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Summer at the Neighbor's Pool

I spend part of my summer days before college at neighbors pool - we both get more that we expected
My parents met T.J. and Lisa through a gourmet dinner club that they joined. The club met every couple of months at different houses and enjoyed a dinner cooked by the various members who were attending. They really enjoyed the people and the food; I enjoyed the leftovers. I was not invited to the big event, which was totally fine with me. Being a junior in High School created other interests which I was happy to indulge.

What I found out later was that T.J. and Lisa only lived a couple of blocks away and they had a pool, we did not. It was a normal middle class neighborhood. My parents were not rich so we had a less fancy house and we did not live near a beach so if I wanted a tan, which I did, I had to lay out in our back yard.

My parents and I were invited over to T.J. and Lisa’s house several times for pool parties. This is where I got to know Lisa better. She and T.J. were both in their late twenties I guessed and had no children. She had a good job but she had to travel fairly often, sometime for a long day and sometimes overnight. T.J. had a consulting firm so he worked mostly from home to save office rent that he really did not need and only traveled occasionally. Lisa knew we had no pool, and that I obviously loved theirs, so she told me I could come over anytime.

I took advantage of that offer. On some weekends and especially during the summer between my junior and senior year I was there often, swimming and tanning. I always wore a fairly skimpy bikini to take as much advantage of the sun as I could. It did not take me long to notice that on the days when T.J. was home, especially alone, he enjoyed every moment that he could spend watching me and probably lusting after me.

I was physically and mentally maturing fairly rapidly. After I reached sixteen, and had more freedom due to cars, I became sexually active and quickly found that I really enjoyed it. I was not doing it just to make some boy happy, in fact the boy had to make me happy or we did not go out.

So time passed. T.J. kept ogling me, which I came to enjoy. Using my body to “unknowingly” tease him was a fun pass time. When I would untie my straps to lie down to tan with no strap marks, sometimes I asked him to rub lotion on me. He always offered, and I could see the disappointment when I purposely told him I was fine.

Time also intensified my interest and desire in and for sex. The efforts of guys my age were beginning to be somewhat less satisfying than they had been. I met one older local guy and had a few good times with him, the sex was really great, but he was not up to my parents standards, no college, blue collar job, seemed to drink and did smoke, so they put a stop to that relationship. I was not too disappointed except for the loss of the good sex he provided.

I continued to go to T.J. and Lisa’s pool. My view of T.J. had pretty much changed from that of a lecherous creep to an interesting guy that I could actually enjoy talking to sometimes. I also enjoyed his obvious interest in my now well developed body. Whenever I went there, no matter who was home, I had taken to wearing a string bikini.

I would lie down, untie the bottom strings and tuck the strings and triangle of cloth next to my legs, leaving just my labia inwards covered. The top I would peel down to just above my nipples and curl it on the lower part of my now 34C boobs. When I turned over I would have to redo the strings, turn over and then untie my back string and my butt. I pushed the butt down so it was full exposed, the strings and cloth pushed in between. I know he was entranced!

So more time passed. It was now May of my senior year. Graduation was almost upon me. My Dad had bought me a used Honda for college and to use during the summer.

It was a Wednesday. I took off from school just because I did not feel like going. My grades were set; I was accepted at college. Nothing would change as long as I passed the two easy finals I had left. So I decided to go to skip school and go to the pool.

I always went over to T.J.’s with my string bikini under my shorts and a top. I just went through the gate and to the pool. If someone was home, usually him, he would always come out to see me. This time no greeting, so I just dove in for a quick dip and then prepared to lay out. That is when I heard the sounds.

At first, I could not identify them or where they were coming from, but I followed the sound. It was coming out of their master bedroom that overlooked the pool. The curtains were drawn; I could not see in. But I knew the sounds of sex very well. I looked around the side of the house and there were windows but up higher than me. After retrieving my phone and holding it up to the window, I snapped a picture. It was T.J. humping some woman I could not identify, it could have been Lisa.

So I put the phone on movie and held it up for five minutes. The sounds were continuing so I knew the action was also. Checking after the five minutes, I saw who it was and put the phone back up for another five, then quickly left and went back home.

