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She Just Doesn't Want It Part 4 - Chrissy Writes

The fourth in a series finds the frustrated husband is becoming less so...
After two days of bringing his wife to nearly non-stop orgasms, Steve goes to the computer and prints out the first three stories he has written about them. She has no clue what she is about to read. The following is written by Chrissy’s hands…

“May I please have some more...Master?”

I can’t believe I said those words. But as I continued to guide his mouth down to my wet, semen-filled lips, he knew exactly what to do. At first I thought it might be kind of a gross thing but those thoughts quickly faded when he lapped up our mixture of juices and cum and stroked my button with his wonderful tongue. I began to moan and gasp as he expertly worked me over. What a lover! As he slowly inserted a couple of fingers in me it became quite clear that I wasn’t going to last but another minute or two. My once prudish body was betraying me yet again. I raised my hips to meet the thrusting of his fingers and tongue as my entire body responded to his glorious talents. Once again, my dear man overpowered my resistance and took over my body. The convulsions were earth shattering as I openly screamed out his name.

“Steve, oh Steve, keep going, keep going. Yes! Yes! That’s it! Yes!”

I guess when I have an orgasm my very broad vocabulary gets quite stifled. What a marvelous feeling! I don’t ever remember being so overcome by the pleasures my body – with Steve’s help – has been able to produce. It was truly unreal.

Twenty minutes have passed. I was laying there on the bed exhausted, nearly too tired to get up. In the last couple of days I have had more orgasms than in the last eight years of my life combined! It has been amazing, and it has really taken me back. Where had all my passion gone? I was once a very hot and sexy woman. Maybe not as hot as he would have liked me to be, but pretty hot just the same. What happened to that woman?

As I sat up Steve walked back into the room. I was so out of it I wasn’t even aware that he had left. But he looked a little dismayed. Or was it sheepish?

“I want you to read something for me,” he said as he handed me a stack of papers. “I think it might be a little bit troubling for you at first but I would ask you to please, please, keep an open mind as you read,” and with that he walked out of our room.


She Just Doesn’t Want It was the heading on the first page as I turn on the light and propped up the pillows, preparing to read. I spent the next 40 minutes or so rifling through the nearly 20 pages and three stories of, of smut. That’s what it was. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was quite clear who the author and the wife was. It re-counted the story of us and our love life together, at least from his perspective. It was absolutely ridiculous. It made me sound like some sort of prude or something, someone who hated sex. Sure there were veins of truth pulsing through it, but anybody could make a case for anything if they only give half the facts. My mind raced and my emotions flowed out of me as I drank it all in. I was angry; I was hurt. I was embarrassed, seeing us, our physical lives, displayed here on the pages before me. Who has seen this? Why did he give this to me? Why now? Is he trying to hurt me after we have enjoyed each other so immensely over the last couple of days?

I dragged myself out of bed and I hopped into the much needed shower. I began to recount what I had just read, the ‘fling’ that he had just described. As I washed my body, I found that I was touching myself more than usual when I cleaned my personals. That’s what I call it. It is either that or perhaps the just as appropriate, “down there.” I know Steve’s stock of words is much broader than my own, but I just find the other kind of talk to be dirty, bordering on vulgar.

My mind was all over the place. I was definitely confused as well as hurt. What he said really stung. He has never been satisfied with who I am, always wanting more, always wanting to change me. But, at the same time quite frankly, I also found myself to be rather excited. A lot of what I read was downright stimulating, even racy! I lathered over my mound and shaved myself, for just the second time in my life. In fact, the second time in two days. I must confess that the feeling of a shaved mound, after being “Mrs. Bush” all of my life, was rather invigorating. I felt beautiful down there and oh so sexy. I would never have done this if I hadn’t been tied up when he shaved me! It never would have happened. But now that it was clean, I figured I might as well keep it that way. It feels so much better. The sense of wonder when I am touched now was beyond description. The smoothness between my fingers was absolutely bewitching, making me feel so, well, horny. I felt like a real woman and, sadly enough, I often just don’t feel that way. I actually slipped my middle finger through my swollen lips and worked them back and forth in my groove. I was so aroused. And I was very wet which, for this post-menopausal woman, was some kind of rarity.

