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Sold: to the highest bidder

I was bought and paid for, but I got the good end of the deal.
I couldn’t believe this crap. How had I ever gotten involved with such a loser? Either way, when this was all resolved our relationship was over. I frowned listening to him, beg for mercy.

“Listen if you just give me two more weeks, I will have the money I swear!”

The big man behind the desk glared at him, and laughed. “I heard that crap two weeks ago.”

I asked softly, “How much does he owe you?”

The big man with no name said gently, “He owes me 12 grand baby.”

My heart sank. 12,000 dollars. We couldn’t come up with that much money if our lives depended on it. Maybe our lives did depend on it.

The big man said looking directly at me, “Sorry baby, but he used you as a guarantee for the money.”

“I don’t have that kind of money!” I screamed at him.

“Well, but you have something that will sell for that kind of money baby. You are gonna appear in my auction tonight. I am auctioning you to see how much of that money we can come up with.”

I was horrified. I was not a fucking hooker. The very thought of standing naked in front of men with them bidding for the privilege of fucking me, both repelled me and excited me. I felt somewhere in the darkest part of my soul, a tingling of excitement, but of course I denied it to myself.

My shitty boyfriend was sobbing like a baby. Like a fucking weak little girl. I raised my chin, and glared at the big man. “Fine, let’s do this”

He smiled at me and said, “You got more courage than your old man. “

I gritted my teeth, “EX- OLD MAN, and could you arrange for him to have to see me do this? I want him to feel how rotten he is.”

The big man grinned from ear to ear now…”Yeah baby, I don’t think that’s too much to ask.” He nodded his head and two guys got hold of my boyfriend and dragged him from the room.

The big man drove me to a club, and took me around back. There was a huge selection of lingerie and I put on a slutty school girl outfit. I knew that my boyfriend would be watching and that was one of his favorite fantasies. One I had never fulfilled for him. He was going to have to watch some other Guy fuck his slutty schoolgirl. The excitement of that overcame some of my fear. When I heard them calling for Delilah, I walked out onto the stage.

There were hundreds of people in the room. I was shocked. Way in the back I could see my boyfriend struggling with the two goons holding him. Everyone ignored them. I walked around and the bidding started. I was shocked. The money crept higher and higher. One huge black guy wouldn’t give up. He was bidding against a small thin cruel looking man. I didn’t know which would be a worse fuck. I had never fucked a black man, but the thin man looked really scary. I couldn’t believe this shit. Neither one would give up. Finally the bidding was over. 19,000 dollars for one night with me? I was amazed and quite relieved. The huge black man had won. I had second thoughts as I saw the bulge in his pants and the look in his eye. He grabbed my arm and led me away. He took me up the stairs to a private room.

Once we were there, he ripped my clothes off, and said, “I want to see if I got my money’s worth”

I stood stock still, embarrassed and ashamed to be looked at like a piece of meat. He reached over and pinched one of my nipples hard. I slapped his hand away without thinking. He grinned showing gleaming white teeth.

“Baby, you are bought and paid for, but I promise you will enjoy this night as much as me.”

My pussy started tingling at the way he said that, and I must admit he was quite handsome. I couldn’t resist showing my defiance anyway. I reached out to slap him again, and hissed, “I will never enjoy sex with you.”

He laughed at me and tied my hands behind my back.

“You are a little spitfire aren’t you? Lucky for you, I like my women with a little spirit.”

He sat me gently in a char and rubbed his hands lightly over my breasts teasing them. I tried to fight the pleasure sensation, but my nipples tightened instantly. He took his time, playing with them. Then he lowered his mouth, to my rock hard nipples. I heard a loud thumping coming from the other room. I was startled and he laughed.

“Don’t worry baby, as per your request, they are making your EX boyfriend watch this.”

He lowered his mouth again, licking and sucking my nipples. Taking my breast into his mouth, he nibbled my nipples, biting them gently. His hand lowered to my pussy and he slid one huge finger between my pussy lips. His finger found my clit and he rubbed around and around in a circle as he licked my tits and sucked on my nipples. I was already close to cumming, although I wasn’t sure why. Maybe it was the excitement of knowing how pissed my ex boyfriend was, or maybe it was just this huge black guy with his big finger. He brought me right to the brink of orgasm and then stopped.