At first, I just watched it on my phone. Then I downloaded it to my computer. I was full of all kinds of thoughts. I was somewhat shocked that T.J. was fucking Mrs. Weathers. She was a fairly new divorcee and a friend of my mother’s. I was amazed at what a man T.J. was compared to the school boys I had been having sex with. Not only was he deeply stroking her into screaming orgasms, but he was larger than any boy I had been with. I did not know if I should be mad, excited or what. Should I tell my Mom? Should I tell Lisa?

I lay in bed getting horny, so I masturbated twice while watching the movie; they were the strongest orgasms I had ever had. I realized that I should probably tell Mom but also realized that I wanted T.J., really wanted him, for the first time. No more lech guy but now a hot stud man in my eyes. A guy that could give me what I had been craving and not knowing how to get. I would not play coy anymore but just come on to him and get it like Mrs. Weathers did and probably was continuing to get.

I thought about the whole thing quite a bit. I tried to think of all the possible reactions I would face; role play them in my mind. I went over and over things so they almost became second nature. I was not going to take no for answer, even if I had to use the video. I wanted him to just take me with no hesitation but realized that may well not happen.

I was totally excited. I wanted to go there the next day but waited until school was over and I was officially graduated. Monday of the following week I went to T.J.’s house. I had been there over the previous weekends but played very normal; it took every bit of my control. There were many intense, private, quiet times of masturbation in-between.

That Monday morning T.J. was there when I arrived; sitting on the patio, working on his computer. My pussy was already soaking wet in anticipation. I said ‘Hi’ and dove in the pool to cool down a bit. When I got out I went over to him and said, “Hey T.J. lets talk a bit before I go lay out in the sun.”

He perked up, “Great! I do not get to talk to you near as much as I would like.”

As I walked over to him I was thinking, ya, talk and what else? When I reached him, I pulled his chair around (with his surprised help) and sat on his lap facing him.

“So what do you wish we could talk about?”

“I’ll bet you would just love to hold and rub my tits. You are always looking at them.”

“Well now... listen I may look but never touch. You are Ted and Mary’s daughter,” he managed to stumble out.

“That is true, but I am also eighteen and going to college next year. I have been having sex since I was sixteen, so I am not exactly a virgin, and I am totally legal. Not only that, but I find you totally hot and I want you, so check these out!” I said as I pulled the string loose on my top, freeing my boobs right in front of him.

Somehow I managed to say and do all that out sounding very in control. I could see his brain cells spinning a thousand miles an hour.

He almost reached for me but said, “Now come on, cover up, we should not be doing this. I am married and, no matter what you say, you are too young for me.”

His first sign of break down, he did not push me away. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him into my ample C-cup boobs, rubbing the back and forth across his face. “Tell me you do not want me as bad as I want you. You know you want to make these yours. Just hold them for a minute, pleaseeee! Rub my nipples and then say ‘no’.”

He had been keeping his hands straight down but I saw them start to move up. “Why are you doing this to me? I told you it is not right.”

“And I told you I am legal, sane and want you. I want a real man, you, to fuck me like I need and want!” I had never talked to a guy like this, the words were coming out like another person was telling me what to say.

His hands finally cupped my boobs and rubbed my nipples. I put my head back and sighed with pleasure, he was going to fuck me. He said, “Your tits are the best I have ever felt. They are so perfect and firm. Your nipples so hard!”

I pulled my bottom strings lose. The front triangle dropped between my legs. I grabbed his right hand and put it on my pussy. “Can you feel how hot and wet I am? My juice is running out of me.”

He closed his eyes and moaned. “Oh my god, you are hot and dripping!” he said as one of his fingers slipped in me. “My hand is already wet from you.”

His finger started to move and rub me. I knew it would not be long now.

I reached down and grabbed his rock hard cock, “And your cock is so big and hard! I need you fucking me now!”

Slowly his hands dropped. He reluctantly pulled my hands away. “You have no idea how bad I want you,” he said, “but you are my friend’s daughter. I cannot do it.”

I was totally shocked that he could pull back from the brink like he did. But I had thought about this and was determined to push ahead with part two if needed and it seemed it was called for.