I was so excited it caused me to question once again what was happening to me. Is this season just a fluke, or is it the way it is supposed to be and always should have been? I snapped out of my trance and noticed that the water had grown lukewarm and was heading towards cold. And my body, oh my body, was about to explode. And BAM, it happened. I could hardly breathe. I quickly turned embarrassingly toward the glass doors, hoping against hope that he wasn’t around to see me like this. Damn! I have just caused myself to come, for the first time ever! I was shaking all over and I nearly collapsed, my legs were so frickin wobbly. I turned off the water and looked down and saw that my fingers had a mind of their own, still working on my groove while my thumb and index finger played with my little nub. They are soaked, and not from the faucet. I haven’t been this wet in a decade! “Oh gawd no, not again. Ohhhhh,” as I slid down the tiled wall and sat down on my ass in the tub, still frigging myself. I was about to come again. What was happening? It was almost like I’ve become addicted to, to coming. I slid two fingers inside my slit and quickly was taken away to yet a second sumptuous orgasm. I just sat there, my chest heaving, as I basked in the afterglow of yet another come. What has he done to me? Am I turning into a nymphomaniac or what?

And that was indeed the $50.00 question. Was he trying to hurt me, to harm me, to belittle me or embarrass me? Or was he just manning up, knowing what was best for me – for us – and just taking some control of the situation and making this all happen, and freeing his lover to experience all that she was intended to? This was indeed confusing. As I dried my body and blow dried my hair I contemplated all of these questions and more. And, thankfully, I came to this conclusion:

He loves me and wants what is best for me and for us as married partners. I may not agree with every single thing that he has done or all that’s been written or said, but the heart of it is this: He is for me, not against me, and would never harm me. He has brought such incredible pleasure to me in these days. I am finally going to embrace this gift of pleasure. I will dedicate myself to make him happy as well.

It also crossed my mind, perhaps for the first time in my life, that if I didn’t begin to change I might lose him. He told me recently how hurtful it was when I constantly dismissed his sexual advances. Steve tends to hold back. It probably wasn’t just hurtful, it was probably crushing him and I was most likely pushing him further away from me. That was the last thing I wanted to happen. I figured I must learn to embrace his passion for me and actively participate with my very sensual, very handsome and very physical man. Or I just might lose him.

And so I began anew; I rededicated myself to be a giver to my lover and my friend. If it is good for him it is good for me and vice versa. I sometimes do what’s called “self talk” and that is what I did here. “I am going to make him soooo glad that he chose me to marry him. He won’t ever again wonder whether I love him or if he married the wrong woman. I will wear him out! I will become all that he wants and all that he needs! I am no longer going to allow myself to feel guilty about the pleasure of one of God’s greatest gifts to us, our sexuality. Lastly, I am going to quit being so anal about things, being judgmental. I am going to go with the flow. I am not going to say ‘it is wrong to do that’ or ‘wrong to use that kind of language’ any more. He is a good man. I am going to take my lead from him. If it is okay with him, I will just trust that all is well and I’ll check all my baggage at the door!”

I got dressed and looked to see where he was. I could tell he was downstairs as he had the Eagles’ cranked, singing “One of These Nights” in the workout room in our basement. I decided to get dressed and join him in his workout. He loves it when I do that. I put on a pretty hot pink athletic bra, some dark blue dolphin running shorts and my socks and shoes. And no panties just in case!

As I entered the room another song was blaring. Steve was lying on an exercise ball doing a set of crunches. Beads of perspiration were running down his forehead and his shirtless upper body was streaming with sweat. His face was grimacing from the pain. He looked hot, in every respect of the word. His eyes were closed and so, with the music playing and all, he didn’t even know I was there.

