languidly motioning with his hand.

"Go on. Take it off, Dear," he said, invitingly.

And she did.

Her hands unfastened the buttons on her blouse as if she were in a trance. She cast her jacket and blouse aside and stood before the men in her white quarter-cup bra. Her eyes downcast, shamed at what they had made her, she heard them gasp.

"Fuck, those are pretty titties, the white really shows up her colour... Coffee coloured little thing..." said Mr Klein.

"36 D and cocoa if I'm a judge..... Max?" said Mr Keller.

"34 D," said Kaplansly. "I'll bet two thousand dollars on it..... You guys in?"

The other men murmured assent.

"How big are your tits, Sweetheart?" asked Max. "ANSWER Me, Girl...."

"34 D," whispered Shauna.

She heard the old men whoop and holler.

"You just earned yourself 400 dollars, Sweetie," laughed Kaplansky. "Ten per cent.... You can collect it before you leave.... But first, take off the fucking bra... Then turn around again..."

As if in a trance, Shauna did as she was bid. She tossed the white bra away and stood before the three men, her pert breasts with her now hard and aroused chocolate nipples on display. And she turned around, slowly...

"FUCK, she's fine," gasped Mr Keller.

"Oy Vey!" exclaimed Klein.

"Pretty Girl," said Max Kaplansky. "You want me to tell you what you do next, or are you the clever little pussy I think you are? Come on, Shauna, show us..."

She unzipped her skirt at the back and let it fall to her feet. Her white panties matched her bra, accentuating the dark colour of her skin. She heard the men sigh.

"Put your hands on the desk, baby," said Kaplansky, "and lean forward..."

She did.

The men undressed themselves as each one kissed her in turn. She kissed them back, wet now, abandoned to whatever was going to happen.... All three moved behind her, hands at her breasts and fingering at her panties.....

Eyes closed, she waited.....

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