“You certainly fucked Mrs. Weathers with no problems. In fact you both seemed almost out of this world with pleasure,” I casually said, my boobs still almost in his face.

From his reaction I thought he was going to push me off him but he kept me on his lap. “What the hell are you talking about?” He shouted, “I have never touched that woman; I hardly know her. This is crazy!”

I stood up and walked over to my bag and grabbed my phone, my top and bottom dropping totally off as I walked back and resumed my position on his lap. He made no move for me but did not push me away either.

“This is a version, edited for shortness and highlights, of a longer video I have. Watch it and then lets talk again.” I handed him the phone saying, “Please do not damage the phone, you would only have to replace it and I have the full version on my computer at home.”

His face visibly sunk as he watched and heard the sounds. “Can I ask how you obtained this?” He almost whispered.

“Simple,” I said. “I just shot it through your bedroom window as I am sure you can see from the angles of the video.”

“Oh my god, I am so fucked,” he said as he held his head in is hands.

“Not at all,” I said in a very upbeat voice and taking my phone back. “You just need to follow through on what we were just about to do, and this will never see the light of day. You know you want me bad, just like I want you.”

I brought his hands back up to my boobs; he did not resist. “Now you have an excuse. I only have a couple of requests. One is that you show at least as much energy and excitement with me as you had for her and this will go on until I stop it which will be no latter than when I leave for college.”

I reached for his cock again, it was still hard. “I want to learn from you and have as much pleasure as I possibly can! Look at this as a hiccup in the road and we will never mention it again.”

I stood up and retrieved my top, bottom and bag. “Let’s go inside.”

“You are a devious little bitch,” he said with both fear and excitement on his face.

“Maybe I am but you are a hound dog. We both know you are going to love fucking me. No time to lose!” I laughingly said as I headed for the house. I could hear him right behind me.

As I walked into the bedroom I dropped my bag and flopped backwards on the bed, legs spread. “Make me cum T.J., several times.”

He stood over me looking down at my body. His cock straining to get out of his shorts. “I can’t believe what I am about to do. You could ruin my life.”

“That will never happen. We both want each other and I just gave you an extra nudge.” I rubbed my nipples as I smiled at him. “Do me like Mrs. Weathers and it will be total bliss for both of us!”

“Oh god, please never again mention her name around me. Please do that for me!”

“Okay T.J.. Somehow I think that when we are through neither of us will even think of her. Now drop your shorts and get over here, you have work to do!”

Looking back I am sure he was still in some sort of shock at that point. He had a somewhat dazed look and was slow to drop his shorts.

“Oh, you shave your cock! Wonderful. I cannot wait to taste it!” He was moving slow and I was in hyper warp drive. It seemed like forever but he finally sat next to me and began to rub my tits with one hand and finger me with the other.

“You are dripping on the bed already. I cannot believe how soaking you are.”

I was so worked up from the anticipation that I was on the edge of an orgasm and ignoring his comments. “Squeeze my nipples! Finger me! Faster, I want to cum!

Suddenly his middle finger was deep in me and he was working my clit with his thumb. No other guy had ever been this strong or rough with me. My clit was getting very sensitive and he was strongly rubbing the inside of my pussy, finding my “G” spot. He pinched and squeezed my nipple til it hurt, but it was a good hurt.

All these new, strong sensations overwhelmed me. They came over me quickly and I cried out as I came, “Fuck, I am cumming! Damn, T.J. what are you doing to me?” I clamped my legs closed to stop it.

“You want to be a woman, spread your legs.” He said as he pushed them apart and positioned himself between them. His cock head was rubbing up and down in my slit, gathering my lube. I felt his cock head enter me.

“A woman spreads herself wide for the man, as wide as possible to allow deep penetration.”

Now I was the one who was unsure. Did I really want this? These thought raced through my mind. What I had I unleashed?

“This is about to be what you wanted. Are you still sure this is what you want? I will stop whenever you say so.”

The racing thoughts suddenly crystalized. “Fuck me T.J.. Give it all to me. Make me scream. Take me and make me yours!”

He lifted my legs a bit and plunged fully into me. He was bigger than I had ever felt and stronger. He wrapped me up and forcefully fucked me. Once again the sensations were overwhelming.

