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She Just Doesn't Want It Part 2

The sexually frustrated husband continues to break down barriers with his wife...
She Just Doesn’t Want It Part 2
bad_mike ©2010. All rights reserved.

This is part two of a continuing story. The reader may find it helpful to read the initial story first.

Chris laid there on the bed, her breathing slowly dropping back down from the training zone to the fat burning zone. Her breasts were still heaving beautifully, nipples as hard as rocks. She was the perfect picture of sensuality. Here hands remained tied to the bedpost; she was still blindfolded and a vibe was still lodged in her vagina on low. She wearily turned her face towards me as I stood next to the bed. A satisfied smile broke through her sexy lips.

“That was good!”

“Well three is a nice number hon, but now it’s Stevey’s turn to come.”

She slowly shook her head from side to side, saying “You’re not getting anything until you untie me and take this blind fold off.”

I said “fine” and immediately turned the vibe off.

“Wait, wait, wait, ok, ok, turn it back on and come here... please.”

“Oh, so you like that?”

I turned it on low again and placed my dick sideways along her face, laying it directly across her pouting lips. She opened her mouth slightly, creating a horizontal groove with her lips and I began to work my hips forward and back. She slowly moved her head from side to side, thus beginning a wonderful manipulation on my needy cock. Her moist tongue joined the action and, as she turned again towards me, with surprising skill she drew my swollen member into her mouth. She moved her head forward and back and slowly worked towards getting me off.

“Thank you Chrissy” I groaned as I drew her juices out of her slit and started to rub her clit with my left hand.

“Oh yeah” she whimpered, “fuck my mouth Steve,” as the excitement between her legs continued to build. I couldn’t believe my ears; my wife was asking me to “fuck” her mouth??? What a breakthrough! She had never talked dirty to me before. It is something I have longed to hear. I forcefully grabbed her head with my right hand and began to really drive my dick between her lovely lips. Soon I was getting close and I sensed she was as well as she kept moving her hips forward to assist my fingers in stimulating her clit. Now my wife hates the taste of cum.

“Where do you want me to come, babe?” She said nothing, just continued slurping my cock down her throat and humping my hand.

“Chris, I’m going to blow” I said with some urgency. Silence; oh well... “Enjoy my cum babe cause here it is!” I pushed more forcefully into her mouth and onto her clit as my spasms shot load after load into her sultry mouth. Wow! I needed that so bad. I was fucking her mouth now. She increased the suction on my member and drank it all down, every single drop! She seemed to be enjoying my cum as the sensations began to overtake her pussy. Her breasts were once again heaving and there was a light dew of sweat all over my beauty’s body. Wow, was she ever gorgeous! While still working her pussy with my fingers I leaned down and kissed her deeply, sucking her tongue and even some of my own cum into my mouth. With that she came hard, biting my lower lip and arching her back dramatically in the process. She began to pant and moan; it was sweet, sweet music to my ears.

“Oh my, oh my” was all she could muster. I put my softening dick back into her mouth and she sucked on it and cleaned up what little cum remained. I then loudly licked my fingers clean of her tasty juices.

“I miss tasting you hon.” She was too exhausted to respond. She just nodded her head wearily.

I slowly moved to the foot of the bed. She had calmed a little but her breathing was still heavier than normal. I began to nibble and suck on her toes. She used to love it when I sucked her toes, just as I did when she would suck mine: very erotic… I soaked the area between her big toe and her second toe with my saliva. I placed my hardening dick in between the two toes and began to fuck her foot. We used to do that on occasion in the midst of our foreplay together back in the day. She liked it once again; you could tell by the needy look on her face. I then slowly made my way north to her ankles and then calves, licking, sucking and nibbling on them as I advanced on my prey. Once again Chris’s breathing began to deepen. She was obviously very exhausted but this is just how I wanted her.

I backed up from her and the bed and went and gathered some necessary items. I loosely tied her feet to the footboard, first her left and then the right. She was too exhausted to give anything more then a disapproving grunt. I then placed a wedge, one of those sexual position helpmates, under her ass and put a piece of plastic and a sheet down between her bum and the wedge so that it wouldn’t make a big mess. Now this elevated her about 8” to 10” off of the bed as her torso angled back down onto the bed, exposing both her pussy and her ass in all their glory. The wedge dropped down vertically from her crotch. This was perfect for what I had in mind. I was now ready.

