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Shopping for her - Part2

Back at the store the next day.....
Later that day, back at their apartment in the Old Brewery Quarter, Cardiff ....

"Vicky, while I was at the mall today I got a little gift for you today." He smiled, a secret little smile, but Vicky saw it.

"How sweet! Thank you! I think," and her smile was a little wry one, with suspicion and expectation thrown in for good measure.

"Oh, I'm sure you will like this one." This time, as he handed the Les Bon Temps bag, his grin was much less subtle.

Vicky felt herself moisten at his words. She opened the bag. "Why, these are lovely, thank you. You must have been thinking of me, no?" And she kissed him, more for thinking of her than for the lingerie. She held up the bra. "Wait, what is this? This is a 36B. You know I wear a 36C."

"Oh, these little items aren't for you. No, this is just the beginning of this little gift." Now his smile was full on devious. All Vicky's down low things went into red alert mode. Which, as it turned out, was entirely appropriate...

The next day, after a slow and sleazy morning, Sean sat up …."Time to go shopping, Vicky."

"Shopping? Why on earth do you want to go shopping? What are we shopping for?"

"We are going shopping for fun, kitten, now get your butt out of that bed and get cleaned up. Real cleaned up, if you get my drift." He winked at her as he undid the cuffs on her hands and legs.

Vicky got the drift. She raced through the shower, taking only a brief moment to tweak her nipples, though she did spend a moment or two longer than required as she shaved her pussy. Not even knowing what Sean had in mind, she didn't need the shower to be wet down there. Whatever he planned, it would be fun and most likely someone would get fucked. Actually, with Sean in charge, everyone would get fucked sooner or later. And that thought only made her hotter.

Sean and Vicky arrived at the mall just after two. Sean had the Les Bon Temps bag, but Vicky didn't know exactly why. Sean angled them across the mall to the front of Les Bon Temps, and then peered in the window.

"Good, she's here and apparently alone."

"Who's here and alone?"

"Monica, the clerk. Her aunt owns the store."

"Why does it matter if she's alone?"

"Come along, kitten, all will be clear." His most devious grin tightened up Vicky's nipples. She knew what that grin meant - the game was afoot!

They entered the store and Sean greeted the clerk. "Hello, Monica!"

Monica turned to Sean and Vicky, surprised to see him, yet relieved and a bit excited that he was in the store again. "Good afternoon, Sir! I am so glad to see you again! And is this your girlfriend?" Monica really didn't care who accompanied Sean, she just talked to be polite, but... Vicky could not that readily be dismissed. Tall for a woman, with an understated lusciousness to her figure that caused a twinge of jealousy in Monica, Vicky, too, had presence.

"Monica, meet Vicky." Vicky and Monica shook hands. Vicky sported a genuine smile, but Monica wore one a little more forced. Her fantasies of the night before, such as they were, did not include Sean's girlfriend. "We've come to return the items I purchased yesterday. It turns out Vicky is a little larger than you, and the bra doesn't fit." Vicky smiled to herself. Sean lived for these kinds of hunts. Thrills ran up and down her spine, as well as in other, more intimate, places, while she examined the object of this particular hunt.

Monica had dressed a little more sharply than the prior day. Not that she expected Sean back, it just felt right. She didn't own anything exactly sexy, but she did own a nice blue silk jacket and matching skirt, and along with a blindingly white boat neck silk blouse, she definitely looked good. Very good, and the fact she'd put contacts in only upped the amperage. Business had been good, too, at least as compared to her past experiences. Several men had stopped in at lunch and purchased relatively expensive gifts for their wives or girlfriends. More than a couple of them had clearly been ogling her. She couldn't decide if she liked being ogled, or if it pissed her off. Her nipples knew the answer, though. They liked it.

Women, too, had come in and made purchases. They hadn't ogled her, at least not most of them (the women that did ogle her made her blush beet red - almost worse than Sean!), but they had measured her with their glances, and not found too much wanting because their purchases were much greater in both number and value than in prior days and weeks.

So it had been a good day even before Sean got there. The commission on the day's sales just added a little glitter to the first really good day in a long, long time.

