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She Just Doesn't Want It Part 5 - The Finale

The once frustrated husband's desires have become a reality...
It is just a week into our sensual journey, days that have opened up the eyes and mind of my beautiful wife to embrace her passions like never before…
Chrissy has made quite the turn around. Who would have believed it?
“No more cotton panties; for now on only silky stuff for my Steve. And that goes for sleepwear too. I know he hates cotton so I will only wear sexy things to bed!”

“It turns him on when I wear jewelry. It makes me feel sexy too. I am going to try to always wear jewelry for my man. He says that it perfectly accents my beauty. Though I have never really embraced it before, I am going to start wearing makeup to sex myself up and I will always make sure I have lipstick on before going to bed. He likes that and I want to ooze eroticism! ”

“I will do my best to be what he needs me to be. I will be a lady in public but I won’t be able to get enough of his cock when we are behind closed doors. I will aim to please my lover!”

This was just a sampling of the changes that I’ve seen and heard. It is hard to describe how encouraged, how delighted I am at her transformation. I couldn’t have asked for a better response. Just a week ago I was wondering if I had married the wrong woman. Today, I couldn’t be more pleased.

We were talking about when we shopped together at Victoria’s Secret yesterday. “I sure liked shopping. It was beyond sexy. And what a beautiful woman; Sue, I think it was,” she said, pretending like she didn’t remember her name. “I may just go back and have her help me shop some more there…without you next time!” Who is this woman? Chris never would have called another woman “beautiful” before, let alone imply that she would want to spend more time with a sexy woman to talk about or do who knows what.

So there I was, sitting in the living room watching TV when she sneaked up behind me, placed her soft cheek on mine and whispered in my ear. “I have a surprise for you lover!” and then proceeded to walk around the couch and plopped a DVD into the player. “Do you want to take a look?” she asked with the most sensual look I have ever seen. I quickly adjusted the sound system and pushed play on the DVD player. It was us, from the night before. She had made a video. Damn, I had no clue. She pushed the PAUSE button.

“Let me make us a little more comfortable before we start. Then I will instruct you on what to do.” I was thinking, “Yes sir, whatever you want,” but I simply said okay.

She undressed both of us and then knelt down on the carpet. I stood naked before her when she pushed me back onto the couch and began to lick along the length of my fully erect member. “Keep watching and, when the time is right, put these to good use,” she said as she handed me the big, black dildo and the five inch vibe. “You’ll know when,” as she grabbed the remote and pushed PLAY once again.

We gazed at the screen together. There we were in our master bedroom. Let me describe what I was seeing.

In our room we have about an eight foot wall opposite the bed that is floor to ceiling mirrors. I finally see the camera on the night stand next to the bed facing the mirror. I guess I was a little preoccupied last night. She was on all fours facing the mirror and I am fucking her from behind. “Come on, harder!” she said with a nasty tone in her voice. “Yes, harder!” and then, in that playful and sarcastic manner that only she can pull off, she spat out these words:
“Come on, your brothers fuck me harder than that!!!”

That incited a renewed passion in me and I really started to pound her hard and began to wildly spank her hot little ass too.

The action on the screen was so fucking hot. I was going nuts watching it. And I was going nuts as she sucked on my cock too. She has turned into quite the skilled cock sucker. Chrissy was on her knees, deep-throating me for a few minutes, enthusiastically sucking my pre-cum from my cock. I told her to get up off the floor and come lay on top of me. I propped the leg rest of the sofa up, bringing my feet up and my head down to about a 45 degree angle. I lifted her legs over my head and placed her thighs on my shoulders and placed her head at my crotch. She didn’t need any other instruction. I sliced my tongue between her soaked lips and began to eat my bride without restraint as she swallowed my cock down her sultry throat. At this angle, we were both still able to watch the screen.

I looked up again and the action was absolutely stunning. As I continued to piston in and out of her pussy, the look on her face was the most beautiful site I have ever taken in. Her eyes were tightly closed. Pouring from her mouth were the sweetest sounds. Her lips formed a circle, almost as if she was waiting for another dick to slide between her ruby red flesh, and out came a hot compilation of moans, gasps, oohhs and ahhs.

“Stop for a minute. I want you to eat me!” she said as I stopped plowing her from behind. I laid down beneath her. She continued staring into the mirror at me. I wonder if she had any idea how hot this would be. I was on my back with my mouth covering her cunt and I was tongue fucking her as she rode my face. FUCK!

"This is just for you baby!” she said as she slid the five inch vibe up inside herself after turning it on. While looking at the mirror and fervently licking her lips, she began to really fuck herself with it, paying special attention to her protruding clit. She aggressively swayed back and forth on my mouth, riding me really hard. She was in rapture as she came for the first time.

Well Chris could hear the action from the TV and almost simultaneously came into my mouth. So damn tasty! I lapped up every last drop of her cum and began to inch my way down to her sexy little rosebud.

I looked up at the screen again. After her extremely nice come Chris caught her breath and asked me to fuck her again, but said she wanted “a little bit more this time.”