“Do you know what we are doing now babe?” She just silently and slowly shook her head. “Why in the world is she so mellow,” I thought. “I guess it is all that coming.” But then I realized that the vibrator was still lodged up her snatch and sticking out about an inch.

“Hey hon, I have to do something here. I hope you don’t mind.” I pulled the vibe from her. She was visibly upset as I leaned the slick vibe on the side of her head with the dick part placed across her closed lips. She didn’t like that. But then when I sucked my middle finger into my mouth and plunged it straight up her ass, I noticed that her mouth opened and she began licking the side of the cum-soaked vibe. I drove my digit in and out of her for a couple of minutes then removed my finger. I reached for the vibe and pushed it up her round butt.

“Ohhh…what are you doing to me?” she said in a husky voice. “You are driving me crazy.” I then took a can of shaving cream and carefully lathered her extremely hairy pubes, rubbing it in as I went.

“Hey, stop that! You better not be…” and I turned the vibe back on low. Her back arched as the pulsing began to do its magic on my bride. “Ohhhh.”

“Hold as still as you can hon, I am starting to shave your pussy.” I’d been asking her to do this for me for at least the past 15 years. Today I am taking matters into my own hands. And so with that I began to remove the hair on her mound and all around her pussy lips. I decided, at least for now, to leave a little landing strip above her pussy. Things were going rather well, I must say. She held really still and I didn’t cut her once. It was quite an erotic experience, shaving her like this and seeing, for the first time, shaved pussy lips staring back at me. I am not sure if my attention to her genitalia was exciting her, but I do know the vibe was. She was obviously ready to come again. Man was she hot! I took a warm towel and wiped the area clean and then a warm damp wash clothe and washed her body clean. Next I took some baby oil and coated the gorgeous area below me. I worked the oil all around. This looked and felt even better than I had imagined. Her pubes were baby soft, glistening and were quite slippery. Her breathing grew more erratic and she slowly began to arch her back, just begging for another release. I quickly pulled out the sheet and plastic, eliminating anything that might distract her from her mounting pleasure. I began to work my oil slicked fingers all over her pubes. My index finger rubbed vertically up and down in between her engorged and slick pussy lips. You could sense she loved it. She raised her hips to meet my fingers.

“What is happening down there? It feels so, ohhh, so much better.”

“That’s because you have never had a clean shaven pussy hon; the sensations are much more, shall we say, pronounced.” I wanted to say ‘I told you so’ but stopped myself short. “Now I am going to have to do a test Honey to make sure I got a good, close shave for you. Let me see, what can I use for the test?”

“You better not lick me Steve! You know I don’t like that down there!”

With that encouragement, I maneuvered myself beneath her legs. I was face to face with her pussy for the first time in a very long time. I slowly licked all around her hairless mound and outer lips. She was already wildly panting and the bare-skinned sensation was indescribable to me.

Now I must tell you at this juncture about something that I have done. Several years ago, around the time she decided she no longer liked to receive oral stimulation. I was at the dentist’s office. He informed me that the skin under my tongue, which attaches it to the bottom of my mouth, is attached in such a way that makes my tongue very short and very restrictive. “I could do some minor surgery there, cut that skin, and free your tongue up. This will allow you to roll your R’s when speaking Spanish and it will also dramatically extend how far you can stick your tongue out.” I paid the $150.00 and did it. And, until today, no one else has known about this, not even my wife. This is true and also important to this story.

For the first time in years I licked all around the areas I had just shaved. Man was it slick to the touch: very sensual. I proceeded to lick her from the lower part of her pussy lips right up to her clit, lapping up her juices as I went. As I hit her love button, all hell broke loose.

“FUCK! FUCK! What are you doing to me? Oh fuck… you, you, ohhh; keep on doing that. Keep on fucking my cunt with your tongue! Yes! Yes! YES!!! OH FUCK STEVE! I AM COMING!!!”