“50,” he said as he lifted his eyes and caught a hold of mine. He nearly jumped; I had startled him. He’s kind of a high strung and jumpy guy anyway but, with our conversation of an hour or two ago, he was even more on edge than usual. He was trying to discern where we were at by checking out my body language. I stood there before him with the stories in my hand. He was wondering just how nasty I was going to get with him. I walked over and turned off the music.

“Can we talk for a few minutes,” I said as I turned back and sat on a chair facing him. I then went on to explain that though the stories were extremely painful to read, I now understood a little better what kind of man he is and what kind of partner he needs. “I only wished I got it 20 years ago babe,” I said as I began to cry.

He knelt down before me, holding me with his sweaty arms, drawing me close to his strong body. “It’s okay hon. I love you so much. I was afraid of what this might do to you. We will just move forward from here Thank you for listening to me and for keeping an open mind. I am so glad that you are married me!”

He placed his hands on my cheeks and pulled me in and parted my lips with his tongue. I remember his kisses used to really melt me. They were melting me again. He was sweating profusely now from his workout and so, just like the Chrissy of old, I broke from his lips and said “yuck” or something to that effect and stood up. He was startled as I said, “Why don’t you finish your workout and then come upstairs.” He said okay and went back to the ball, lying horizontally on it and began another set of 50, once again with his eyes closed.

That was enough of a window for me. “This is the new Chrissy,” I said to myself as I stripped naked except for my shorts and knelt before him. “26, 27” he said as I slid my hand up his shorts and pulled out his cock. I really startled him this time!

“Just lay back and enjoy honey. I have something for you!” I jerked his shorts down to his ankles as he looked at me incredulously. I began to slowly lick his now hardening tool.

“Do you mind?” I said as I looked at him with half closed, lust-filled eyes. I felt like such a dirty slut, but I was beginning to like it. There was no need to answer. Once I got past the strong, salty taste of sweat on his member, I sat back on my heels and enjoyed the feel of his shaved organ sliding back and forth through my lips and down my hungry throat. He was getting close to spilling his seed when I realized that I was at it again. While I was holding him with my right hand, my fingers on my left hand had inadvertently found their way again to my persona.., damn, might as well say it, to my pussy. They were drenched as I once again was playing with my clit while, this time, sliding two fingers inside of me. Now I was getting close!

At this point, Steve had opened his eyes and he could tell I was about to come.

“I want to drink your cum,” I whispered and I lowered my mouth down on him again. He quickly stood up, ripped off my shorts, picked me up and laid my head and shoulders on the edge of the bed, placing my ass right on the now slippery ball. And he knelt before me…

“No hon, I want to get you off,” he said as I continued to, well, finger fuck myself. As he lowered his head he pulled my dripping hand out and sucked my dripping fingers into his mouth. He replaced my fingers with his own. Damn I was close. He pulled my lips apart, displaying my womanhood in all her glory and put his tongue to good use. Starting just below my slit, almost to my bum, he licked a slow and steady path upward. As he covered my pussy lips he was sucking in the copious amounts of juices until he reached my clit. With the first flick of his tongue on my clit he reached his goal. That was all it took. “Ohhhhhh myyyyy,” escaped my lips followed by a chorus of moans, grunts and whimpers. He sliced two fingers inside of me as he attacked my clit. It was another in series now of very hard comes as I panted, just gasping for air.

“Ohhh Fuckkkkk!,” is all could say, and I said that over and over and over again. He kept giving me a delicious tongue bath as I was approaching yet another cum.

“Fuck me! Put it in now! Fuck me Steve,” I panted.

“Now babe?” he said as he lifted me from the bed and ball and turned me onto my stomach on top of the ball.