“What do you want babe?” I asked while changing positions.

“I want you to fuck me hard again, but I also want this in my ass,” as she handed me the vibe. I slid my cock balls deep into her pussy and slowly worked a lubed finger into her ass and pumped it in and out. In a few minutes I pulled out the finger as her ass graduated to the vibe. I turned it on medium, slid it in and started to forcefully fuck her back door. My balls were slapping against her clit with every stroke and in three minutes flat she was coming again. What a fucking sight!

“Do you want to come now hon?” she said as she turned from my cock and the TV and looked into my eyes.

“I’m not sure how much longer I can go babe. I’m going to come soon.”

“I look forward to it. I need your cum in my mouth lover!” she said and my cock disappeared once again between her warm, hungry lips.

As I looked up it all came back to me. The scene before me was perhaps my favorite sexual experience ever. And now I had a permanent record of it to enjoy! Chris had pulled the vibe out of her ass and threw it to the floor. While still looking at the mirror, and more importantly at the camera, she stared at me and said, “Steve, I want you to take my ass now. I am your slave and you need to lord over your subject! Fuck my ass!”

Her words made my already hard cock morph into a piece of steel. I readied my dick, first with her natural pussy juices, but then with some additional lube. I took my time and slowly, inch by inch, over the course of several minutes, worked my meat inside until I bottomed out into her. In the meantime, Chrissy grabbed the large black dildo and was toying with it in her mouth, working it back and forth. It was so damn sexy as she intently stared at the camera. It seemed like she was looking straight at me.

“Fuck me Master; take me now!” and with that she drove the moistened black cock into her love tunnel and began fisting it in and out of her cunt, moving her hips backward to meet my thrusts into her ass.

“That’s it, fuck me! Harder! YESSSSSS!”

I diverted my eyes from the screen for just a second as I grabbed the little vibe. I had been licking and poking my tongue onto and into her ass for several minutes now. She was going nuts. She was so close to yet another come. I turned it on and slid the vibe up her ass. I then began to ravish her cunt with my mouth. I continued my relentless sucking of her honeywell and it felt so damn fine, so downright nasty. She began to hump my mouth. I drove my tongue even deeper into her foaming hole as I fucked the vibe in and out of her wicked little puckered ass. She lost it and started screaming in another earth-shattering orgasm. Her release was amazing, squirting her tangy cum into my mouth and onto my face and all over the headrest of the recliner. What an erotic mess. I couldn’t think of a better way to soil a couch. Love juices were all over the seat as well. It was awesome. How I love to give her pleasure. But now...

I needed to come!!!

I looked again at the Sony and watched as I blew my load into my wife’s ass and watched her face turn from being fully contorted to having a giant, if not sweaty, and satisfied smile. She had come yet again and she was beaming!

As Chris continued to suck my cock she asked, “Master, can I play with your asshole?” I was so close to exploding I just moaned.

She sucked a finger into her mouth and then positioned it near my back door and began to play.

“I want your cum babe. Can I have it now?” she said as she skewered me with her finger and began to fuck my ass with it.

“Fuck yes babe. Take it all!”

She ramped up her efforts and, between her mouth, her finger fucking my ass and her beautiful, freshly fucked form up on the screen, I was building up for one mind-blowing come. I am normally a pretty loud screamer anyway but this time I am glad Chris’s head was down at my cock. Had my mouth been beside her ear, I would have blown out her eardrum.

With every movement of her head going up and down my shaft the screaming continued. She passionately bobbed and stroked for another 40 seconds or so as I repeatedly roared my approval. I had my eyes clutched tightly closed. I finally opened them as I began to come down from the “best one ever.” You know the feeling. The pleasure so pronounced that it almost verges on being labeled “pain.”

As I opened my eyes, my world began to slowly unravel. There was darkness all around and there before me was my bride. We were not in our living room. I was lying on our bed and she was hunched over me. She was not working on milking the last few drops from my cock with her lips. I had my boxers on and she was holding onto something else.

I was more than a little confused. Out of the blue, like some sort of sordid nightmare, I began to comprehend what was going on. She was massaging a bad muscle cramp out of my left calf. I turned on the light to get a better look at what was happening. I found that she was wearing no jewelry and was without any makeup. She had on an ‘old granny’ night gown with high rise panties. I reached over to feel her ass and felt her panties. The texture confirmed the reality and slapped me across the face like a blow from a two by four in the hands of a long ball hitter. Everything seemed to validate my heart-wrenching fear. But I had to remove all doubts.

I hurriedly got up and ran out of the bedroom, or, better stated, limped out of the room.

“Where are you going?” yelled a confused Chris as I scurried down the hall, entered the living room and flicked on the light. I studied the sofa with my eyes and then inspected it with my hands, all to no avail. It was utterly clean, completely dry and stain-free.

“DAMN IT!” I screamed. Over and over again I screamed, at the very top of my lungs.

Some things never change.

She still doesn’t want it.

And I’ve just awakened from the perfect dream...

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