I just dove in and took her. I drove my tongue in deep and hit her G spot and then I just kept on sucking and lapping and nibbling her lips and clit. I placed my strong hands under her beautiful ass cheeks and lifted her up, giving me better leverage and easier access for devouring her womanhood. I took her and took her and took her. She was loving it, screaming and bucking. As her climax began to subside I allowed her to catch her breathe and then plowed in again for another run at her slit. As her body readied itself for another climax I decided it was time for one more surprise. I pulled out the vibe and reached into a bowl there on the bed. A second later my wife had a large Big Stick popsicle pushed up her rear entry. She immediately started spewing juices and cum all over my face. She was hard to hold onto, her body moving uncontrollably now.

“You’re going to love this babe” as I grabbed the stick poking out of the popsicle and slowly moved it in and out of her ass.

“No” she gasped, “no, don’t do that…”

With that demand I picked up the pace with my tongue and with the icy treat and aggressively double fucked her. I shoved three fingers up her cunt and latched onto her clit with my hungry mouth, all within a matter of seconds, and she went from screaming at me to simply screaming.

“I can’t believe you are doing this to me. I, I, oh, oh. What are you doing? Fuck, you are killing me Stevey! FUCK!” and she laid there writhing under my fingers and tongue and the frosty treat in her ass. I continued my assault as I attended to her cunt and worked the frozen cock in and out of her ass in rhythm to my tongue. Within seconds that put her over the edge again and she was bucking her hips into my face. I was tongue fucking my wife while I continued to plunge in and out of the depths of her ass. With that, she began to cry.

“Please stop; I can’t take any more.”

I can’t answer for her but I don’t think she was crying out of pain but out of a combination of ecstasy and exhaustion. I removed the popsicle and put it in my mouth and slurped on it loudly, so that I was sure that she could hear. I cleaned it off real good, taking all of the ‘melted’ parts away so that just the firm icy treat remained.

“Damn you taste good!” I said and then placed the tip of it just below her clit.
I looked down to where it met my wife’s pussy. The combination of the cold and the steaminess of her juicy cunt created a vapor or steam to rise from the popsicle. Man was that hot looking!

“What do you think hon?” as the colored stick lay at her opening. She pushed her torso downward so that her dripping wet pussy enveloped the dripping dessert. She rocked back and forth several times, fucking it, but it was obvious that she was out of gas. So I removed it from her snatch and raised it to her lips.
“Drink it up hon” I said and she opened her mouth and sucked it in. I slowly cleaned the sugary juices that were coated all around her pussy and down her ass crack and beyond. She just moaned as I licked her clean, especially as I dipped my tongue inside her snatch to remove the juices and was licking the crack of her ass and her little rosebud.

She didn’t have much fight left in her. I removed the popsicle from her mouth, untied her left hand and removed the wedge from beneath her, laying her on her right side. I cleaned up the mess that the popsicle had made with a towel, gathered a few more accessories and laid them there on the bed. I climbed up and laid down behind her, spooning my wife as our sweaty, naked bodies molded into one. She was exhausted. I was too, but I was horny. I had just witnessed the most sensual experience of our lives and I was hot. I needed some release. My steel hard cock was poking in between her legs, poking towards her pussy. She needed to rest. I needed to come.

I angled my body so that I was no longer resting my torso on her back but instead I was two feet away from her back. I knew this wouldn’t be a problem and I was right. I slipped my dick between her still soaking pussy lips and began to fuck my wife from behind. She started to complain – shocking based on our history! – but she still opened her legs to me. I reached around and grabbed a large straight vibe – kind of like a back massager - turned it on, and placed it on her clit as I pushed into her cunt.

“Ohhhhh” she gasped and I placed her hand on the vibe to hold it.

“Put this wherever it makes you feel best babe” and I let it go. Surprisingly she held onto it and kept it right on her clit. I thought she would just blow it off. It must feel pretty damn good. Now I started to concentrate on my dick and her G spot. I was angled in the perfect position to get her off good and I could feel the vibe as well. This was good. I pounded her for all I was worth and it didn’t take long for us to come, a good hard come, both of us at the same time. It was another first in this day of firsts. I pulled up next to her, my abs to her back, my softening cock between her legs, and rested.

She turned her head to the side as her body began to calm down. Within a couple of minutes she was asleep. I untied her feet and laid a light blanket over her sweat-soaked body. Was she ever beautiful! Never before had she looked this beautiful to me. This was a beautiful day. I think she liked it.

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