“Not yet baby, you can’t cum yet. You gotta suck me first”

He untied my hands and laid me on the bed, with my head hanging over the side. He opened his fly and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was at least 10 or 11 inches with thick bulging veins all over it. He pushed it into my mouth. He was surprisingly gentle at first. Letting me get used to the size and length of his cock he pushed in and out slowly. I was sucking him hard and his cock was so huge that my jaw ached. He kept saying I had a pretty mouth, and he fucked my mouth with increasing speed and force of his thrusts. Soon I was gagging on his cock, thick ropes of drool coating his cock. He moaned, in pleasure, and said…”Damn Bitch, you can suck a cock good.”

My eyes were watering but the thought of my boyfriend watching me suck on camera made me suck him even more into my mouth. I took his balls into my mouth, wetting them, sucking them, licking them, making him grunt in pleasure. I was kind of hoping to get him to cum so I could go home.

He growled in a low voice, “Stop baby.” He walked over to the chair and sat down.

“I want you to come to me. Ride my cock baby. You know you want to.”

Dammit, as much as I hated to admit it, he was right. I wanted that huge monster cock stuffed in my hole. I walked over to him and sat in his lap with my back to him. His hands gripped my thighs from underneath and he spread them and thrust his hard cock into my tight wet little pussy with one hard stroke. I cried out. I couldn’t stop myself. It was so huge. It hurt like hell, but at the same time, It felt better than anything I had ever fucked in my life. He held my legs up thrusting into me like an animal. The only sound for a little while was the slapping sound our flesh made as he pushed his veiny cock inside me.

He pulled my legs back a little more…I was soaking wet. My pussy juice had run down my ass crack and I was drenched. He slid his hard cock out of my pussy and pushed against my tight puckered asshole.

“NOOOO!” I screamed out. But his finger found my clit and rubbed it until I was soo hot I quit protesting.

He said, “Baby, I paid 19,000 dollars for you, and I AM going to fuck you however I want.”

I put up a minor struggle, my fear was genuine, I was afraid his huge cock would hurt me. At the same time I felt like a piece of property bought and paid for, and it kind of turned me on. Even as I struggled he managed to get the head of his fat cock inside my tight anal passage. He held me firmly, and pushed slowly. I could feel him sliding past my tight sphincter. I groaned….it did hurt, but his fingers never stopped rubbing my clit and the pressure and tightness made me want to cum harder than ever. After a time he was buried in my ass all the way. He started to slide in and out of my tight back passage. I didn’t like it at first, but I could feel some kind of strange pressure building in my belly, I had never felt before. Like an orgasm starting from your tits and ripping through your body.

“OH shit baby, your ass is tight enough to make it worth the 19 grand.” He said between thrusts.

He picked me up and bent me over the bed and started fucking my asshole for real. His fingers would bring me to the brink of orgasm. Then he would stop and not let me cum. I was screaming and begging for him to let me have my release. He was really pounding into my ass now, and grunting with every thrust. I thought he must be close to cumming. He reached under me and his fingers found my clit, he gave it a little pinch and rubbed it between his finger and thumb. I Shouted as my orgasm finally ripped through me.


My body jerked convulsively against him. It seemed like I would never stop cumming. I couldn’t stop screaming in pleasure. He Jerked out of my tight asshole and flipped me over effortlessly, He shot the first blast of cum on my face, the second on my tits, and the third on my belly. Then he rubbed his cock between my tits, in his own cum…sliding it around making sure he got the last few drops out of his huge cock. Then he fed it into my mouth. I licked it sucking the taste of my ass and his cum off of it.

Soo? Baby did you cum harder than you ever did before?”

“Yes I said quietly, a little embarrassed at how easily he took me.”

He went in the bathroom, and came out with a warm wet towel and cleaned the cum off me gently. Wiping my face, then my tits, and my stomach. I stood to get dressed. He smiled at me and asked me why I was leaving.

“You got your fuck, now I am leaving.”

“No baby, that was for the whole night. I am not done making you cum yet.”

He fucked me over and over that night, making me cum and scream and beg many, many times. We showered together, and he licked me everywhere, and I tasted him everywhere too. When the night was over, he handed me 7000 dollars. I put it in my purse. He handed me my clothes I had been wearing originally. He said, “I paid your debt to the fat man, take the rest.”

I walked out of that hotel room, changed. I had sold myself for money, but knew I should be ashamed, but it was the best sex of my life. I never looked back on that club, and I never will.

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