“Now Steve, now!” I spat as he drove his cock deep inside me. I looked up and grabbed a horizontal cross bar of the weight machine for stability. The ball was beneath my stomach, my lover behind me on his knees, as I held on tight. Unfortunately, the position didn’t lend itself to a great deal of motion. He was kneeling on a very uncomfortable tile floor and so thrusting into me did not have a lot of force behind it.

“That’s it babe!” he shouted as I moved my arms back and forth, pushing against the machine to roll back and forth very forcefully into him. It was a great position. His balls were flying up and spanking my clit with each stroke. Within minutes I came hard on his shaft.

“Yesssssssssss, yessssssssss, ohhhhhh, yessssssss!,” I screamed at the top of my lungs and, just then, my lover powerfully released his seed into me. He is normally a pretty loud screamer, but this time he almost shook the dual paned windows. Thankfully, there are no neighbors within a quarter mile of us. He was literally flooding my body with his love juice. It slid down his shaft and balls, to my ass crack and down onto the exercise ball. It felt delicious!

It took a while for us to come down from this aerobic and sexual high. We were hot, we were drenched and we were tired. Steve was lying on his back, on a little area rug nearby and his body was drenched in sweat. His ripped and slick abs and pecs looked almost edible. I leaned over him and took his softening, messy member into my mouth and began to swallow his cum and our juices. He loved it. With his strong hands, he grabbed my hips and raised my body above his, then lowered my waist so that it settled above his mouth.

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!” he said as he spread my legs on either side of his head and lapped up the juices from my cum-soaked slit. We were feasting on each other and I loved it. It was so damn sexy, so damn dirty, so hot and arousing. We rested a little, holding and kissing each other, and then headed upstairs together. We took a shower and prepared for the remainder of the day.

We were getting dressed when Steve gave me another surprise.

“I want to take you shopping today! Wear something sexy.”

I was shocked. If there is one thing he has always hated it was shopping.

“How about a sundress and nice heels, and can you do something for me? Can you not wear cotton panties? I’ve never told you, but I’ve never liked them. I love the feel of your body with a silky textile on it. You know silk or polyester I guess. Cotton kills!”

“I didn’t know that” I said, and walked straight to my dresser and began rummaging through my panty drawer. I removed all of the cotton, more than half of my collection, and dumped them in the waste basket.

“Thanks babe,” he said as he pulled me close and buried his tongue in my willing mouth.

“That adds one more stop to our shopping spree today!”

“Shopping spree? You have this planned out?”

“Yep. I want to take you to places where you can find some sexy evening dresses and some casual sundresses, a shoe store for some sexy high heels and a bra shop. I want someone to help fit you with your bras. You always say you’re not sure what size to get and ask me if they fit right. Let’s go and get help from the experts. And now lastly, I guess we need to find a place for panties. How about Victoria’s Secret?”

“I like it! We better get going lover. You have a lot of money to spend on me!”

I was pretty excited. I love to shop and this was so unexpected. We went to all of my favorite stores. I will spare the details but it was a most enjoyable day. I don’t know what it was but I was so horny, actually dripping all day long. I’m sure part of it was I had already cum three times so far that day. I am sure it was due in part to just having my sexy man on my arm all day long, doting on me and buying whatever it was that I looked sexy in. It was nice to watch how women responded to him. I don’t think I ever really noticed it before. We both were getting a lot of attention. But the attention towards me wasn’t just from him. I could tell that as some of the beautiful women in these shops were checking out my handsome hunk they were also checking out me! I had to admit, I did feel hot and I know I looked hot. I am sure that part of it was what Steve has been doing to me lately, how he was sexing me up. He has opened up a whole new world of sensuality to me. I loved the women’s reaction, first to him and then towards me.

