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South Beach Strip Club

After being celibate for three years, I went to my first strip club in Miami Beach

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After months of planning, our girls only weekend was finally here.  Me and my three girl friends were on our way to airport when my friend Candy said “We have got to hit all the clubs especially the strip clubs".  We all looked at her and laughed.  I had broken up with my boyfriend back in 2006 and have been celibate for 3+ years.  The idea of finally seeing strippers was exciting and I was filled with anticipation. We arrived at the hotel at around 4:00 PM and the girls all laid down for a quick nap.  I decided to sit out on the balcony to watch the waves, and the men.  After about an hour of seeing the most beautifully bronzed women and pasty white men I came back in and started drinking.  Vodka and fruit punch is our drink of choice.  While I was making a large pitcher of Vodka punch the girls were stepping in and out of the shower getting ready for the club. 

We looked so hot.  I was wearing a tiny little number in orange, JP was wearing black, KP was wearing lime green and Candy was wearing bright yellow.  We are all sexy young ladies but standing together we looked like a pack of life savers.  We headed out the door for the club.  We caught a cab to CLUB SOBE where we really enjoyed the music mixture.  The music was reggae, house and a little hip hop.  As we entered the club all the men were looking at us.  One guy told us that we looked like a Benetton Advertisement.  We are all beautiful but all very different.  JP is light skinned black woman with short red hair, KP is chocolate brown sister with long black straight hair. “ I think she wears weave but I'm a white girl with blonde hair so I am clueless.”  Last but not least Candy is a tiny little petite red head. KP is an elementary school teacher who looks like a model.  JP is a massage therapist and Candy and I are personal trainers and aerobic teachers.  

So of course like all women in their twenties we are all fucking gorgeous.  We have been friends since middle school and we are very close.  The music at CLUB SOBE was excellent.   We danced for like two hours straight.  We danced alone, with old men, with young men, with white men, black men and with each other.  Candy went to the bathroom and when she came back I could tell she had done something in the bathroom.  She was walking like she was in a haze and her speech was slurred. We decided to leave and we went to visit the Weam Erotic Museum on Washington Avenue.  After walking through the rooms and looking at pictures of dicks, and beautiful women we were all a little turned on.  KP is in a relationship so random sex was out of the question so we decided to go a strip club. 

     Diamonds Club was a very classy looking joint.  There were mirrors on the wall and shiny hard-wood floors.  The joint was empty as hell.  The manager walked over to us and offered us free drinks.  I asked him where all the people were.  He basically explained that they had a large bachelorette party that was canceled at the last minute because the bride- to- be fucked one of the strippers and decided she wasn't interested in marriage.  I replied "I would love to meet that stripper" the manager laughed and agreed to give us a private show for the next hour.  He told me that there were six strippers back stage oiled and ready to perform. 

     We happily skipped to the front of the room and sat down at the table closest to the stage.  The music came on, and it was a slow sexy song and the first stripper was a skinny little Spanish guy. He was well hung but very thin.  He was moving   his body, while pumping his dick.  He pulled some baby oil out of his little bag of tricks and started stroking his dick.  I felt something twitch between my legs.  I closed my legs tighter and laughed. I felt like I was 15 again.  The more he stroked his dick the wetter I got.  I looked at my girlfriends and they were licking their lips like kids in a candy store.  No pun intended because Candy was visibly turned, she was rocking back and forth in her chair and letting out little sexy sounds.  I saw JP's hand moving under the table.  Was she masturbating in the club?   The answer is yes. She was fingering herself right there in the club.  The stripper who was only wearing a ripped white T-shirt.  He came down off the stage and walked over to JP who was still fingering herself.  He got in front of her and flipped his dick in her face.  She didn't seem to mind one bit, I was shocked.  He picked her up, she wrapped her legs around his waist and he started humping her.  She was giggling and moving her hips like she knew this guy.  I love JP but I was thinking "damn is one my best friends a slut"   He walked to the back of the stage, with JP still wrapped around him and they disappeared into what I was guessing was the room where they fucked the women who were stupid enough to fuck them. The three of us sat there with these stunned looks. “Should we go after her, call the manager, the police what” I was scared for her.  Before I could decide, he came on stage.  They called him Anaconda.  I thought to myself that is an odd name for a stripper, then I remembered that was the name of an extremely long species of snakes and at that moment I forgot all about JP.