Soon he had my legs up by my head and was whispering in my ear, “Is this what you wanted? What you expected? Is my little bitch going to cum for me again? Do it now!”

The word “now” pushed me over. “Oh god T.J. I am cumming again! My god, you can fuck! I knew I was not wrong.” My body was shaking like it never had before.

He pulled out of me, grabbed my waist, flipped me on my hands and knees as I was still shaking. He slapped my ass hard and plunged back into me, reaching for my hair as he did. He pulled my head back as he was deep in me. Then more slaps to my ass. That was when I really lost it. His balls were hitting my clit every time he slammed into me. I had no control of anything.

“Fuck T.J., Damn you , Damn you, I can’t... Ahhhh...” I was gasping for air from the orgasms and his pounding. Once more I went over the brink. This time collapsing to the bed as he let go of my hair.

“Another, I can’t belie..., stop, please stop.” I managed to pant out. My body was shaking and powerless. I was dripping with sweat. He pulled out and laid down beside me. Caressing my back and softly saying, “Deep breaths, take it slow and easy, you are fine.”

Finally I turned on my side to face him. “I had no idea. You were wonderful. Even after seeing the movie I obviously did not grasp how sexual you really are.”

“Maybe you are not ready for what you thought you were.” He said as he gently caressed my nipples.

I looked down at my boobs and then back at him. He got sort of a sheepish look. “Lay on your back and slide over.”

He immediately did so. I gave him a deep kiss which he fully reciprocated, then I proceeded to work my way down his body, licking, kissing, sucking his skin up but leaving no marks. Finally arriving at his cock. All this time he had been quiet. I jumped between his legs and quickly took his hard cock in my mouth.

“Ohhh yes, suck my dick! Your mouth is so soft, I love your touch. Make me cum!”

I proceeded to lick and suck him as deeply as I could, using one hand to gently play with his balls and the other to stroke him. My dripping saliva added some lube. I did not hold him tight but rather just barely let my circling fingers touch him as I ran my hand up and down. My mouth was like my kitty, hot and wet. My tongue rubbing under and around his bulbous end. Occasionally I used my lips to run up and down his whole shaft several time and then the end went right back in my mouth.

All this time he was moaning, pushing his cock up, trying to get deeper in my mouth. Several times he began to stiffen, his legs tensing. Each time I backed off my stimulation; each time he moaned and begged louder.

He was beginning to tremble just a bit so I felt it was time. I strengthened my grip and increased my stroking speed while sucking deeper.

“God, let this be it, please do not stop, you are sooo good! Suck me, suck every drop, please do not change or stop! Ahhhh, Damn!”

With that he unloaded the first of five strong shots in my mouth. I milked him for the little that was left. I could not hold and swallow it all fast enough, some dripped down his shaft and I licked that up as he reached down and pulled me up to him.

“That was incredible. I do not think you need me to teach you anything. I think you just taught me something.”

A big, deep kiss followed, exchanging some of his semen. He went on to talk about us and what had happened. After talking about Lisa, cheating and the movie we agreed that we both wanted this to continue. He no longer felt threatened, although I did not offer to destroy the movie just yet.

My terms were that he would never come on to me, I always had to initiate things but then anything, within reason, could happen. He had no terms except that he knew he wanted to continue to fuck me, the terms that I wanted to hear.

We both got up and jumped in the shower. More time had gone by than I thought so I put on my suit, shorts and top and went to go back out to the pool so I could leave by the side gate, as I normally do. He stayed in the house as I left. I looked back and saw him watching me through a front window.

I went back the next day, Tuesday, expecting more fun and was greeted by Lisa as I entered the pool area. My heart skipped a couple beats when I saw her. She was already in a barely there bikini, laying in the sun and reading.

“Hi Kee! Glad to see you are making use of the pool. Pull up a lounge and join me. T.J. is gone to a meeting and will not be back for several hours. I took a well deserved day off from work to just enjoy myself.”

I recovered my composure and dragged a chaise over by her. As I was taking off my shorts and top she said, “Wow, off to college! It is hard to believe you have grown up so fast. Not so hard when I see you in that suit. You are going to drive the boys crazy with that figure.”