I was thinking it might be a figment of my imagination until we hit the last store. Steve walked up to the counter of Victoria’s Secret and inquired if he could open up an account for me. The gorgeous brunette confirmed that they do and asked what amount he wanted. Mind you, at this juncture all I needed to purchase were panties. I had already purchased my bras at a previous store, which by the way, was extremely exciting! The woman actually put her hand inside the cups, placing her bare hands on my bare breasts, under the auspice of determining the right amount of room I had in the bra. If I didn’t know better I think she even tweaked my hardening nipples! Anyway, I am getting diverted here, and wetter still. Needless to say, the day’s events continued to have a strong effect on me and by the time we walked into VS my panties contained copious amounts of my sultry fluids.

“I would like an open account with no limit. Can you do that and then just bill me direct?” Steve said as he looked into the beauty’s face and then turned to see my blank stare.

“What are you thinking?” I said. “All I need to do is to buy some panties. Why would I need a limitless account?”

“Well I also want you to buy some sexy lingerie. Plus, I want you to feel free hon, so you can come back and pick up stuff whenever you like. This way you just go and shop and you won’t have to be concerned about the money.”

How I love this smart, smart man. He knows me, pragmatic Chrissy, and that I might not walk back in here for another two years. As it is I might be back here shopping tomorrow. Smart man!

So I tried on various panties and fell in love with them. They have great quality stuff there, though perhaps a little more suited to a younger woman. I found the woman to be very helpful. She had the most piercing, cat-like eyes with beautiful make up. She was extremely gorgeous and very, very accommodating. What a beautiful woman! Then I asked about the lingerie. We walked together into that area with Steve in tow. Some of the garments were beyond sexy, just heart stopping. I was thinking, “If I like it this much, what will this do to him?”

“Say, would it be okay if my husband came into the fitting room? I would like him to see how things look on me.”

“We don’t normally do that, but hey, it’s kind of slow today so go ahead; just be quiet when you’re in there okay?”

I said “sure” and thanked her as I grabbed Steve’s hand and a couple of outfits and she directed us to the fitting area, choosing the last door on the left, and entered.

“Are you sure this will be alright?” he said as I closed the door behind him and he sat down on the bench close to the door.

“I think it’ll be more than alright, but you tell me,” I said as I walked by him and stopped in front of the mirror. I felt very sexy, very turned on as I began to strip off my clothes. Moments later, with my back to him, I stood completely naked. I looked down and my nipples were growing hard and my pussy was growing moist. I loved this new adventure. I began to put on what was called The Merrywidow, a black bustier made of polyester and spandex, with matching panties. Damn I felt sexy. The mirror in front of me revealed a stunningly beautiful woman – ME – and I hadn’t even got to the matching garter belt and stockings! With my ass still facing him, I bent over and began to slide the stockings up my long legs. But apparently all of this was just too much stimulation for my man. When I had lifted my foot I had given him just enough of an opening. He slid his hand right inside my panties and cupped my mound.

“Ohhhhhh,” was all I could say as I forgot the stocking and turned towards my lover.

“You’re right girl, everything is going to be alright!” he said as I knelt down by his side. He pulled the hot little panties down to my knees and worked two fingers through my slick pussy lips. I couldn’t take this, being touched so tenderly yet being so far from his member.

“Pull down your pants, hurry!” I said in a quiet, yet needy whisper. He now was finger fucking me good in these delicious panties and lovely top. I so needed to come but I just had to have his wonderful cock in my mouth too.

“Pull it out!” I yelped impatiently as he brought me ever closer to my needed release. Steve stood up and pulled down his boxer briefs. His lovely six inches of shaven manhood popped into view. I grabbed the shaft and lowered my mouth onto the glistening head as he did his best to sit back down. He pulled my panties off and slid his hand back into my scorching pussy. My whimpers were growing a little louder now as he was skillfully fucking me and he was groaning a little as well until…

Knock, knock, knock, “Is everything ok in there?”

