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She got more than she bargained for

She'd hit him....and it turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of her life

            Sarah moved slowly around her room lighting candles in various places; on her dresser...on her nightstand, and by the window. She had just turned 18 and a couple months ago had moved out of her parents house and into her own home. She had been working two jobs since she was 15 and hadnt spent a penny of it. The result of her hard labor was a spacious 4 room home, with a big kitchen, fully furnished, basement and two car garage with a lexus (a present from her father) that overlooked the beach. She was proud of all her hard work. She was a senior in high school and even thought she was taking home over a thousand dollars a week from her working she still managed to make  A's and B's. Her dad even gave her three thousand dollars a month for any extra expenses she wanted. He was so proud of his little girl....making her own way into this world. He had seen she was taking care of all her responsibilities so he had decided to make sure she got some of her wants also. Since her and her parents lived a good three hour drive away from each other she never really had a chance to visit them like she wanted to. She was content with the move was only a 20 minute drive from the journalism school she was planning to attend once she graduated.

    She straightned the covers on the four poster bed, making sure the hangings were pulled back just right and after giving the room one more last check she turned her stereo onto her favorite jazz station and walked to her kitchen, where she was preparing a pot roast for her boyfriend of two years. Lavon, 22 and VERY handsome. Sarah walked out of the kitchen and into the bathroom, blushing as she looked into the mirror at herself, recaling the incident that had happened earlier when Lavon dropped her off at school.

    She had told him that she had planned on visiting her parents for a couple days on friday and saturday, and he said that HE had planned something for them on those days. But she was dead set on the date because it was the only time she had free to see her parents because she would be busy for the next couple of months with school and work and  she couldnt possibly reschedule.  He had argued with her telling her she couldnt go and something snapped within her and she's reached out and smacked him HARD across the face. Sarah shuddered, remembering the look that had come across his face as his eyes got hard and narrowed in on her. He had looked ahead of him, telling her that he would be coming to her house at 7 o'clock that evening. The only thing he had said to her as she got out of the car and walked into the building.

    She thought back on how she gave her virginity to him 3 days ago and all the conversations before that. He had told her that he was very dominant but that he wouldnt force her to do anything the first time but after that she was his to do as he pleased. He expected her to be submissive to anything he wanted out of her.  The first time they'd made love he was very gentle, it being her first time and all.  Sarah looked at herself in the mirror. Her light golden skin, a relsult of having a black mother and white father, glowing softly in the light. She touched her thick, black, tightly curled hair that came all the way to her hips, stared into big hazel eyes framed by dark winged eyebrows. She pulled back a stray curl that had fallen over one eye. She chewed nervously on her soft, rose colored lips as she stared at the clock on her bathroom wall. 6:50 pm. 

      She ran around the house one last time straightening abything that seemed out of place, opening the windows in the house to let the smell of the ocean and the night flow into her house, mingling with the smells coming in from the kitchen.

     Sarah jumped as she heard the doorbell ring...resounding throughout her house. She smoothed her silk skirt and padded to the front door and opened it.  Her eyes widened as she took in the tall, bronze, heavily muscled man in her doorway. At 6'7'' he towered a great deal over her small 5'3'' frame. She almost tripped over her own feet trying to back away from the door to let him in. He entered without a word, only giving her one heart stopping glance as he walked past her and into the kitchen, he dropped a bag by the kitchen door. Sarah back leaned against the door, heart racing as she tried to decipher what that look ment. She shook her head hard and walked into the kitchen and watched as he pulled out the pot roast from the oven and got two plates from the cabnient. She walked up beside him and put her hand lightly on his arm, feeling the muscles bunch up as her prepared their plates.

"I'm uh....sorry about earlier....i just, got realy angry and lost control. It shouldn't have happened." She tentavely said.

"hmm."  he said, still not looking at her. He carried their plates to the table as she got out two glasses. She poured him a scotch and a sparkling water for herself.

She sat down at the table and picked up her fork. Glanced once at him and then looked away anxiously for he was staring at her with an intensity that made her nervous.  Several minutes went by as she realized she hadnt even taken a bite of her food.  She was simply too nervous.