I laughed and told her I was going to just be one of 5,000 girls in the freshman class. I would probably hardly be noticed by the 5,000 guys that were also in the class. And that there were a total of 40,000 underclass students at the university.

“Oh you will find your way with no problem. I went to the same university you know so I am well aware of the size and how it feels. Where are you going to live?”

I told her which apartment complex I was going in and she did not know it. “I have been gone for eight years so I guess it has grown. I will have to tell you some stories about life there, especially before I met T.J.. He and I have no secrets so he knows what I am going to tell you about my college life, and I think I know you well enough to trust your maturity and discretion?”

“Oh of course Lisa, I would never gossip about you or T.J., you both mean too much to me.”

She went on to tell me stories, very carefully structured so as not to exactly admit to specific sex acts, but not leaving much doubt that she had lead a very full and exciting sex life while there. I could not believe she was telling me the things that she did but I was very interested in hearing everything.

Abruptly she jumped up. “I am hot and need to cool off. Want to go for a swim with me?”

“Sure,” I said and jumped up also.

“Would it bother you if I swam nude? It is so private back here and I love the free feeling.”

“No, not at all. Feel free.”

Her suit swiftly dropped away and all I saw was her butt as she dove in. I followed, my suit still on. She rolled on her back, floating, and slowly paddled backwards with her hands. She had a great body and I could not miss her totally bare pussy. I was excited by the sight of it. I had never seen another woman so free and open. My girl friends and I had talked about how we shaved and things relating to that but had never really put ourselves on display.

She swam up to me and said, “You should try it, it is a very soothing and refreshing feeling.” And then pushed off through the water.

I felt a familiar warmth in my pussy as I contemplated the situation. Did she know about T.J. and I? Was she coming on to me? Was she just a nature lover? These and other thoughts ran through my mind as I took off my suit and tossed it on the edge. I pushed off after her. I caught up to her about the middle of the pool where the water was neck deep on both of us. We sort of alternated in standing on the bottom and treading water.

“I see you like the full Brazilian look also. It is so nice to be smooth down there don’t you think? Do you shave or wax?”

“I would love to wax but I cannot afford it so it is the blade for me,” I said still trying to figure where all this was going.

“I’ll tell you what I am going to do for you, if you will accept. I have an expense account at work that is specially for me to look good to do my job. I feel that you have to look good inside and out so my wax jobs are on the account. I am going to set you up with the woman that does me. You should be able to get in three appointments before you go off to University. Is that okay with you?”

“Okay? That is terrific! I can’t believe you would do this for me.”

We discussed the details, exchanged emails so we could communicate and keep it quiet. This led me to even greater bewilderment.

We had slowly moved into shallower water making small talk as we moved around. Then Lisa said, ”I know I was being somewhat circumspect when I was talking earlier about my University days and sex but I would like to ask you something. Feel free to decline to answer. I lost my virginity when I was sixteen and became fairly active after that and I was wondering about you.”

I really felt comfortable with her so I answered right back, “So did I, and I also have been active.”

“Have you ever been with another woman yet?”

I blushed and explained that while I had thought and read about it, it had not happened for me but that it did hold some interest. Explaining that I was not gay, that I was very much guy oriented, I expressed I was open to any type of “sport sex”.

She turned me around and held me from behind, whispering, “You are a very sexy young woman with a great body. Do you mind if I just hold and caress you a bit?”

The light finally became clear. “I would not mind that at all.”

I leaned back against her and her hands slowly and smoothly began to caress my body. I just relaxed and enjoyed her touch. When she arrived at my boobs, she cupped them, told me how sweet and wonderful they were and commenced gently rubbing my nipples.

“Oh yes, your touch is marvelous. Please do not stop.” I turned my head and kissed her cheek.

Soon her right hand began descending and her left managed to be on both nipples at the same time. “Oh god Lisa you have a divine touch.”

Shortly she crossed my mound and entered between my labia, gently exploring my soaking pussy. She chuckled.

“What is it?” I asked.

“You are dripping into my pool, but then so am I.”