  He was a tall, well built black man who resembled the rapper L.L. Cool J.  He even had a bald head.  He was wearing a police uniform or half of a uniform anyway.  I could hear a song in the background I think it was it was a R.Kelly song "your body's calling me" Our eyes met and he licked his lips and he took my breath away from 12 feet away.  I felt that twitch return.  My poor little panties were soaked.  He was looking at me like I was a vanilla ice cream cone that he wanted to lick.  I am not a racist but I have never been with a black man.   I had the feeling that I was about be with one in a major way.  He walked over to me and was dancing around me.  He took my hand and placed it on his large dick.  I was nervous and filled with lust.  I stroked his dick; it was right in my face.  I wanted to suck it but in public? I was scared and he must have sensed it because at that moment he kneeled in front of me and whispered “every girl is scared of snakes, but this one won't bite" I smiled and felt a little more comfortable.  I told him that I wanted to feel him inside of me but not in front of my friends.  He took me by the hand and led me to his dressing room.  I followed him slowly and turned back to wave at my two remaining friends.

        When we entered the room there was a large black desk in the middle of the room.  I sat on the edge of the desk and looked at him.  He dimmed the lights and grabbed something from the desk drawer.  He stood in front of me and slowly pushed my tight orange dress up.  He commented on my soaked panties.  I smiled and we both laughed about it.  I spread my legs and he slid my panties down and kicked them off.  He pulled me to closer to him and he bent down and softly kissed me on the mouth.  I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.  He told me that I was beautiful.  I caught a glance of the gold wrapper in his hand and new that he had a Magnum condom.  He opened it and slid it on his large member.  He looked me in my eyes and slowly pushed himself inside of me.  I took a deep breath and wanted to pass out.  It felt so fucking good.  Watching his brown, glistening body against my white skin was like pure poetry in motion.  Sexual art work.  He lifted me off the desk holding onto my tight little ass and began moving my body to stroke his dick.  The feeling was unexplainable.  He kept pumping into me.  One of his arms seemed larger than two of my legs put together.  I couldn't believe how strong he was to hold me in the air and be able to keep his rhythm while fucking the shit out of me.  I had my arms so tightly wrapped around his neck and I felt the pressure building inside of me and I told him "baby I am about to bust" he said "go ahead, it won't be the last time" My body got tighter and then I burst right in his arms.   He placed me on the floor on my stomach and laid his body on top of me.  Because of his strength he was using those arms to hold himself up.  I raised up my ass a tiny bit and he shoved his dick inside of me from behind.  He was pounding into me when I realized that I didn't know his name.  I felt like a whore but didn't even care.  He asked me if I liked it, "Yes" "well I need to hear it" he slapped my ass, it stung a little bit but he began hitting me harder and harder until I was begging him to stop.  He stopped, spread my ass cheeks and continued to pound me.  He pumped into me like ten more times and came.  He pulled out, condom still intact and spread my cheeks again and started licking my ass.  He instructed me to get on my knees and I did.  He spread my legs wide enough that he could rub my clit, while eating my ass.  It was feeling so good that I felt weak in the knees.  Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, he flipped me over on my back and buried his face in my soaking wet pussy.  He put two fingers inside of me and sucked on my clit for what seemed like an eternity. I was crying out with excitement and bliss and he kept sticking his fingers in and out of me until I shuddered with another orgasm.  I laid there shaking on the floor like I was having a seizure when I realized that I still did not know his name. "Am I whore??, am I crazy???" well I could barely stand between all the alcohol and the mind numbing sex, I laid down on the love seat in the room. 

     I began to wonder how many times this man had done this, was I first? Or at least the first for tonight?   My stomach was starting to hurt. I felt sick. He, again must have sensed it and looked me in the eyes and said "sweetie I won't lie you are not the first, but you are the best." I said "what" he repeated himself and said you are the sweetest little piece of ass I ever had and I hope that I can have more of it.  He handed me his card and told me to call him tomorrow so we could get together to have breakfast. 

      I put on my clothes and began to make my walk of shame out of the back room but when I got back to the table, it was empty.  The manager said “your friends are across the street having a bite to eat.  I lowered my head with shame and the manger said "hey don't feel bad, all your friends got fucked tonight too, you just had the top biller so you were back there longer".  I smiled and felt a little bit better and walked out of Diamonds Strip Club and was thinking to myself I will be calling him in the morning.


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