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I'd felt your eyes on me since I had entered the conference hall. Five hundred bored souls taking their place to await the annual update on how the company had performed, how it expected to perform and hours of self indulgent back-slapping. Four hundred and fifty bored souls couldnt care less. One bored soul was boring holes in me. I nonchalently turned to where I could feel the looks coming from. A group of five, all wearing the corporate uniform but trying desperately to maintain their own identity. Three men each with their own edgy version of the same in fashion haircut that they would look back on in three years and wince.  Two females, one clearly married female flirting with the three males, and you, the other, trying to appear as if she hadn't just been caught staring. I noted that you looked down, rather than away, and smiled to myself.

My view was obscured as one of the many target driven bores stepped in front of me.

"So what branch are you from? Im heading the new cold start office, figures are as you'd expect for a cold start but I really see us smashing forecasted pred....."

He cut himself off as I looked him in the eyes, turned around and walked away. I could hear him complaining as I left the main conference hall and strode purposefully to the bar.

At the bar the attractive blond barmaid came over as I seated myself.

"What will it be?" she asked smiling and pushing out her chest.

"Its ok, im just waiting."

The waitress slumped her shoulders, smiled and winked,

"Well im just over here if you want me."

Her innuendo was almost shouted but I wasn't interested for now. I picked up a napkin and slowly folded it, keeping an eye on the mirror behind the bar which showed the doors behind me.

Less than five minutes had passed and you arrived sooner than I expected you to. I smiled as I watched you scan the room, moving slowly in, then pause as you saw me sitting at the bar. I looked to the barmaid and dropped the white paper rose I had folded from the napkin on the bar as I stood and walked towards you.

"What room number are you in?" I asked.

A confused, paniced look crossed your face and disappeared as you tried to remain calm.


"What room number are you in?"

"517" you replied as you quickly looked around the bar, "why would you ask that?"

"Shall we go?" I asked and stepped to the side. I could see the hesitation in your eyes, the uncertainty of the situation that you now found yourself in. There was an element of fear but something else too, excitement.

You dropped your eyes and turned around, walked away from me, turned left out of the bar and away from the conference.

I followed you along the corridors of the hotel, my steps matching yours as you occassionally looked back over your shoulder to check if I was still there. As we entered the lift you hit 5 and the doors closed.

"I don't do this. I have a boyfriend who I love and I don't cheat on him."

"It's OK" I replied as I turned to you and cupped your face in my hand. My thumb carressed your lower lip and as I watched, your eyes well up you opened your mouth, allowing me to push my thumb in.

"Its OK" I repeated as I pushed down on your tongue and you closed your mouth sucking my thumb deeper.

You physically jumped as the bell in the elevator pinged and the doors opened.  Stepping back from me you self consciously straighten your skirt and wait looking to me for direction.

"Lets go" I say and you quickly step forward out of the elevator.

I again follow from behind, admiring the turn of your calves. The skirt is tight across your buttocks and I imagine what waits below.

We stop outside door 517 and your hands tremble as you look through your bag for the room card key.

"I really have never done this before," you start, "I dont even know your name for fucks sake."

"Its Ok" I repeat as the lock in the door clunked open. We stood waiting as you faltered at the door chewing your bottom lip. Slowly you looked up to me and in that moment something changed in your eyes and you exhaled deeply through your nose and opened the door.

The room was identical to the other 700 rooms in the hotel so I didnt bother looking around but instead shut the door behind me and pulled you to me.

From the moment I had seen you appear in the mirror in the bar my excitement had been growing and now I wanted you to feel how much you had excited me. I took your hand and pushed it against my cock, instinctively your fingers curled around me and your hand shifted, slowly jacking me. You stood about a foot shorter than me and as you pressed up against me you looked up, straining, reaching for the kiss that wasnt going to come yet. I lowered my head so my lips almost glanced yours, your breath was coming in short gasps. I flicked my tongue out catching your top lip but as you stood up on tip toes to close the kiss I pulled my head back, keeping my lips just from reach. An exasperated groan escaped your lips and you reached up with your free hand to pull my head to yours. Taking your hair in my left hand I clenched my fist and pulled your head back away from me, looking into your eyes my lips curled into a dark smile and I pushed you back onto the bed.

