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She Took Him

A woman pushes a young man to new sexual experances.
After months of posting and replying to the “casual encounters” on Craig’s List, Eric was finally going to get laid!  Or at least that’s what he hoped as he drove up to her home.   Eric was a tall lanky college student whose strict parents had sent him to a military school.  No women were allowed, and he was never outgoing enough to meet anyone at a dance or bar.

Eric was impressed and a little intimidated by the large homes he was driving through.  He got there a few minutes early, and waited in his car until 11:00 before he entered the side door like he was told to do.  The lights were out at all the neighbors’ homes.

He wondered if”JenaCat72” was married.  She didn’t say anything about a husband, but this was a very large home for a single woman. 

As he walked in his heart pounded.  Eric didn’t mind that she was going to be older than him but he just hoped she was as hot as her pics.  When he finally laid eyes on her for the first time a smile jumped to his face.  Jena was amazing, 5’7 dark hair, olive skin, big eyes, bigger breasts and the body of an 18 year old.

Eric was hooked and Jena knew she could make him do whatever she wanted… and she planned to do just that.  She put a finger to her lips telling him not to say a word.  She just took him by the hand and guided him downstairs. 

She began pealing his clothes off.  When he was down to his boxers she stroked his already hard cock through the cloth.  He let out a shudder then she squeezed his balls and said “let’s get something straight kid you do what I say when I say.  You will address me as Mistress and must obey my every command.  If you disobey even the slightest bit you will either be punished severely or permanently expelled.  Is that understood?”

“Um yeah”

“God damnit um yeah what!” Jena said as she squeezed his balls again this time really hard.

“Yes Mistress”

“Good, now give me a bath” she said as she pulled him into the bathroom.   The large hot tub was already ready and Eric gently ran the loofa up and down her glistening body.   Eric couldn’t take his eyes or hands off her breast.  

She then returned the favor and guided him back to a bed.  “Put this on and lay on your back.”  It was a blindfold.   She quickly tied his hands to the bedpost.   Naked, hard and totally exposed Eric started to second guess himself thinking maybe he was in over his head as he tugged on his wrists to no avail.

“I hope you’re hungry” Jena said as she got on top of him and lowered her shaved flower on his face.   Eric greedily began slurping and licking away. 

“Aw that’s it keep it up boy.”  Jena rocked her hips.  Eric didn’t have much experience with woman but he quickly learned what Jena liked and what she didn’t. 

“You don’t mind if my friend joins us do you… well you better not because they are here. “
With that Eric felt hands on his stomach and thighs.  His cock quickly jumped to attention.  The surprise touch sent waves through Eric’s stomach and body.  With that Jena’s friend began blowing Eric. 

“You like that don’t you?” Jena asked without giving Eric a chance to answer.  Jena was getting close to cuming and wanted to draw it out. 

“Tell me you love it”

“I love it Mistress you taste so good and your friend feels amazing!”

Her hips started to get tighter around Eric’s head.   Jena’s friend was licking Eric’s balls and he was in total heaven.   He knew Jena was close to cumming to and was desperately trying to get her off with his tongue before he blew his load. 

“I like you Eric, you are trying to please me” she grunted “but you may not like me when I tell you my friend is a man.  You are getting blown by a dude!”  With that Jena cums hard, releasing her juices all over Eric’s face.  His open mouth gets some of it but most of her juices flow over his face. 
Eric is totally confused and really struggles now.  He tries to get up and he yells “what the fuck I don’t want a dude blowing me get off!”

“Really, you seem pretty hard to me” Jena laughs at him.  “If you don’t like it why is your dick so hard?” 

“No no this isn’t right” Eric stammers.  “I’m straight I don’t want to do this!”

“Oh yeah, I’ll bet he makes you cum in the next two minutes.”

Eric struggled to think of anything else other then what was happening but the harder he fought the better it felt.  He knew Jena was right it was just a matter of time.  Jena runs her hands over Eric’s chests and pinches his nipples.   She licks them and continues to run her hands over his body.

“Do it, do it CUM FOR ME” Jena hisses.  Her friend picks up the pace and is sucking faster and harder while he play’s with Eric’s balls.  She kisses Eric passionately and pulls his blindfold off.  He can’t see the man sucking him off yet but he knows by the pressure in his balls that he is going to blow soon. 

“Cum in his mouth, go on give it to him give him all your juices babe do it” Jena continues.   The man has definitely done this before and has the perfect technique.  His stroke, pace and touch are exactly right for Eric playing his body like a musical instrument.

Jena throws her perfect breast in Eric’s face and makes him suck on her nipples.  She can tell by how he’s sucking and the look on Eric’s face that it won’t be long. 

“Oh yeah, you love it don’t you! Go on give it to him, cum in his mouth, cum in him now” Jena blurted.  With that Eric gave in to his body and released his seed.   Jena’s friend swollowed it all. 

“Oh God” Eric said as his body goes limp.

The other man pulls Jena off of Eric and bends her over.   The man enters her from behind so both of them are facing Eric.  Eric’s hands are still tied and all her can do is watch the show in front of him.   Jena’s is moaning loudly as he plunges deep into her.  She grabs Eric’s legs for support and her hair lightly sways over his cock teasing him back to life.

When Eric is hard again Jena takes him in her mouth.  Eric is surprised at how quickly his rod springs back to life.  She moves her mouth up and down his shaft at the same pace she is being fucked.   Eric can’t bring himself to look at the guy who just blew him, but is really turned on by watching Jena sway with his thrusts,  and feeling Jena’s hot mouth on his tool.

Jena’s hands begin playing with Eric’s balls as she slides a finger over his asshole.  Eric instantly jumps and tightens up.   Jena just smiles and shakes her finger at him.  Eric is nervous now but knows there isn’t much he can do.  

Jena pours the lube over his balls while still sucking him and as it drips down to his ass she works her middle finger inside him.   Eric just closes his eyes as his body again betrays him and waves of pleasure build in him.  Once Eric is used to two fingers she pulls out and mounts Eric. 

Jena feels so good when she slides on top of him that Eric doesn’t even realize what’s about to happen.   They are at the edge of the bed and the man comes behind and starts working his cock into Eric’s ass.  Before Eric knows what’s happening the man is half way in.

“Just relax or this is really going to hurt” Jena says as she sees the struggle going through Eric’s mind.

Eric is frozen as he tries to catch his breath.   Neither Jena nor her friend wait for Eric as they both begin fucking him.  They ungulate in and out, up and down.  Jena’s hips tighten up again as she is about to cum.  She looks straight at Eric and relishes the conflicted look on his face.  

“Oh you love it” She moans as her body tightens up and releases a fresh wave of honey.  This, combined with the strange new feeling of being stretched from within, sends Eric over the top.   Eric erupts and soaks Jena.  

This leaves only the man fucking Eric.  Jena turns around in a 69 and makes Eric suck her dry.  The man lifts Eric’s legs as he slams into him harder.  Again, against Eric’s will, his body is reacting to his prostate is getting tapped in a way he’s never known before.  Without even realizing it Eric is swaying his hips to meet each stroke. 

“That’s it take it you slut take it” Jena yells “I knew you’d love it.  Milk that cock!”

The man lets out a loud gasp and spews himself deep into Eric.  As the man pimps a few final strokes he triggers a third and most intense orgasm of Eric’s life.   

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