I laughed but stayed still to keep enjoying her touch. Shortly her thumb and middle finger were on either side of my clit and began to rub together. I felt a stimulation that was totally new to me.

“If you keep that up I am going to cum,” I murmured.

“That is sort of the point.”

My body stiffened and an orgasm rolled through me. “Damn Lisa I can’t believe you got me with such gently touches.”

I turned around, kissing and hold her tight, while running my hands through her hair. “My turn now.”

She turned with her back to me and I repeated everything she had done to me. Her boobs were smaller but her nipples were hard as rocks. When I got to her pussy she was soaking like I was. All the time she was quietly moaning and sighing. I was not as good as she in rubbing and stroking her pussy but I did get her to cum and she let out a long “Ahhhhhh yes, yes.”

We faced each other and just held and kissed as we moved our bodies together. “Oh Lisa, that was absolutely wonderful. I had no idea it could be like that. I love you and want more.” I could not control myself, I started to cry.

“I reacted in a similar way my first time. I am so happy it was me for you. Let go inside, I want to show you something a little more... energetic.”


“You have to experience it. Just wait.”

We walked up the stairs out of the pool holding hands and ended in her bedroom. Thoughts of yesterday came flooding back. She pulled back the covers and laid down with her legs somewhat spread. I loved her pussy.

“Now you lay the opposite way, spread your legs a bit and we will work our way together so our pussies are touching. Let me do the work to begin with and when you see and feel it you join in.”


It looked interesting, two pussies together had to be interesting, but it was a mystery in my mind. Once we were together she raised up and lifted one of my legs in the air and started rubbing her pussy against mine. It immediately became clear as the sensation went through my body. I pushed up against her as hard as I could and began rubbing back. Our positions changed slightly as we continued the constant kneading and pressing. We were both working to keep them tight together, rubbing and smearing our juice on each other, feeling the impending orgasm building.

We both began to sweat and become very verbal. “Rub it, grind those pussies, smear that juice around, hold my leg apart, get them tight together, oh ya, that’s it, harder, faster, I am getting very close, me too!”

A few seconds later we both came together. “Yes, yes, Fuck, Damn it is good.”

We fell apart, sweaty, exhausted messes but extremely satisfied. I changed ends and we held each other, slowly getting our hearts and breath back to normal.

“Thank you, thank you! You have opened a whole new world for me. You had better take some other days off before I have to leave!”

“Don’t worry, I have missed this. I will make time off so we can be together.”

We showered together, making sure every part of our bodies was very clean, especially our pussies and boobs. We dried and put our suits back on. She told me more about her first time and how much fun it was. All I could do was echo her feelings. I still wanted T.J. but I wanted her also.

T.J. and I had many fun days together. Quite a bit more than I was able to spend with Lisa. The biggest thing he did for me was introduce me to anal sex. He was very gentle and careful until I gained the ability to relax and easily take him. That was when the anal orgasms really started. He made many a deposit back there as I was screaming in the throes of a sweaty dripping series of orgasms, usually while he had a good grip on my hair.

He also tended to be on the rough side, especially if I gave him some encouragement. I did enjoy it because it almost always gave me stronger orgasms.

When my summer was almost over and time to leave was rapidly approaching I had a day with Lisa. What a difference between her gentleness and T.J.’s rough, hard fucking. I loved both. Polar opposite in style and substance but both so enjoyable. Her waxing salon had left me so soft. I had thanked her many times.

When we were in the pool that day, relaxing after a tender session of passionate orgasm giving, I asked her if she and T.J. had ever done anything with other couples or singles. She said that he really wanted a three-some with two girls but they had never found the right person, not that they had looked very hard. I just looked at her hungrily. It hit her like a ton of bricks I think.

“My god, you are the perfect one! Do you want to do it? Would you be okay with T.J. do you think?”

“I would love to do it! I am sure I would be okay with T.J.. I mean you love him and he treats you good, right?”