Sean could see all of this as if it happened in front of him, and an electric thrill went through him. He pulled Vicky close and whispered to her, "Just work with me. We are all going to have fun!"

"Monica, I'd like to find something that fits Vicky and then I'll trade you out for what I purchased yesterday, okay?"

"Yes, Sir, that will be fine." Monica almost glowed with pleasure in the day and in Sean's presence. Sean and Vicky wandered off to find something that would fit.

Vicky whispered to Sean, "You can't return the panties."

"I know," he whispered. "It's part of the plan."

"What did you do to her yesterday? She's started practically vibrating in place as soon as she saw you. And she's gorgeous! How did you pick her?"

"I just chatted her up a bit yesterday. I think she liked it." That bad boy grin flashed across his face. "You should have seen her yesterday. She could not have looked more mousy even if she tried. Granny pants and a jog bra! But I think we are going to change all that! Isn't she gorgeous?"

"Granny pants and job bra? How do you know that?" Vicky felt her pussy get just a little damp knowing that Sean had seen that much, and maybe more.

"Oh, you know, she offered to be my model for what would fit you, and then one thing led to another, and the next thing you know, she's holding her skirt up above her waist. It just happens." He shrugged like it happened all the time, but they both knew it didn't happen all the time. Some connection had been made, something real and vital. "And then she told me what kind of bra she wore." He smiled at the recollection. "Vicky, I got hard just talking to her, and after she showed me the wet spot in those granny pants? Wow!" Yes, Monica was a rare find, and Vicky found herself focused on the hunt just like Sean.

Sean had a specific kind of bra and panty set in mind for today's little adventure. "Vicky, what we need is a half cup demi bra, you know, the kind that doesn't cover your nipples, and matching panties with no crotch or maybe a zipper or lace up crotch." As Les Bon Temps did more than give a nod to the smutty, even if kept at the back of the store, they soon found what they looked for.

"Hey, Monica, I think Vicky found something she likes.."

"Something I like?" she whispered.

"Shhhhh. You will like it, I promise," he whispered back and then carried on with Monica,. "... can she take them back and try them on?"

"Sure, Sean." Vicky gave him a look that said " Sean? " but he waved her off. "Vicky can use any of the fitting rooms."

"Thanks, sweetheart!" At another look from Vicky, he whispered, "Look, you have to entice them a little." She laughed at that. "Really! I'm serious!" She laughed again, but she knew it to be true. She also knew that with every passing minute the erotic tension in the store increased. And that was a very, very good thing.

Sean and Vicky headed to the fitting rooms. The two rooms sat in a little curtained alcove, and each one had its own curtain. Sean directed Vicky to the one that could be seen immediately upon opening the main curtain.

Vicky proceeded to change lingerie. With help, of course. "Here, let me help you with that." Sean pulled off Vicky's top and slid the straps of her bra and the bra itself down so that her arms were trapped at her sides.

His lips immediately went to one sensitive nipple, his tongue making circles around and around, and then he bit her, sharply. Her head bowed backwards, and a gasp, followed by a low moan, escaped her.

As he lavished attention on one nipple and then the other, each breast, really, biting, pulling, kissing, he also unzipped her skirt and let it slide to the floor, followed quickly by her lace panties. Soon he had his left arm around her back, capturing both arms, his lips teasing a luscious pink breast, his hands circling her pussy, teasing her clit, dipping in between her inner labia to bring her own lubrication to the surface. "More, Sean, more! I want your dick in me, please! God, what if she comes in! What if a customer comes in? Do it quick! Fuck me now!"

"I hope she does come in, kitten, or other plans will have to be made!" He kept teasing her, finally relenting but not in the way Vicky desired. Not yet anyway. Releasing her, he stepped back and picked up the half cup bra and crotchless panty. "Let's get these on you, shall we?"

"But... but..."

"Not to worry, kitten. Looky here." Sean slowly undid the zipper to his pants and allowed his erection to spring free from his boxers. "This is for you, just as soon as you are dressed."

Vicky needed no other encouragement. The panty, the bra, the skirt and the top were back on in record time. She pulled Sean close and stroked his hard, hard erection, which Sean hadn't bothered to put away. "Now what?" she whispered in his ear.