"Eat. Now." He said, staring at her.

Sarah jumped, scared. The only words he had said to her all evening. She picked up her fork and began to eat.


After their meal, and 3 glasses of scocth Sarah picked up their plates and, even though she had a dishwasher she began to fill the sink wait warm sudsy water. Thinking she could push back what was going to happen..or what she thought was going to happen she didnt know. He appeared beside her and began to wash, so she rinsed and dried.

As she put the last dish up she turned to head to walk around him to head to the living room when she felt him grab her arm and slam her none to gently against the wall. She let out a slight scream as he pinned her arms above her with one hand and with the other he gripped her chin so she couldnt look away.

"You're going to pay for what you did this morning. And you're going to pay dearly." He whispered, leaning down and nipping at her neck with his teeth. Sarah gasped, struggled against his grip, trying to squirm away but he tightened his hold on her sucking her neck hard.

"Please! I said i was sorry!!" She whimperd as he put one of his thick musceled leg between her own, keeping her in place.

He said nothing, just moved up and took her mouth in a long, rough kis that had her gasping for breath. She whimpered slightly as he sucked her tongue into him mouth, scraping lightly with his teeth. He pulled back slowly and looked down at her breasts, that were pushed up high since her arms were pinned up. He lowered his head and kissed the top of her breast lightly, nibbled at the skin revealed there. She tried to dress modestly, but tonight she just let a hint of her cleavage show and he was taking full advantage, sucking and nipping at her. Sarah gasped as her nipples extended, hard and long. She made to move to cover herself but found she couldnt against his restraining hand. She blushed, embarrassed. When they had sex the first time it was in the dark and he hadnt seen her and it was only for the purpose of him breaking her hymen so there wouldnt be that pain later. He hadnt really touched her, except "down there" to get her wet for his penetration. He tugged her to the living room, stopping to get his bag before pulling her into the candle lit bedroom where he closed and locked the door.

He let go of her and reached into the bag and pulled out handcuffs.

"strip." He growled.

Sarah's heart stopped as she took in that one word.

"no." She whispered, barely loud enough to be heard over the sound of the waves crashing against the shore coming in through the window and the soft sounds of a saxhiphone playing through her stereo.

She wasnt prepared when he roughly grabbed her and ripped her shirt staight down the middle, her breasts spilling free of the confines of the shirt. She moved her hands to cover her lace clad breasts but he grabbed her hands and pulled her to the bed and on it where he handcuffed her hands above her to the headboard. Sarah's lips quivered as she shivered, fearfully. She had never seen him like this.  She blushed hard as he ripped off her skirt, reaveling her lacy black thong.

oh god.....

He stood at the foot of the bed just staring at her, making her blush even harder in embarrasment. No one had ever seen her body like this, even him. She felt totally exposed and vurnerable. Her nipples hardened even more as he stared at her breasts...his gaze moving down to her mound. She crossed her legs in embarrassment but he was having none of that. taking out more cuffs he spread her legs wide and up, cuffing them next to her hands on the heaboard.  She was totally spread to his gaze.

Her eyes widened as she saw the humongeous buldge in his pants...omg it wsnt that big before!!!!

She trembled as he took out a knife and slowly ran it up her stomache, she shivered, feeling the coolness of the steel against her hot skin. She gasped wildly as he cut through her bra in one swift movement and pulled it off her, her breasts spilling free. Nipples long and hard. She let out a high moan as he leaned down and settled his mouth down over her right nipple and began to suck strongly. She arched her back as she felt his teeth close around her sensitive nipple and tug.

He gave her left nipple the same treatment. After a few minutes her nipples, now huge and throbbing stood out proudly from her golden skin. She whimpered as he drew his head back, slowly releasing her nipple.  She glances at her clock. 9:05 pm....

She whimpered as she felt him cut her thong away.

"Lavon...this linerie cost me sixty five dollars...." she whispered.

"I did not give you permission to speak! You will only speak when i tell you to!" He growled at her.

Sarah panted softly as she felt him lightly trace his fingers up and down her inner thigh. She felt her juices come out of her and she turned her head, embarrassed. She felt his finger lightly touch her slit and she cried out at the new sensation.