“I love him very much and he is a great lover. He loves to eat pussy and his cock is what I consider bigger than normal, it certainly makes me feel stuffed full. He always shoots big loads. Do you like sperm? Like blowjob swallowing? Maybe we could exchange it in our mouths? And what about condoms? We do not use them. Are you on birth control? Sorry about all the questions”

I had all I could do to contain my reactions, to play dumb. “I love cum, the more the better. I learned to swallow years ago. I am on birth control and kissing and swapping with you sounds really hot! How should we work this out?”

We were both quiet as we thought. She finally said, “How about if I send him on an errand to the grocery on a day when I am home. You be ready to come over and we can both be naked in the pool when he gets back. When we hear the car we could be in an embrace, kissing deeply. He would go crazy.”

“That’s good! We could invite him in the pool, fool around in whatever way comes up and then eventually go to your bedroom for the final act. Will he be cool finding out that you and I have been fooling around this summer?”

She laughed, “In case you have not noticed, he is so hot for you he could burst sometimes. If anything he would just be jealous of the time we spent together.”

“I have noticed his wandering eyes and the bulge in his shorts every so often,” I said with a big smile.

We planned it for next Tuesday. She knew they would both be home and have plenty of free time. That was my last available week so it would work out perfect. What a bang to end my summer!

Time dragged until then. We had ten am as the target time for me to come over. It was Tuesday and I was just waiting for her text. Right on time my phone hummed. “Come over!”

I hustled over and met her on the patio. We both stripped and jumped in the pool. No use just hanging around so we put our waiting time to some fun use getting our already wet pussies even wetter with our talented fingers. Soon we heard the car pull in the garage. We hugged each other and kissed like we had come to love. We pretended to have our eyes closed but were both peaking. He came out and it did not immediately register with him who was in the pool and what was happening. That lasted about ten seconds.

“Lisa! What are you two doing?”

I turned around. “Hi T.J. why don’t you join us, the water is great. I’ve been wanting to see what has been hiding under your shorts all summer.”

He almost stumbled trying to get his clothes off and get in the pool. Finally he chose a cannonball as his entry method. He seemed a bit excited. Lisa and I just looked at each other and laughed. He was next to us in seconds, his cock already beginning its rise.

“You two girls! How long has this been going on? And by the way, Lisa already knows how hot I think she is but I need to tell you that you are also outstanding!”

Lisa chimed in, “It started one day when I was home alone fairly early in the summer and has continued when we both were able to get together without you. A girls party summer. You don’t mind do you?”

“Mind? No I don’t mind!” Then he went on about how sexy it was and his dreams of something like this but never with someone like me. He was so excited he was stumbling over words; did not know what to do next. Lisa told him to just calm down, we had hours and if he was a good boy he would get to fuck us both.

With that she pulled me over to the stairs. I sat on the top step and lay back. She floated up to my pussy on her stomach and started to pleasure me with her excellent lips and tongue, just like she had done many times before.

Lisa pulled back long enough to tell T.J. that he should get out and give me something to suck on while she finished me off. He was out and next to me in a flash, offering his cock to my mouth. I took him in and was already quivering from her attention. We knew each other’s sensitive areas so well we could make each other cum quickly and often.

As I sucked him he began to moan and groan in pleasure. He kept saying under his breath, “I can’t believe this, I can’t believe this is happening.”

Soon Lisa pushed me over the orgasm edge. I could not talk with my mouth full so I just let out an “Ohhhhhhh” and my body shivered as the climax ran through me.

I recovered rapidly and changed positions with Lisa. I loved to eat her pussy. She was very sweet and had a prominent clit I loved to suck. She took T.J.’s cock and I started on her. He began moaning again and Lisa just closed her eyes in the pleasure of my attention and probably from sucking T.J..

Soon she was ready to cum, I could feel her leg muscles beginning to tighten. I knew just how much to do her clit to get her orgasm but not drive her crazy from sensory overload.

Shortly she let out, “AHHHhhh Yes!” and her body trembled just a bit.

She kept sucking T.J. til I said, “T.J.! Get back in the water, I want you in me.”

That perked him up and he left Lisa to walk into the pool and up to me. “I want to feel that cock! Get over here and put it in me. I want to float up and down on it.”

I locked my legs around him and pulled him into me and held on. “Surprise T.J.”, I whispered in his ear. “Double the pleasure for you today. Give me the best fucking you have all summer.” He just moaned and bit my ear lobe.