"Undo my trousers and take it out" I commanded.

Your eyes looked almost hurt, but your hands betrayed the look as they reached out and slowly unzipped the trousers and reached in through the gap. You gasped as you realised I was naked beneath the trousers and that I was completely smooth. Slowly you pulled my cock out and held it in your hand, not moving but inspecting it as if you had never seen one before.

"Sit on your hands and open your mouth"

You let go as if I had just burnt you and lowered your hands, tucking them under your legs. You stared at my penis and slowly opened your mouth. Your chest rose and fell as I moved the end of my penis towards your mouth.

"Look up at me," I instructed "and dont close your mouth until I tell you."

You looked up, the combination of stretching your mouth and looking up gave you the look I craved for, a look that told me you were lost, scared, mine.

I leant forward and placed my cock on the end of your tongue allowing you to taste me for the first time, the look registered in your eyes and I knew then that you would be everything I hoped you would be.

I pushed forward slowly and you kept your mouth open. I soon reached what I knew was your normal limit but I pushed forward to the back of your throat causing you to gag and pull back.

"Sorry" you immediately apologised and leant forward taking me back into your mouth. I hardened at your willingness and pushed forward further. You gagged and snorted but didnt pull back. You raised your hand as if to push me back, but then remembering my instructions you lowered it back and gripped your own thigh. I pulled back out and then pushed back again feeling myself pass into your throat. I felt you swallow around the end of my cock trying to suck me deeper. I looked from my cock up to your eyes, my top lip curled as I saw a lone tear roll down your cheek.

"You're doing well" I state, "Close your mouth. You can touch yourself now"

You close your lips hard and suck me deep into your mouth, I can feel your tongue curling around me as if youre trying to milk me. Your hands move from your thigh as you raise yourself pulling your skirt up to your waist. Your fingers grab at your knickers, pulling them to the side as you desperately push two fingers into your pussy, your other hand attacks at your clit. The sound of your arousal is suddenly loud in the room and your fingers glisten as they disappear in and out of your pussy. You moan hard onto my cock and the vibrations run down my balls. Your eagerness has stirred something at the base of my cock and I know that with you I wont last too long.

"Enough." I say. "Turn around, all fours"

You pull back off my cock and a string of saliva hangs momentarily from the end of my cock to your lips before falling against the white of your shirt, making it traslucent showing the bra beneath. You turn onto all fours and I knock your hands from between your legs, pulling your underwear down to your knees.

I spread your ass cheeks and take in the view of your anus with the split gushing lips beneath it. I take two fingers and push them deep into your pussy causing you to groan. I can feel you contracting your muscles around my fingers as I pump them in and out, pushing in a third and then pointing my hand a fourth finger in. You moan into the bedspread, and I can see your ass twitch as your pussy contracts around my hand. You start to rock back against my hand and so I push a finger into your ass. You scream into the bedspread and try to pull away from my intruding fingers so I add a second finger deep into your ass. Your moans suddenly become a series of protracted screams and your leg shakes as you orgasm on my fingers. You lift your head and look back at me.

"Please" you say. And in a second I am on you and my cock is deep in your arse.

"Fuuuuuck" You scream into the bed as I push your head down into the sheets and with the other hand pull you back against me. I fuck you hard, thinking about what im doing to your insides and then as I see your hand creep between your legs you play with your own clit I fuck you harder with all I have. You cum again, spraying my balls with your orgasm. I can feel it building inside me so I pull out and drag you by your hair back around to my cock and push it down into your throat. You gag and choke around my cock, your makeup is a mess but you reach round pulling me by the arse deeper into your throat, your head bobbing maniacally. I roar, come deep in your throat and you gurgle appreciatively into my groin.

I lean down to you and wipe the hair from your face and smile. I lean in and kiss you tentatively, then deeply, as a lover would and hold you to me.

I feel your smile as I kiss you.

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