"look at me."  he said.

She looked at him and her eyes widened as she watched him take his fingers from her core and put them to his mouth, sucking them. Then he bent down and kissed her pussy softly, then licked at her hole. Sarah threw her head back in a silent scream as she felt his lips close on her clit and suck, hard. She bucked, even in her akward position. He held her hips down hard, preventing any movment from her. He nipped on her swollen clit and she whimpered.


His only answer was to push three fingers into her swollen pussy while he tongued and bit at her clit. Sarah's head was spinning as she struggled to catch her breath. She arched her back as the strongest orgasm she'd ever felt was ripped from her. But he still kept on sucking at her, like he was sucking the very life out of her. Sarah screamed.


"you will take it, and everything else i want u to take." He bent his head and slipped his tongue into the tightly clamping muscles of her pussy.

Sarah's body was covered by a fine sheen of sweat, her heaving breasts aching. She jerked violently as she felt something vibrate on her clit. She looked down to see that he was strapping a device around her.  The clit vibrator it fit snuggly over her lips and clit, making her moan and gasp as it relentlessly made another orgasm shake through her.

Sarah tremembled wiolently, her body hot and sweaty. And it didnt look like it was gonna end soon.   Crying now, and feeling the vibrations against her very swollen clit, her hips rolling, she watched him shed his clothes and saw the HUGE cock that had invaded her body a few days ago....

oh my couldnt have been that big before....

She swallowed hard as he crawled his way up the bed, closing the hangings around them. He leaned down and kissed her lips softly. She felt the tip of him against her soaked pussy and cried out as he pushed the tip of him in. He leaned down and lapped up one stiff straining nipple into his mouth. She screamed as another orgasm tore its way through her body. He thrust deeply into her, feeling her small, tight pussy contracting hard around him.

Sarah gasped for breath, her whole body twitching in earnest now. Between his thick huge member splitting her pussy apart, the vibrator on her clit, and his mouth on her nipple Sarah couldnt think straight at all.

She whimpered as he pulled all the way out and slammed back into her, going way deper than before. Sarah screamed, throwing her head back as he buried his cock into her over and over. He ground into her for endless minutes, building up lubrication. He bit at her neck as he slowed down the pace, slamming into her harder and harder.  Sarah whimpered, feeling her legs go numb. She glanced at the clock

11: 25......

Sarah moaned as she struggled to pull air into her lungs. Seriously feeling like she was gonna pass out she begged into his ear for him to uncuff her. He stopped and uncuffed her hangs and legs. Her legs rested on his shoulders and her arms went around his neck. In this position he lifted her and walked to the wall, he leaned her against it.

Sarah's mouth dropped open as she felt her weight pressing her down upon that humongous cock . He moved within her, causing her hips to pound against the wall.  He grabbed her ass tightly in his hands and he came inside her in one huge load. She came for about the seventh time that night, only managing a light whimper as she felt him suck her left nipple into his mouth. He unstrapped the vibrator off her clit and, still hard rested inside her, allowing her to rest a second as he nibbled at her nipple.

Sarah rested her head against the wall, panting heavily as she gripped the muscles of his shoulder.

She moaned as she felt his fingers pinched her VERY swollen, sensitive, and abused clit. Her legs tightened around him as he began to roll it betwen his fingers.

She lowered her head to rest on his shoulder as he walked them back to the bed. She gasped as she felt his fingernail scarpe against her clit and came all over him again.

He rolled over with her on top and gripped her hips tightly and made her ride him, still pinching and pulling at her clit. He pulled her forward and fastened his mouth on her right nipple as she bounced up and down on him. He grabbed her hips and held her hard against him and rolled them over, wrapping her weak legs high on his waist and began a slow pounding that lasted for several hours.

After he rang out three more orgasms out of her he pulled out of her thoroughly fucked pussy and kissed her lightly on her lips and made his way down her body where he sucked her clit gently into his mouth......Sarah's legs twitched every now and then, harshly breathing.

God i dont know how much more i can take


She could tell it was gonna be a very long was 3:37 am......



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