Steve turned to his left and opened the door. His left hand kept frigging away inside my velvet box. As our saleswoman looked in the door, I was on my knees, facing towards her, and just slurping up and down his cock. I looked up just as she was able to really take in the picture before her. My eyes were squinting as lust had taken over my body and my mind. I looked her straight in the eye. I was so excited and lust filled that I did the unthinkable, at least for me. I pulled his cock from my mouth, and pointed the salvia coated head towards her. I licked up and down the shaft as if I were devouring melting ice cream. The effect was much the same as his juices were quickly escaping his wonderful slit and trickling down onto my hungry tongue.

“This is so fucking tasty but I’m just not in the mood to share,” I teased. “You can watch if you like though!” and slid it between my lips again as I kept staring back at her, watching her squirm uncomfortably.

“My gawd, that is the most beautiful cock I have ever seen!” she said as she inadvertently licked her lips.

“Damn straight,” I thought. His was truly the perfect cock, now that she mentioned it. I love the fact that he shaves the shaft and balls now. It was so velvety soft. It is incredible.

“It is mine!” I thought as I continued my assault on his fuck tool.

“What a cock tease! Literally!” Steve said as he slid now a fourth finger in my cunt and picked up the pace. The little ridge where his little finger’s joint meets the side of his palm was hitting my clit as he sliced in and out of me and I was ready to come. He grabbed one of my nipples and squeezed really hard, painfully hard, and said, “You tease! You sexy, fucking cock tease!”

That did it. I started to come hard with the relentless hammering in my honeywell. I was thrashing back and forth, driving my hips to and fro against his hand all the while trying to stay attached to his remarkable dick. I continued sucking him off and drinking in all of his pre-cum. He was so close. I went down and really began to suck the cock before me, bobbing my head as fast as I could. I wanted to get him off as I was still in the throes of one of my best orgasms to date. I slid to the side of his shaft once again, with my lips and tongue enveloping his hardness. It worked as his cum shot up into the air, the first batch landing on my cheek. Steve began to scream as I quickly sank my mouth around him. I worked him good, sucking on his cock with all of my remaining energy. He was being really loud but the girl was really fast. She leaned over, grabbed the soaked panties from the bench, and stuffed them into Steve’s mouth, telling him to “sshhhh!” I looked up at Steve as I continued to service him. He looked ever so delicious to me. He rested his head back against the wall, with eyes closed, just relishing what my passion-filled mouth was doing to him.

I looked over and saw that our new friend was now leaning against the wall too. My jaw dropped. Her left hand was pinching her nipple under her blouse as her elbow was holding up her skirt. Her right hand was inside the skirt, buried inside of her panties. She was finger fucking herself. I had never seen another woman do that, even in a movie. It was one of the hottest, sexiest things I’d ever witnessed.

I continued feasting my eyes upon her while lapped up his tasty cum, drinking it all down. I was beginning to love the feel of acting naughty. I was becoming Steve’s cum slut! I was hell-bent on drinking down every last drop this time. However, our new found friend took that away from me as she had another idea. She leaned down as I was still sliding up and down his shaft. I had forgotten the spatter on my cheek, even though it was running down my face. With her index finger, she gathered the splatter of his cum off of my cheek and curled it onto her finger. In one erotic move she pulled the cum to her mouth and sucked it between her gorgeous painted lips. Damn was that hot!

“Mmmnnn!” she said and she slid her wet fingers back up her snatch and came right on the spot, jerking her hips to meet the fingers now pistoning ever so quickly in and out of her snatch. Her ass was banging against the doorframe and making quite the noise. I can’t imagine that the others in the store did not know what we were doing. That just added to my excitement.

“Hey, I had to get something out of this,” she said, “after all I gave you two a room!” She winked, licked her lips very seductively and, with a wicked smile, straightened her clothes and walked out the door.

Steve finally let go of my gooey pussy and tit and I slumped over him on his lap. I had forgotten that his eyes had been closed. When he asked me, “What did she mean, get something out of this?” all I could do was laugh. He missed the whole, satisfying series of events.

What an experience. I look forward as this sensual season continues to flourish and grow. I am beginning to really want this!

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