Sean turned her around, facing the curtain, and leaned her forward. Vicky braced her right hand against the wall as Sean lifted the skirt and slowly inserted his cock into her tight, wet, pussy. Vicky moaned in pleasure, and Sean echoed her.

With the skirt bunched up around her hips, held in place by Sean's hands, Sean slowly stroked in and out, teasing her with his prick. Vicky took her left hand and started fingering her clit, feeling Sean's cock, then his balls, the back to her clit. Her breath came faster, as did Sean's.

"Slow down, kitten, we don't want to get off too fast." Sean said. Vicky looked over her shoulder at him, questions in her eyes, but he just shushed and kept slowly pushing his cock into her, and out. In, and out. Vicky turned back to the curtain, and relaxed into the moment, letting the pleasure build slowly.

And then they waited.

Vicky was so close to an orgasm when suddenly...

"Hello? Hello? Sean, Vicky, where are you?" Monica, finally.

Sean didn't respond and he placed a finger on Vicky's lips hushing her - a finger that had, only seconds earlier been inside her, and she wasn't sure if having it on her lips wet with her desire wasn't even better than when it diddled her. Despite Vicky's confusion, Sean went back to diddling her and sliding his cock into her, and out. His mind suffered no confusion.

Monica slightly opened the curtain to the cubicle Sean and Vicky occupied. "What are you doing?" She screeched, and then she froze in open mouthed shock.

Vicky didn't care who was there. Or maybe she did, and that that was the last little bit necessary to send her over the edge. "Fuck, fuck, FUCK," she moaned as Sean began to pound into her hips and an instant later her pussy spasmed, while Sean shot his cum deep into her cunt.

Monica could see both their faces as the orgasms took them. Her pussy starting pouring nectar like never before.

After an intense few seconds, Sean pulled out of Vicky and stood up straight, putting his cock back into his pants. "Monica!" Sean acted like she had surprised them. "We, uhh, we, you know, got carried away. You don't mind, do you?"

Vicky still quivered from her orgasm, but not so much she couldn't appreciate the way Sean brought Monica along. He even managed to blush, but the dead give away hid in his pants. Or rather, didn't hide. Monica being there hadn't shut down one iota of his arousal, even though Vicky had just taken his huge load into her cunt. Vicky put her fingers to her mouth, licking the cum off her fingers. The act stunned Monica just that much more.

Monica grasped for words. "Sean... Vicky... this is a store... you can't do that in here... you have to go.... NOW...."

"Monica, we already DID it here. And if you haven't noticed, Vicky is quite happy about that. I, too, am very happy!" he raised the hand covered in Vicky's come, "It was pretty good, wasn't it, Vicky?" Vicky could only not her head, not yet fully out of her orgasm afterglow.

"But... but... but this is a store, not a bordello! People don't do that in stores!"

"Monica, Vicky and I just did. And we are not the first, nor are we the last. I imagine there are millions who have done 'it' in a store" Sean gave that up and down gesture with the middle finger on his wet hand that universally signals fucking.

Monica, who had thought she couldn't possibly be shocked any more, was shocked even more at Sean's gesture. "You two need to leave, right now!" she said.

Sean grinned at her, totally unfazed by her words. "We will, sweetheart, we will. We just need to do the exchange thing for yesterday's purchases."

"Good," said Monica, "you can't get out of this store too soon for me. Now where are the new items?"

Sean looked at Vicky and kind of pointed with one hand.


"Yes, while I fucked her and we both orgasmed." Struck completely speechless, Monica couldn't even get her mouth closed. It just hung there wide open, with her eyes bugged out and her hair all but standing on end. "The thing is, we didn't take the tags off. You'll need to see them, of course." He turned to Vicky. "Kitten, pull up your top so Monica can see the price tag."

Vicky, for her part, totally got where their play was supposed to go, and she immediately took off her top. Her nipples, which had never really relaxed, tightened, as did her areolae, giving her that whole twin peaks look, what with the half cup bra. The price tag rested on the front of the bra (no accident there!).

"Go on, Monica, get the price and item number off the tag, or the tag off the bra. One or the other, Monica."

