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Sunday Morning

Uppity rich woman humiliates salon worker
Sunday Morning

Sunday morning. Didn't want to get out of bed, but I knew I had to. I worked night shift last night and my head ached. Pretty sure I would have to work my second job today. Night shift at the mill, and part-time at a salon, of all things. But work was work, and I needed the money bad. Owed a lot of money, plus trying to get my little brother through school.

Phone rang at 10:30. Caller ID said it John, the salon owner. I answered. John told me come in at 12:30. I have a customer at 1:00, he said.

Who's the customer?

Your favorite (sarcasm).

You've got to be kidding.

Not kidding.

What does she want?

Bikini groom.

Ok. Be there at 12:30.

My favorite customer. Mrs. Richards. THE bitch. Rich uppity one. Demanding. Talked down to me a lot. Extremely good looking and built. Upper 30's, nice ass, long legs, champagne glass tits. But what an attitude. Wife of a wealthy businessman. I wish I could call in and quit rather than deal with her. But, that was not an option.

I got myself together. Showered and shaved. Tried to psyche myself up. A little mental game of positive thinking. "It will be better today", I told myself.

I walked in the salon at 12:30. Only one customer in there. She was being attended to by one of the gay guys in there. As a matter of fact, they were all gay except me. How did I wind up with this job? One straight guy surrounded by queers and uppity bitches. Still trying to maintain a positive mindset, I went into the private back room and started prepping for THE bitch.

At 1:30, SHE walked in. 30 minutes late. Wasting my valuable time. Positive mindset is out the window. Oh well. Get it over with.

Good afternoon Mrs. Richards. Good to see you. How can I help you today?

"You should know why I'm here" she said. "I went over this with John. I don't expect to have to repeat myself".

Yes Ma'am. Sorry. He did tell me that you were coming for a bikini groom.

"Well then. Get started. I have other things to do after I'm done here. I have to impress a new young man this evening, and you will have to make sure he's impressed when he takes my panties off."

That bitch. The things I had to put up with for a paycheck.

"Yes ma'am" I said. "Please come over and have a seat. Recline and I will get started."

She did as I asked. She put her feet up and spread her legs. Damn, she looked good under that dress. Nice panties. I could feel swelling in my pants as I gazed at the sight before me.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked. "This is not some little peep show. Get busy or I will tell John. One word from me and you will be out of work"

"Yes ma'am" I said. I reached under her dress and began removing her panties. Two things registered in my mind when I got them off of her. One, she had been fucked not too long ago. There was a white cum ring around her pussy lips. Two, she was wearing the same panties she put on after she had been fucked. Cum buildup all in the crotch. I'm sure she could see the shock in my eyes.

"I had an evening with my husband last night. Now, you have to get me ready for my evening. I need a shave and groomed. An oil massage. You know what to do. I want the young man to be thoroughly impressed."

I wet my cloth and got ready to get started. As I leaned in to clean the remnants of her previous night's sex from her pussy, I realized she smelled like she had been fucked too. All this was getting the better of me. My frustration level was building. Rich pussy taunting me and now my dick was hard as blue steel.

As I cleaned her up, my brain began suffering from lack of blood. My other head began to think and started taking over my speech.

"Maybe I could help you this afternoon" I said. "We could work out an arrangement. I can take care of you and you can take care of me".

"How dare you!!" she replied. "I cannot believe that you would say such a thing to me. Don't you know who I am? I'm going now and, believe me, when I get through with your boss you will never work here again"

Oh shit. Now I've done it. Big head started taking over again and tried damage control.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Richards. I don't know what came over me. Please don't do that. I will make sure that I never say something like that again. It's just been frustrating. You have to understand. I will make sure that I do a very good job. Losing my job would be very bad for me. Please. I will give you my best service."

She looked at me with that sneer. I was afraid I had screwed up big time. She finally spoke. "So now you've gone back to being an ass-kisser. You were trying to fuck me a minute ago, but now you are just my salon boy again. Ok. You will do exactly as I say if you want to keep your job. Start by kissing my ass. Dead on the brown spot. And kiss it like you mean it."

She brought her legs back and I looked at her ass. I knew I had to. I leaned in and got another whiff of her fucked pussy. I could see tracks from her pussy to her ass. Oh no. But I did it. I kissed her asshole. Like I meant it.

"That's my boy" she said. "Lick higher. Lick my lips. Lick by pussy."

I started to object, but thought better of it. I closed my eyes and started. "Oh yeah" she muttered. "Lick it boy. Put your tongue in there. Lick me good. "

And I did. Until my tongue got tired. I stopped to catch my breath.

"What are you doing? Did I tell you to stop?"

"No, I had to breath for a minute."

"Not my problem. Penalty for you. Kiss my ass again. French kiss my ass. Now. Like you mean it. Eat my ass like it's your last meal."

I leaned in again and did as I was told. I licked and kissed from ass crack to pussy. When I started to french kiss her asshole, I felt her shift and open her ass. My tongue slid in.

"That's it", she said. "Kiss my ass, salon boy. Don't quit until I tell you to."

In the midst of all this, my dick started swelling again. Still, I retained enough brain power to keep my tongue licking her ass instead of talking. She was moving around like she was turned on by this. I'm sure she was more turned on by lording over me and treating me like this. But still, she was turned on.

And so was I. I wanted to fuck this bitch so bad. I wanted that pussy. And that ass. I wanted to see her sucking my dick. But that wasn't going to happen and I knew it. I had to lick her pussy and kiss her ass and act like that it was a privilege to do so. What a TEASING BITCH.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her panties on the floor. She was lying back enjoying being a bitch and the tongue work I was putting on her. I reached down and secretly picked up the panties and slid them into my pocket.

A few more minutes, and then she told me to stop and get on with the original job. I did. I wiped and cleaned her pussy and her ass. I put a warm cloth on the area I had to shave. I did the shave job. She had a few hairs around her asshole and I got those too. When I got done, she looked marvelous. She looked damn good. I was relieved when she admitted it too.

"Looks good" she said. "My young man will love it. Now rub me with the oil and make sure it feels as good as it looks."

I started rubbing the baby oil onto the shaven area. And it did look good. And feel good.

"I say it's massage time. Massage me and then I need to leave. "

I got the massager out and began rubbing around the upper lip area. I could tell she liked it.

"Kiss my ass while you do that. Kiss it good."

I did. And she was turned on. Not long after that, she came. Hard.

"Good job salon boy. Lick me again to get the juices off. Remember, I have to impress someone tonight."

I did. Then finally, I was done.

"Where are my panties?", she asked.

"I don't know", I lied.

"Well, find them. I want them now."

I started looking around. Why did I hide them. I can't pull them out of my pocket. She will see me.

She kept berating me while I kept acting like I was looking for her panties.

Finally, I got a break. Her phone rang. She answered it and was obviously talking to her young man. She started walking out the door and stopped to tell me one more thing.

"I'm not done with you. I want my panties, but I've got to go. Lucky you did a fair job or your ass would be unemployed."

With that, she left.

What a day. I got home that evening and pulled the panties out of my pocket. I looked at the crotch and replayed the day in my mind. She did have an incredible ass and pussy. I wanted to fuck her so bad. I put the crotch of the panties to my nose and remembered her smell. Oh yeah. I dropped my pants and got ready for relief. I wrapped the panties around my swollen member and started rubbing. When I felt my balls starting to stir, I aimed the tip at the crotch of her panties. I pumped my cum on the top of the cum she had leaked into them. Relief, sweet relief. What a day. As I started to drift off to sleep, began to wonder what the penalty was going to be for her panties being MIA. I'm sure I will find out soon enough. What a day.

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