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Shoes and Ropes

It was the shoes that did it!
I don't remember much about last night. Or how I woke up with my wrists tied to the bedposts.

I wracked my brain, trying to think about how I could have ended up here. I'm not sore or feel like anything horrible has happened but how did I end up naked and tied to the bed in my hotel room? And why am I wearing my new shoes, red Jimmy Choos, that I bought at Arnold Churgin here in Calgary.

Suddenly, I hear John's voice from behind me and to my right.

"B, I'm sorry that you find yourself tied up like this but you are safe."

"If this is a big mistake, I will release you immediately and I'm prepared to face the consequences if you choose to call the police."

"When we went shoe shopping after our meeting yesterday, I was going crazy with wanting you."

"The way you modeled all those pairs of shoes, so many different pairs, with such high heels on some of them."

"My God, you looked hot."

Yes, I remembered showing off for John, strutting up and down the aisle, flashing my legs in so many pairs of heels. It had been a turn-on for me too.

"When we went for a drink to celebrate the success of our presentation, you were so giddy."

"I know you didn't drink anything but you were so high, so happy, and so alive." "You were intoxicating."

"I don't know how we had got around to talking about our fantasies but when you told me about being curious about being a submissive, I was lost."

"I had to take this chance because I'd said that I would love to tie you up some time and take you to a higher level of experience."

"You laughed and said 'I'm game if you are'".

Now, I remembered that part of the conversation. At the time, I meant it but I didn't think that anything like that would ever happen. We'd each gone to our rooms at midnight after some more laughs and a very nice hug. I just conked out; I was so exhausted.

The funny thing is that I wasn't afraid. John's voice was calm but forceful and when he said that I was safe, I believed him.

John stood up and faced me. He was dressed in a pair of blue Perry Ellis shorts and nothing else. His body is a little more hairy than I like but he's in really decent shape. What really caught my attention was the intensity of his gaze. I felt like he was looking right into me, that I was truly naked.

John said "B, I'm going to touch you all over and I don't want you to speak unless you want it to stop and then you will say so."

"At that time I will stop and release you."

"If you need to untie yourself, just pull on the bows on the ropes." "They're not tied tightly."

"These ropes are silk so they won't hurt your wrists."

"Any questions before we start?"

I was surprised that I wasn't frightened. I could see that the ropes were tied with big bows that I could undo myself.

I shook my head, no.

Then it began.

John walked about the room lighting candles after drawing the curtains. He picked up a large feather and gently stroked my face, across my forehead, cheeks and lips. I closed my eyes as he brushed my eyelids. The feather moved down my body, both sides of my neck and shoulders, then side to side on my chest. It circled each of my breasts, flicked my nipples, and moved lower.

John's feather circled my abdomen and touched the inner part of each hipbone. The feather brushed me as it very, very slowly moved down toward my pubic mound.

"No, not just yet", said John as he moved the feather down my right leg and then up my left leg.

The feather hovered over my mound, lightly flicking near my clit. I spread my legs to allow access to my slit. The feeling was incredible; light, gentle touches on my lower lips. It was maddening, not being able to move my hands down to open up my lips to take the feather in deeper. I lifted my pelvis closer to the touch.

 "I see that you're enjoying that." "But that's just the warm-up, the appetizer."

"B, you are beautiful," whispered John.

"Remember that you can untie your hands at any time."

"Do you want me to stop?"John asked.

I slowly shook my head even though I had no idea what was next. John had a large vibrator that looked like a microphone in his hand. He turned it on and rested it against the top of my slit, near my clit. It was humming slowly and I felt its steady vibration against my lower lips.

John positioned the hinged mirror of the wardrobe to an angle where I could see my full length on the bed, from my arms held above my head to my red spike heels. I also noticed that my nipples were very erect. It was obvious that I was enjoying myself.

The vibrator was making me very excited. All of this was making me excited. I felt little flips in my stomach and my pubic muscles were tensing. John stood beside me, looking at me when he pulled his shorts down and his erect cock sprung free.

"B, I want you to suck my cock". "I want you to show me the pleasure that you are feeling but only with your mouth."

John straddled my chest and put his erection in my mouth. I took almost the full length as he moved his hips back and forth.

He moved his penis in my mouth at a slow pace then said "I will keep still; you move your head and mouth on my cock to show me how excited you feel."

"You take me along with you to the end."

With my mouth full, I started moving my mouth up and down on his shaft. I was in a place that I had never been before; so excited that my juices were streaming from my slit and my nipples were aching they were so hard.

Also because I felt so free; I could be this excited and not feel inhibited. I felt that John was seeing me as I truly was. It felt wonderful to show John how aroused I felt by arousing him. His cock felt very hard as it moved in my mouth. The vibrator was making me crazy. I was tensing my pelvis and lifting my hips off the bed toward the head of the toy. I felt heat starting deep within me, at the bottom of my pelvis.

I fought it, not wanting to give in yet. I moved my head faster, my mouth sucking harder on John's cock. I was going mad not being able to touch him. I was straining against the ropes.

Yes, it was maddening to be restrained but also very exciting to give up control over what was happening to me, to give up control over my own excitement. I wanted to come so badly but I knew that I had to show John how excited I was. I moved my head faster, sucking harder: I wanted him to come with me.

John said huskily "B, I know you're close. I can feel it." "You've done a wonderful job of showing me how excited you are." "We can come together; I"m ready too."

With that permission, I let down my guard and let the wave build and roll over me. I bucked my hips up and down. The orgasm went on and on and on. I couldn't believe how alive I felt.

I felt John shoot into my mouth; the load went on and on. He cradled my head as he slowly moved his hips as his orgasm emptied into my mouth.

After several moments, John moved off me and said "B, I am offering you this choice." "You can spit it out or swallow."

Without hesitation, I swallowed John's cum. He switched off the vibrator that had fallen to the floor. He sat on the bed beside me and stroked my face and cupped my wet groin.

"You were remarkable, like no woman I've ever been with," John enthused.

"You have a real talent for this" "You can untie yourself if you're ready to get up and we can a have shower together."

Which we did and I got to show John another talent that I have.

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