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She had her way with me

Forced by my girlsfriend's sister
My girlfriend and I live together.  A few weeks ago her twin sister stayed with us for a week.  We live on the east coast she lives on the west coast but was in town for a conference.  With money being tight my girlfriend told her she could sleep on our couch for the week.

I didn’t mind.  Our apt is cozy to say the least and I was little worried my girlfriend wouldn’t want to have sex while she was there because she wouldn’t want her to hear us.  Luckily my girlfriend can’t get enough.  We tried to keep it down, but the harder we tried to be quite the more the bed squeaked and pounded into the wall.  Oh well we’re all adults right.  I have to be honest though it did turn me on to think that maybe her sister was listening to us and fingering herself at the same time.  

The next morning I tried to get to the bathroom without her sister seeing my rock hard bulge in front of my pajamas, but no luck she caught me in the hallway and her eyes went straight to it.  I let her have first crack at the bathroom to get out of the awkward moment.  She’ll only be here a few more days then back to the west coast I thought.  My girlfriend has to be at work much earlier then her sister and I so we were alone when this happened.  

The next few days seemed totally normal.  My girlfriend and I gave up trying to contain our sex life and her sister acted like she couldn’t hear us.  That is until her last day.  That morning I woke up to the cold feel of her sister handcuffing me to the bed.  

Completely shocked, I struggled and yelled to no avail.  When I calm down she begins tracing my cock through my pajamas.  

“What’s a girl to do?  You two have been tormenting me all week with your displays, so I need to take matters into my own hands” she said.

She gave me the same devious look her sister does when wants sex.  Their resemblance was uncanny   I struggled some more and told her she was crazy and that I would be late for work.  None of this mattered to her.  I told her I would tell her sister what she was doing and she laughed at me.  

“What will you tell her” she asked?  “Look at how hard you are right now; are you going to tell her how much you love being stroked by me?  If you didn’t like it why are you so hard” she taunted me.

I yelled something really loud and she just laughed.  She pulled my t-shirt up and started kissing my chest and nipples.  I squirmed and hated to admit how good it felt.  I was busted when she began kissing my stomach and tremors rippled across it.

“Mmm you like that don’t you” she cooed.  “It’s ok it will be our little secret” she said.

I continued to struggle but it was no use.  She was sitting on my legs and she started to pull my pajamas and underwear down.  She kissed the tender skin just below my waist and I continued to jump and twitch to her touch.  It felt amazing.  I love my girlfriend and we have a great sex life, but the feel of new lips and new hands dancing across my skin sent shivers all over my body.  

She took me in her mouth and I stopped struggling.  She blew me with an urgency and intensity that was contagious.  I didn’t know how long I would last and I didn’t want to let myself cum with her.  If I came I thought it would be cheating so I was trying as hard as I could not to cum.  The harder I tried though the better it felt.  She must have known the debate doing on in my head because she slowed down her strokes making the deep warmth of her mouth feel even better.  She began licking and sucking my balls while asking me if my girlfriend did this.  I told her to go to hell and she again laughed at me.  

She then told me she was going to make me cum in her.  I told her to at least put a condom on me and she again laughed and positioned herself on top.  I began pleading with her not to do this telling her I didn’t want to cheat on my girlfriend.  She laughed and told me it was too late I already was cheating.  Then she challenged me to try and not cum while she fucked me.  I told her I wouldn’t cum but deep down I didn’t really think I’d be able to hold out.  

She easily slides on top of me.  “That doesn’t feel so bad does it” she said?  As she began slowly rocking back and forth on top of me.  She was already grunting heavily and I feel her wetness dripping down my balls and ass.  

“Cum for me, come on cum in me.  Do it now cum in me”   she whispered in my ear.

My body was again responding against my will and while I didn’t yet cum her words were having a deep effect on me.  I tried to control my breathing and think of anything else other then what was happening.  

She leaned back and put more pressure on my cock.  Now she put one hand behind her and again played with my balls.  She also picked up the pace and was fucking me harder and quicker.

“Do it now, cum in me, give it to me now give it to me.  I want you to cum deep in me” she yelled.  

Her face was turning red and her hips were tightening around mine.  I could tell she was close to cumming and this turned me on ever more.  

“Cum for me, give me all your juices” she again yelled.

This time as her hips bucked and clenched in her own orgasm.  I felt my breath leave me and my own release began.  The involuntary contractions rippled through me as waves of pleasure ran across me.  I came harder then I ever have before as I filled her with my cum.

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