My breathing made my body rise and fall, up and down his cock. Lisa came up behind and began on my tits. She knew just how to rub my nipples. I was in heaven. That went on until I felt another orgasm starting. Lisa knew and rubbed stronger.

“Ohhhh fuck yes! Rub my tits, fuck me T.J.!”

It hit me and I held him tighter til it passed. Lisa wasted no time taking my place. We reversed roles. T.J. was our boy-toy!

I knew her nips like she knew mine, so it was easy to stimulate her to the maximum her nips could take. And she obviously loved fucking hubby. Her eyes were closed and he was giving me looks. His surprise and excitement was obvious. I smiled back and mouthed, “Enjoy it while you can.”

Like me, it did not take long for Lisa. She was using her legs to pull him in and push him out with her hands. I felt her body tensing. “Squeeze my tits hard! Rub and squeeze them. Fuck me T.J., deep, deeper! Ahhhh damn, fuck yes, yes!” It swept through her, and she relaxed.

“Lets show T.J. what tribbing is.” Lisa said as she untangled herself and headed for the steps. I followed and T.J. came behind us. Into the bedroom and into a position that had become very familiar. “T.J., sit and watch the show.” He sat in their lounge chair.

We both started to rub and grind, holding each others legs to get maximum pussy contact. This brought out the yelling from us. We both began to shout, “Do it, harder, faster, rub that pussy, get my clit, yes yes, do it Baby!” Our words mixed together as we both worked closer and closer to what was always a giant orgasm.

This went on for minutes, we began to sweat, pussy juice running down our legs. I saw T.J. playing with himself. Any minute it was going to hit us both. Whoever came first almost automatically sent the other into an orgasm. Lisa started to quiver and shake, more juice running out of her. I felt the affect and began to feel to the spasm of orgasm. We both let out one last cry and collapsed on each other, pussy juice running everywhere.

I looked over, T.J. was staring in what seemed like incredulity. I thought his balls were going to explode, he was so turned on.

We untangled ourselves, and Lisa said, “T.J. it is your turn to fuck Kee. I get you all the time and this is her only chance so make it a good one. Make her scream and dump a big load in her pussy. I am going to lick it out.”

I chuckled to myself and I am sure T.J. did also. He wasted no time climbing on top of me as some as Lisa was off the bed. I spread my legs. Giving me a big knowing smile, he rubbed his cock up and down my lips to gather lube and then plunged in my puss. There was no holding him back. If any guy had been ready to fuck it was T.J. after everything he had seen and done today. His mind must have been blown.

He plowed me like a machine. He started off hard and fast and only became faster and harder and deeper. He was working so hard he was beginning to lose his breath just a bit and the sweat was pouring off him. He had gathered my legs under him so he could fuck me as deep as possible. He did get me screaming. Words just tumbled out of me. Lisa was cheering him on. “Fuck her, get that pussy, do her deep, hit it faster, you always wanted this so do it. Screw her, make her know you are there, breed her, dump that huge load.”

This was the hardest he had ever fucked me, and it felt good. I knew he could not keep up the pace, he would cum soon. And he did. He let out a primal scream as his cock pulsed his seed deep in me. The veins in his neck were standing out he was straining so hard. Finally it was over. I felt the last small pump. He fell next to me on the bed.

Lisa lost no time. She climbed between my legs and began to suck my pussy, urging me to push it out. I did push and I felt it run from deep inside to her mouth. She stayed there to get every drop she could and then came up to my mouth.

“I want you to taste him.” I opened up and we locked lips, his slippery, sticky cum sliding back and forth between us. Finally it was so mixed with saliva it got to be too much to hold so we split what we had and swallowed.

T.J. was done for, at least for some time and Lisa and I were both tired. I got up to shower and Lisa lay down next to T.J.. I heard her say as I went into the bathroom, “Was it everything you thought it would be?” I did not hear his answer.

I had to leave in two days, so I did not get to see them again. I did call and talk to Lisa. She was happy and thanked me and told me that T.J. felt the same way. She wanted to see me again when I was back in town but somehow it never worked out. I deleted the movie and life went on.


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