Monica reached her hand out and then just sort of stopped, locked in place. No way to get the tag off without touching Vicky's nipple, and no way was she going to touch another woman's nipple!

Except Sean was having none of it. He reached up and took her hand and placed it on Vicky breast, cupping the nipple in the palm of Monica's hand. Vicky gave a little sigh, but Monica... Monica almost fell to her knees. If Sean hadn't been prepared she might have gone down, but this wasn't his first rodeo. He caught her under her arms, his hand under her breasts, and pulled her back upright. "Oooops, I think you must have tripped or something. I'll get that tag for you," and he plucked the tag out of the cup, giving Vicky's breast a good squeeze while he was there. He handed the tag to Monica. "There's one down. Only one to go!" He smiled his most devilish smile - Vicky's juices started to flow again at the smile, and as for Monica, she alternated between pale and flushed so fast it almost appeared as if there were some kind of special alternating spotlight on her. In a way, there was.

Vicky unzipped the skirt and let it slide to the floor of the fitting room. This tag had been artfully placed right beside Vicky's shaved labia, and it was wet. Very wet. Vicky spread her legs, and a little bit of Sean's cum slid down her leg. "Go on, Monica, last one!" Monica reached out, slowly, but not stopping. She hadn't said a word for more than a minute, and Sean couldn't be sure she'd even drawn breath. "Breathe, sweetheart, breathe. Don't want you passing out on us, do we? At least not from a lack of oxygen. Although I've heard that works pretty well, too." With that semi encouragement, Monica reached the rest of the way to get the tag from Vicky's pussy, and she would have got away clean (more or less) except that Vicky moved her bald slit into Monica's hand, grabbed Monica's forearm with both hands and began humping her hand. Monica screeched again, only this time, it had a slightly different tone. It appeared that Monica had tripped over from excited to just plain aroused, and while Monica humped the one hand, Monica's other hand dived under her skirt. It had all been too much, and poor Monica needed to come really, really badly.

And Monica did. Loudly. And for several, several seconds.

Sean lifted Monica's skirt up high enough to see that she was wet, wet, wet. Halfway down her legs wet. "Oh my, Vicky, I think our little Monica here has been a good, good girl. I think she's wet herself with her come, don't you?" Vicky didn't reply, being too busy finishing another orgasm from humping Monica's hand. But eventually, all orgasms come to an end, and both women recovered enough for Vicky to put her top and skirt back on and for Monica to stand there, silent, with a haunted look in her eyes.

"Yes, she's wet herself, "Sean went on, as if nothing odd had transpired. "I think she needs to change her panties. What do you think, Vicky?"

Fully back in control of herself and ready to continue the hunt, Vicky said, "You know, Sean, we just happen to have a bra and panty set that will fit this beautiful girl. Do you think we should give them to her?"

"Yes, I agree. What an excellent idea! Tell you what, I will go up to the front and run the store for a bit, and you get Monica into her new lingerie. I am sure she will feel much better. In fact, I am counting on it." Wink, wink.

Vicky needed no encouragement. Her hands itched to touch Monica's breasts, to tweak her nipples, to slip along her pussy. No issues there!

"Monica, give me your badge. That way, should any customers show up, I can be your stand in. I watched what you did yesterday, and I am sure I can hold down the fort long enough. No one ever reads these badge things anyway, they just look for one so they know who to talk to. And I do know ladies lingerie!"

Monica silently unpinned her badge and gave it to Sean, who went to the store counter, pulling both curtains closed behind him, while Vicky and an almost comatose, but still upright, Monica stayed in the fitting room.

Once the curtain closed Monica began to come around, at least enough to start talking. "I've.,, I've never done anything like that before!" She spoke in a strained whisper.

"It's okay, sweetheart, I know this is a bit sudden, but, be honest, did you or did you not just have the most explosive orgasm of your life?" Monica nodded her head yes, emphatically. "Then, you see, there's nothing to fear and nothing to be ashamed of. We only pushed you to do what you wanted to do anyway, and, you know, we were fully there, too." Vicky smiled at Monica, and then took Monica's hand, the one Monica had jilled herself with just a minute ago, and licked Monica's cum off the palm. A shiver went through Monica. "See, you get it."
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